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  2. I'm against this. If there is so much dirt dropping into the oceans like you say, wouldn't that increase the rate at which it's dropped into the ocean. I could only see the land mass of each island growing outward to cover the water, not going upward like it should. I'd also like to quote something... "Where Does Dirt Come From? New dirt is made all the time, but it is a slow process. It can take 15 years in a wet climate to make only about a half inch of soil. It’s even slower in a dry climate!" Now, I don't really know how high 1 Dirt Elevation is but I doubt one tree will actually have the kind of effect you're looking for.
  3. I think some of the items could be moved but not all. Especially when it's not cost effective to send ore or rock shards anyway. I believe that the original reason they were added to a no send list was because of the size of the item. Maybe add an over size charge of 5c to be able to send larger items.
  4. I'm not talking about holding any ones hand. This is a system that does not function the way it should. Why would you have one half of the mail system work properly but code the other have to not mimic the first? Also, about the rep meter thing. There is a part of users profiles where you can post to their profile feed. I do not know if they can be deleted by the user though. So, this could be useful for that purpose unless they can be deleted. The return to sender function works cross server. The sender just has to pay the 10c per item to retrieve them, which is fine in my opinion.
  5. A rep meter type of thing can help in some ways, but with a free to play system it's almost worthless. The offender can just make another character like nothing every happened.
  6. Yea. I would agree that if the item is returned or not accepted that you have to go to a spirit house on that specific server to pick up would be a good way to handle it. I'm sure I'm feeling the same way the FF guy did. I am being punished for some one else not holding up their end of the deal.
  7. I've recently been asked to send an item to some one on a different server C.O.D. Which, I did. The receiver has since then ignored any contact via PM on the forums and has not accepted the item. I submitted a support ticket to find out the options that I have. There are none. If the item is not accepted it will get destroyed. To clarify some mail system mechanics. Same Server - Non-acceptance - Item will be returned to the sender after two weeks. The sender must pay the shipping fee to get the item back. Cross Server - Non-acceptance - Item is destroyed. The mechanic for same server returning of the item is acceptable. You send an item, they don't want it for what ever reason, it gets returned to you, you need to pay for shipping it. However, for cross server, the item being destroyed is not acceptable. The example I used. Rolf sends me a Wurm T-Shirt outside of Sweden. When the delivery person comes I am not at home and I never go to the post office to pick it up. Instead of the post office returning the shirt to Rolf, they throw it away. Rolf loses the value of the shirt. The main issue I have with this is, that the contact I have had with Wurm staff have all said this is okay and works like it is supposed to. Well, this means that I can create an alt, run through the tutorial, go to which ever server I want, then start having people from WTS and Merchant Ad threads start sending me items C.O.D and never accept them just to make them lose time and items. In the dialog box of the mailing system, it says "Use mailboxes with caution and inexpensive items until you rely on the spirits. They are still learning and take no responsibility for lost items." Which is fine, if the item was lost due to some kind of server mishap, but it's not. The item is going to be lost because a player requested the item, it is sitting in their mailbox, but refuse to accept it. The same dialog box says, "Note that sending C.O.D with an intent to scam other players is a bannable offense." There is no mention about requesting C.O.D. and not accepting with intent to scam sender being bannable. So, there is no seller protection. I suggest stop using the C.O.D. system for cross server sending until the Dev Team decides that this should be fixed and have a proper return feature.
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    Yay, I can log in today. [14:49:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  9. Close

    Will send it out soon as the servers come back online.