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  1. Desolation V5 Anarchy

    do we know the program reason for the spawn density closer to deeds/kingdoms?
  2. I joined! Giving it a try! if anyone is interested in playing as a Black Lighter we are starting a kingdom!
  3. I understand that HOTA is a non-build zone, but can my perimeter of the deed overlap into the zone?
  4. but again, when we speak about "law" we have to clarify what jurisdiction covers it? It seems like it would be better to say "privacy policy" and not law since countries have different laws about privacy. Or, if your game is covered under the country's law that the host is in, then that would be appropriate.
  5. In Enki's most recent post about the account sharing "debacle" he states: Enki states that sharing IP address would be a violation of law but which law is he referring to? United States Law? European Union Law? International law? this is a continual questions i have when it comes to video games and especially ones that are hosted/created outside of the United States. thank you in advance
  6. thanks proph, that is very helpful information. please consider writing a wiki article on this subject?
  7. how do you check things like coffers and towers and things like that?
  8. wow! this is real?! this is awesome! Does TIN take DMG faster than other metals?
  9. the same people who get angry at macroing in wurm are probably the same children who are angry when someone creates a mob grinder in minecraft because that is not how the game is suppose to be played and youre not suppose to grind arrows from a skeleton spawner. this thread just makes me smile.
  10. You guys invest way too much of your lives into a video game that does not benefit your life in any sort of way. it is not a hobby, its an addiction.
  11. you assume just because i make 50e/hour i have a high AGI. but, what if i told you that i only work partime bring my annually salary to 50k/year. then would you still consider me rich? the fact of the matter that i could go out and make 50e/hour if i wanted to does not mean i have a high annually salary. Glad you are tolerant of other people's life styles.
  12. This is what i love about wurmian's view on economy: "If i dig 1000 dirt and it takes one hour, i can get one silver" But, you can purchase one silver for 1 euro. So, you are making 1 euro an hour. My view: "I dont feel like digging dirt, but i can buy 50 silver which equates to saving 50 hours of gameplay just digging dirt." And since i make 50e/hour in real life i dont get all up in arms and angry that some chap next to me is macroing doesnt affect my game experience. Honestly, people. Do you HONESTLY believe that some chap who is macroing to improve his toolbelt is affecting your game experience? You need to ask yourself, do you play wurm online for building or do you play the game to try to make a measly income with in game money? Everyone here needs to go outside more. PLEASE! Your Kyphosis is getting worse by the day!
  13. This is pretty good use of your surrounding environment Eilean Donan Castle