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  1. It's absolutely ridiculous to keep releasing new servers and splitting the population further. You guys pretty much promised Epic would be updated in November and that the new ele server is temporary. Therefore, keep your promises before moving on to new projects. Stop procrastinating about Epic and get it done. We need less servers - not more. Division among a small numeral only exacerbates the same old issue. I've been on hiatus waiting for this for months now - and now you're telling me that we have to wait another 6+ months or probably a year before it gets done? I actually thought you guys were going to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. There are three options for you guys to choose from and you should choose now. Either: a) Move the home servers to freedom and get rid of Epic entirely. b) Follow through with the updates that were promised instead of repeating mistakes. c ) Do nothing to Epic and screw us over again. Pick one, but do something.
  2. LOL. Now that we finally get a new ele, the "freedomers" finally complain about this. Implement an equal transfer and skill system and do nothing short of 1:1. No nerfs this time. No screwing over Epic players. You can keep the building mechanics, but update those same building mechanics to apply to fences as well on Epic. We have been saying this for years.
  3. I personally agree with the legendary changes as it will add a bit more suspense, but I also agree with the above posters. If possible, please do something a bit more to help combat deed bashing. ...And I propose Gary priest to be reworked since Lurker in the Woods will now become useless. He only has two passives which seems pretty unfair. All other priest types have 5 to 8 passives. Make Gary Great Again! Thanks!
  4. @Darklords @Retrograde @Buddha Suggestions: If I haven't mentioned it below then I'm down with it. Removing features from the game is removing reasons to play Epic. Yes, I do agree some things should be changed or removed. If you want ACTUAL NEW PLAYERS to play Epic again. Then create an equal 1:1 transfer/skill system. I watched us lose nearly 100% of new players after the current transfer/skill system was implemented. No one asked for a new skill system for Epic only and it is not wanted. A new skill system for the entire game with Epic "mechanics" and plus 50% of freedom skill gain would be a better option for everyone. The Epic mechanics, specifically this, are atleast more logical. Sorcery overhaul: Truestrike - Let's all be honest. It's probably way past time to remove this entirely. Just remove this one. This will have the largest impact on the meta. Stoneskin - 30 minute cooldown. Continuum - DR changed to 10% without cooldown. Later on it would be nice to rework the weakest of sorcery spells into something new along with some bug fixes and buffs for some them to make them useful. Meditation issues: Any change made to meditation needs to be made for the entire game or none should be made at all. If you remove level 9+ meditation then we will end up with spell meta times 2. Spells were powered up a bit to much as it is. Path of Insanity: Make it a flat value upon reaching level 11. Cut SOTG Damage Reduction down by a third of current max total. Path of Hate: Cut Damage from 50% to 20% and increase duration to 30 minutes. Cut Increase Structure damage from 100% to 50% and increase duration to 30 minutes. Currently it barely works for 30 swings. If structure damage is some sort of issue, as I see it, then cut down wrath of magranon's damage scaling and definitely cut down trebuchet damage. They are both overpowered as it is on Epic. Path of Power: Elemental Immunity needs to be cut down 50%. Recall/Karma Town Portal/Teleport: This doesn't need to be removed. Simply add a one hour cooldown upon leaving enemy local which goes back up to an hour upon reentering enemy local. The issue is people running away. We don't need increase travel times or removal of legendary capturing. Increase log out time anywhere after or within enemy in local to 10 minutes(300 to 600 seconds). Remove merchant items. Deed Draining to disband: This should be entirely elevation/chaos only. Soft Caps: Body strength already works differently on Epic and is already quite balanced. The curve plays a large role in balance as well. Soft caps on anything are not wanted or needed by anyone currently playing Epic fulltime. The above meditation changes and removing champions will help avoid the need for this. High rates of stacking damage reduction is the balance issue and not high skills. You already allow people to transfer there skills from freedom where they have an unlimited supply of mobs to train from. Elevation map: A half size elevation map with mostly land mass and not a series of islands is what is primarily wanted. 100 days of no transferring of items or crossing server borders. A permanent map would be preferred. Atleast keeping it for around for up to 18 months before periodically giving us a new one. Champions: Champions might as well be removed from the game. It's a frustration to have freedomers come over and camp these spots for months anyway. If you see high rates of damage reduction stacking as an issue then this should be a priority before anything else is removed. Valrei Rule Changes: Make it so that any avatar must have atleast two items minimum in order to win. So a minimum of four items should always spawn. Currently it seems to be half of total items rounded up. Allow no items to spawn on home tiles or within a one tile radius around home tiles. Animal Husbandry Lifespans: Breeding times should be scaled 2-5 days. Be random and lean toward the lower side with higher animal husbandry. All animals that are bred should age at a 2X rate from birth to Aged. Normal rates upon reaching aged. Normal rates should continue for creatures that spawn. This should be considered as an Elevation(erhm..