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Found 17 results

  1. I just paid some upkeep into my alts PvE deed on Deliverance SFI: [23:00:22] You pay 1 silver to the upkeep fund of Southport Ranch. [23:00:22] No money withdrawn from village. Why do I get the second message? It is not possible to withdraw money from a deed on PvE. Does it refer to funds held in the deed itself? or held in my bank account? Is it a bug? If not, what does it mean?
  2. We have some private servers that are currently set to "No Upkeep", but want to convert to requiring upkeep before going public. At the moment, upkeep cannot be added to settlements because it is turned off. When I change the settings and restart the servers, will all my existing settlements be disbanded for lack of upkeep? I read somewhere that the server checks every 8 minutes to see if settlements should be disbanded because of upkeep. Has anyone done this already?
  3. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    What does it do? Allows you to change the costs associated with a deed. You can change: Tile initial cost and upkeep Perimeter initial cost and upkeep Guard initial cost and upkeep (Epic/Challenge servers use separate values) Minimum upkeep How much extra money is added to the founding cost that is then added to upkeep Name change cost Requirements ago's Mod Launcher Instructions Download one of the zip files Copy contents of zip into your Wurm Server directory: Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher or Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server Settings To change the settings you can either use the Server Launcher with the UI version, or edit some files. Global: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/mods/upkeepcosts/ Along with two extra lines for ago's Mod Launcher, this file contains the global values that will be used to create any new files. Changes here will not be applied to any server that already has it's own settings file. Per Server: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/<ServerName>/mods/upkeepcosts/ e.g: WurmServerLauncher/Adventure/mods/upkeepcosts/ This file contains settings that will only be loaded for the server whose folder it is in. You can delete this file and it will be regenerated using the settings from the global file. If you encounter any problems, let me know and I'll try to help.
  4. I was thinking about Mayors having the option to lease or rent space in their villages through the use of a "title" token, similiar to a village deed token, but managed by the mayor. The mayor could set a title token for a small area and set the permissions to a specific player and rent it to them. The rent could be based off of the actual upkeep per tile or a little more, 20 -50 iron. This would make a small village plot of 5x8 only cost the villager/player 8c - 20c per month, which would be paid directly to the main village upkeep each month, with the remainder sitting as a bank. The Title token could be established in the same manner as the deed token, N,S,E,W tile directions, yet without a perimeter. Conversely, it could also be left open for whatever the mayor wants per tile based on deed location and resources. A nice ocean side village with great mining resources could fetch more per tile than a land-locked village surrounded my marsh and thorns. This would give a competitive aspect to it as well. A mayor could be recruiting based on a 45 iron per tile rate, and lose to someone recruiting at a rate of 30 iron. There could also be the option for no rent, yet still be able to set the tile and permissions for the player, for those that don't want to charge their villagers. If a player decides to put 6 months upkeep in the Title token, it is only paid monthly for the next upcoming month. This way if the player decides to leave, they can drain out the Title token after they moved, which would disband it and recover any un-used upkeep. This way the mayor could have a general set of deed permissions, with a specific set for the player on that specific plot of property. For example, I don't want villagers to have full access to terraform the entire deed, however on their titled land, they can go wild and build, dig,whatever they want per the agreed upon permissions. Best part is... I don't have to be around for them to do it. A mayor could also use the title token to designate a "community area" where locals or passer's by can have a limited permission place to load, unload etc, such as an on deed marketplace that sells bulk items. Should a mayor want to remove the citizen for whatever reason, they could simply "Revoke" the title. Once "revoke" has been initiated, a countdown would start for a specific amount of time for them to "get their stuff and get out". Their upkeep beyond this specific time would be refunded back to their main bank and after the specific deadline has been passed, all permissions would revert to the mayor. This way buildings could be knocked down, fences destroyed and the property reclaimed for the next player to use. I believe this would help create a greater opportunity for communities to grow, by giving more flexibility to mayors to manage their deeds and villagers to play the game in a broader sense without having to go make a deed to do the things they want. This would also encourage more mayors to recruit as the rent would assist them with monthly upkeep. Ya or nah? Thoughts?
