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Found 13 results

  1. Inspired by the web application posted on the Build Houses guide made by Toni here, I decided to make an application that would also include the floor and roof material calculations, as well as making it multi-level capable. It also does the calculations per selection, and has fancy colors per level. You can find the application here, and the source code here for anyone interested seeing it or making any contributions. Any suggestions? Are there any materials that I am missing? Are there anymore bugs that are not listed in Issues?
  2. Hey there! I have been watching forums lately filled with a lot of threads with similar mood and message; what is wrong with the game or what could be improved. So I decided to make a counter-thread for such movement! This is the thread, where you can memorize and share one particular, lovely memory you remember when you played Wurm and something good or absolutely funny occured, or you can point out some feature of the game you waited for so long and you felt super-satisfied when it came out and loved to use it. Or you can give just positive feedback for the community, devs or some individual, who has been doing well or you feel has succeeded in some matter, like helping others, being a trustful friend in all turns in Wurmian life... sky's the limit! Only demand is that this thread is filled with the positive posts. Because when you feel down and need cheering up, you can read this thread and identify with the feelings others have shared. Or you can go to the thread "that thread about cats". I have plenty of good memories and a lot of to thank to many people, but I think yesterday happened something that made me feel so happy. That thing was, when I announced our alliance's advertisement post and I got not only so much support from my alliance friends as a bunch of supportive posts to the thread itself, but also personal feedback about how amazing job I had done with it. I felt like, man, this is why I play this game and truly enjoy it after 4 years of playing it; because of the best community. Okies, it's time for you to share a positive moment!
  3. I see that you are launching on Steam in hopes to find new players. That's a good idea. Problem is, as a long time player (and one not playing right now), Wurm will never appeal to more than it does now if you don't change the way combat works. It doesn't matter how much you focus on the UI or graphics. Those are all fine and dandy if you don't make at least combat more engaging. This is too niche of a game to retain anyone with "sit and watch your character's text scroll" combat. It also doesn't matter if combat is a little more detailed at higher skill, no player is going to stick around after the first few months to find out it gets a touch better. Combat is a huge deciding factor in what players enjoy in a game, and right now, combat in Wurm is terribly dull. You mostly have a crafting game with "watch my character fight" combat thrown in. Fix combat and you'll get a much better player retention. Older players who like it the way it is are a minority in the gaming world, and if you want to be successful, and even have pvp be something attractive to new players you really need to fix combat. Like now. Just my two coppers.
  4. So to start off i am just a small deed owner with a small farm, I spend most of time in a cave or bashing wild stuff in the north of Deliverance. I breed and farm stuff about twice a day as a means of not having to bother much with others or just enjoying the experience. Yet this update has caused a lot of problems for my way of living. For a start i started the update with 17 5S horse's with about 80 Trait points, bred over a few years of hard effort and patients. Currently i am only at 5 horses left. With my breeding pairs seemingly dying first. (With 50 AH on a dedicated Lib priest) I did some research and some small sized testing (for the details see the spoilers). The results pretty much make me want to kill all my animals and just not bother anymore. With what feels like a hard cap to trait points, The shorter lifespan of my horses and all else just making it a pain. Because i like this game i wish to ask that some rules around breeding be loosend a little to at least make it friendlier to people of lower skill or with less time. The main thing that blocks most of it for me at least appears to be the point limit with trait points. As it seems to be directly linked to your AH skill. Which for anyone who is not a dedicated breeding is a nightmare. Lastly i want to ask if anyone else has noticed the increase in Miscarriages, before i only recall having one about a fat year ago. Since the update i had about 4 which seems like a horrendously dumb frequency for that to occur. While this is just my experience with it i am very curious what others have experienced. As i have seen little other people talk about it besides some of the people i play with.