& Chaos) only change. [18:07:39] <xxxxx> its like they gave someone a notebook and said " write down everything you love " This was one response toward the initial post along with other similar reactions. That was said by a player, cause it seems like you want to remove it all instead of trying to add further balance to the server cluster that already has the most balance. A skill reset was mentioned in the live stream and I would advise heavily against it. It's already caused a ruckus within the community with most saying they will just give up on the game. We put in the work - we pay for the game - we play the game. The only people wanting this are those who have not played for years. At best you might have some of those players come back for a month or two but I promise you will absolutely destroy the long term player base who has been playing for years and years contributing to the game via their wallets. The people who suggest this are just lazy people who can't be bothered to put work into their own character. They are cowards and I say this sincerely. Please don't listen to them. It was rough enough to watch so many people quit after the transfer system was implemented. A fair and equal transfer/skill system with the removal of Chaos would have a far better impact on the longevity of Epic(along with the new smaller ele we have been waiting years for). We don't play Epic because of the newer skill system. We play here because it is our home.
  5. Libila is a main god and only has 5 passives compared to Fo having 7. This was obviously a mistake/bug. Please fix.
  6. It's already been said that Elevation only needs a new map. +1 for Elevation. Big no to everything. Deleting Chaos(or making it PvE Server), Resetting Elevation and creating an equal transfer system of skills would be the better option to achieve a universal PvP player base without the " Anti-PvP play freedom perspective systems " that currently exist through the transferring and protection of items from Chaos to freedom and the one-way skill transfer system. Just so its known, the creator of this thread has been inactive from the game for over a year. Creating an unofficial poll does not reflect the thoughts of the actual Epic player base and only allows for people who either don't play the game, play freedom or trolls to comment about such suggestions. A bunch of people who abandoned the server should not be taken seriously compared to the players who have continued to contribute to the game by actually playing and paying for it.
  7. He shouldn't have gotten killed but one player killing him doesn't speak for everyone else. Never know when you might actually meet someone awesome that isn't like the usual toxic forum garbage so I personally prefer to open a dialogue or let them be. @Oreo I think you have some mental issues. If the game is so dead to you then just move on with your life and stop posting on forums for a game you don't even play. I should not comment as to what specific treatment you need since I am not a healthcare professional but a psychiatrist may be a good start. @NikiIt's because this game is setup to be anti-pvp. Chaos: people play freedom and keep there items/grind in safety - thus being anti-pvp. Epic: Most people play freedom because there skills won't transfer back - thus being anti-pvp. We've been waiting years for a elevation reset as well. When you have systems in place that force people to play PvE. That is Anti-PvP. You cannot PvP on a PvE server. It's impossible. Also, I won't get into how JK just recently quit like a bunch of babies.
  8. @Gladiator you mean LOL HOTA. HOTA. <-------- Game of Thrones jokes. Save the Legacy HOTA! Keep Legacy HOTA. Change HOTA intervals to 72 hours. Double HOTA rewards. As for Epic... I've heard Retrograde say they will continue to make Epic into what "they think it should be". Well, no, please don't. If what you want is what we have gotten so far then it's safe to say that is a bad idea. After the thoughtless transfer system was implemented you guys said you would revisit the idea of giving us a new elevation in 6 months and then transferred ALOT of players away after two weeks!!!! WHAT HAPPENED? Well please.... Give us a new elevation map - SIX BY SIX, 6 x 6!!! Make it into mostly land mass so we don't end up with massive choke points and huge travel times. Current elevation is mostly water. Equal transfer system. Doh. How it should be and should of been ...... Singular PVP cluster on Epic. Doh. Why would you want to eat ice cream without chocolate syrup?? A container to transfer items ONE WAY from Freedom -> Epic. OPENS UP ECONOMY. Helps freedom. Helps Epic. End of story. Moving along ......… Priest Overhaul Screwups and fixes: Give Frostbrand to any player god plz. Decrease Scorn of Libila interruption rate. I've attempted to keep it short. So sure, there are a billion more things I could say and so could other people. Let's start........... somewhere in the above!! Think about it. Consider an announcement even if it's months away!
