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  1. yep, xray, tiles and deed do not work at all.
  2. Ok, just for follow up. Installed with no issues. In game atm with 2 clients open and running stable.
  3. Ok clicked on exe file and it wants to install wurm in a different folder than where my current install is. I dont want 2 copies of wurm on my computer, why does this install not search for my old one and update it?
  4. No I hit play and it took me into the game. Please explain why I didnt have to do anything since you told me I could not get into the game unless I did something today.
  5. Agree with this, please make the rarity glow an option one can turn off.
  6. Why after and extended down time yesterday is Xan going down again?
  7. February 22 Why is Xan going down again?
  8. February 22 Why is the server going down again?
  9. One more question if I may. Is not Sklo's suggestion an answer?
  10. 15-20 minute boot time? No disrespect Keenan but is there not something that can be done to make this quicker? I know nothing about servers etc. just asking a question.:)
  11. I really like this server but some days I get nothing accomplished.
  12. Xan is back down, trying to log back in now