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I am looking for a kind wurmian with a deed, preferably waterside, willing to give me access to it so I can hunt on Cele. I won't live on your deed, but instead will come form my deed on Indy ocassioanlly to hunt. I don't need permissions, and if you rather I didn't, I won't even enter your deed other than perhaps karma teleport home or the like. I will of course assist you with things you may need, as I am a rather resourceful person. But to be clear I just need a place to brand my horse to so it doesn't get stolen in case I log off.


If this is something you are willing to help with, shoot me a pm. I won't be a burden and perhaps I'd ocassionally help with upkeep and other things :)



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I'm over at T-8, very SW island.   Small cabin ondeed with horse pen and 1 tile enchanted grass.  Dock space for ship or sailboat.   Bridge from island to mainland and highway all the way to tapdance and beyond.  I even have several spare 5speeds welcome to nab one and care for here.


Not close to the hunting zones, but you're welcome here nonetheless :)

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