  5. Over the past two months I've sat down and talked with various kingdoms and factions in PvP, both on Epic and Chaos. Over the course of that time I have collected large amounts of feedback regarding issues within PvP and Wurm, and condensed that feedback for discussion with the development team. It's clear that Epic and Chaos, while both PvP servers face different challenges, what benefits one server may have little to no effect on another, so there's always the effort to ensure that balance is achieved across both clusters. The following is a list of changes planned for the short term, with a longer term overhaul of combat, meditation and priests being planned for later in the year. This list is by no means complete, and the aim of this thread is for open discussion on the upcoming changes. As always, please keep it civil, regardless of what kingdom you are from, we all seek to make PvP more enjoyable in Wurm, so avoid bashing other players or kingdoms. This is a Feature feedback thread, that means please provide actual feedback, negative comments or comments with zero input will be removed. Changes Remove expanded Information minister functions "x enters your territory" Remove all teleportation forms on PvP servers (including home servers). Remove archery penalties or scale according to individual armour pieces. Disable embarking on vehicles or mounts while in combat with an enemy players. Addition of Archery keybinds. Remove stun/throw from valrei mobs. Make nolocate on bodies work similar to jewellery with power determining % blocked. Cooldowns on searching for same person. Creation of a “verbose” combat tab option, including extra information such as Area of Effect spells, Direct target spells, karma and meditation buffs, etc Scale scenario point rewards according to mission type (sacrifice, drain, traitor, tree) then modified by whether server is friendly, enemy, or elevation Make uniques focus points of missions, or giving kingdom based rewards for slaying Change battle rank to only be given through kills, not through missions or capping towers/camps Make chaos and possibly home server merchants tauntable Remove speed bonus from logged off alts on boats on PvP servers Have tower guards target whoever is trying to capture the tower. Require killing of guards before tower is captured. Removal of action timer and requiring a certain amount of guards killed within a ten minute timeframe Shield of the Gone SotG has been a long term issue with PvPers, and it is quite clear that it is too powerful in its current state.We currently have two proposed changes, which are listed below: Reworking SotG to only work with Cloth or Leather armour, moving a SotG character to being lighter without sacrificing protection (being slightly more than steel plate, but lower than scale/moon plate) yet not be the current tank that it is. Alternatively, remove the ability to heal from Life Transfer and all healing spells. This moves the SotG character into a strong fighter in a short melee, but in drawn out conflicts becomes very fragile. Feel free to provide feedback on which scenario you'd prefer to see, either of these changes will also come with the ability to swap from Path of Insanity to another path with no cooldown. Other changes that have not yet been discussed include Removal of oakshell from mounts (player targets only). Resistance to healing spells/cooldown. HotA changes. Many many more, feel free to ask about them! When providing feedback, for the sake of clarity and easier cataloging, please provide which server you play on, if you play on both feel free to say so, but also indicate your main server. A lot of mechanics may be delayed until we have a longer time frame to address balancing across a whole range of issues, such as priests, all meditation paths, weapons, armour, stats and combat in general. The initial aim is to improve PvP in the short term, and then address more balancing issues with a way of testing them out thoroughly, challenge round 3 is quite possible.... Update The old saying is no plan survives contact with the enemy, and it's much the same in Wurm. Some of these changes we will need to pull back to the drawing board, but I'm thrilled with the amount that have widespread support Of the changes that have mostly negative feedback, we'll pull those from the list along with a further explanation of what the aim is to achieve with them. This doesn't mean they are gone, but we will be looking at addressing the concerns mentioned. The way current deed mechanics work is something we plan on addressing, though this may need to come with a later update again, this needs to be part of a total raiding and combat overhaul, it's added here to gauge feedback early on, as well to get players thinking about how it could change. Nothing in PvP should be safe, safemines and other defences aimed at wasting time vs active defending need to be reworked, raiding windows is something that has been suggested as well, though again, all a little down the track Other issues such as cooldowns on locate casts are aimed at avoiding locating being a simple matter of spamming, it defeats the purpose of the no locate ability. Capturing towers could be more than just an action timer, requiring killing x amount of guards within a timeframe, requiring staying within x distance of the tower while doing so. Vs the current someone caps the tower while others have the guards chase them for ten minutes Embarking on vehicles is to stop the easy vehicle hopping raised by many players, perhaps a short timer or something allowing players to stop it, the disabling would only be during melee combat with an enemy player, not a mob or enemy kingdom npc.
