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  1. I'd love to see another hosted by Aum again at blossom, release might be close ish, but not everyone has boats or are willing to travel to another server, especially newer people who will benfit most from a community activity, a activity that makes wurm uniquely special when encoraging new player base to get involver and spread good word about wurm community at large
  2. is it going to be just 1 location for both pristine and release? or one on each? I mean not everyone has boats, and not everyone wants to leave their home continent even if it is close, especially newer people who would benefit the most from community involvement.
  3. A while a go one the patches broke the abilty to hotkey grass cutting, and it has still not been fixed, I really hope this something thats going get fixed soon :-(
  4. no spider screen shots yet i hear they different too
  5. you say non skill based, but surely strength and stamina will factor in how much the weight slows you down, and how quickly you tire?
  6. it same for all tools tried them all and the shred every tool type badlt, you can loose like 10QL just bashing couple of off deed hedges
  7. i just wish they fix hedge bashing so that they don't trash out tools so harshly. Why should a bash cycle on hedge deal 5.00 damage to my tool when same tool can bash a stone wall and take 0.01 damage
  8. Yea i wondering this, not sure if they will update all hedge to use same graphic and this just test phase, or if they will give all types a different look. I suppose they pro/cons to either approach
  9. seem they only done Maple so far all rest hedge types are same as old one, so anyone who mixed maple with other hedges are going to have mis-match for while
  10. wrong maple got update the rest didnt
  11. thats the exact same info i pulled from wiki, which implies a fix degenrating regen rate, tho my vet friend impies it degenrates slower if you have higher faith pool ie a 90 faith person will get from 0-50 faster than a 50 faith person
  12. I been getting contraditory infomation lately regarding favor regen speeds Wiki claims favor regen is a fix amount, having more faith wont give you faster regen. Yet a long term vetran player friend claims the more faith you have, the longer it takes for the favor regen to slow down, ie implying more faith does indeed mean better regen speeds. I was wonder if anyone has ever confirmed this either way?
  13. oh my next one is whopping 100QL! shocking lol
  14. yea it says something like that lol