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Found 55 results

  1. How many times have you sailed to another server, only to find you have mail waiting on the previous server? It would greatly help to have a few yellow coloured text reminders, before leaving the server. 1) On embarking a boat 2) On crossing to a new server* "You have mail items waiting for you here on *ThisServerName*."* 3) On approaching the border "You have mail items waiting for you, which will remain on *ThisServerName*." * It is important to explicitly state which server name, especially when server hopping! Thanks for considering this.
  2. How many times do you go to COD an item, and mean to go to the second page to enter the cost, but suddenly stop short with your mouse over the SEND button? "I'm not ready to send my item!" you say to yourself, even though you know from experience that it just brings up the next page. How much more confusing for the new player using the COD system for the first time? The SEND button dates from a time when the system was designed by programmers who were perhaps thinking in terms of the button's function - which is to 'send' data to the server. Time's moved on, and I think that there are new 'non-techie' players now who don't ask to be reminded of this. It's also about our immersion in the game world. In my opinion, a simple 'OK' or "Continue" or 'Next' might be far more intuitive, and cause a lot less confusion - especially when going to the 2nd/COD page before sending mail. Yes the button does 'send' data, it's not inaccurate, but nowadays I feel this function should be transparent to the majority of players who just want to play. It's too easy to see something like this for years, until we 'adopt' it, and start to forget our fellow players don't all have a coding background. What do you think? Perhaps people could please add their thoughts on this - and what they feel the button text should say in different circumstances, to help the Devs decide whether or not to make changes to the SEND buttons.
  3. What we have at this moment: - Time - Type of mailbox - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. What we need: - Time - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. This way when people who auction/sell and mail the items, the one line we copy-paste to them to let buyers know the items are sent, will include their names. This will make it much easier to search for it in Wurm Assistant's chat/log finder and also acts as a great reminder for buyer/seller. EDIT: To have it complete, include the item(s) name in the line of string. This will cover everything a mail sender/recipient needs to know: - Time - The item(s) - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The "Iron Axe, Rare" silently disappears from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. Or in the case when multiple items are sent: [22:39:39] The "small nails(iron), ribbon(copper), great helm(iron)" silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes.
  4. Mailed out a key to a pen on Harmony that was collected on Cadence. When the person arrived, key would not open pen. Tested mailing a key, and collecting on Harmony, that key was fine. Replaced the lock on the pen that was now not working with a freshly made gate lock and key. Mailed the key out and collected on Cadence again. Once again upon returning to Harmony, the brand new key would not open the gate to which the lock had been attached. Installed another fresh lock, gave that key to somebody without permissions, they were able to access the pen fine, so it definitely seems to be an issue with the key and lock after mailing off server, it's not something with the specific gate. Edit: The person who collected the first key contacted GM's to see if they could assist, not sure if they looked at the issue itself, advised player to wait for me to resolve. Both of the gate locks and keys are available on character Impossible on Harmony server if it is desired they be looked at.
