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  1. The following information has been added to the original recruitment post: Current citizens of Oakheart: Activity level described as: Active (if nothing appears beside name), semi active, away (but will be returning), or inactive (no word on if/when they may be returning and may be removed from citizen role soon). None of the following are alts. When unique players and all player alts are taken into account, there are 89 citizens in Oakheart at this time. [Role]/Citizen name/current activity level [Knight] Ahsesino [Knight] Alinicon- semi Amunet Austinlans- away [Knight] Bearnorito- away Boshogama- away [Knight, and Guildmaster] Brattygirlsback Briannick- inactive [Guildmaster] Burdock Dathius Daymickcorrxandu [Knight] Durzlgog- inactive [Baron and Guildmaster] Elwood Farmgod Giersdorf Haruki- away Icetrias Jimmynorman Jormangandrr Juby Kalen Kamila Karedion Kaylinna [Knight and Guildmaster] Kywest Lancewinstar- semi Looggaann Majorblazer- away [Guildmaster] Mariana Martynas Mcloy Mikexc Mokalyn [Knight] Mrgremlin- semi Neema Postrel Quadeej Runland Samir [Knight] Selenity- away Sheffie Skaltsones Snowmanone Sovereignza Stampertje Stromhurst Sweyn- inactive [Duke(Mayor)] Thalius Theshepherd- inactive [Knight] Thrayne- semi Tunna Umabrisk Wayneoss- inactive Wilkes- away Wolhha- inactive [Guildmaster] Wucian Xanthose Xpower- inactive Yaoz Zickon Ziem- inactive Zigon We thought the above information may be found useful or interesting to those who may have an interest in following our joining the Oakheart community... Any of the above active players can be contacted in-game, but those designated with roles have invite permissions. Message us if interested in knowing more, and happy Wurming... ~TH~
  2. Deed Planner will only let you do so much when it comes to placing items, but I wanted to give a general idea of what I wish we could do with regard to placing merchant stalls in doors: It would be super nice to be able to create shops like this. Options would be endless, really. Maybe render market stalls without tent roofs when placed in buildings, and perhaps make the wooden stall walls render to the top of the first floor..
  3. Makes sense. No way for the game to recognize the owner and not allow another build over it? Or not allow building over it at all? Require it to be placed in a finished structure?
  4. As the subject line says, it would be nice to be able to place merchant stalls indoors. Or some version of them, at least. We’d like to set up village shops in town at Oakheart, but any merchant stands must be placed outdoors. It it is a small thing, but a slightly irritating one. Not sure why putting them inside a building is an issue... Village shops would be nice to have.
  5. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    Also, merchant stalls can’t be placed within a building, so no chance one could be sort of set up in a tavern setting as a barkeep selling wine barrels or flasks even. It could be fun, hanging out in the tavern grinding on some small project, talking with friends and listening to a tavern barkeep version of a wagoner carry on in the local chat feed, telling lame jokes and such.
  6. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    Bumping this suggestion to keep the dream of an NPC barkeep near the top of the pile. Would hate to see him/her get lost and forgotten...
  7. Mentoring

    Alts are part of the game, unfortunately as some may see it, and nothing can be done to change that. Anything done to help new players will be used/abused by players starting and leveling alts. I find that poor reason to therefore shoot down good ideas that may also be useful in retaining new players in the game. I'm not meaning to sound antagonistic in this response. I personally see allowing alts as a serious negative to the game, and I don't have, nor do I ever intend to have, an alt except where it may be necessary to secure a small private deed on Xanadu one day aside from my main community (something that I seriously wish could be done without needing to create an alt). Personally I see the suggestion as a good one, but would have skill bonuses under a mentoring relationship tied to a larger guild mechanism, as I mentioned earlier. I could envision a system that made grinding multiple alts tedious as well, while a single player might find it much more enjoyable. Respectfully submitted... ~TH~
  8. Mentoring