  6. Hey Everyone! This week has seen more of the same from devs, with a continued focus on bugfixes and small additions. But Wossoo, what are these Fancy Pants that you talk of? Well you'll just have to keep reading! We also welcome Warlander to the team as a volunteer client developer. His focus will probably be on GUI improvements. The Week in Patch Notes The bug crusade has continued, and below is a roundup of the week's patch notes in full. Fixes that apply to all servers are in black, to purely PvP servers in blue and to purely PvE servers in green. 8/6/15:Fix so chopping a tree down leaves the grass (or mycelium) at same length (except lawn goes to short grass/mycelium).Fix for fsb and bsb becoming unplanted over server resets.Fix so can’t dig at the end of bridges.Fix so the max ql of floors and bridge parts is not restricted to 80.In order to prevent various annoying situations, siege shields (and unfinished ones) are now notake and must be created where they are supposed to be used.Turrets should now properly revert to unenchanted ones if dispelled.Removed false disease status which occurred in certain situations.Fix for fatigue going into the negative and blocking certain actions while mounted.Bulk container double turn menus removed.Scissors now take proper damage when shearing.Fix for floor/roof damage using certain tools.Blocked removing bulk items into tents due to certain exploitability.Harvesting now properly using 100 item inventory limitation.Exiting through a door with enemies players in local should now unlock it as well as when entering.Removed possibility to change creator by dealing damage to items.You can no longer tame creatures led by another player or hitched to a vehicle.Hens and chickens no longer autofollow due to disease issues.Summoned skeletons and wraiths should no longer attack same kingdom but other kingdom players.Made it so newbie tents can’t be put into containers due to exploitability.10/6/15: A few bugs that may have prevented Nathan from ascending were found, and he was ascended manually since Fo won this scenario.Powers and vitality for deities on Valrei are now recalculated when receiving immortality. The calculated attack and vitality values generated that are higher than 6 will start at 6 and add 0.1 per full point above 6. So a value of 11 will result in 6.5. This will balance the playing field better. Existing deities have had their values recalculated according to this algorithm. More New Clothing Following on from his new line of shirts released last week, Wox has continued working on Wurm's fashion range, with 3 new designs of pant. You can catch some sneak previews below - it's beginning to look like Wurm will have a pretty expansive range of clothing once he's done! Wox's next fashion venture could go anywhere... although a contact on the inside has informed us that he is currently designing new shoulder pads (pauldrons,) an optional armour slot made possible a while ago but not looked into until now. They're intended to be decoration-only. Marble Statues Continuing the trend of new art assets, we can confirm this week that we'll be releasing marble versions of all statues. For now, Saroman has given us a preview of a marble Lady of the Lake. Feedback Structure Here at the PR Team, we've also been looking into improving the ways that we collect feedback from the community. It will be an ongoing process - but to get things kicked off, we've created a new e-mail address,, for general bits of feedback. Any issues with moderation should still always be raised with the moderation team, either through forum PM (or the in-game /support system where appropriate); bugs should still be reported in the maintenance area, where they will be picked up by staff and added to our lists of bugs; and suggestions for game features/changes should still be posted in the suggestions area. It might not feel like we listen to feature suggestions, but the simple fact is that the game is so huge with so many ideas that it will always take time to implement anything. Hopefully, recent dev work (like more clothing items, permissions and bugfixes) will help to emphasise that we do listen to suggestions, just that it always takes time to act on them. Most things are covered by the above, but we'd like to trial the feedback account as a way for you to communicate any other more general issues. The account will be staffed by numerous members of the PR team, and that will allow us to reply to all feedback within 24 hours - something not always possible under the current system of trying to find a team member to PM (who may be away or too busy to reply.) Handling feedback is difficult but is a top priority, and so we'd like to experiment with some slow expansion to see what works best for us and for the community. Tap Dance Bridge, Celebration It’s been exciting to see all the