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  1. German Player

    We have some players in Oakheart that are from Europe, but not sure we have any from Germany. If you are looking for a community with players that are within your time zone, we have them. We also have several players that have made the transition from WU to WO and are glad they made the move. If you are interested in knowing more, send me a note. And good luck, wherever you end up!
  2. Oakheart is calling...

    Many changes have come as the community has grown! Well over 20 active players in Oakheart at the moment, and a lot going on. Hopefully life will allow me to update the recruitment page soon as there is some outdated info there. Message me if you have questions before deciding to join, and I shall get back to you promptly! ~TH~ Duke of Oakheart
  3. Tried opening the game using the "modern" rendering, but game crashes as soon as it opens.
  4. Oakheart is calling...

    The colored picture? I am not in it, though it sounds like it was a great crew that founded the previous Oakheart and it would have been fun to be a part of it! I am a new player that has only been in the game for about 6 months now. The new Oakheart is growing well though, and who knows what it is in the process of becoming? It could become something quite epic, if we are able to accomplish all that is in our minds to do...
  5. Looking For Village on Xanadu

    I don't know Eden, but I"ve heard nothing but good about them. If you are still looking though, give Oakheart a consideration. We have room...
  6. Back Up Alert

  7. [Suggestion] Cocoa Trees!

    If you want real world mechanics for growing cocoa trees- they like somewhat humid, warm (85) to moderate high heat at the equator. They are often planted (in Ecuador at least) in the shade of a banana tree to protect it while young until it is established, after which it he banana tree is removed and the cocoa tree grows in full equator sun. They are supremely succeptable to cocoa pod rot from fungus if not growing in ideal conditions, even in the jungle. Moist, well draining but rich soil is needed. Not too much clay, and not too much sand. They would not survive high, arid heat like the desert, and would not produce well if grown in near full shade in their more mature state. To grow in cooler climates they would need to be brought indoors and kept in an area of high sun and warmth. Special care would need to be taken with regard to moisture needs. Thus my suggestion would be that if there is no frost-free tropical zone in Wurm, the chocolate tree should be rare, and be growsbke indiors. Such a growth environment would be far from ideal, so chance if death during infant stages should be very high, but plants that can tolerate such an environment and reach maturity should then be much less likely to die while cared for indoors. Just offering some thoughts! Very interested in seeing what could come of this.
  8. [Suggestion] Cocoa Trees!

    +1 But they should be rare, hard/slow to plant/grow, and perhaps have a greater chance of reaching maturity if grown indoors in large pots where they can be protected from climate extremes. For those who don't know, the cocoa tree is very finicky. It only grows in a very narrow region of the world as it has a narrow climate tolerance range, thus the suggestion it should only be found in the southern regions. In truth, it would never survive anywhere that got cold enough for snow or even the threat of frost, which might be just about everywhere in Wurm. I've not traveled wide enough to know, nor have I asked. For this reason I would suggest it be not found only in the south, but that it be found everywhere, just very rare. Chocolate, therefore, would be a rare and valuable item in the game, and hopefully have some cool benefits added to food prepared successfully with it..
  9. Oakheart is calling...

    You were added to the recruitment list, so you should be able to join if you have not done so already.
  10. Oakheart is calling...

    Good to hear from you, jklingman! I will try to reach you in game. If you don't hear from me soon in-game, message me again and let me know when you tend to be on and I will do what I must to connect with you. ~TH~
  11. Remaining PvE Population Centers

    There is a growing population of active players centered around Greymead. I'd name the settlements I am familiar with, but I know there are others nearby with whom I am not, so I shall refrain. I will name mine though- Oakheart. See our recruitment page for more info and contact me if interested. >8-] Oakheart location on the Xanadu map: [4400,3075] Happy Wurming... ~TH~
  12. Hello, Kip! Have you found a place to settle, yet?
  13. Oakheart is calling...

    Zeviking, does this look familiar?:
  14. Over desert, under stone, to a secluded mountain valley home. ~~~ Greetings, and welcome to the Oakheart recruitment page. Thank you for taking the time to swing by... First off: know that Oakheart is a fairly new settlement located west of Greymead. She was founded with the intent of becoming a bustling little (or not so little as fate may have it), mining community intent on helping improve commerce and activity around the Greymead area while working to open up a huge network of mountains and valleys west of Greymead that have been largely inaccessible to the average player. From central Xanadu, we will be the gateway to the West. Second: know that the settlement is open to any player, new or experienced, that is interested in being part of an active and growing community that is bent on working together to develop the area while exploring and opening up the remote and rustic terrain hidden in the mid-western mountains. While the settlement itself is located in a beautiful mountain valley perfect for a large community, the valley falls out west from there into very rough and virgin terrain. What we aim to accomplish is a daunting task. Unless you are content remaining in the tamed settlement area, the location is not for the feint of heart. Third and lastly: you should know that while the settlement is located in a challenging area, we are still eager to have and work with new players that are learning the game. If you are a new player and up for the challenge, and you are an active learner, don't let the rustic nature of the settlement discourage you from considering joining our ranks. We would love to have you and help you advance quickly, and there will be plenty of opportunity to do so. If you are an experienced player interested in joining and helping the community with its objectives, or if you are just an experienced player that wants to visit and stay at the inn from time to time to help advance our objectives in the interest of an improved Xanadu, you would also be very welcomed to join us. The inn will be up soon, and non-citizens visiting the area to aid in improving the settlement and surrounding area will soon have a free place to sleep with meals provided. What you can expect when you arrive as a settlement member: A generous fenced in 5x5 or 4x6 tile plot where you can build as you please. A storage bin and chest containing all the tools you will need to get you building and crafting quickly, along with basic supplies needed to found your first wooden home. Many resources already harvested and stored for community use, allowing you to experiment with crafting many different items immediately. Ample opportunity to learn the harvesting of most resource types nearby and in a safe environment. A community kitchen where meals are provided and shared as available. (A work in progress). An active and friendly community that enjoys helping you learn and stretch your skills without "holding your hand" as you do so. Currently the deed size is 50x30 tiles, and we have 12 plots marked out for new citizens, 4 of which are spoken for. If you are the type of player that would like to be part of a settlement but are not overly interested in building much, there will be an opportunity to take up permanent residence at the local in. It is still being developed, but will have generous rooms available for those who prefer such permanent accommodations. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more, and certainly do so if you are interested in joining us in the vast wilderness of central Xanadu. We look forward to hearing from you... ~TH~ Thalius ~ Founder and mayor of Oakheart.