  5. Mail broke

    Tried to send item/pizza from me to a friend on the same server (Indy). Got this message and the item did not send... [17:30:54] That island is not available currently. Please try again later. [17:31:56] That island is not available currently. Please try again later. I tried to send this twice. Thanks fix this soon. TeeeBOMB
  6. Want some Bloodthirst on that bow, now that you can improve the enchant by killing creatures? Look no further. Or maybe you need Rotting Touch so you aren't that noob with Frostbrand on his axe at the dragon slaying? Blessings of the Dark (CoC + WoA) , Rotting Touch and Web Armour 25c - 70+ (extra 15c if it goes 85+) 50c - 85+ (extra 25c if it goes 90+) 1s - 90+ (no extra charge for high casts) WA Armor sets - (2s for 70+ 3s for 80+ 6s for 90+) Bloodthirst ~500 -1s Bloodthirst one-shot - 40c / 1 item 30c / 3 item 25c / 5+ items Nolocate - 25c / 85+ cast Lurker in the Dark - 45c / 85+ cast Any Demise - 20c Vessel up to 100q - 5c each Price matching - find some other merchant ad updated within the last 3mo charging less? Link it and ill match the price. Heavy discounts for multiple items,armor sets and returning customers. If a cast goes 90+, there is no extra charge. PM for custom casts. Minimum QL I expect to see is 70. I am not responsible for shatters, but always willing to work with the customer to replace the item. Simply mail your item to Lockbox labeled thus - (name) (cast desired - RT,BT,WA,BOTD,NOLO) (power) Double check everything is correct before shipping it off. If you screw up your labeling, PM me here asap and we'll get it fixed if I haven't already sent it. The item will come back within 48 hours, a friendly PM here never hurts to remind me Random rares and stuff for sale
  7. My ash got eaten on Independence. Hey! I sent some ash a while got bounced back to me, I Waited till I touched base w/ the fellow, then went to the mailbox to resend. I opened the mailbox and saw this... Normal operations here. I can see my 3 ash waiting. So I checked the little boxes marked 'receive', then prepared to click 'send'. My 3 ash got moved to the spirit castle, and I saw the following... All good, I elected to immediately resend. You can see the time upper right corner (23:04:42) << that's EST. No damage on the ash, not a bit, not a tad, nothing. Zero damage at 23:04:04. So I did click the 'send' button to go to the next page. On the next page, I added my prices, then, just a second b4 I clicked that 'send' button, this happened... So, all 3 of my rare ash had no damage at all at 23:04:04, then at 23:04:47, just a few seconds later (about as long as it took me to click the prices and confirm my sending), and, BAM poof decay all gone. In the event tab it says 'An ash crumbles to dust.' I had to pay 3 copper to pull the failed ash out of the spirit castle. Zero damage. Your spirit castle ate my rare ashes.. well 2 of them. Please fix this seeing as I prefer not to have my products deleted during my spirit castle activities. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  8. The idea in itself is very simple: to be able to send messages with birds. just like it supposed to be in "medieval ages". If you want to be able to send a message to your friend, you will have to: 1. Tame an appropriate bird /* dove for a "light" side, or "raven" for a "black" side */ 2. Build and appropriate cage to settle it down /* QL of cage affects the delivery speed */ 3. Train it /* the bird must be trained within the deed, where you'd like to be able to send a messages. birds cannot fly to the deed, where they never have been - "no route to host" (c) */ 4. Create ink, papyrus, bla-bla-bla. quality of ink and papirus should somehow affect the max possible length of the message. 5. Create a message on papyrus, link it to the bird (with a string of cloth, i suppose?), sent it to fly. Some lyrics will follow. Current system, of spirits, allows the same. you can write a message on papyrus and sent it. But, basically, this is weird. I would like to suggest to separate those two things: delivering of goods (by CoD or whatever, basically this does not require any additional messaging), and a possibility just to drop few words to your friend. Even when the're offline. Spirits will still remain an only way for goods delivery (a bird cannot deliver a Egyptian Pyramids). But if you would like to send a message - tamed birds is the only way. This idea is very raw, and, for sure, needs a rough discussion. But, it opens a sea of possibilities: - to train a raven you will need a high QL leather gloves - to train a dove you will need a high QL wheet - ravens die when become untamed - doves die when out of food and so on, so on, so on. both are really exciting creatures, and here can be a really nice roleplay. ravens are predators, doves are a symbol of peace, black & white, dark & light, and so on. Your deity may bless you, if you're using "her's" birds. But if a "light" guy is using "black" ravens, "black" gods may grant him sort of damage absorbtion from "black" spells. so, speaking roughfly, you can use birds of your deity to increase your spells, or use a birds from an opposite deity to weaken his spells. that's just for ex. it could be very interesting, imho. a lot of possibilities, and very interesting way for further development. Well. I have a lot of minds regarding this, but for now - i want just to share (and discuss) an idea, of alternative "mail-system", bird's system. for messaging. good's delivery - still up for spirits, as it is. An email to offline friend - for tamed birds. Actually, me, personally, like an idea of taming birds. flying birds. Imagine a parrot, who is sitting on your shoulder. And mumbling randomly swear words regarding "CA-HELP" ("those guys will teach me, how to incubate the eggs, hah!"). But this is a a very future, which can come from an idea of taming birds. for now, this can be a very first steps - taming birds just for delivering the messages. Thank you for your time, and don't hesitate to share your minds about it.