new bridges being created across the lands of Wurm! This week we continue to take a look at some of these bridge projects with the Tap Dance Bridge completed on the Celebration server. The folks from Mercenary Camp took it upon themselves to provide a quicker, safer route between Tap Dance and Southern Celebration. Hats off to them for such an impressive building project! The unique center arch-section allows larger ships to pass through and gives the bridge a fun, roller-coaster effect. You can learn more about the Tap Dance Bridge project here. GM Jberg/Logi also took some aerial screenshots of the bridge for us, which look pretty cool! Screenshot of the Week Our screenshot this week is courtesy of Calimdor. A fine example of covered stables now that the Devs have made it possible to plant thatch (i.e. grass) indoors. Looks awesome, Calimdor! Join us next week for a brief period of regret at changing the title format of the news. Happy Wurming!
  7. One thing I've found Wurm completely lacking is any form of exit survey. May help CC know why people are leaving since goodbye threads are simply an opening for all the trolls to run rampant, and feedback beyond the "inner circle" what/whoever that's made up of is should clear some interrogatives up for Rolf. Cheers
  8. Hey everyone, I've started this thread to gather some general feedback on the content of the Wurmpedia. My intention is not to start huge debates in this thread, just to gather some feedback only. If you feel your comment or suggestion would end up in a large discussion, please post a new thread to avoid cluttering. Cheers!
  9. Just as the title says. Priceless. As in, you cannot truly purchase it at any price. Major companies spend millions per annum trying to do so, to get the pulse of what their customers want. All fail. Realize it for what it is, and embrace it. And realize it's a form of love from your customers. Customers who don't care, just, in the case of an online game, quit and never return, and never bother telling you why. You just never see them again. If a customer is telling you what's wrong, that's because they care, and they want you to fix it. They are coming to you with their grievances in a last ditch attempt to get you to acknowledge that they feel they've been wronged or aggrieved in some fashion, and they are coming to you for remedy. They are not coming to be told they don't matter. They are not coming to be mocked. And perhaps most importantly... they aren't coming to be wholesale ignored. So take it as ye will, to your benefit or financial peril. Ye can lead a horse to water...
  10. A server with a new action packed, competitive version of Wurm! Challenge is a very different platform where we will host competitive games with different themes and goals. Each challenge ends in a Scoreboard of all participants, winners of prizes and a total reset of both World and Skills. So each challenge we start will be unique and everyone starts with the same stats. The only thing you keep between rounds is titles earned, any remaining currency you have and what you are refunded from deeds etc. We will announce that, prizes and competitive categories later. The aim with this very new take on Wurm is to have a place for those who want as little grind as possible and focus on fun and competitive play. Keeping this in mind let me list some of the core features in the initial Challenge. New Raid functionality which will include things like more siege weapons, defensive turrets and expanded functionality for the guard towers. Ultra fast skilling even on failed actions. Super short timers. No repair for walls and fences while in combat. Strategic Resource spawn points which gives the kingdom that controls them an abundance of building and crafting materials. The first challenge will last one month and we’ll see how it feels //Added response and information Challenge is something that is needed for several reasons and by being separate it does not need to follow the same rules. Ideally it could serve as a gateway to wurm pvp benefiting the epic cluster long term by providing a platform with a much lower threshold and plain leveled playing field for those interested in trying Wurm. Because in reality, we would never get epics player base to agree to server cross wipes on both skills and land right? What this also does is limit anything we want to drastically change to alter the recipe for skillgain etc as it affects the value and time investment in characters etc. On challenge however with a clear mindset of initially having at least a monthly server wipe, we have the freedom to change anything to fit the specific challenge making things very interesting from both gameplay and gamedesign perspective. Also, we can find an interesting dynamic formula for a more quick paced Wurm online experience to offer. Talking about recipes and