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  1. Withdrawn, reason : misread drake hide...tought scale
  2. Just dont burn out. Digging job, terraforming job. Send tell ingame or over here for any rare dirts/rocks... Will be buying them at market price + 10c to help you out. Standing offer until end of Jan.2021. Hope you earn enough, if not write... I am sure I will find something for you O/ Jimbean
  3. Hi every one! Long time no see, I know... Lets leave that, and focus on post I require the following: All of it crated in large cedarwood crates. -1k Cotton, ql above 90 -1k clay, ql above 60 -1k Sand, ql above 60 -1k Planks, ql above 70, can be mixed type, with at least 150 cedar planks -1k wemp, ql above 70 -1k barley, rye(50/50) Also looking for additional Large Crates made of cedar. Ql irrelevant. PM me asap. The deal goes to fastest, not the cheapest. Stay safe and see you soon in Wurm. Jimbean, Solitary Reminescence
  4. o/ Awesome ! One word review. Gerlion already was on its way to make delivery, when I got jumped by a champ troll. OFC I had to die, cause Wogic, but player kept his cool, even came to my rescue, and offered to fight the darned thing. He safed me alot of troubles on top of that, I got everything I need within hours of reached agreement (which was made, while we both were at work). Would recomend anytime. Jimbean
  5. +1 for the well written post. I can invest a premium toon, to help you guys get the count, can have it logged in almost always. ETA of approach. 20.08 around 9 PM eu time Jimbean o/
  6. I can host such a party at my deed. have the capability to have two or three toons premd and runing 24/5 (with some down time, due to traveling in RL-work related). But I am interested! Hit me up! Jimbean
  7. Soldout! moderators, please close the topic
  8. Hello 14.95 silver left. Sorry for not immediately updating. Thanks! Jimbean 0/
  9. RIFT 13/08/2019

    Hello again. I am once more a neighbour to the upcomming rift. https://imgur.com/a/ReytoLn Lake on L 20 is reachable with Knarr. Caravel, Corb or Cog might not pass--not sure. Please respond here, in case you need horses, cotton, tents, food, or anything in that direction. I am happy to help. From last rift, there is a St.James Infirmary - slate 2x2 building, just on shore where lake is (some 150 tiles away from Rift site) unlocked to all, which will have plenty of first aid cotton inside. In hopes to see many of you gathering, I bid you a nice day/night Jimbean Solitary Reminescence
  10. 33 silver left.... And I am still at work... Hmm, I guess, hurry up while silvers last. Jimbean 0/