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  1. Wurm RESTful API

  2. Greetings! We have both a carpentry guild and a farming/cooking guild. Both could use some good members who enjoy the game. Feel free to check us out, and join our Discord server if you’d like to chat with the community more before headed our way. Here is the invite link to our public channel: Feel free to message me if you need more specifics! ~TH~
  3. Garden boxes for farming

  4. Gambling

    Previous suggestion thread involving several mini game suggestions including dice and such that would allow for friendly wagers in game.
  5. The thread addressing a hunting server suggestion caught a lot of traction and has strong opinions both in favor of and against it. I am one who would be in favor of the idea. Bringing an overhaul to hunting in the game along the lines of what is contained in this thread though would have my vote over the hunting server idea. It is clear from the response to posts like these that there is a desire for something balanced but more challenging to be added to the game for those seeking a greater adventure. It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that this hunting/tracking upgrade suggestion would fit nicely with what a lot of players seem to be hungering for. Humbly submitted, ~TH~
  6. Display cases

    Yes from me. +1
  7. For what my opinion is worth, certainly a down vote from me to the idea of spawning uniques as a result of any tracking/hunting event. The idea of having a system by which hints are given to the location of currently existing uniques though by conquering strongholds/dens and overcoming champion mobs and such- Big +1 as a part of this feature. Chance of finding a champion mob that would drop a hint should be very rare though.
  8. This could be quite interesting indeed, and leave it up to the player how far he/she wanted to push the danger level of their hunt. Make dens or strongholds dangerous enough to require hunting parties in order to take them, perhaps, with dens/strongholds of certain mobs requiring a higher and higher tracking skill lvl to find. Def. should be a separate suggestion thread..
  9. That would be a lot of fun...
  10. Maybe I misunderstood the OP... I did not see it as a chance to have a hoard of cave bugs spawn on top of you at any given moment while mining. I read it as increase the spawn rate of cave bugs by a factor of ten. For my part, as I mentioned, I can count on one hand the number of cave bugs I've encountered in nine months of gaming, and I've spent a lot of time in mines. I've also only encountered two lava fiends, and no lava spiders in a mine. From my experience as a PVE player, an increase in the spawn rate of cave bugs would be welcomed, and would have been welcomed even in my early game. My experience could be an oddity as well though, and I just got lucky not running into those things. Dropping a hoard of cave bugs on an unsuspecting player... not a good idea. +1 to increase of cave bug spawn rate (based on my experience with them). -1 to spawning a hoard of bugs on a miner just to spice things up.
  11. Why not just random spawn, only more frequently? Seems simple. Maybe a higher spawn chance as number of tiles cut in the area increases. More open mine/more tunnels: More bugs.
  12. As do I. Cave bugs are much easier to handle than a hellhound or a troll, and as a new player I was killed by these guys often. I've been in the game for over 9 months now, mined a ton, and only encountered a couple of cave bugs and lava fiends. +1 to more cave bugs, and a +1 to more cave oriented critter challenges in general.
  13. Wow, really? That is not a thing already? <--- Still figuring some things out. +1