such, I see some are talking about having to grind from 0 each restart. This is easily addressed and planned into the initial release. Firstly, when I said ultra fast skill gain I truly mean it. You will not need to grind much at all. Secondly, we can start out Challenge characters with a pre set skill level to already be sufficient to create ok armor and weapons etc. I know it is not for everyone, but at least for me personally I have always wanted to try Wurm in such a game mode. Knowing how it feels from the perspective of someone who has built allot with a dev character where you can build quickly and without much limitations. It is a very interesting concept to truly unlock all that Wurm has to offer and letting loose a truly creative chaos in an MMO environment. The thought here is also that even with a player population that does not come close to the freedom cluster it will still feel highly populated. We are going to start out with having a pretty small and intimate environment where territorial control and struggle becomes more tangible. Where travel distance/ time does not count much into the equation. And the loss for dying in a raid is not bad enough to make you feel you have to prepare for days before trying again Where emphasis shift from grinding and gear to going into action and just having fun. Why not try and help us make this into a truly fun experience? Because player input will be much easier to include both on a scenario and gameplay level now that we will have a platform that is agile and not set in stone. //More updated information It is completely separate from all other servers but we will try to enable you to teleport there. It would work pretty much like the separation between epic and freedom, separate skills and inventory. So either you create a new account specifically for the challenge server or play with your main but with nothing other then your name and look transfered. To clarify, you character would only be wiped regularly on the challenge server. Once you go back to your original server you will still have the same stats and inventory as when you left. Unaffected by the transfer in either direction. Currency would be transferable between the servers with your account and any refunds etc you get on Challenge can be carried back. If you have premium time on you account it will however stay on the same timer even if Challenge is on free premium.
  11. Dear Wurmonline (Rolf?), Just a friendly nudge to give all of us some feedback for our orders through player auctions. I notice you have between 11-50 positive feedback, while I still have none, for my 3 transactions Thank you in advance! -Wurmhole (Different username on PA)
  12. This was written a few months ago, and as I am starting to write again I am looking for some constructive criticism on it. Places to improve, things to help the flow, ect. There will be spelling errors, because I am lazy. Note, this is not written to offend anyone so keep all y'alls drama out! The Dammed The cave was hectic, the usually dull light was split by the lanterns of thirty odd men and women, all finishing their preparations for the long night ahead. Catapults and carts where hoisted into the holds, followed by solid lumps of stone and lead. Water barrels where filled, meals wrapped, and even enough sandwich to feed this mighty army. A cry was heard, echoing through the halls, "Everyone into the mines!" Of course, no one payed it any attention. One by one, the loaded warships where sailed into the bright sunlight, the warriors pacing back and forth, playfully slapping and shouting insults to each other. One brave man attempted to gather some logs to improve his arrows, and almost drowned listening to the jeers of the crew. An attempt was made to save him, but it was the lucky toss of a fishing rod that managed to pull his sorry, soggy ass back to the boat. As the brave stallions where led to the rear of the boats, a hush fell over the rambunctious crew. "Tonight we raid The Dammed!" a commanding voice shouted, "We shall lay waste to these non-believers, we shall destroy their home's and return with the fabled hide of the Dragon!" A cheer went up, then a second command, "Now hold still for the Photo!" The men grumbled, and many helms where put on to hide their true identity. The gear's spooled and whined, then started to hoist the anchors out of the silt. As the Gale that was blowing caught the sail's the ship took off at an alarming rate, with the intend destination predicted to arrive in less than an hour. "Look to the East" the commander cried, and the men looked in awe as a Great white spirit rose out of the water to watch them pass. Some men trembled, and together looked in awe, whispering of the challenge of taking down such a monstrous beast. A Bow was raised, arrow cocked and string pulled taunt, only to be slapped aside by