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  1. This could be a lot of fun. Do not require connection to highway system in order to build "milestones" (or whatever they would be called), so that some locations can be challenging to find. Also, perhaps when a player visits a monument, record the names of previous players that have visited it. But I also agree that there should be some interesting rewards/accomplishments/objectives connected to the mechanic.
  2. Would love to create and have my own map in game on which I could mark various locations and such.
  3. I'll try and ask an honest question here as one who has observed these conversations on similar other threads when this issue comes up: Is PvP so dependent on income from custom wagons/banners/flags that it could not survive or do well if the rest of the players in the game had some way of customizing their own heraldry? That always seems to be the hottest point of contest in these suggestions, that PvP kingdoms need the revenue and if they lost exclusive rights to personalized heraldry, then bye bye PvP kingdoms. If so, then a serious fix is needed for PvP side of things on a much larger level, but denying a fun feature to the rest of the Wurm community based on a problem with PvP is bad logic. There is clearly a demand/desire for such a thing in the larger PvE community, and the game could greatly benefit from that if it were implemented appropriately. <Edit>: Just saw Flubb's post after I put mine up here. Flubb brings up one of the same issues. If PvP is dependent on heraldry to remain financially viable, a fix is needed for that. Also: This might be a great compromise- give a set of symbols or designs that can be chosen for ships, wagons, banners and flags within the Freedom Kingdom, and allow for independent dying of background and element chosen.
  4. Big yes to this one. Been suggested many times. Would love to see some form of this feature available to all players. PvP already has it in the form of their kingdoms, and many on the PvE side of the game would love to have access to some form of this type of personal customization as well for their deeds and vehicles. +1, again.
  5. I'd love the ability to make my own wagon and banner design, but I also sort of get the PMK aspect of all of that as well. But, it is kind of frustrating to hear the entitled-sounding PVP side of the game talking about ganging up and making plans to smash any Freedomer that thinks about going to Chaos to found a kingdom in order to have the ability to have that personalized banner/wagon feature of the game for themselves. Makes me wish they would come up with a way for players to personalize their wagons and banners without having to deal with that mess. Personally I'd be happy with a blank canvas that would allow for dying the body and trim of the wagon canvas, and have the option to roll the canvas up so it can't be seen when I don't want it on there- but that is an already made suggestion in another post.
  6. Yes to traders and token being placeable underground.
  7. Others have not been playing though, and may not know. Still, if I have named it I would agree and prefer that the name is all I want to see when I mouse-over it, if that could be done. In a crate rack or empty bsb storage rack, the wood type would still be good to see but it would help a lot of any name I gave to a container showed before the description of it.
  8. I was wondering if I was the only one... Big +1 from me.
  9. As a new player I also enjoyed the challenge of learning to navigate the map and the terrain, learn the highways, the starter towns, landmarks, player deeds, etc. It takes some work and some careful travel at first as you figure out how roads and highways connect, but that is integral to the game in my experience. When you initially spawn you choose your starter town to spawn in. When you die you choose a place to re-spawn, so in both cases right away that tells you where you are on the map. From there (or anywhere else where there is a waystone), you can plot a course via the highway system if you need to get to a specific deed or settlement. We are not supposed to be able to just run off in a given direction and know where we are all the time without paying attention to our surroundings. If you dropped your tent in an unknown wilderness location, that gets more tricky if you don't know where you were when you did that, but that is a lesson learned if you did that without thinking. Add to that the server and global chat features where you can ask for help, and there is already plenty in the game to help you figure out where you are and navigate from there. Let's not forget you spawn with a compass as well, so you can keep straight in your head which direction you are headed in as you take all the above tools and learn to use them to figure out where you are on the map. The only compromise I've seen offered so far that feels like a possible option that would not break the feel of the game would be to allow players (maybe only new players with the new player buff?) to approach a guard and ask them where you are. The kingdom guards should know where they have been stationed by the king anyway, so it is a realistic fit. As for guard towers not being available on any new servers and therefore no ability to get directions- that is the nature of a new server. No one knows it yet. Build the place up, put highways in place, build guard towers and station guards. As the new server is explored and colonized, then you can start getting help from guards as to where you are.
  10. I suggested in another post to add a feature that allows players to have an add-on to their account allowing two toons under one account at 1.5x the monthly premium price, with the restriction that only one toon could be logged in at a time. I thought that perhaps that might be attractive to some players, but that would be up to the devs and the business decision making guys as to the viability of such a thing. As it is, some players I know with priest alts only premium them when they need them. As an account with an add on, the monthly fee would be 1.5x the current rate and promise consistent increased revenue from such a player verses the player that only premiums a priest a few months a year at times. I would not be in favor of giving everyone a free premium alt toon to use as part of the normal monthly premium account fee.
  11. Some may remember this thread where chess and several other things were mentioned. It has a lot of positive feedback from devs and staff, just not sure what ever came of this behind the scenes.
  12. I'm not following you at all on this. We have the mini village tokens found via archeology, and they sit together on a table just fine. We would need chess pieces that work just like they do, but look like chess pieces. Add an 8x8 tile board and we have all we need. Right click->place is pretty simple when you are used to doing it. The pieces would just need to be place-able anywhere on the game board, unlike with some tables where it seems you can't place some items too close to some edges. And maybe rather than a board that can be placed on a table, add an actual chess table to the game with the board tiles marked on the surface of the table.