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  1. I am on the fence on this one. If mortar making in the game is simply "mashing sand and clay together", then I don't see why it has to be such a dragged out process to make it. Cutting stone bricks feels easier than making the mortar for building with them does. So a thumbs up from me on the suggestion with that being the case. However, I could also wish that making mortar was more along the lines of the way it was realistically made- which is a more complicated process requiring skills in natural substances and chemistry (alchemy, for the sake of the Wurm world), and thus I don't like the idea of making it easier than it already is. I just wish it were more interesting.
  2. Neither the recruitment board nor the village message board are working properly. Posting details with some pics: In image below, I try to secure the board to the ground but get the message that I need to write something on it first. As you can see from the time stamps, a message has been posted on it. Also, it is very hard to read given the white text on a white background. Another note- when I first tried to secure the board to the ground I got the message that I did not have perms to do that, even though the board was created by Thalius and Thalius is the mayor of the deed. I moved the board a tile over and then back and that message went away, but now I still can't secure it because the server does not recognize there is a message posted to it. The recruitment board has the same issue with some additional problems: Same as the message board, I cannot secure it until I write something on it, but there is already a recruitment add posted to it. The additional problems with the recruitment board have to do with the ability to read an add posted to the board. When trying to write out an add, this is all you see, a white field where no text shows visible as you type: After you type out a message though and click-drag to highlight the text, you can see that you did indeed type something that is now highlighted in black, but you still can't see any text: I have not checked to see if any recruitment posts can be seen by other players checking the recruitment boards. What I have shared here is simply what it looks like from my end.
  3. I am still unable to launch the game using the windows 64bit launcher. I have been using the JNLP launcher as a replacement waiting for this to get fixed, but I've seen no updates on the status of the Windows 64bit launcher issue. Any word?
  4. I was able to get into the game via the JNLP launcher, as Samool suggested I try. I assume it is the JNLP launcher anyway. After installing it, I had three Wurm icons on my desktop- The Wurm Online "Choose Client" shortcut and the simple Wurm Online Icon I'm accustomed to seeing, and a third shortcut I'd not seen before that is a Wurm online [Live] shortcut. That one works, but it is not the new "Live" client using the new UI. It loads using the old UI. I assume it is the shortcut to the JNLP version of the launcher, seeing as that is the only thing I've done differently in the last three days .
  5. I still have the same issues. No change for me. Again, in case there is any mix up- I am not using Steam client at all and do not have Steam installed. I am using the original client only. Sorry if I sound repetitive, just trying to be clear.
  6. The game itself is not installing. I can't even get the client to pull up. All I've done is get the client installed, and I'm not sure that has happened correctly, given the issues I'm still dealing with. Also, Steam client is not an option for me. I can't get Steam to work from where I am. I've tried in the past. I just wanted to say that to make sure there is no confusion on the issue I'm facing. Several friends and others have messaged me, and seems I need to clarify things again with each new person, as they all seem to think I have a different issue than what I've stated. And for the sake of clarity, given tone does not communicate well in black and white, I'm not upset with anyone for that. Communication via text alone is tough in situations like this. It is getting old having to repeat myself though, and the need for always clarifying to clear up misinformation and confusion. Now I just share the link to the post I made earlier outlining things and hope that gets the point across. My wife is getting tired of seeing me come back to the pc so often to check up on this though...
  7. Yes, I have done just that, Samool. I again removed Wurm client from my pc, then downloaded the Wurmsetup64.exe for my windows version and installed it. Trying to open it gets the same results I've been getting.
  8. Greetings...

    Sorry to message you here. Not something I would normally do, but I'm not in a normal circumstance.  As I've posted in the login issues thread, I cannot pull up my client, even after the fixes that were posted overnight.  I went the nuclear route and deleted the game and everything related to Wurm off of my pc, in the off chance that something on my end that was not deleted during client re install had become corrupted.  Still no change after installing the client and trying to start it up.

    As of now, things pretty much look the same as they did in my detailed post on the issue. The wurm logo comes up, and if I let it set long enough, the "Launching Wurm Online" box comes up but just sits there. I've been looking at it for half an hour now and no change, same as it was doing all evening yesterday when I gave the update on my situation.

    Any news you might have on the situation would be helpful.

    Again, sorry to bother you with a PM. I know you guys are busy, I'm just looking for an update on this. The fixes seemed to work for those that were messaging in the thread, but there is still a big problem out there for some of us dealing with this issue.