a man dressed all in red, leathery Armour. "Don't be foolish" he growled, "least you bring death to every man, women and child aboard this ship."His sentence was cut short, as a flag was raised from the lead ship, signaling that land was in sight. One more the murmur of the crew slowly died away, leaving only an eerie silence, leaving each to think about the wonder and danger that lay ahead. As the bow of the boat bumped into the shore, the group of attackers jumped into the waist high water, pick axes and hatchets at the ready. Some set about clearing the area while others began to toil at the face of the rock, creating a safe place to leave the boats. A single house was spotted, and before some egar members could break in, the Commander cut their ideas short, stating the real goal was just up the road. This man lead the first group into the forest, to scout and plan points in which this mighty army could fall back, if they where ever needed. A few younger members scoffed at this Idea, not fully understanding how such a force could ever be in danger, but these mine's did indeed save lives towards the end of this mission. A few hours later, as the dusk was begin to settle heavily on to the troops, each man and women stood in awe, looking at the looming fortress casting a shadow over the orchard in which they where camped. A hush fell over them as commanders discussed the best way to enter. Two tall stone walls proved to be the vulnerability, and as the first Crash of the catapult shot hitting hard stone rang out the men jumped back into action. The orchard became a hotbed of activity, the strikes of the pick's on stone, the creaks and crashes of the catapults, and the cries of the Spirit guards as they where cut down all mingled, fueling the enthusiasm of the attacking force. All of a sudden, a defender was spotted, at first thought to be bravely attempting to stop this attack. The men whispered about how courageous this man was, until he was spotted scurrying from house to house like a rat, taking all he could hold and running it back into his den. The men began to jeer him, and as the first gatehouse fell a few of the strongest climbed to the top and let loose a volley of arrows, one of which was planted into his rear end, but only served to make him move faster. As the second house fell, the army moved in with shovels, attacking the giant dirt walls which still impeded troop movement. A giant ravine was dug, just enough to bounce, trip and fall into this now penetrated deed. As the men spilled in, a few more defenders where spotted hiding in a building, looking in awe as the raid force started to surround them. They could not believe that their virgin deed had been breached by the warriors, and as the rocks fell around them they could only shout insults and bash on their chests like wild apes. The attackers where split, three groups now worked in a chaotic swirl to break in and secure any goods they could find, whilst the back row continued to siege and the front line kept the defenders contained. They came upon a cave, reinforced and line with chests, all stood open and empty. in a fit of frustration, one man kicked the last one in the row, moving it inches. This revealed one more chest, with a lock of fantastic Quality. The group gathered around, and a summon was sent to one of the finest lock pickers in the kingdom. They waited silently, barley breathing as this master worked with the tiny iron pick, poking and prodding at the lock. With a loud "click" the lock fell onto the floor and was forgotten as the chest sprang open to expose its wonderful treasures. "Scale! We have found the scales of the Red Dragon!" someone proclaimed, and the cry was taken up among every member of the raid force. The defenders faces melted, and their tears where evident even through the thick steel helms that adorned their faces. As greedy hands started to enter the chest, the commander slammed it closed and roughly pushed his men aside. Calling to his scribe he requested a full inventory of the chest and its contents. Pausing, he reached in and produced a Shining Purple blade, carefully examining it with wonder and excitement. Striking a stray dog, he realized this blade had the power to leach health from any animals on which it feasted. Holding it above his head he proclaimed "I claim this for my own, to be sold in a land more peaceful than this, to fund My kingdom and pay penance to The God." Meanwhile, deep inside the enemy settlement, the raid force was doing damage to everything they could lay hands on. With mauls in hand and shards slamming the walls they attempted to break in. The defenders huddled in the safety of their gates, all the could do was watch as the invading force had their way with the deed. As the walls fell, three red garden Gnomes winked at them, then promptly disappeared into the backpacks