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  1. How Is This Deed Different Than Other Deeds ? Our deed is different from other deeds because quite simply it is a brand new deed. This means you can come to our deed and enjoy, enhance, and participate in any skill or trade that they want ( Yes !! even yo-yoing) . The "newness" of our deed also allows for players to contribute and feel valued in a way that is unrivaled to other deeds. Essentially this means that no matter what job you pick your efforts are going to be greatly valued and are going to go straight into the enhancement and enjoyment of our deed. For example if your trade or job was to be a stone mason not only going are you going to see your bricks going into the building of forges, walls, etc but you are also going to be able to participate in planing and building with the bricks you made. Another feature that separates us from other deeds is my deeds commitment to villager participation and interaction. In my deed I AM NOT the boss I am just an organizer and I am relying on my deeds mates to help plan, build and decide on the direction of our deed. We are going to meet and discuss planing, building, revenue generation, and all deed activities often. As the deed moves forward and (hopefully) more players join I also want to add in the idea of roles/titles/guilds. This concept and its workings are going to be discussed in a future meeting. Finally I would like to add that our deed offers a casual playing environment where we are completely understanding that not everyone can be on wurm all the time. As long as you work with us and show us that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty we can help you get active, contribute, be a fully immersed deeds mate and hopefully feel wanted, needed and a part of something good. What Does This Mean For Me ? These differences are going to mean that your products, job, skills, and your wurm character are going to be sought after and needed by your deeds mates and your deed. This is going to make your jobs seem more purposeful which ultimately means your going to enjoy playing more. It also means that your going to be able to make real changes and be able to participate in every aspect of your deed. Finally these differences mean that your going to be able to play in an active, engaging, and talkative community that is going to have your back at every step through your wurm journey . Why and How do I Join Participate in any job you want. Work on a new deed in a fresh environment. Feel valued knowing your efforts are needed and required to advance our deed forward. Be able to plan, manage, and participate in all parts of the deed. role play !!! Emphasis on active strong, helping, community. If any of the reasons listed above sound like something you want to be a part of or you just want a deed to join in general or you have some questions please pm me at Boktai or Kooladekiller. Also you can email me at mrbennyder@gmail.com or reply to this post . I look forward to playing with you !!!
  2. Hello My Ingame name is Lourous and I am on a diffrent account because i am looking for a diffrent expeirence, I know the basics of wurm, and I will be accopanyied by my friend Gleesonader. I would like to join your villige if you are wishing to pick me and my friend up at the strong box. we could contribute a lot to your villiage.. |Thank you