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Found 12 results

  1. Is there a benefit to using bronze Tools / Armour? Or is it simply an aesthetic difference?
  2. So i know the prospecting function tells you what is within a specific amount of squares but what about beyond that? For example i started a mine where my prospect said there was iron nearby. So if i mine beyond what the prospecting function could reach is it possible to find different ores? Or is Iron the only thing i am likely to find there? Also out of curiosity what kind of dangers are involved? I have heard of cave ins and flooding but do i need to worry about breaking into a cave occupied by creatures or anything similar?
  3. I see that you are launching on Steam in hopes to find new players. That's a good idea. Problem is, as a long time player (and one not playing right now), Wurm will never appeal to more than it does now if you don't change the way combat works. It doesn't matter how much you focus on the UI or graphics. Those are all fine and dandy if you don't make at least combat more engaging. This is too niche of a game to retain anyone with "sit and watch your character's text scroll" combat. It also doesn't matter if combat is a little more detailed at higher skill, no player is going to stick around after the first few months to find out it gets a touch better. Combat is a huge deciding factor in what players enjoy in a game, and right now, combat in Wurm is terribly dull. You mostly have a crafting game with "watch my character fight" combat thrown in. Fix combat and you'll get a much better player retention. Older players who like it the way it is are a minority in the gaming world, and if you want to be successful, and even have pvp be something attractive to new players you really need to fix combat. Like now. Just my two coppers.
  4. What's up! Im a long time wurm player who joined close to 3 years ago, and played it very often! But sadly, my computer broken around 9 months ago and i just haven't had the cash to get a new one. But i would like to know all the updates and the events that have happened since then so i can be up to date once i join back!
  5. Ok, so I made this thread in the main section. It's been near a month and no one has responded. Pretty discouraging. Anyway, I've gotten a suggestion to try again in this screenshot section. Took a lot of pictures of my deed. Please go over them and help me to make it look better (if you wish to). I tried my best to redesign on my own, but areas of it look so... empty, yet I don't know what I need to put and where. What I want to see in a redesign; 1. A "life in the woods but on a hill" theme. 2. Nice views of the NW ocean of Indy. 3. Some love to be done to the boat docks. That area is the most 'empty' feeling. 4. A place for a farm, and my three horses (with room to expand). 5. A way to make the main and side ramps, not look so boring. I thought the alternating slab/cobble pattern would be cool, but I guess it's showing it's age now. 6. A place to store my carts, and a place where I can sort through my items via coffins (tools go here, and other misc stuff). 7. I want the main deed area to look.. "wow". 8. I'm not looking for HUGE buildings, as I have no need for something so big. 3x3 or 4x3 at the most, please. 9. I prefer to build with Wood, but I -can- build with Stone (39.61 Masonry). Though my Carpentry is 66.38. Here's the many, many screenshots I took (hosted by my website); Lastly, here is my latest redesign using DeedPlanner. I have to upload it through Pastebin as I can't make the actual '.MAP' file work as a download. If you have DeedPlanner and wish to help, copy the link, go to DeedPlanner and paste the link when go to Load, and it'll load up the design. Now has no trees, no labels, and has the deed size border in a black box (sorry for not having the border before). And here's a blank version, by request. Has no trees, no walls, no buildings, no labels, and has the deed size border; Thanks in advance. Sorry for so many screenshots. One last note, saying "you can do this and this" isn't really helpful. I need to be visually shown what you're talking about. Lastly, the prepared spot behind the marble horse statue is being reserved for my friend's house (if he ever gets on and works on it). He can only do up to a 2x3 (as he's a non-prem). If you can, please factor in this to the redesign.
  6. I have questions about WU in regards to what is possible in Modding a WU Server... Because I have experienced the temptation of "what if?" in regards to how I would personally like to set up a Server... so since I hate and despise STEAM I thought that it would for me be best to ask you all first if what I want to do is even possible? (rather than buy WU on STEAM and then find out my ideas for a server are unattainable). Can we create a WU Server with the following changes? No Gods, No Religion, No Meditation, No Sorcery, No Spells, No Artifacts, No Enchanting, No Moonmetals. Regionalized Gold, Silver, Zinc, Marble, Slate. All other normal Ore Veins Common distribution. Let's start with that for now. My ideas for a Rare system based on QL rather than casino luck and making items "non-everlasting" can come later. Thanks to anyone that offers some assistance.
  7. I have read several of the discussions about equipment appropriate for playing Wurm. My current laptop is Gateway FX from about 6 years ago and it had an NVidia 9800M card in it. It has never done java based games well and recently has started overheating and more. I replaced the GPU fan and it still isn't working right so my wife (much to my surprise) reminded me that I need to do something before we go on vacation in a month and mentioned that with school coming up this would be a good time for a new one! (shock, amazement!) Anyway, looking at TigerDirect, I found two that are the same price ($1499) but have somewhat different features. I have seen from the discussions that Graphics Memory, System Memory, and CPU are all pretty important. CyberpowerPC - Has 6GB video memory, 2.5GHz CPU speed, but other wise pretty similar, but it has 12 month warranty MSI - 3GB Video memory, 2.25GHz CPU, 24 month warranty, but claims to be able to take hardline and wireless internet connection at the same time for better speeds. My internet connection is pretty shaky it would be nice to be able to use both my main (intermittent 3M connection) and my backup (750K but tends to have higher ping rates) at the same time. It also talks about NVIDIA's surround view. I'm guessing the Cyberpower must do the same since it's virtually the same card, but I don't know. I would appreciate feedback on which would be the better overall gaming system, both for Wurm and the vague possibility I might want to play other games. I like to run multiple windows when I wurm... so that's a big point of interest Time is fairly critical, we go on vacation in barely over a month from now. Thanks!