  9. MY issue seems to remain unchanged. I deleted all Wurm info from my pc- game files, app data, everything. Tried to make a completely fresh start. Tried to re install the launcher after that with same results that I've been getting. My system info: If you need more info, I'd be glad to help. Let me know. ~TH~
  10. Alrighty. I'm going to try and lay all this out there so someone out there can get a picture of what I've been dealing with. Maybe it will help. I know that a LOT has been going on for the Wurm team since the Steam launch yesterday. It has been crazy busy, and a great moment in Wurm history despite the bottlenecks and various log in issues that have arisen. I know you guys are busy chasing down fires and doing your best to move things along and adjust as smoothly as possible for the new players experiencing Wurm for the first time. There seems to be an issue for a portion of the non Steam player base that is having a serious issue trying to log in. I'm one of them. I can't get my launcher to come up at all, and it has been that way since shortly after the Steam launch. For the record, I am using Windows 10, 64bit version. I do not have Steam and am only attempting to log into the game using the WO client I've used since I started the game over three years ago. Here is a simplified account of what I've experienced over the last two days: Like many, when logging into the game around the time of the launch, I could not get my client to load. I was under the assumption that there was a "queue" that I needed to wait in and eventually I'd get on. This seemed to be the case even though I was not logging into the new servers. I never got the chance to try- my client never loaded to that point. It just sat there until I got the "Error Code 35" or "Error Code 28" message and then the client would close out. That went on for much of yesterday and a good portion of this afternoon with no change. I was told earlier this evening that I needed to uninstall Wurm and reinstall it. Ok. Did that. Now I get the following: When the client tries to load, I no longer get the Error Code XX message any more. The game sits at the Wurm logo for a very long time: If I click on it after five minuets or so, this happens: If I try to restore the program, the client goes to the launching wurm online box: It freezes here and never moves on, and never shows progress. I have to open Task Manager to close it out. After I do that and try relaunching the client, I get this: To fix that and get it to try and run again, I have to uninstall Wurm and reinstall it again. After reinstalling it, nothing changes. I go through the same process again. When I'm stuck at this point: If I select "Close Program", it asks a second time if I want to close the program and that doing so may cause some information to be lost. If I close it out, I can attempt to relaunch the program again but with the same results. I've tried everything I know to do to get the client to load. No luck. I don't know if any of this will help, but I hope so. Game is broken from where I sit, and no solutions being offered at this point on how to get it fixed. Love the game, and I know a lot is going on. Hard not to be frustrated though, being an experienced player and supporter of the game who is not even trying to get into the new servers. I knew it was going to be a busy day and a huge load on those servers and such, but did not expect the older servers to get caught up in all of that. Two days without my Wurm fix, and a lot going on in my valley at a time when there may be new players running around there and no chance to have a presence where I'm working. And that is not to mention having three premium toons missing out on the 30% skillgain bonus event this weekend. Humbly (and hopefully helpfully) submitted, ~TH~
  11. Now I'm getting Error Code 28? A few important Details: Using Windows 10 Using the old client, same as always- not the Steam client.
  12. Greetings... I posted a response to a post in the technical issues feed, but CA in the Wurm DIscord recommended I say something here- Ever since the launch, I've been unable to launch my client. I did get into the game once, VERY early on after several failed attempts, but now no luck. I keep getting a LONG wait time with the WURM logo in the middle of the screen, and then the "Failed to get update information" error message and then the client launch attempt closes down. I do not have a character on the new servers and I am using the old client launcher- not Steam. I am on Xanadu, if that matters, and I can't get my client to launch at all now for over a day. Patiently awaiting news of a fix for this.
  13. I keep getting the same, ever since the launch. I keep hearing that the bottleneck is with regard to players trying to log into GV on the newer tutorial server on the Steam side, but I'm trying to log into Xanadu. I'm not hearing anyone address what the issue is with existing players trying to log into their deeds on the other servers and why I can't even get my client to open up.
  14. I was unsure exactly what to title this suggestion, but I gave it my best shot. I had an issue earlier today regarding an off deed waystone that is no longer connected to a highway system. The wiki says that waystones can be pried up with a crowbar, just as cateyes are. However, I had no option to pry up the waystone when activating a crowbar, nor the option to bash using any other tool either. After talking in CA and then putting in a support ticket I learned that if anything at all is still connected to the waystone, such as an empty wagoner container, the waystone cannot be removed. Alrighty, that makes sense. I'll contact the player that owns the container, who is a friend and is working in the area with me on our current project. Problem solved. The suggestion that comes out of this experience though is this- When an action of any kind cannot be completed for some reason, please do not remove the option from the menu. Leave that option there, and when the player attempts the action and fails, the game should give a message explaining why. In the situation I was in earlier today, I should have had the option in the pop up menu to pry up the waystone with a crowbar, but when trying to do so I should have received a message saying that the waystone cannot be pried up while a container is still attached to it. This would have saved a lot of confusion on my end followed by 20 minutes of trying to find an answer and then putting in a support ticket to learn what the issue was. When any action cannot be preformed, leave the option on the pop up menu and then have the game give a message explaining why the action cannot be completed when the player attempts the action. Very happy player here who wants to see the game do well. Not complaining, but this issue wasted a lot of time before I gave up trying to figure it out and started asking around. Just wanted to offer a suggestion to help improve the in game experience and understanding of issues we run into that prevent us from doing things that seem should be easy to figure out. Humbly submitted... ~TH~
  15. We had a new player that we recruited to join our alliance quit over just that situation very recently. They would not let us give them a pelt or anything else- they wanted to take what the game had given them and figure it out for themselves from there. They wandered around as a newb for days trying to acquire a pelt on their own so they could imp a cart above 10ql, but in the end quit in frustration.