  9. Hello. Today I was using my bf toon, Davih. In the morning he had 3 mails, I received all of them, everything worked as usual. A couple of hours ago his toon had a new mail, so I checked the mailbox and it appeared a message of item gone. How is that possible? We check the mail each day, more than one time and on his toon there wasn't no pending mail.
  10. very usefull will be if we can track items sent by us via mailbox. the same way as tracking wagoneer for example "item xxx sent to player yyy waiting for receive" or "itrem xxx sent to yyy received, date,time"
  11. Title says it all. But then I'll say a little more anyway... They are given out every year now. Nothing special about them anymore. You can put them on a trader. Why not mail one to an alt, or when selling them? Seems silly to make suicide trader alts, just to make quick deliveries.
  12. Simple mail mod for use with ago's mod loader. Just drop it into your mods folder, nothing to change in the .properties file. This mod makes mailing items on same server free (untested cross servers). In theory this should work even if you have a bag stuffed full of gems, any bugs please let me know I will try to fix them up. Download: This version only does free mail when sent non cod (version 0.1) This version is free both for just sending and and coding (version 0.8) (just replace the mailmod.jar from version 0.1) Still one known issue, if the person who receives a COD item returns it, the original sender is charged 10c to take it out. Much more complicated to fix, but working on it. Will do a full repackage when its fixed and call it 1.0 (pm me if you would like the source) Requires at least Mod Launcher version 10.1
  13. When you send an inscribed papyrus or paper to someone, mailing fee is set to 1 iron. If, for any reason, the receiver doesn't accept it and the letter is returned to you, you have to pay 1 copper to get it back.
  14. Couldn't find a thread on the matter when searching so apologies if one does in fact exist already, but here goes: The improved interface for receiving mails ingame is great, it shows: - Item name (which also tells you if it's rare or not) - Quality - Damage - Receive [] - Return [] - Cost in G S C I - Sender - Expiry - Enchants Picture example in this post: (the [] indicate that it's a checkbox in the interface) BUT The interface for sending mails looks the same as before the changed interface for receiving was implemented. It could use some improvements in order to be easier and more intruitive to use. Image 1 and 2 shows what it currently looks like. Image 1. The first part of the mailing interface Image 2. The second part of the mailing interface - The first thing to note here is that it lacks a lot of the useful information that the interface for receiving mails has. It could be argued that "you know what you put in there", but as soon as you start sending multiple items at once it becomes evident that more information about the items would be useful. - The second thing is that the checkbox named "Check this if you do not want to go to the next screen" (seen in Image 1) is a bit ambuguous and counter-intuitive. When I started using the mailboxes ingame I remember that I thought that the checkbox was for skipping the pricing step - In other words send something without charging the receiver. I clicked the checkbox and expected that the "Send" button would then send my mail, but to my surprise it just cancelled the sending action. If you changed your mind about sending an item you just click the cross in the corner, so the checkbox isn't really needed. - Third thing is that there are some functions that would be useful to have regarding mailing that don't exist. Some of those functions are related to the sending interface and some are related to the sending as an action. As the sender of an item you lose all control over it once it has entered the system. Mails stay in the system for 14 days before returned (unless that changed) and before they are returned to the sender you have no way of knowing what mails have reached their destination and been paid for and which haven't. So, to wrap it up: Suggestions for improvement Include the information that is present in the receiving interface in the sending interface (excluding the checkboxes and the Sender column)Remove the checkbox in Image 1 named "Check this if you do not want to go to the next screen"Add a checkbox that actually lets you skip the second screen (Image 2) if you don't want