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Found 5 results

  1. As most of us know, Xanadu was supposedly created using a random map generation technique not previously used on other Wurm servers. While the merits and results of this approach are debatable, it's important that we predicate any debate on valid premises and acquire as much knowledge about the topic as is reasonably possible. For example, were the Wurm Online developers entirely truthful about this? Could such a sprawling, diverse, interestingly detailed landmass have arisen simply from random heightmap generation? We need, and deserve, to know more. To that end, through painstaking analysis of the map dumps released in December 2017, I believe I have determined the exact methodology used to produce the Xanadu terrain heightmap. Due to image-heavy content, the rest of this post is behind a spoiler tag.
  2. Delish Marketplace, Deliverance - Jberg & Crew Welcome to the last Valrei International of 2017! It's been a jam packed year and we've seen some major changes and additions to WO, We'll be taking some time off after the next update and expect to return around mid-January. We'd like to start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, don't do reckless things and enjoy the time with family! But we can't end there, there's still plenty being worked on into the new year, and we're happy to share some today! Next patch Over the next few updates into the new year we'll be looking at some long overdue quality of life updates, the first to come will be the addition of two new keybinds, PAVE and PAVE_CORNER. Now that each pavement type uses different materials, we've been able to add keybinds to help those poor highway builders over the holidays! There's more in the works, but news on that will have to wait! The next patch, which is the last update for 2017 will be launched on Thursday 21st of December. The update initially planned fro the 21st of December will now be going live on Saturday, the 23rd of December. Map dumps We'll be releasing new map dumps at the end of the year, with a new type of dump being released too! We'll be releasing dumps of the highways of each server, allowing you all to see where the highway networks connect and see the progress over the coming dumps Shiver me Timbers A long long time ago, on a server far far away, each boat wood type had their own textures, from cedar to willow to olive (the best). This was all changed with the addition of new models such as ships and bulk storage, but that may soon change... To the untrained eye, this is a simple sailboat. But to the keenly honed eye, this is a sailboat with a different wood texture! That's right, work has begun on implementing differences in wood types back into boats with the use of shaders, and that's not all, along with this will be the ability to dye specific parts of the boat! Community Content This weeks Community Content is the New Delish Market on Deliverance! Boasting a massive 15 story wall, the marketplace is impossible to miss, we round a noticeboard with all the info at the site: That's it from us this week, and for the Valrei International of 2017! We'll be back next year with all the news and tidbits from Affliction to Xanadu, so look after yourself, don't stuff yourselfs on the julbord too much, and as always, keep on Wurming! Image shamelessly stolen from Mclovin Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Hi everyone! After a few hiccups we're pleased to see the new huge update live! There's all sorts of things, from highways, to crate racks and new fence types, so let's get to it! But first... Patch Notes Highway update We've been busy setting up all starter towns with the catseyes and waystones. They will extend into the perimeter of all starter deeds allowing you to connect them to your highways. The highway rules will continue to operate for a while, we'll give notice when we begin to phase them out and replace them with the updated ruleset to incorporate catseyes. Map dumps! As promised, we have the new map dumps to coincide with the release of the highway update! The map dumps were taken earlier in August and we're currently looking at adding a new dump type into the roster showing off highways in the next rotation! The folder of all dumps can be found here: Unstable client With todays update the unstable client is very close to launching as the stable client. While we will offer the stable one temporarily as a legacy client, it's really important you test this as soon as possible to avoid any major issues when we switch over. For info on what feedback to leave and how check out this thread here: Blossom voting The blossom starter deed design contest is now open for voting! I think all designs look awesome, and I'm keen to see how wins! check them out and submit your vote here: Battle bards! This week I was shown a little podcast by a group that covers MMO music, and this time they checked out the Wurm Online soundtrack! From Gurubear's quirky songs to the atmospheric soundtracks by Tom E. Morrison, Check out the podcast here: Community content This week the factional fight guys check out one of the surprise additions to this weeks update and talk about how it impacts the game for them, what's your favourite part of this update? That's it from us this week, we'll continue to monitor the update and take any action necessary over the next week. There's plenty more in the works as we've hinted at before. What is it? You'll just have to wait and see... Retrograde & the Wurm team