of several people, never to be seen again. The raiders ransacked the house, overturning coffins, smashing into the wine barrels and picking the locked chests. Only once the chests had been opened was the name of the houses only resident reveled, as it was labeled on all the amazing items that the defenders stuffed into their pockets. As the call for a regroup went out, many men had their eyes on the next target, a large tower that had an odd glow to it. as they assembled into formation, a weird sensation overtook them, and they found themselves unable to move, some effected worse than others. A scout informed the general that the defenders had disappeared, and the captain mulled over this information for a great duration of time. As the feeling set in and more people where locked in place, the great priests of the kingdom cast a spell of great clarity upon the troops, and as the world was cast into darkness only the voices of their comrades remained, whispering in their ears. The darkness remained for an extended amount of time, and no one could figure out what had caused The God to bring such havoc for to his people. It was only late in the evening of the second day when a voice from the heavens stated that the world had been hit by a devastating force, and all would be returned to normal as soon as possible. The men gathered and discussed these messages, and hushed voices and whispers claimed that the Jen kellon warriors where behind this dastardly attack, using it as a front so they could summon more troops to defend their now ravished city. Many prayers where sent to The God, from both sides, and many decisions where made and reverted, regarding the state of this destroyed city. The Jen Kellon's cries where the loudest, and as their cries where answered they became more outlandish, growing from fibs into downright lies and consuming even the greatest of warriors. Mol Rehan stood firm, not asking for anything other than what was fair, a chance to regroup and withdraw, making sure to leave no man or women behind in such an ungodly place. Miraculously, The God answered these prayers and instated a layer of safety over the area, permitting the victorious warriors to leave safely, and un hindered. On that third day, the fateful day that we regrouped, chaos once again surrounded our forces, but this time resistance coming from the enemy in the form of deceit and underhand schemes. Still they continued to moan about how it was unfair, so caught up in their feelings of anguish that thy could not see how this time of darkness had saved them, hindering our attack. With all our warriors back on the boat, and a proud Troll Statue waving us to a safe voyage, we started to sail away from that unholy place. The cries of the enemy ran in our ears, fueling or moral and inciting a blood rage that each and every member has channeled for the next attack. As we looked In the hold, at the rafts full of swords and shield, armour and tools, the feeling of a clean victory coursed through everyone's veins, and a nasty scowl was shot at the fellow "rubbing his dlck on the expensive shlt." To the ones that fell, God bless you,And to the ones who lived a toast was raised, "Victory for Mol Rehan, Victory for the Empire!"
  13. *** Let me start by saying that I love the idea of Wurm and that I'm happy that it exists. I also want to say that this is NOT a complaint thread. I'm not venting or rage-quitting or any of that, but I am (hopefully) pointing out a serious flaw in Wurm that keeps it from growing. I realize that people probably won't read or pay attention to this disclaimer, but sometimes you have to charge, even when it's all uphill. *** I am a perpetual Wurm noob. Like a moth, I flutter towards the bugzapper that is Wurm and then flee the terrifying blue light with my head on fire. Sooner or later, I forget the trauma and repeat the whole process. I can't remember when I first started *trying* to play Wurm, but I know have made maybe a dozen attempts. Once I actually bought a deed and built a little farm, but that was on the brand new server that came out a while back and land was pretty easy to find. Here is my typical experience as a noob in Wurm. I go through the tutorial, which is pretty reasonable and covers most of the things you need to know except for the Ph.d. in four-dimensional hyperspatial mathematics you need to level a piece of dirt. At the end you get a rather confusing non-explanation of the server types. Most recently I chose an Epic server (the JK spawn point), because double skill gain means fewer progress bars and more time noodling around having fun (HAH!). I then get teleported into what appears to be a prison exercise yard. Grey walls everywhere! Gates! Bars! There are a few signs advertising lost boats, which adds a charming, nautical air to the surroundings. Is this some kind of pirate prison? I