  5. Welcome to The Commonwealth! The Commonwealth is a new PvE server with the intention of providing a well balanced WU experience so as not to make it either too hard nor too easy. We spent days on creating the perfect map for this, and even more time on making sure that the mods are set up correctly. It is hosted by us personally so we have full control of every aspect of the server, making it easier to intervene should it be needed. Check out our website for detailed information on the mods and changes! We also have set up an entry on which can be found here. A short summary of the most important details: 2x skillgain 3x action timers 4k custom made map 80k creatures, 45% aggro rate 50 hits per wall Deed cost and upkeep enabled 20 starting characteristics, except 21 BC Can load stuff without 23 BS 10 FS, 1 in other skills Crops won't rot We hope to see you on there!
  6. I'm just curious, how often does everyone update their deed upkeep? I do mine monthly, but I'm just wondering what the norm is...
  7. Do people pay for long periods or just month by month?
  8. Hello All! I am currently trying to keep up with 2 deeds, with a total of 7s in upkeep combined, I have been having trouble selling my veggies over trade channel... I have 60k garlic at a quality of 98. Great for those Nahjo Priest who needs to sacrifice for favor or those who are trying to cook really high quality meals. Perhaps you have another use for the veggies. I am doing a one time sale on my veggies selling at a 10% discount so that is 90c for 1k of the veggies. There is no limit to how much you can order, with only the exception to Xanadu. Any order on Xanadu that is less then 5k veggies has an additional 1s delivery fee. If you buy all my veggies, you pay 54 silver flat, I will deliver it all to you. If you have a deed inland I can bring a wagon with me, but you will have to provide me with the animals to use for transport while I am there. Please PM Sugarfoxx on Deliverance. I am slow to reply to forum pms
  9. with free deeding and no upkeep settings. when you create a deed you have the option of hiring as many guards as the size permits, however if you select less than this amount, and then try to add guards later, the max you can hire is 2 [09:47:54] No money withdrawn. [09:47:54] There was not enough upkeep to increase the number of guards. Please make sure that there is at least one month of upkeep left after you hire the guards. [09:47:54] No change was made. But you cant add any upkeep the window says "There are no upkeep costs for settlements here."
  10. This is a no mod server. Everyone is started out at 20 skill lvl/10 fighting/22 body control. The skill lvling is lowered due to wanting Priests to have a place of importance. Money is flowing through the server, traders are enabled. It is encouraged to place merchants or provide services to other players. There is an Academy in place for new players that want a safe place to learn the mechanics of the game before seeking out on their own. (is not required to join this) There will be a website in place to show events, along with those in need of items or selling things. Events planned for the future: Boss kills Dragon Slayings Treasure hunt Arena (sparring) Mazes and much much more. These will give rewards etc. Any questions please feel free to join us in game or on TS3
  11. I would like a mod to put deed upkeep back to the old values and remove the 1 silver minimum on deed upkeep. So basically, it'll just be "a certain amount of iron per tile in the deed" now, rather than the current "a certain amount per tile or 1 silver, whichever is greater." Let me know if you can help with this... thanks! -Llurendt
  12. So I have been thinking of a way to allow people to have a deed and be able to fund such an endeavor without destroying the normal economy by making silver to easy to get. However I am no good at java coding and doubt I would have the knowledge to pull it off, just want to know what everyone thinks and if anyone would be up for taking on such a project. The Idea - whenever someone log's in if they are part of a deed and are online for X amount of time per Y amount of hour's/day's then Z amount of currency will be added to their deed upkeep. Also a nice feature would be to add a limit for the amount of time the deed is payed up until to avoid deed's over a certain time to avoid deeds payed up for years unless the deed owner want's to put his own earned silver into the coffers. well that is the idea I have, please let me know if you have a better idea or want to take up the project.
