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  1. I was able to connect to the internet and use all other programs/apps on my computer. Wurm was the only thing I was having a problem with. I could not launch the program at all. Odd thing is, I went to the Wurm home page online to try and reload the client and I was able to connect to the game via loading from the Wurm homepage. After that login, I have been able to launch the game from the desktop client without problems the last few times. Odd.
  2. And now this different error screen message: "Can't Launch Application" upon trying to run the client
  3. Java updated right after I posted the last crash. This past log in attempt got me past the client screen to the "play" button, but upon game loading, the client crashed again- the first time it has done that at that stage. Posting the client crash report from that event in case something new is occurring after Java update. Help!
  4. I have begun to see the client crash quite frequently lately at least once before successfully loading the game. Sharing the crash report here as instructed... would hate to lose access to my game...
  5. Greetings, Pyro! Just saw your post, as I've been pretty busy IRL this past week, but I saw on our Discord server that our Forestry Guildmaster and you have been in touch and you have made your way to town. Glad to have you! If you need anything from me, message me here as I am not sure when I'll be in-game this week. Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back! ~TH~
  6. Never quite understood why when I dig anything, the resource dug goes to inventory, but when I mine, shards go to pile. I understand there is a key bind "dig to pile" but why not make similar actions uniform? I think that is one of the minor (and possibly major) frustrations for new players. Things just don't seem to make much sense with regard to how many of the mechanics work. No serious complaints on my end when saying that... I've learned to adjust to "wogic". I see the benefit to making the change that the OP suggests though. +1
  7. Think like a Warmaster!

  8. Wurm RESTful API

  9. Greetings! We have both a carpentry guild and a farming/cooking guild. Both could use some good members who enjoy the game. Feel free to check us out, and join our Discord server if you’d like to chat with the community more before headed our way. Here is the invite link to our public channel: Feel free to message me if you need more specifics! ~TH~
  10. Garden boxes for farming

  11. Gambling

    Previous suggestion thread involving several mini game suggestions including dice and such that would allow for friendly wagers in game.
  12. The thread addressing a hunting server suggestion caught a lot of traction and has strong opinions both in favor of and against it. I am one who would be in favor of the idea. Bringing an overhaul to hunting in the game along the lines of what is contained in this thread though would have my vote over the hunting server idea. It is clear from the response to posts like these that there is a desire for something balanced but more challenging to be added to the game for those seeking a greater adventure. It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that this hunting/tracking upgrade suggestion would fit nicely with what a lot of players seem to be hungering for. Humbly submitted, ~TH~
  13. Display cases

    Yes from me. +1