  4. Sermons at the Amish Sanctuary Hi Wurmians! Another week hard at work in the kitchens of Wurm, with the in-house testing nearing completion before public testing on a brand new test server! We'll be resetting the test server map for a brand new one prior to the public testing of cooking, something new to explore! (In house testing doesn't mean the system is bug free, and we'll need your help testing it when it goes public, it just means that you're slightly less likely to die when lighting an oven... slightly) Get decorative! As part of our improvements raised by the fountain pan removal, I'm pleased to announce what is most likely the final change brought in to balance out the functionality lost from the removal of these pans. ***Drum roll** With the upcoming cooking update, all decorative items on a deed with over 30 days upkeep will no longer take decay ticks! That's right, decoration items, such as banners, chests, anvils, barrels, statues, etc will all be decay free as long as deed upkeep remains over 30 days! Under 30 days decay ticks will occur as normal, and use of items will damage them too, of course. Hopefully this makes decorating your deed much more enjoyable, and removes the need to spend hours repairing things if you don't play often. Measuring up This weeks teaser covers a new utensil, the Measuring jug! To aid with measuring precise amounts of liquids, a measuring jug tool has been added. This allows a pre-set amount of liquid to be taken out of a larger amount. The measuring jug is a pottery item, with the initial version being made from clay with a hand. Creation mechanics are the same as all other pottery items. To use the measuring jug, r-click on it and select ‘Set volume to’. This allows setting the capacity to any of the following weights: 0.01 kg 0.02 kg 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.5 kg 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg Note that Wurm uses weights for everything involving cooking; to simplify matters, it is assumed that all liquids have a density of 1 kilogram per litre. Once the volume of the measuring jug has been set, it may be activated and filled from a source of liquid; it will then contain the selected amount (assuming the source contains at least that much). Several iterations (using different volume settings) may be necessary to get the right amount for a particular recipe. The measuring jug must be empty to adjust its volume. Humpty Dump-ty Not forgotten, we're working on setting up an automated system with regularly updated dumps! This means the setup is taking a little longer, but they should be up soon, here's a sneak peak of Xanadu! Community Content. Nicrolis was showing off his graphics capabilities and snapped this awesome screenshot maxed out on graphics with 4k resolution, I have to say it really does show how beautiful and serene Wurm can be! Open the spoiler to check it out. That's it for this week though, we'll have some more news for you next week, so stay tuned! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  5. Header by Sirene Hi Everyone This week sees some more updates to PvP testing on our test servers, as well as the adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour going live! I also have a sneak peak at new map dumps! PvP tweaks Another wave of PvP tweaks has come to the PvP test server, with adjustments to boat speeds via passengers and quality, as well as addressing a few permissions bugs which hampered actions on enemy and friendly deeds. Changes as at 26/08: Tweaked special move damage higher (2.5x higher than what it was) Possible fix for village invite being blocked when inside an unrelated village. Possible fix for not being able to lockpick a friendly structure in PvP servers. Possible fix for catapulting friendly kingdom villages in PvP servers. Possible fix for not being able to do a not-allowed action on deed with no guards present. Possible fix for equip timers not acting as expected when in combat. Fix stun timers not ticking down and removing as they should. Removed the shooting at boats feature. Changed the calculations for boat speed bonuses. PvP servers will get 9/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 3/12 bonus from QL. PvE servers will get 3/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 9/12 bonus from QL. Increased difficulty of blocking arrows with a shield when positioned in the right angle to the attacker: re: Difficulty reduction from shield type now takes QL and damage of the shield into account. Added curve modifier to wound damage reduced via Body Strength for PvP damage only Was = (120 - BS) / 100 Now = 1 - (0.15 * log(BS * 0.8 - 15)) Curve preview:*+log(x+*+0.8+-+15))+where+20 Removed stacking of Web Armour speed modifier and Hurting Status speed modifier. Higher of the two will now take effect. Swing timer modifier from Web Armour now a multiplier of base swing timer instead of flat seconds added. Web Armour debuff should now apply for a more reliable time instead Remember to use the appropriate discussion and feedback threads! Map dumps We've mentioned our desire to produce more of these in a new update, and this week I have a little sneak tease! We will be producing both flat and isotropic (the original angled) dumps for most servers, which I'm sure community map makers will be thrilled to have! Once we organise hosting we'll release the dumps as well as possibly a complete torrent Community Content Did you know Wurm online has it's own subreddit? This week we have a new redditor telling us of his adventures, and the lesson we all learn quickly That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend! Retrograde & the Wurm team