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  1. This, please! Simple solution to a long standing, annoying cosmetic issue.
  2. I'd have to disagree with the idea of letting skills earned this round carry over to the next. I think a complete wipe is preferred greatly, otherwise you end up with experienced players that can do any and everything on their own and newer players that are left behind. A fresh start each round is a big plus to the whole idea of the Jackal server. Just my opinion, for what it is worth. Starting fresh on a temp server requires cooperation in a new environment each round. Without that, it may as well be a permanent server. Group up, pick jobs, grind for a week or two to get to basic skill levels in your chosen profession, and start making things happen.
  3. Addressing the OP- The one thing I would comment on as a suggestion that could use some thought is the idea of a boat serving as a spawn point. The problem the op was addressing with this is that often a player can be disconnected while sailing and possibly die. I've not experienced that, but if I did die through no fault of my own while sailing, it would suck if I died and could not get back to my body and the ship I'd set sail in. If that is truly an issue, it makes sense to request that you get the option to respawn in your boat. Not sure how much of an issue that really is though. The second and third suggestions would be a -1 from me. PvE is not supposed to be easy. Have care when deciding to roam about, and plan accordingly. Drop a tent when in danger of death so that you can respawn at your corpse, and learn the map and terrain. Most major roads are clearly marked on the community maps, and enough player deeds are marked that you can figure out where you are with minimal effort when walking or riding about. Also, the elevation feature on the online community maps show mountains and valleys and such- very useful when sailing, you just need to learn how to read them and compare to your surroundings. On the issue of ships though, I've often thought it might be nice to be able to actually live out of a large ship, as in having a wandering deed of sorts where the vessel itself was deeded. Of course that would mean bringing a lot of new stuff to ships- being able to walk around on them and even "go below deck" (which takes the player inside the ship to walk about and work in a small area) and place forges of some type and such so one could have work space on board. Space would be very limited by necessity, but that would only add to the charm of living off of a ship. Sort of a 1s/month mini wandering ship deed sort of thing. Maybe only the largest ship would have this option, and only with this ship could one respawn "at deed" (on board) upon death. Decay of items and resources on such a ship would be zero as well, of course, which would be a big deal. Just a random thought I have had that I thought to throw out there that the OP reminded me of.
  4. Did not read over all the comments to the op so I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, but might I put for the notion that baddies spawn on any corrupted space, on or off deed? At the very least there should be no spawn restriction buffer off of a deed's boarders if it is corrupted space. Jackal is supposed to be very dangerous. As it is, there are a good number of deeds in our area and the cumulative spawn buffer off deed has drastically reduced the spawn rate of critters in the area, even though there is a decent amount of undeeded space between settlements. If that space is corrupted and has not been purified by a beacon yet, it should still be cranking out Jackal spawn.
  5. Wow.. I've not tried net fishing from a rowboat or sailboat yet. If it can't be done, it should be changed. Throwing nets from small fishing vessels has been a staple fishing method for millennia.
  6. I for one want to say thank you to the devs for the new addition. I know there are have been some negative comments about various aspects of the whole endeavor, but I personally don't see any negatives in what has been shared so far. Many will look at the Jackal Frontier in different ways- some positively and some negatively and each for various and highly personal and preferential reasons. For my part, I see it as a challenging hunting server with goals and objectives to accomplish for those inspired to do so. Some will play to break beacons and clear the corruption with an aim to take down the stronghold, others like me will enjoy jumping over for the challenge of taking on some new critters in a hostile environment and then jump back to our comfortable and peaceful personal settlements. If I can help take out some beacons along the way, fantastic! If I am able to get in on taking down the stronghold when the time comes, (or at least providing some supportive role in the process), even better! As with the whole of the Wurm experience in general, players play and enjoy the game for many diverse reasons. Jackal will not be any different. In a game where progress is determined by skill gain, and skill gain is determined by time spent in the game doing things, there will always be those who are able to spend a lot of time progressing, and those players will always be out front doing the harder things that some of the rest of us wish we had the time to skill grind in order to be a part of it. As long as there is no way for those advanced players to deed over, around, or otherwise wall or fence off the stronghold or beacons or mobs from others who would otherwise have the time and opportunity to take a wack at them, I will be fine with whatever goes down. Mechanics that allow advanced players to rob other players of opportunities simply so that the advanced players can take something down at their own personal convenience is about the only thing I have seen in Wurm that would get under my skin. I strongly hope that the game mechanics will not allow such things to happen on Jackal. So I just wanted to say thank you for all the work it has taken so far to bring us the Jackal Frontier, and offer some encouragement on all this! I, for one, am very excited about what is unfolding over the next days and weeks! Looking forward... ~TH~
  7. There has been some uncertainty around this statement in a conversation I am in with a group of folks- Will Lodestones be craftable using currently existing rift materials and other existing resources? The question being discussed among the group is whether one needs to attend a new rift in order to obtain some type(s) of new rift materials in order to craft a Lodestone, or can players that have a stockpile of rift materials craft a Lodestone from previously acquired materials and thereby not be required to attend a new rift in order to get to Jackal?
