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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    Start by nerfing leather to +15% spellcasting and cloth remains at 30%.
  2. Stamina Bug

    Food %?
  3. Well to sum this up quickly. Player says nothing has changed with meditation yet here are the words quoted from the mouth of the horse itself. Just sayin'.... Sindusk Quote - Not My words: Meditation Before the changes, not using Shield of the Gone on a PvP account made you a prime target for assassination in a fight, as you'd be taking more damage than everyone else. After the changes, there's actually a lot more room to select different meditation paths. Path of Love is actually a great selection for players using Fo priests. All healing spells in the game were changed to be affected by the level 11 "Healing Hands" passive. This makes the healing resistance less penalizing overall, as the amount of healing done through resistance is increased by 50%. Someone with 6 minutes and 40 seconds of healing resistance will take equivalent healing from someone with Path of Love as they would with no resistance from someoneone without it. While it provides very little in regards to damage output or reduction, being able to heal through the new resistances more efficiently can be the difference between getting nuked down and staying alive. It's also worth mentioning that Light of Fo and Scorn of Libila are affected by these changes, and are more effective when used by a Path of Love character now. Path of Power is probably one of the optimal choices for those without 70 meditation yet. At 50 meditation and level 9 Path of Power, you obtain Elemental Immunity. This lasts 30 minutes and completely negates all elemental damage. Remember how acid is so much more effective against certain armours as described above? Acid is an elemental damage type. To clarify: Frost, Burn, and Acid wounds are considered elemental. This means if someone uses a salve of frost or potion of acid on their weapon and try to attack a player under the effects of Elemental Immunity, they will not be able to deal damage. This also translates into all spell damage inflicted during that time, and it gets even better. If someone attempts to cast a spell on you during Elemental Immunity, you will obtain resistance equivalent to the amount of damage it should have inflicted, but will take no damage. This creates a situation where even if your elemental immunity falls off, any residual resistances you had from previous combat will still apply. Finally, keep in mind that this power can be triggered during combat and gives no message to enemies when you do so. Path of Hate is one that I consider to have been indirectly buffed through the priest rework to the point where I personally feel it is stronger than Path of Insanity overall. First of all, while the Magranon passive which caused 25% increased damage was nerfed to 15%, Path of Hate's war bonus effect was not and remains a 30 minute window with +50% damage. Again, 50% damage is equivalent to having Truestrike. Only difference is that it stacks with Truestrike as well and makes you do 225% of standard damage when using both. However, the most important part is the level 11 Spell Immunity. This makes it so players cannot even try casting offensive spells on you. Fireheart, Shard of Ice, Rotting Gut, Hypothermia, Inferno, Worm Brains - all gone. None of those can be cast on a player with level 11 Path of Hate. This also includes the new spell Purge, allowing players who have level 11 Path of Hate to get away with a lot more nonsense than standard players in regards to newly buffed spells (forest giant strength, bearpaws, etc). It does not, however, protect against AoE spells which do not specifically target the player. Fire Pillar, Ice Pillar, and Tentacles will all still impact someone who has Spell Immunity. Dispel also functions against Spell Immunity. Finally, +2CR from Fear is nothing to scoff at and is roughly equivalent to 10 fighting skill in PvP. Conclusion The reality is that the Priest Update didn't just affect priests. It didn't just affect combat, and it's not all about the spells. Wurm has an insane amount of depth and hundreds of systems to account for. Mechanics that were discounted as useless in the past are now capable of having significant impact. Many systems are thrown out due to past stereotypes: Shield of the Gone is required. Body strength is the only stat that matters. DR stacking is the key. These stereotypes are deep-rooted in the community due to how long the meta has remained the same. The changes have shifted the meta, there is no doubt about that. Now it's the next step - adaptation. Figuring out what works and what doesn't. The update has been out for under 2 months and people are still feeling it out. I personally consider that a success. If it was so simple that it was understood immediately, then it would detract away from exactly what makes Wurm so enticing... it's depth.
  4. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    rip Sindusk and thank you for your time. @elentari Almost everything you said, except some the transfer stuff, couldn't be any farther from the truth. Desertion was abandoned long before the transfer. Just disband your deed and move on. Let epic be epic. I still have yet to see anyone continuously try to disband deeds through repeated and massive drain attempts. If its happening on desertion then it's because MR abandoned it. Step up and defend yourself instead of whining about it. Some of us just live with the Dev decisions even if we don't agree. People who don't play there should stop making suggestions for it.
  5. Epic Tome Drop Rate Changes

    @Roccandil You seem like a good guy and everything but I will stick with my friends I currently have. It's not a people issue. The system needs to do what the system was designed to do.
  6. Epic Tome Drop Rate Changes

    @Gladiator You are right. It is because of the trolls like you that people will not get into Epic. On top of the awful skill transfer system that is in place. This is a suggestion forum and not preschool. If you don't play there then don't post about it.
  7. Maybe instead of server population the spawn rate of uniques could be increased and done based upon the " server size ".
  8. Rideable worg

    +1 and 40 or 45 BC is a good requirement without a change to current worg strength.
  9. Wurm on

    Huge +1 to any advertisement of Wurm Online.
  10. Hell's Strength is still currently not increasing Soul Strength despite saying in event window and on the spell list description that it does. I've attempted several times to try to trigger an actual number via a soul strength skill gain tick but haven't been able to yet. Also, you need to make a skill gain tick in order to trigger the actual number gained on body strength. This should be resolved to give the amount immediately upon casting the spell.
  11. CLOSE Heartbroken

    +1 I have played with Alegria for years and she is an honest person. She should be credited for the completion.
  12. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    At the very least, I would like to see Oakshell's affects work client side and not only server side. By affects I mean the "Glowing Aura" it provides while active.
  13. Chinese language wurm translate

    Seems like you just racially profiled 1.2+ billion people. +1 to this thread, but it must be achieved with minimum effort for a cost-effective basis. Realistically they will probably ban the game anyway though. Mandarin would have to be the primary language of translation, as someone else has said, since it is the spoken majority. I suggest Japanese as well since English is routinely taught as a second language in Japan early on. Although, it is generally not remembered well upon adulthood or pursued. It will still give a minimum basis of communication. Over the years of playing wurm I have met people who I had trouble communicating with and I've never held it against them. Their English has grown drastically. Kudos to those people who have improved and the effort they have given.
  14. Rite of Death

    I linked the changes so that the correct information would be available here for everyone to see. No congratulations needed. If you read it to yourself a few times then you will see that it is.
  15. Rite of Death

    Mycellium doesn't need help spreading and the information on Wurmpedia will take quite a while to catch up to the current patch.