to charge the receiverAdd a checkbox in the first part (Image 1) that lets you "Fetch Get Price", i.e. if you have a "Set Price" on your items you can let the mailing interface read that one and add it to the second part (Image 2) so that you won't have to enter it manuallyAdd a way to tell what mails you currently have active. Perhaps add a list attached to mail boxes, similar to how a priest can check the spell list on an altar, that shows you what mails are currently active in the system (it'd count as active in the system for 14 days since that's when items become returned by default). The list could show the sending information, Receiver and a current Status: - Received (or Paid for) - Still Pending - Returned
  15. I think it's about time the devs consider (if they haven't already) a re-working of the mail system. So before we begin, let me don my asbestos armor, because I think it's gonna get hot in here soon. The mail system, now especially after the cooking update is now, Out of whack. 1 sealed barrel of milk, 47 kilos now ships for 2 copper. <---47 kilos is heavier than a full set of armor, weapons and some other stuff. ....but if you try to send 47 kilos of stuff in any other combo it's gonna be 47 copper easily. Now I could list off a number of other examples, but this is just to highlight the issue. I would like to suggest a system that allows people to ship by weight, not by number. So that the total weight of the shipping object/container is taken into account. Example: 1 kilo = 1c <---- this is a total suggestion, this rate could easily be changed to something higher or lower. 1 barrel of milk, 47 kilos = 47c 1 corn, 0.1 kilos = 10i 1 rock shards, 20 kilos = 20c 1 long sword, 3 kilos = 3c 1 leather jacket, 0.6 kilos = 60i 1 black belted vest, 0.3 kilos = 30i Now this is just an example of a new system that would take into account actual weight. I can hear people already complaining about how "terrible" this is, kill the economy, and other such stuff. So as a balancing I propose the following. Remove all number of times mail limits. (apparently it's been removed) Also, I understand there is a rune that can "reset" the number of mailings. This would be easy to rectify under the system, by changing it to 10% less postage rune. Thus it would become highly valuable by traders to place on shipping containers to lower postage costs.
  16. With the few hours in the day, most people don't have time to travel to buy sleep powders. Please allow us to mail them either as: 1. A drop item, but no drop on death (thanks thorgot) 2. Keep it as no drop, but add an exception to allow dropping into a mailbox like "dropping" into trade window. More people will buy them if they can be mailed, I sure will.
  17. Can we please be able to mail anything that we can pick up, and put in our inventory. For example long bows, marble tables, mine doors, and etc...
  18. If you are having issues with things outside of the game, please post here so the reports don't get lost in the server or client bug threads or in other areas of the forum. It would be great if you could preface your post TITLE with the specific area you are reporting. For example: [Forums] My text only displays in Wingding Font [Website] Clicking the Wurm Online icon takes me to Page not Found [Shop] The shop page will not open in Firefox [Registration] I've been waiting for 3 days for my email [Mail] The newsletter arrived but it's black text on black background Please do NOT post personal or private information when reporting a problem (like your passwords or full email address, etc.) With email issues, it's often important that you report your email domain, like Yahoo or Gmail or AOL. If more information is needed, you will be instructed here how to proceed.
  19. I bought 5 items earlier and the person sent them in a satchel, i could find no way to look in the satchel without accepting and the one answer I got from CA was that cannot see items in satchel. The price was +6 copper which implied it was not a matter of the person accidentally sending just a satchel and the person has a good rep so i accepted, it was fine. Unfortunately this leave things open for the same things that used to happen with backpacks where people would send nothing or low value items, which of course assumes backpacks were actually fixed. If there is a way to see the contents and i overlooked it then please let me know. To be clear, this missing feature, which can and has been exploited in the past.