  9. Please keep in mind that this is an attempt to be all-inclusive. Addition: New elevation map: 6 x 6 KM, with a fair and even distribution of mixed variety terrain. Reasoning: Current elevation is a flat mess and far to large. This size should be big enough to consider the creation of PMK's while still reserving room for template kingdoms and also allowing the new HOTA to work accordingly. Addition: New map should REDUCE the server border range between land and server crossing boundaries. It's a ridulously huge amount of space between server boundaries. E.g. I mean the massive ocean between them. Reasoning: Sailing takes to much of raid time and obviously more PVP will happen by reducing the time required to do so. Addition: A new container, to transport items from freedom-> to epic - ONE WAY. I'll leave it to Devs to decide size limitations of one way item transfers if this is implemented. Reasoning: This will allow the purchasing of items on freedom for PVP purposes on Epic and preserve, if not boost, the economy of freedom. Addition: A univeral transfer of skills and the same skill system on all servers. Reasoning: More deeds will be created as a result since they will be able to take their skills home back to freedom. Deeds require alot of work and skills are gained in the process of creating them. Creating one currently seems like a waste of time for many due to the current transfer process. From my experience of new players wanting to play Epic only, they will leave after a few weeks of realizing their skills won't transfer over even though they have zero interest in playing freedom. From freedomers that now play Epic, I've heard the same complaints regarding the current transfer system. Addition: Universal Karma collection so it is available on all servers. Reasoning: Allowing freedomers and Chaos players from having to grind Karma on Epic. If Chaos wants a new map and Epic wants a new elevation then why not...... Addition: Make chaos a freedom map in order to preserve the history there and we will have one cluster of pvp servers with the new map for Elevation taking over primary PVP real estate. Reasoning: One PVP cluster will introduce far more PVP. Since there isn't a very large PVP playerbase then it doesn't make sense to split them between two server "types", or "systems". Addition: Extend Locate Soul to 500 tiles. Current Epic range seems to be around 200 tiles. Correct me if this has been changed recently. Reasoning: Reduces chances of enemy escape and avoiding PvP. Addition: Give Spyglasses to all players whom have already received one so that they will have them on both clusters. Reasoning: This is a continous complaint I hear from any freedomers who visit Epic and this will be fair to everyone. Addition: Continue keeping the OLD HOTA in place even after the new release post-tweaks, but consider extending the intervals between HOTA start times. Reasoning: Allows more preparation time and to have more players available at the start of the HOTA. Longer intervals allows more time for groups who are wiped to recover and actually be there for the next one. Side notes: and for the Love of Wurm, please: Nerf Truestrike without completely rendering it useless. Give frostbrand to a second priest type. Allow legendary creatures to drop fragments at a "low" rate and "very low" rate for one charge tomes. ( Because Freedom tomes don't transfer to Epic. ) Allow all Valrei rewards in the form of lumps to be changed into fragments. ( Because Freedom tomes don't transfer to Epic. ) Thanks for Your Consideration, Congrats On Reading This Entire Post.
  10. I applaud the transparency in the ongoing server issues. Sincerely, well done and good luck to you all.
  11. Hopefully it won't be months and months before touch ups to the overhaul are done, but here goes. Important to least important: 1)Please reduce the interrupt rate for Scorn of Libila and Light of Fo, but allow LoF to be a little easier to interrupt since it is more powerful. This is similar to the issues with sacrifice being easily interruptible many many months ago, although, not quite as severe. The cast times are fine. You should not have spells that can be interrupted by a large rats attack against insanely powerful characters. Proof that it is broken. Honestly, Scorn of Libila should be Libila only since Light of Fo is Fo only, but that is another story. 2)Give Frostbrand to ANY other priest type that is not a main god. Currently it is Vynora only unless I am mistaken. 3)Hell Strength is still broken. It does not increase Soul Strength. It should also activate upon casting and not a skill gain tick. 4)Also, it would be nice if Libila had disintegrate again and make Strongwall work on freedom.
  12. Start by nerfing leather to +15% spellcasting and cloth remains at 30%.