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  1. yes it's nice to see all the functions first hand however there still are a few I'm unsure about
  2. Either they have released the dedicated server or someone has done a boo boo...
  3. Sweet thanks for the answer, should make the ore distribution easy and random. also hopefully allow us to share maps easily in the future.
  4. Hopefully the server will generate it on start, otherwise just have to get the map generator to do it. guess we will have to wait until the game comes out in 18 hours.
  5. Just a question regarding the maps, the ones that will be shipped with the game and player made maps. Will the ore be generated when the server first starts or will they need to be pre-generated? as if they are pre-generated everyone will know where all the good ore is located on the shipped maps, and if people are kind enough to share their favorite map, would be nice to have the option to randomize the ore locations on start.
  6. I think there will be a lot of people wanting the same answer. I believe that a few company's will provide servers but you will have to wait until after release. The reason for this would be they have no idea what the cpu, bandwidth usage, ram usage, hdd usage and what the server settings affecting these options would be. would be suicide for any legitimate company to provide a price for such a server without knowing for certain these specs.
  7. Just a though did anyone find a rare key? maybe a very rare and interesting version of the item?
  8. I agree just spend the extra money and play multiple accounts, over multiple steam accounts, I will be buying 4 copy's already 3 for myself 1 one for a friend. As others have said only other option is mod the game you are entitled to do so.
  9. So I have been thinking of a way to allow people to have a deed and be able to fund such an endeavor without destroying the normal economy by making silver to easy to get. However I am no good at java coding and doubt I would have the knowledge to pull it off, just want to know what everyone thinks and if anyone would be up for taking on such a project. The Idea - whenever someone log's in if they are part of a deed and are online for X amount of time per Y amount of hour's/day's then Z amount of currency will be added to their deed upkeep. Also a nice feature would be to add a limit for the amount of time the deed is payed up until to avoid deed's over a certain time to avoid deeds payed up for years unless the deed owner want's to put his own earned silver into the coffers. well that is the idea I have, please let me know if you have a better idea or want to take up the project.
  10. Close

    Thanks for the items, delivered next day according to schedule.