can't tell, there's no one else around. I have consulted the forums for advice as I always do, and one thing I remember is to avoid the roads if you don't want your game-play experience to be a "guy walking along roads simulator", so I consult my noob compass and take a bearing, then I strike off into the unknown! This striking off lasts about a hundred feet, for outside the prison yard is... more walls! As far as I can tell, the first thing people do in Wurm is build walls around everything, and then build walls around those walls. If this was a 3D game I could clamber over them, but alas my feet are firmly nailed to the ground. So I zigzag around plaintively, taking increasingly useless bearings with my noob compass as my path becomes more convoluted. Eventually however, my search is rewarded! I find a tree! a majestic pine stands before me, unclaimed by all and not walled off! I clutch my noob hatchet and begin my epic adventure by chopping down the tree and making logs. Several progress bars later I have made some kindling! I have made a shaft! Encouraged, I set off to discover more walls and I continue my maze-like progress. I begin to wonder if Wurm is some kind of inhuman Scandinavian psychological experiment in operant conditioning. Will I turn a corner and find some cheese? At long last I reach a hill where there are fewer walls and I can occasionally see open space. I climb! I climb towards light and freedom! i climb towards the true sandbox experience of creativity and depth! I get killed by a mountain lion! I respawn! My trusty noob compass is gone forever. I get to keep my other things, but apparently knowing which way North lies is too much power for the likes of me. I try to remember where I died, but at this point my only memory is of walls and fences, locked gates and barred doors. Gamely I set forth in what (I hope) is a different direction, only to be devoured by a spider. I try again! I try again! Eventually however, I remember the old adage, "One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result". Sadly, I turn in my noob tools and disconnect, the scent of scorched wings in my nostrils. I think a few things could be done to make this whole experience less Kafka-esque: * Let me keep my %$@!*& compass! I doubt very seriously that it will hurt the strategic compass economy, since (I presume) better compasses show you North faster than the noob compass. * I think that giving the noob some bandages or healing covers might not cause the game's balance to suddenly implode. I realize that there are valuable lessons to be learned by bleeding to death, but foraging for healing covers that don't work and dying anyway teaches nothing but frustration and annoyance. I feel strongly that it's a mistake to assume that players don't mind dying several dozen times. I find it kind of breaks the immersion, since in all other ways I am a peasant who doesn't know how to make a stick from a branch. * some kind of *current* map, either in game or on the web so that people can at least have some vague notion of where the unwalled parts of Wurm are (if there are any). This should be maintained and kept up to date by the people who have all the information, which would be the company that makes Wurm. There are tons of off the shelf ways to do this without anyone having to write much (if any) code at all, and it's crazy that this isn't being done already. You can only walk aimlessly for so many hours before you start wondering why you're wasting all your free time on a walking simulator. * I realize that many will howl in outrage at this, but I think that noobs should have reduced aggro for at least the first hour or two of play time, so that they can get their bearings without being murdered by random wildlife every five minutes. Notice I say reduced, if you walk right up to a mountain lion you deserve what you get, but if you keep your distance they should leave you alone as you try to figure things out. I realize that many players will suggest that I should have joined a village, but this is not the point of my post. Wurm is not a village simulator, nor is it billed as one. I should, if I take reasonable precautions, be able to go forth and do things without having to spend a month of real time sitting behind a wall making nails for five hours a day. It's not a sandbox if there's only one viable way to play the game. Again, I feel sure that someone will tell me I should have joined a village, so enough said on this topic. In the end it comes down to this: if you feel that new players must *earn* the right to play your game by dint of endless walking, pointless deaths, and existential crises, then keep on keepin' on. If you'd like to attract new players, then you may want to consider making the new player experience more welcoming and less like escaping from a Siberian gulag. Sincerely, Matt