    Sounds like something we are trying to learn how to do with “guilds” in our community- linking new players to experienced players through guilds focused on the skills the new player is primarily interested in advancing- but without the skill gain bonus as that does not exist. It could be an interesting mechanic in the game, to create a guild system where new players could join to be mentored and to gain early skill bonuses in a specific area as long as certain criteria are met. Guilds could also be a mechanic within the game that helped build community between new and experienced players alike, centered around a preferred skill/activity the guild members enjoy working at. If there is any interest at all with the greater Wurm community in discussing the idea of guilds in greater detail, let me know and I will start a separate post on the topic. We were going to wait until we had guilds better defined and working well in Oakheart and among her allies before we ventured a public discussion on the idea. Humbly submitted for consideration... ~TH~
  9. How would you plan a bride from a pillar then? One person has to get on top of it to plan a bridge, which was the original idea for the suggestion- to be able to build a 1x1 tile pillar as a bridge support with no openings on the ground floor. I suppose one could build a wood pillar next to it with ladders to get to height they needed to plan keep the pillar going up and to access the floors where the bridge needs to go, then destroy the wood/ladder pillar when done. Just something that would need to be thought through if a "pillar" object was put into the game. Or perhaps a much simpler solution: Insert a rule in the building mechanics that gives a notice when finishing the first floor of a building with no doors or openings on the ground floor: "You cannot build the last wall to this structure from the inside" Require the builder and all other players to be outside the building when the last wall is completed in such a case. Has this solution not been suggested yet? It seems a simple and easy fix.
  10. Master Crafter Modifications

    +1 Its been said multiple times already, but I'll say it as well: Really great idea here! Well presented and with lots of potential to expand on this idea in all areas of skill within the game.
  11. Mini Games

    Dice. Add a leather game mat, a dice cup, small dice bag, and set of 7 dice to the game. Craft a leather dicing game mat. Dice mat may be laid on the ground or on any table. Players who wanted to join would take the dice from a small leather dice bag and place the number of dice needed for the game they are joining into their dice cup in their inventory. Activate dice cup, and then right click the dice mat to join game. Game initiator (mat owner) would have option to set allowed number of players at start of game. Game mat can be laid on a table, or on the ground. Each player must own their own set of dice. Players can add as many dice to their cup as the game they choose to play requires, up to 7. From there the community will come up with their own games and rules. Dice have been around forever. No rules or other details need to be placed in the game, just the dice, dice bag, and a set of dice crafted from the materials of your choice. Would be nice if they could be crafted from just about all materials in the game, and the cup for them as well. Similar mechanic can be employed with chess and checkers. Players craft their own set of pieces to use and carry with them to play. Craft a game piece set of your choice (dice, chess, or checkers- and of course other games pieces as other games are added to this feature). Craft a leather game mat. Game initiator (mat owner) chooses game to be played at the time the mat is laid, and sets number of players allowed to join when a dice game is being played. Game mat can be laid on a table or on the ground. (Players can sit in chairs placed around a table and still access the game mat). Each player can use their own game piece set, or borrow one provided by the board owner. As mentioned, players can of course carry extra pieces on them to share with other players who don't have pieces, but each set of pieces would need it's own leather pouch to carry it in. No logic would be needed to be added to the game to make the games work (as has been suggested with other posts on this subject), we just need a game mat where the game that is to be played can be chosen when the mat is placed, upon which the game piece set can be placed and pieces moved during play, and that can be "joined" by right clicking when proper game piece set is activated in player's inventory. And of course, the means to craft the pieces for the various games that could be played on it. I would recommend a high lvl of skill be required for the crafting of nicer dice sets, and better looking checker and chess sets as well (should they ever find their way into the game). Perhaps the higher the quality of the pieces, the better the set looks. Community is a key part of the Wurm experience. Something like this would be a fantastic step toward enhancing that aspect of the game. Humbly submitted for consideration... ~TH~
  12. Rectangular frame wall opening

    Yes. +1 And +1 to additional wall designs in general, but especially this one. Arches everywhere begins to look bad, and there are no other wall opening options that don't leave the building, or a portion of it, unfinished- as is the case when not placing a wall at all.
  13. Mini Games

    Yes please! +1
  14. looking for village

    Oakheart has room, but we are on Xanadu near Greymead, and we are not a small community. There is no required activity level for our citizens, it is simply a city in Wurm where over 40 players have settled and play at their own pace. Some are active in furthering the community when not pursuing their own game objectives, and some are out of town most of the time and return to drop items of value in their house on occasion. If if you are interested, let me know. ~TH~