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  1. Hatchet QL 5 BOTD 66 - 86c (steel) QL 4 BOTD 67 - 87c (steel) File QL 70 BOTD 69 - 89c (steel) I would also like a Butcher Knife, but I do not see any listed. Thanks for your speedy and quality service
  2. 2 Saws please QL 70 BOTD 87 - 1s 94c (steel) QL 70 BOTD 87 - 1s 94c (steel)
  3. 2 Carving Knives QL 70 BOTD 71 - 1s 37c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 71 - 1s 37c (iron)
  4. Hey Baeowulf, I was wondering if you enchant tools. I have some QL ones that I would like enchanted. I was also wondering if you would be willing to permit me to up-trade the pickaxe that I got from you to two Steel Pickaxes. I would like to have two so I will still have one when I need to send one to you to improve the other one when the wear down. Thanks for your consideration
  5. [17:41:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to reach Robboeny in less than ten minutes.
  6. And we have a Winner, Robboeny! Thank you everyone, for taking a part in this auction.
  7. Ok, will do. Thanks for letting me know
  8. @ Burdok, we already have a bid of 15s. If you would like to have this Pickaxe, you will need to raise the bid by at least 1s for 16s
  9. I almost forgot, well, I did forget. lol QL 10 BOTD 67 - 67c (oakenwood)
  10. QL 62 BOTD 60 - 60c (silver) QL 74 BOTD 79 - 1s 20c (steel) QL 99 BOTD 83 - 1s 66c (iron)
  11. I would like to purchase the following tools, please mail them to "Nuel" Hatchet - QL 3 BOTD 64 - 64c (iron) Pickaxe - QL 3 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) Saw - QL 70 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) Stone Chisel - QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron)
  12. Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  13. Supreme Bow String – 22.11 Ql Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: Yes, 2 silver. Buyout: 5 s Make an offer Sniper Protection: None Private Bids: Not accepted Auction ends 5 Days Supreme Bow String (Edits - Changed image Link to provide access, Removed Reserve, changed the Buyout)