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  1. 2s
  2. trowel to Jimbean please
  3. Hi! X4, Y20 - - Kreimhildr, has a guard tower and a 96 mailbox ... it is a coastal deed, where used to be Madhill. Mailbox is on the coast, whilst guard tower is a few tiles to east from coast line.
  4. plate gauntlet to me please
  5. I've received an offer, so you all can consider this WTB thread closed. Thank you
  6. Hello! As headline suggest, I am looking for someone that will be willing to make me an altar. Gold, 80ql minimum. PM me offers please. Deed is located on Exodus. Thanks Jimbean
  7. Confirmed! Bricks are on its way, consider this WTB thread closed. Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
  8. affi meals

    Hello ! After less than 10 minutes, I got what I wanted [21:56:35] You think the insect meal might give you more of an insight about fine carpentry! Thank you very much! Jimbean from the Paradise Harbour
  9. Hello! I'd like to buy collosus bricks of QL minimum 80. 1000 bricks in total. PM me your offers please, and don't forget to write where are you located, how long would it take for you to make those and what is your price. Thank you very much.
  10. Jimbean reporting in on the idea. So, animal crates just have to happen. Period. How? Well, that is why I am replying to the post here. I have few ideas about how and the other how, and the one that comes after first two hows. Alright, lets get started, shall we? Animal transportation should be made user friendly in terms of interaction, but it should also keep the ''Wurm'' feeling to it. So, shortcuts are out of the game. Also some quick variants of loading and unloading. Animal Crates should require quite high Fine Carpentry to make them, and Mind Logic and Body Strenght to operate them. Also Animal Husbandry should play a role in all of this too. How? Well, animals usually don't like to be ''transported'', therefore there should be risk of animal catching a ''sea dissease'' or even die during the voyage. Food and Water should be made a requirement for animals to even make the voyage alive. A container for food/water, and once depleted, animals would get sick, and die of sickness. Those sick, would infect the healthy ones and so on. Pregnant animals should have a very high risk of miscariage, or death. Old animals would be more perceptive for sickness and death. Foals would be the right age, so I think. Hay stacks for food, perhaps some other type, I don't know - others should have a say on it too . How to load it? Crate on flat tile, animal lead by rope, right click - cage/load the animal. Hop on ship, load the crate. Perhaps even make a ship type only for animal transportation...don't know, maybe something of size between Corbita and the Small sailing ship? Well anyhow, I continue to the how to transport it part of it. I think animals are too fragile to be handled by single person. So, to be able to succesfully transport them, there should be a requirement for at least 2 (two) toons per transporting ship. One that steers the boat, and the other that is ''taking care'' of the animals while ship is sailing. The #2 toon is of course a passive addition to the whole transportation thing. As I wrote this, I have grown fond of the idea of ''animal transportation ship''. Caravels could be used for that, yeah, but... I would be thrilled to see a ship dedicated to animal transportation. With already made containers for food/water, and slots for crates of animals. Something in style of Carrack? maybe something smaller than that, but still. Well, as my 30min dedicated to this post are running out, I shall conclude the writings of a madman in hope, that someone will see this, and move the idea closer to realization. Thank you! Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
  11. I don't know if I should feel sorry for Yldrania, or dispise the Rolandt's comment.... XD gheesh my cent on this one would be a recipe. perhaps a sweet treat you'd be able to make only on Valentine? Either way, pink roses, Cupid gnomes, whatever...for all I care, they can gift me silver coins No disrespect meant to players mentioned, just a notion from me. Take care o/
  12. Hi! Let me start the auction with a silver. 1s bid down. Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
  13. best chances!

    Hello! I am curious, if you guys would be up for a hire to attach a rune to a mailbox, and to attach a rune to a Knarr. I will provide both runes with QL above 25 (which Vomusu is working hard to aquire). He has also recommended you guys, so, say hi to him next time you see him. Well, if you are up for a hire, and willing to travel to a deed on Exo, to perform attachment, please, don't hesitate to inform me about it. Thank you, Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
  14. I'd like to place an order for 100 green grapes, 100 grape seedling. I'll be collecting, and will message you in game about pickup availability. Just letting you know beforehand so you can prep it up. Thanks! Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour
  15. 89 chisel to me please, thanks! Jimbean of the Paradise Harbour