  20. I would like to request a simple function. Could the Dev's PLEASE make it so that any person who writes a letter on papyrus with ink, and then mails that letter to a person. Could you please actually make that message send a copy to the account owners email account? This would provide a simple means for people to contact persons offline for long periods of time, Or who play alt's mostly. This I feel is strongly needed as very few of the people with accounts are on the forums. Additionally it's very poor that the forums is the expected means of communication. And don't give me ###### about possible "harassment" and such as there are policies in place to guide the actions of such activities.
  21. Looking for a high level cast on my mailbox. 90+ required. At the intersection of g/f 23/24, just north east of Summerholt. PM ingame or by forums your price. Thanks.
  22. The spirits that inhabit the mailbox have no trouble accessing money from your bank account. It should be possible to use a mailbox in order to request for coins to be delivered to you by mail. Just like the function of a foreign token, this will enable a mailbox to serve as a means to withdraw coins but not deposit. Unlike a token, the spirits would charge a fee and there would be a delay in the retrieval of coins. -The spirits would not return coins to the bank -Delivery would have to be received by the owner of the bank account -The strength of the mailbox's enchantment would affect delivery time This idea is a solution to the issue behind the topic in this thread: Merchants deduct funds from bank account
  23. It's been like this for a while but there are so many bugs to report and so little time, figured maybe it was a temporary thing due to the recently changed interfaces but it doesn't seem to go away. Activities affected - Setting a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Sending an item in a mailbox What happens - After setting the price on an item or sending it you can no longer push t/enter to type since the toggle_chat bind no longer works What is supposed to happen - You're supposed to be able to use your key bound to toggle_chat in order to type in the chatbox What you have to do since it's broken - Physically click the chat field with the mouse pointer or - Relog How to reproduce - Set a price on an item via right-clicking -> Set price or - Send an item in a mailbox --> Try to push the key bound to toggle_chat
  24. I had sent my main a cod for some money to set up a deed but ended up not needing it and refused it. I guess since the alt that sent the cod had never been on the server it was refused from that it had no way to make it back to him and eventually come back to my main again. I am not sure why that is and this was just a junk item but what if it had been a rare item that someone had sent but the buyer refused? I had sent the bowl cod for 10s and as you can see in the ss there is nothing about the 10s or even a 20c cross server fee but a 10c one. So to me this tells me that it has to be blocking it from going back to the sender and my guess as to why is because he has never been on the server it was refused. A little rant while i am here.. I am not sure why the mail system is so complected there should never be a reason that any item is lost in the mail or not returned when refused. Also i don't see why it only goes to the server you are on when the item is sent. Why can't i get sent an item on Xanadu while traveling and pick it up on Deliverance when i get there at the end of my trip? The way it is now i have to either go back to Xanadu, wait or just miss out on the item. Okay rant off and i hope that all made sense but the TLDR on the deal is that the mail needs some work, lol
  25. Well i had posted in someones suggestion thread about allowing shipping of crates through the mail and thought it merited some discussion as to what people thought about this. (This is not a suggestion but a discussion thread on if it would be feasible and how it would effect the game) Here i the idea so far... Allow mailboxes to ship crates. This can be done by moving your cart/wagon close to a mailbox then drag the crate from the open cart window to the mailbox window. When you drag and drop the crate into the mail window it starts the load timer and moves the crate over into the mailbox. (send them the normal way like all the other mail) When the person gets his/her crate in the mail they can see what is in them now so they know it is all there when collecting and once collected can either drag and drop to his/her cart or just unload them to the ground from the mailbox. All this needs is the ability to drag and drop crates with a load timer and permissions set to allow them to be mailed. (we already need the drag and drop for boat to cart/wagon transfers anyway. Points that have been brought up so far is pricing to mail the crate and the time it takes to arrive. The thought was to charge a flat fee per crate the suggestion so far was 50c and they wanted to have a days wait but i think that the added cost whatever they might be would be an incentive enough to use a shipper over the mail at least on large orders... What do you all think about the idea? Love it.. hate it.. what price should be charged..etc