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  1. Also, why not post why you may be against consolidating the servers instead of posting a simple no or -1. Maybe there are things I hadn't considered.
  2. Having multiple small servers would have the same travel times as one big one.
  3. With the player-base and population spread thin across all the various servers (I was sailing across Deliverance a moment ago, and 6 players out of 100 total were on), I believe it's high time for a server map wipe and delete all the servers and make a new one, and have only one server. Save all the current characters, and eliminate the 100 item limit in inventory as well as encumbrance limits for that fresh start. Refund current deeds at 100%, as well as "tokens" for placed items player's can't pick up so they can transfer to the new server. Also have home writs that allow the instant saving of the materials that made the house, so they can pop in a BSB with all the materials. We need this, a new single map for the entire player base. No pvp server, it's a failed experiment. Maybe a PvP zone like the HotA and be done with it. Thoughts?
  4. Arovia

    Arovia, you have heard of it from mariners. An island far removed from the Freedom Isles. A place where the monsters made their home and no kingdom rules over. The gods themselves have no presence there. It was there you wanted to go, and so you boarded a ship with others and set sail to the east. The voyage was long and treacherous, and you may well never see your home again, if you survive. But after months at sea, the land was spotted off the bow and the ship maneuvered its way into a bay and lay anchor. Putting together a small shack for a port authority, you and your fellow travelers made plans to set off into the wilds of this small island. Reports from scouts came back as you gathered supplies. Dragons could be seen flying across the sky nearest the tallest peaks. A giant was reported, his head tall over the trees, and worse still, your ancestors could not help you here, as a connection to their realm and the realm of the goods was cut off, so not even spirit guards could be summoned. There was no help for you here. You were on your own. Will you brave the wilds? Features: Arovia is a custom mapped server (2km x 2km) with mods and settings to make even Wurm more realistic. I did research and figured out the general length of time real crops take to grow and adjusted Wurm's crop growth to reflect that. I also set the animal aging to more reflect an average of animal ages, so an animal should live 20 Wurm years or so, so your favorite horses will stick around longer. Stats start at 19.5, you have to earn everything here. Skill gain rate is 1x, timers are 1x, and there are no deeds allowed, not even a starter deed. It is truly the players against the environment. In fact, without a starter deed and guard tower on it, if you build a tower, it will not last a server reset, so don't waste your time. Lastly, the gods have no presence here, so no White or Black Lights. No priests means no enchants, so survival becomes even more difficult. Welcome to Arovia, here you truly earn your keep.
  5. After a total computer upgrade and system re-install, the server is now up permanently. Hosted on a home Linux system with a Ryzen 5 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 500 GB Samsung SSD, the server is raring to go!
  6. Server back up. No Satch, priest mod does NOT remove priest restrictions. This will keep everyone from being a priest.
  7. Far off from the Freedom Isles is a land hidden away. A realm that is vastly untouched by man. Marnevia is a new server that has a 1x timer, 1x skill gain and is stock Wurm in most settings. What I strived for with this server was to create a persistent world in which the game mirrors reality as best as possible within the context of a fantasy medieval video game. I have tried to host many servers in the past, but I never found the mods or settings to suit my needs until now. General Server Settings: 4096 x 4096 with centralized mountains and a lot of coastal land for development 1x skill timers 1x skill gain Starter town of Haven in the center of the server with deeded clay one can dig, and where you can place merchants Many steppes No PvP 100,000 creature count with an aggressive percent of 30% Deeding costs silver, upkeep is enabled to keep settlements that have been abandoned from staying forever Crop growth mirrors the real world, with a 45 real hour tick Traders start with 40 silver and have a max of 100 silver, so you can sell and get coin Mod Settings Bag of Holding enchant is available to priests All animals swim while lead Lead animals won't stop being lead while embarking Creature bounties enabled but only for aggressive creatures Creature ageing has been adjusted so that they live for 20 Wurm years on average Crops will never turn to weeds, and give an additional 2 per harvest (to help offset the time needed to grow and to be a bit more realistic) Digging places the dirt on the ground, not in your inventory Meditation always succeeds for skillgain, gain gain an unlimited number of gains per day and only takes 30 seconds to meditate, but gains must be 30 minutes apart When sacrificing, there is a 1 in 50 chance to get a bone instead of normal rewards No priest spell will cost more than 90 Favor Priests can pray an unlimited number of times per day for gain, but must still be 20 minutes apart Players only start with a few basic tools and some clothes
  8. delete

    please delete
  9. We have needed this for 10 years. I can't tell you how many times I or the person following me gets lost in the woods during a trip.
  10. DELETE

    Added the bounty mod.
  11. While Wurm Online may need the breeding changes to make miscarriages and pregnant animals die more often, WU shouldn't have that limitation. My wife and I play on a server with one other person and we have animals die or miscarriage way too often to be logical. Please take this unnecessary code out for WU, or at least make it a checkbox for server admins to select if they like.
  12. Destroyed the string in both BSBs as even as a GM I couldn't remove them. Making 10 strings and putting them in allowed me to take them back out and in several times, even as a player.
  13. Yes, we put more string in and nothing, can't take out any. Retro, I run no mods or mod loader. It's stock WU.
  14. DELETE

    My apologies. Its running 24/7 on my home Linux machine (6 core processor, 8 gigs of RAM). So no need for donations or shutting down at night or even when the system updates (unless WU gets an update). We enjoy social players, but hermits are welcome. We are in the US, but everyone is free to join as long as the usual English in Freedom chat rule is kept.