  8. Read the Wikipedia. Yes, the info can be so-so; however, its still invaluable. Ask questions. ALOT. Just pester everybody... especially the CAs. The masochists actually volunteered for this. Never click on a link posted by Glory. EVER. If you have to ask, the answer is, "No, you cant kill it." Steal everything not nailed down, then come back for the nails. Its perfectly fine to spam Enki with pms.
  9. I hear AoSP and other enchants reduce skill gains. Do weapon enchants reduce skill gains? Are there any other tips, advice, that would help someone looking to maximize combat skill gain from PVE combat? By "combat skill gain" I mean fighting skill (Both primary and stance skills) and also weapon skills (Both primary and sub skills). I'm clearing every mob I see and would like to maximize my skill gain as much as possible. I'm sure others who would like to hunt on the server, would also appreciate me finishing sooner than later as well. I'm currently 85 Fighting and 71 aggressive stance, with at least 50 in all other stances and weapon sub types. (Minus clubs and halberd, which I hope to work on next week thanks to some LT casts) My primary goal is to hit 90 fighting asap and beyond if possible. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello there! I was looking for a good MMORPG and I came across this title. It looked really weird and it said that that was a sandbox game that you can build towns and all kinds of structures. I decided to find some more info online but there was nothing specific about the game out there so I came to the source- the forums. I scrolled around a bit and I was baffled "WTF is this game?" everithing is just so weird and alien about it- not the typical WoW clone with a building gimmick that I expected. I just can't comprehend what is going on so I decided to register and ask the community (I read the FAQ and I got nothing). So here are few of my qestions: 1. Is this game still alive? (obviously, but are there enough people playing to make it interesting and fun) 2. Is it and RP (role play) MMORPG? 3. How complicated is the game? Can a complete noob like me get into it easy or I will need months to learn the ropes? 4. Is the community good? By that I mean are there alot of trolls, hackers, cheaters and a-holes in general? 5. Is it a pay to win game? 6. How are new players treated? Will I get bashed by others every 5 minutes for my noobish mistakes? 7. Is the game still supported and is the community growing or dying? I am asking because the most current info I got about the game when I searched in google was from 2012-13 and that made me think that the game is going to "die" pretty soon. Those are my questions for now I'm pretty sure there will be more later. I usually never ask questions about a game, I just join in and see for myself but WURM looks like a game I will not understand on my own and I will leave it in like 2 hours. I just don't want to missout on a cool game just because I didn't get it. Thank you! edit: Something else I never got is this a free to play game? I understood it can be downloaded and played but there is some kind of a subscription or something like that. Is it possible to play for free without limitations?
  11. We come from ~7 years of UO from early "hardcore" ruleset to the carebear ###### that exists now. Gave a variety of MMOs a try. I regret not trying this one as I heard about it pre-minecraft and it sounds like it's amazing. I'm not trying to grind up quickly or anything, but I do want to play on a PvP server. What are the differences in the PvP servers? I was looking at this: but for someone that has never played the game before, I don't fully understand it. It seems like factions of some sort, but the larger server is FFA entirely? (Chaos interests me the most because of the tile size) Have you ever played Salem MMO? Is it close to that? What's the combat like? What is the sieging like? I've started watching youtube vids. Any insight would be appreciated. Not looking for handouts or anything, but may subscribe for at least a month to get going and see how it plays from there. (I like that you can pay in BTC)
  12. Hello guys and today I bring a guide for those not so nice people. I was avid in another forum and game before I came to Wurm so I decided to copy a post I did awhile back in that forum and bring it here. P.S. I modified it a bit so it didn't sound like I was talking about the other game! Also don't know why it's colored Troll- In internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. See the last few words "disrupting normal on-topic discussion" if you come across these guys never ever get into a argument with these people. It will only make matters worse. A argument is just a never-ending battle in which no side will win. If you find a troll ignore him if it keeps going on for example in a forum report him to moderators. Trolls are just people who want to get attention and most likely want to be a bothersome annoyance. Let's take for example a fire. If I keep giving it firewood it'll last as long as it has this material that's what trolls want. They want to get attention the hard way just ignore it. If your in a match server with one ignore him you constantly telling this person what to do is just not getting anywhere ignore him instead of wasting your time. Newbie, newb, n00b, noob- There are 2 types of these people explained below. Newbie- A newbie is a inexperienced player who is starting out it depends on their behavior. If a newbie is posting something that is not true politely point out his mistakes. We don't know how something works when we first try it. These types of guys are not really annoying they just aren't fully experienced yet/mature enough. Another type is explained below. Noob- These people might or might not have been playing at something for a time ,but aren't really learning. And may be the worst type of guy that you want to run into in a video game that ruins your experience. We as a human being have freedom to do what we want for ex. do I want this job or this job do I want to do this or that. These people chose it the hard way and don't want any help so ever or just always love to think they know what their doing. Same thing with a troll ignore. It's just like the bully problem they want to get the best of you and for you fight back. Don't, tell a noob your stupid, what the heck are you doing, you know nothing is not going Anywhere remember these people are unwillingly to take information and ruin everybody's fun. If it gets to insulting ignore too or report. Report these people also depending on what they are doing if they are really on the bad language problem report may be your best option. (Normally they spam in chat if they do this)