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Found 3 results

  1. In the far distance, the last popping sounds of the Blackmoor Impalong fireworks display could be heard. One by one, our friends departed Independence but not for home. No! For they came to Release. Far across the seas, their swords raised high and with the wind on their backs (hopefully). It was on this cold winter's night when every man, woman and child gathered for a sight not seen by many in their lifetime. 'Twas a great Raging Black Dragon and he had but one message... "Join me on Release for the Blackmoor Impalong Afterparty! A PUBLIC DRAGON SLAYING!" Well, who would turn down such a request! Location is the deed Knight's Rest, K18. See y'all there. Bring your party pants! *due to unforeseen circumstances of the RL variety the event will no longer be streamed on the Wurm twitch. location will be added Saturday - will be coastal location. Loot roll will be public -- one roll per RL person, must be on kill list (niarja/twitter). (ps please don't bring 3 million alts. We'd all like to be able to move, and actually leave with some scale. Please be reasonable ) Special thanks to finders and penners and live bait: Brainer, Malokai and Deri.
  2. Suggestion: Add the ability to purchase an item capable of giving premium time to the character it is used on. Additional conditions: Available only in the Wurm Shop. Game time can come in variety: 30, 60, 90 days. Cost equivalent to current Wurm Shop premium time upon purchase. Items are mailable only. Items are not droppable via death, ground or trade menu. Pros: Premium Time On The Go Great Gifts for your friends on their birthdays or Christmas! Cons: The time to program it into the game! This has probably been suggested before in some format. I can't think of anything else to add to this thread at the moment .. Except Merry Christmas!
  3. Delish Marketplace, Deliverance - Jberg & Crew Welcome to the last Valrei International of 2017! It's been a jam packed year and we've seen some major changes and additions to WO, We'll be taking some time off after the next update and expect to return around mid-January. We'd like to start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, don't do reckless things and enjoy the time with family! But we can't end there, there's still plenty being worked on into the new year, and we're happy to share some today! Next patch Over the next few updates into the new year we'll be looking at some long overdue quality of life updates, the first to come will be the addition of two new keybinds, PAVE and PAVE_CORNER. Now that each pavement type uses different materials, we've been able to add keybinds to help those poor highway builders over the holidays! There's more in the works, but news on that will have to wait! The next patch, which is the last update for 2017 will be launched on Thursday 21st of December. The update initially planned fro the 21st of December will now be going live on Saturday, the 23rd of December. Map dumps We'll be releasing new map dumps at the end of the year, with a new type of dump being released too! We'll be releasing dumps of the highways of each server, allowing you all to see where the highway networks connect and see the progress over the coming dumps Shiver me Timbers A long long time ago, on a server far far away, each boat wood type had their own textures, from cedar to willow to olive (the best). This was all changed with the addition of new models such as ships and bulk storage, but that may soon change... To the untrained eye, this is a simple sailboat. But to the keenly honed eye, this is a sailboat with a different wood texture! That's right, work has begun on implementing differences in wood types back into boats with the use of shaders, and that's not all, along with this will be the ability to dye specific parts of the boat! Community Content This weeks Community Content is the New Delish Market on Deliverance! Boasting a massive 15 story wall, the marketplace is impossible to miss, we round a noticeboard with all the info at the site: That's it from us this week, and for the Valrei International of 2017! We'll be back next year with all the news and tidbits from Affliction to Xanadu, so look after yourself, don't stuff yourselfs on the julbord too much, and as always, keep on Wurming! Image shamelessly stolen from Mclovin Retrograde & the Wurm team.