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Found 1 result

  1. If you disagree with any of these ideas then just assume it would be a full conversion or different game entirely that code club could develop if they wanted too. So to start off I think it would fun to have threshold skills and what I mean by threshold skills would be a Current skill value that starts at zero and is limited by, a Threshold skill value which would be where your skill increases from, up to... and a Maximum for each specific skill so like a cap say thousand. So when your in a house for example(safe) your loot skill's (a skill that allows you to hold onto some(Current less then thousand) or all of your items(Current equals thousand) on death which is skilled by dieing in battle) Current decreases if above zero to zero. Now your saying what if you purposely die a lot well you could also have like announcements like player1 looted player2 and people would see that player2 keeps dieing so they could try to prevent that because it was announced. This next idea has a lot of ideas tied up into the main idea of the start of the game (can be tweaked) and trys to simply describe the basics. If you enjoy my ideas I can try to get more specific just send me a pm. Another idea would be a newtown that is a castle on the king's island and you are tasked with talking with each tradesman to learn the specific trade sort of to fill in your knowledge(gui) or have the ability to skip but get warned that you wont beable to use the help channel but every so often or risk being attacked or something to promote learning the trades. Then once you've learned all the trades you go to the king and he gives you a small boat that will be located at the docks. Docks would be one of two ways to access an island being the supposed safer way the other being mooring offshore(random position) and risking your boat drifting away or crashing into the rocks after a time depending on weather(if you were an enemy kingdom or kos to this island or don't want to be logged possibly). Now you can travel to a public server or click Search for a new land which would be like trying to find a random pocket universe. By pocket universe I mean players can go to the docks and buy faster and or bigger boats or go to the king and charter a new island for real money. So you would always have an option to leave and return to open water and search again. Basically a pocket server would house npc and players alike at the choosing of the lord(owner). Now there could be like houses for npc families that could grow up to become guards (barracks building) that would provide cheaper or free guards or just craftsman, merchants, wizards etc. This would all be in first person perspective not an rts. So essentially you start off with some of the kings people and you can always request more and you pay them to do jobs but you charge them to live there. There's also a weather wizard tower that can be built that would ofc control the weather pry on a cool down. Fields would need rain or watering. So basically you have your own island which you are lord and may complete missions like send X number of guards to assist the kings campaign etc. The rewards might be cheaper rent prices etc. Also you can choose the public server which is kingdom controlled so there is more frequent raids and events these would be like hubs for what a kingdom controls. You could build a house to live in or you can commission a village from the lord then plant it with your own rules if there's room.