  13. Kingdom is too huge on Freedom, and we can't have PMKs. Alliance does some of this, but would not want to do all of it. As for a PMK, one character would be the head of the group, with a purchasable estate form to found their Barony. Stand on the (main) character's deed with all other mayors (alt mayors or player mayors) present, minimum number possibly 2 other mayors. Found your barony. Only mayors of settlements on the same server count. Allows baron to see and add to upkeep of any barony-deed from any barony-deed token at the same time.Allows baron to manage permissions of all barony-deeds via the estate form.Allows baron to access and change writ permissions of all writs in the barony via the estate form, including destroy structure.Allows baron to manage vehicle settings of all vehicles owned by players citizen to the barony.Allows only the baron by default, to form alliances.Allows barony chat-tab, in addition to village and alliance chat-tabs.Allows citizens of a barony-settlement to be optionally upgraded to vassal of the barony (mayors are classed as vassals by default). Vassal permissions are barony-wide.Allows vassal role on writs and vehicles.Allows all vassals of the barony to see remaining upkeep of a barony deed at the deed token for that settlement.Allows all vassals of the barony to set the MOTD.Allows vassals to pick-up any planted item on barony lands including perimeter of barony-settlements.Allows perimeter of all barony-settlements to be protected from fence-building by non-citizens.Allows for barony livery; tabards, flags, banners, wagons (and ship sails when Kingdom sails are implimented). Pick an RGB value for your barony when founding. Option to add a superimposed symbol as for shopsigns would be nice. Barony livery would update so that wagons owned by players and barony-tabards worn by the player would show their current barony, and barony-flags and barony-banners would only show barony colours when planted on barony lands. Otherwise livery reflects Kingdom of crafter's origin.Spawn-towns would be automatic baronies, and take the title of Barony of <servername>. Therefore no fences or unremovable planted items in spawn-town perimeters. I'm aware some of this may sound overpowered to long-time players, but it is designed to make managing several deeds easier for one player, whilst not excluding the possibility of multiple player vassals, though you'd have to have a lot of faith in your baron's good intentions. I've listed as many things as I think might be relevent, as IF this was ever implemented it would not be exactly as described here anyway, and I want to illustrate the possible scope. Edit: Added topic tags
  14. Will be taking orders PM me on here or in game ''Sircrews'' will let you know my cords and were we can meet once order is placed and finished.
  15. I have a suggestion about the deed cost and upkeep for it. I have found that there is a minimum upkeep cost of 1s. Now that being said when you buy a deed form it cost 10s but you can only use 7s of it for the deed size itself while the other 3s are held back for upkeep which is all well and good except the 7s is not enough to make your deed large enough to reach the minimum upkeep cost of the 1s the best you can do is a deed size 8x9 and the upkeep comes out to 64c so you are wasting 36c a month. and the closest you can get to the minimum upkeep without going over is 11x10 costing 9s66c. which means to max out your deed to your minimum upkeep cost means you will have to spend an extra 2s66c. So i have come up with the following suggestions. 1. Remove the minimum upkeep cost altogether let people make a village whatever size they wish without being penalized for not reaching the min upkeep cost. 2. Or adjust the cost per tile to found a deed so that with the 7s from the deed form cost will come out to the 1s upkeep cost.
  16. Well we all see it. That deed on prime land that hasn't seen player activity in over 6 months. We've waited and waited for it to fall, then one day it does and... Well it was just not worth the wait. I propose the amount one can have invested in deed upkeep on freedom be capped at 2 months. You want to keep your giant castle of doom? Log in once every month and put some silver in. Seriously, not asking for much. The solution will inconvenience players a little (having to log in that one time per month, use your bank and invest silver) but the payoff (no 6 month deeds that lock up prime land for no reason) seems pretty fair. This will require a one time script running to refund players who have more than 2 months stored in their deeds and an extra check on deed creation (again a player might get some "change" when they create a deed). Otherwise implementation should not be too hard. Why not epic? PvP allows the draining of deed upkeep and this might unbalance it (not sure since I don't play on there).