  8. I'm in, and in Discord already. Put me down for mining as a base skill for me. I'll get into other things once there and we can assess what we are facing there. Heading to Indy for the rift there on Friday, and hope to have materials at the end of it to erect a lodestone at Hermitage, my main personal deed on Xanadu on West Hammer Lake. After I have one, I'll be crossing over often.
  9. New wood types available on Jackal? Will we be able to bring them back to the lands of Wurm to craft and build with? I assume new wood textures if that is the case.
  10. Seems you should be able to tie such NPCs to walk the highways only, which are protected. NPC's with quests attached to them, such as a bartender, could be located in a starter village where they would be protected from player interference as well, such as being fenced in. I like the overall idea in the OP. +1
  11. Big +1 from me as well, again. Seems I have seen the same suggestion elsewhere and supported it there as well. It would be a great feature to have for permanently keeping trees, bushes and even crops and such at desired growth stages for decoration on a deed.
  12. Big +1 from me as well. It has never made sense, and it seems something that could be very easily fixed. Stone fences and stone iron fences have different material requirements with regard to the stone used, so why not the different walls?
  13. ? It was a wild ride! When I started that project, I never envisioned things progressing as quickly as they did. In the grand scheme of things, I am still fairly new to Wurm and it was my first time trying to grow a settlement. I learned a lot and saw many things that make large communities in this game very hard to maintain. I loved that valley though... if I was in a better position financially to maintain a deed that size on my own, I think I would have stayed. The vision was always to build a community supported city though, and the settlement grew as members pledged support for the community we were building. In the end, maintaining all of that proved daunting. The core group we have now probably could have supported it still, but we would not have enjoyed it as much after the community that we lost. A fresh start was determined best.
  14. It grieves me to have to report that Oakheart in the valley outside Greymead, after a year and a half of growth and awesome stuff, has disbanded. At our zenith we had over 80 players around town with 20 or so online at a time throughout the day and a deed size over 100x100 in size. Things were rocking, and a lot of cool things were happening. But then, much to my bewilderment and not due to anything Oakheart had done wrong, players began leaving for odd reasons I will not go into here. Others then left because they were friends with those that had left, many to found personal deeds nearby Oakheart. An alliance among Oakheart and former members and friends in the area began to emerge. Others who began to notice considered it competition to have a large alliance, and so began to recruit and talk our former members into joining their alliance instead, and things just began to get messy. Add to that a fair amount of inactivity that set in at the start of the year, which seems to be the norm, and momentum at Oakheart just stalled. I was not able to be on for a period of time due to life and work issues, and by the time I had returned, the damage was done. After much discussion and thought, the core group that remained has decided to relocate to a new area and start fresh. And so, Oakheart in the valley has come to an end. A core Oakheart community survives, though, and you will hear more about us in the future- very possibly on this recruitment thread as we set up shop in the new location. I do not envision us attempting to build the type of large community we endeavored to create at Oakheart in the valley outside Greymead, but I do feel certain we will be reaching out to train and help new players once things are set up in the new location. It was a fun ride being Duke of Oakheart for over a year. Time for the next chapter in my Wurm adventures... And as for Oakheart- She is not dead, just transplanted. ~TH~