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  1. Honestly, this mentality is to me one of the reasons that so many players early on get fed up with the game. Some people like keeping some things hard because they can make coin. Meanwhile those that can't afford to buy it, and don't want to take the time to do it, find something else to go be a part of. Aka: find another game. Many things in Wurm should be difficult and time consuming. I do not feel this should be one of them.
  2. It gets better as your skills improve, Joshuhacalvert, but even highly skilled players still hate making mortar. It is rough early on till you build masonry skills, but it gets a bit more tolerable. As a player that has masonry skills in the high 70's, making mortar has nearly a 100% success rate and it is faster, but even with high skills it is still a pain that feels unnecessarily aggravating. I have done it enough to say that even now it still feels like a chore. Masonry building in general would be much more enjoyable if making mortar was not such a burden on larger projects. I'd not mind it so much if it were something that should be more complicated, but mixing sand and clay together to make mortar to hold bricks together for a building should be simpler to produce in mass, in my opinion.
  3. I'd simply like to suggest a simplified, more realistic way of making mortar. Mortar as it is made now is just about as hard to make as chiseling out a brick. It is a HUGE time sink for an unrealistic mechanic, especially for those who like to build. I know, there is a lot in Wurm that is not realistic. Since when did we worry about all things being realistic? I get it. It would be a huge qol improvement though, for those who like to build. Sure, mortar would be less valuable on the market because it would be easier to produce, but I'm not concerned with propping up the market at the expense of player discomfort and frustration for those unwilling to spend so much time making something that should be more simple. Here is the suggested change: I should be able to dig and add clay to a barrel or similar container and then activate a pile of sand and mix with the clay to make a barrel (or other container) of mortar. I then place mortar in a small barrel or other container in my inventory, and as I build, the needed amount of mortar is removed from the container. Very simple, and would be a huge improvement in the enjoyment level of the building process. Humbly submitted, ~TH~ (Removed the suggestion to possibly make Natural Substances the skill used to determine mortar quality. Point was made in private conversation that players have worked masonry skill high in order to make high ql mortar. Changing the required skill would be unfair at this point.)
  4. Even just for the sake of ambiance in town- would be nice to be able to have more options for shop signs to place outside my buildings, workshops, and such. I'd very much enjoy having these additional sign options.
  5. Maybe when your skills are high enough you could inspect a bookcase and get a notification in the event tab saying that "there are some books in this case who's binding is beginning to wear" when damage on the book gets to a certain high point. If you have a lot of bookcases, it would narrow down your search.
  6. Fair enough compromise, I suppose. Big library might be a lot of work at times, but manageable if only the books themselves take decay and can be repaired and ql improved.
  7. I'd be fine if nothing changes. I know it is a grind, but I'm willing to do it if the work is not lost. Paper and book making in the era the game represents was no easy task. If they required treating the pages with a film of beeswax or something to create a quality book of some kind that took no decay, I'd be fine with that too. I just want books I make to remain if stored properly (on a bookshelf).
  8. So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I could do with my deed now that I am beginning to make some progress on building. I have big plans, and among them is a personal library. Or at least, a personal library was a part of the plans. I learned today though that all books, no matter how they are stored (aside from maybe in magic chests), take damage and eventually rot away. Putting together a personal library of player created content now feels like it would be a vast waste of time. Man, could it have been fun though! I did some searching on the forums and while I found this OP suggested in different threads where books came up, I could not find a suggestion specifically made for the removal of damage ticks to books kept on a bookshelf. So, I am petitioning for the removal of damage to books that are kept on bookshelves. Bookshelves that are off deed would take decay, and maybe the books on them as well. I could perhaps see all books still being protected on a bookshelf off deed, but once the bookshelves rotted away the books could be lost. This would allow non deeded player homes to be able to keep and protect books as well as long as they keep the bookshelf in good repair. All of that could mean the eventual loss of books that are not on a deed, but perhaps at a slower rate. At the very least though, I am petitioning for all books on a bookshelf to be protected from decay on deeded land. Humbly submitted for consideration... ~TH~ Chief Hermit of Hermitage Also- a link to a previous post where this subject came up. Some comments and other suggestions are well worth connecting to this OP, in my opinion. Books, and the writers that would love to make them, could use a little love from the game:
  9. I like every single one of these suggestions, but especially adding a "flag ship" that allows a player to basically live at sea rather than needing an on land deed area, buildable docks (that a ship can be tied off to, I would presume), and the bartender/food merchant. Would enjoy seeing every one of these suggestions make it into the game though!
  10. I'm all in favor of more options for adding color and variations to our ability to decorate in game, especially when it comes to building. Allowing the stucco and timber frame portions to be dyed independently would be a fantastic next step in that direction for building options, and it seems it would be an easy change to make with many creative benefits.
  11. I like pretty much everything on this list. One or two things that would not effect me either way, but I can still see the value in those things for others. The big things on the list I'd like to see though- -Allow us to paint/dye more things (everything on the list is a good start). Some of us love to build, and it would be a very nice addition to be able to decorate in our own unique way when it comes to colors we use. -Taxidermy, along with details on who and when the kill was made. Adding some details to a critter would also be nice- weight, age and such. -Diagonal fences would be a very nice touch. Again, I loved everything on the OP list and would enjoy seeing it all implemented in time, but those are the top three for me.
  12. Dog training- Would be a lot of fun and enhance the whole over all experience hunting if I could breed a dog that could let me know when he smelled something interesting in a certain direction while we were traveling down the road or walking in the wilderness. You hear him start barking and/or acting oddly, standing alert and looking in a certain direction, and a message of some sort appears in the local message screen. Cat training- Anyone with cats knows how much they like to leave "gifts" for their owners. Dead birds. Half of the mouse they caught in the night and felt like sharing. Would be fun to see what they could find and bring back to us with some training. And, as I mentioned in my comment on this OP, maybe they could finally track down those ducks and frogs that we hear all over the place but never can find.