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  1. Taxidermy

    PLEASE YES, add this!!! A trophy room would be an awesome thing to be able to build. Might be tricky mounting champion sized critters, but the ability to at least mount the head or some such part of the critter for remembrance’s sake would a very nice addition. Could not +1 this suggestion enough.
  2. Update Creature Spawners

    +1 to the suggestion, and another +1 to this suggestion for the suggestion. Not that I’ve been around long enough to know what the “old” spawning system was like, but anything to make some areas feel more unique with regard to hostile mobs will always be a plus in my book.
  3. Equipment Loadouts/UI Change

    I like the idea of being able to switch gear with the click of a button to make things simpler, but not for the reason given in the suggestion. Not realistic to be able to switch gear in a snap when engaging an enemy, be it pvp or pve in nature. Include a timer based on the armor/gear set and I’ll give the idea +1 as a Qol improvement. Even with that though, changing weapons and gear is not so tedious a thing as to warrant my wanting this to be a priority for the devs.

    That would certainly be nice to have! Multiple story log cabins with different log color/texture by species could look fantastic!
  5. I'm sure we could work something out, Calgar! No need to pay, I am sure. We have a core group with knarrs and such that I'm sure would be up for arranging transport to bring you to Oakheart.
  6. The Guilds of Oakheart are recruiting! Opportunities for new and experienced players abound in a diverse and active community setting... Something epic is growing... Don't miss out... Consider becoming an Oakheartian, now.
  7. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    So, with all the constant "please add this" posts, how does one tell if a suggestion has caught the attention of the devs? At what point does one know if an idea has been approved, dismissed, or is filed away for closer consideration at another time?
  8. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

    High weaving skills could enable the creation of various size yurts... which could be a very pleasant aesthetic addition to housing. Yurts could be planned out, but once construction begins they should not be able to be added onto. Skill level would determine the size yurt that could be constructed. That would mean the allowing of a round building structure in the game though, which would be something new.
  9. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

    I think she was fairly clear this idea was more about bringing something elegant and beautiful to the game through this skill/subskill rather than adding some new skill to aid in survival. It may not be very useful, per say, but that was not her main point in making the suggestion. +1 from me. Looks like it would be a lot of fun!
  10. Exactly. But not all bridges are only one tile wide. You’d need to allow for more.
  11. I would request no door or opening requirement at all. I can bash a wall down if I need to. +1
  12. Just tried to get her the message for you, but she's not online at the moment. Will try again later...
  13. Ultimate Battle/Event Area Via Portal

    Just thought I’d come back and clarify that I’m less interested in the pvp part of the suggestion and more so interested in the idea of players taking on mobs that are spawned for an occasional arena event.
  14. Ultimate Battle/Event Area Via Portal

    I think it would be fantastic, and bring a lot of life to a certain aspect of the game. In Oakheart we are toying with the idea of some kind of battle arena. If something like this were in the game, from the feedback I have gotten I think there would a good percentage of the players that would really have a good time with it. I know a large number from our citizenry would, and some of our members have been in the game for ages. Big +1 from me!
  15. So... as mayor of a growing and active settlement I have encountered a frustrating building permissions issue that we cannot find a way around. It seems impossible to allow a player to craft or continue any item iside a building without also giving them permissions to alter the building. For instance, Oakheart has built a large Inn for housing new players in the game while they learn the ropes and prove they will stick around. We cannot allow them to craft inside the building though, without also allowing them to be able to rotate walls and such- which is a problem. Is there no way around this? To protect the building while allowing them to craft inside the building as well?