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  1. I download the wurmclient and then run it as administrator, then all that pops up is the wurm online logo and a short message saying "This seems to be your first time playing". It stays on that and does nothing else. this is for wurm online, not wurm unlimited. anyone know what to do?
  2. We have set sail for the first time! If you need a ride, PM Sofetios! We are currently on Xanadu headed to Release!
  3. Thanks for the support everyone!
  4. The Traveler’s Transport Taking you where you need to be, for free. Hello! I am Sofetios. I am running a free water taxi/bus service to people who need to get places. This will be done on my knarr, named “Traveler’s Transportâ€. This is a cross-server service, so I will be traveling between all non-pvp servers. I will be talking in GL Freedom and Freedom chat describing where I am, most likely by quadrant of the map I am in. So if you need a lift, just send a pm or a message in Freedom if I am in the area. A few things you should know: 1. I will not go through canals, too much pushing/pulling. 2. When we are 3 minutes or less away from a server cross, you must not be AFK. This is because when people cross servers on boats, usually they get disembarked. 3. Tips are welcome, but absolutely not required. It can be in coins or items. 4. Where you want me to pick you up and drop you off must be accessible by the outside ocean. Not in a lake or something closed off. 5. I will be picking up and dropping off people along the way if there are people to be picked up. 6. This is not a cargo ship, you are responsible for yourself and your belongings. Now, you may be asking why I am doing this. There are a few reasons amongst others. Some of them are: 1. To help new players get where they are going 2. I am usually pretty bored 3. To just generally help out people by taking them places when they have no means of transportation. I can be hired to do private transportation. Though this will cost based on how far away the place you are going is, if you need me to wait for you to get a ride back home, and other variables. Thank you, and I hope to serve you soon!
  5. This can be locked, Fixed.

    This can be locked, Fixed it.
  6. Hey, I just wanted to know, is there a certain server that most of the new players are going? or is it random? Thanks.
  7. Village is now not recruiting, we are full.
  8. Village is now not recruiting. We are full.
  9. Hello, I am looking for new active players, returning players, or just active players who need a place to stay to help me build up my small town. In return for helping build it, I'll be giving you a house and some farm land in the town when they are built. houses sizes will vary, you will be given a set amount of space. Though farmland is already decided (14 squares of farmland per person.) It is a settlement (23x23, 1 guard). 3/4 of the deed is already flattened, I already have plans for 2/3 of the flattened portion. Due to the way I want things to fit, some houses will be smaller than others. So if you do want to help out, houses are given out biggest to smallest, first come first serve. If you need a ride to my deed, I can give you a boat ride here (Preferably if you are in the starting zone.) Please contact me on this topic or in game. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you, Sofetios
  10. Hello, I am coming back to Wurm after a bit of an absence, and was wondering if there are any big towns I could put a deed near. The deed won't be too big. If anyone who owns a big town or knows someone who does can tell me if it would be alright to put it near there or knows a good spot I could build it on, please let me know. Thanks, Sofetios
  11. Hello! I am starting a business where I will build houses at whatever location you would like for a price. I have lvl 49 caprentry and will supply the large nails and planks needed. I can travel to your location by sea via my knarr and then from there take a small cart, load up, and go to your location, I do realise i might need to make trips depending on how big the house is needed to be. for an idea of how big i can build, I can build a 5x5 house with two additional connected rooms. Cost: 5 copper per wall/floorboard built. Please contact me ingame or post here if you are interested. Thank you.
  12. Hello, If you are a returning player, are coming from another server, or need a place to stay, Oak Town may be a good choice for you! Oak Town is located near 30,Z on the map. If you are new and need a way there, PM Sofetios. Things we have to offer include, A well for water, plenty of forest for wood, a merchant to buy supplies, houses, farmland, a public mine, and more to come. You might want to be here for a multitude of reasons, one big reason is for a place to start out. We will offer a veriety of homes and home sizes, from 2x2 for smallest, up to 5x5(in the future). the bigger houses will have more things in it for you to use. The houses we currently have availible are: Three 2x2 houses with low walled 5 square backyard, each includes a forge, a large chest, a Bulk Storage Bin, and a large barrel for you to use. One (soon to be 2) 7 square house with a low walled 3 squre backyard. This one includes a forge, large chest, two bulk storage bins, large barrel, oven, food storage bin, armour stand, and a weapons rack. One 7 square house with no backyard, but has a place outside it to put a merchant/trader. includes a forge, large chest, two bulk storage bins ( one full of logs), large barrel, oven, food storage bin, armour stand, and a weapons rack. The Farms we currently have availible are: Three 24 square farms. All farms and houses require my permission to enter, so theres no need to worry about people taking stuff. If you ask me I can make and give you a small cart if needed. We are a place in progress, this means that we will be adding on things in the future. If you are interested, please post here or PM Sofetios ingame. PICTURES: (Sorry for all the red, I dont know how to get that off Its a graphix issue of some sort I think) Town Sofetios's House Small house (Front) Small House (Inside) Small House (Backyard) Medium House (Front) Medium House (Inside left) Medium House (Inside Right) Medium House (Back) Farms One of the Farms Public Mine More to come... Sorry for the tons of picutes. Just like people to know what is here.