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  1. Remove /who from PvP servers

    You'd have to amend this to the suggestion then, simply removing a command won't remove the generated stats page.
  2. Remove /who from PvP servers

    And what would be the point if we can just go view this?
  3. Display cases

    Suggested many times it's embarrassing that the dev team has not added it already. +1
  4. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    My list is old school cause I'm not young I still have my consoles and games, tho I've gone through and updated the batteries in them to keep the carts running for another 20 years. All you emulator fools can suck it. Perfect Dark 64 Mario Party Mario Party 2 Final Fantasy XI Online Fallout 3 Fallout 4 Super Smash Bros 64 Ogre Battle 64 Person of Lordly Caliber Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy III (Yes, I know it's 6 but I'm Murican and we were cut from the loop unlike you folk so it's 3)
  5. [Fixed] No Celebration Account Option

    Got a new like today, someone out there seems to thi k this post has merit. Lets not ignore this anymore and spend a few minutes adding it. Why is cele not loved?
  6. Let us have the ability to Tie Off a led creature to a Large Cart or Wagon. Doing so could reduce speed slightly and a limit could be set to how many. For Example, this would allow you to drive a large cart (wagons too) with 2 hitched animals and a third being tied to and led by the cart. Think of it as how tents work, but it's for carts and wagons. Why? Because why not, it's a feature and a good one!
  7. If you can redesign tap, you can redesign dance!

    Hopefully they'll set altar qualities equal, as of now the Fo altar is 94ql while others are 92 or quite lower. I don't see a reason the starter deed needs altars so high to overpower altars on active player deeds. Makes for bad casting if you are not Fo and live nearby.
  8. Chaos Desync

    I've had the horse issue on Cele since update, occasionally disembarking and I'm puut 2 tiles behind and 1 tile to the right of my horse O.o
  9. Celebration Map

    The Sandwhich Club at X6,Y48 is no longer there, safe to remove. New Port Benden Docks at X46 Y44 has been disbanded and can be removed. Thanks for maintaining the map!
  10. [Disregard]

    I believe it's now removed via a crowbar, no longer a shovel Nvm, it wasn't mentioned they had a catseye next to the pavement.
  11. [Closed] WTB 45s

    Stillll looking
  12. [Closed] WTB 45s

    Still looking.
  13. [Closed] WTB 45s

    I am paypal verified and am ready to buy. I am willing to pay 40euro or 45usd, which ever is greater at time of transaction.
  14. New Type of Unique Spider Queen

    Tha's pretty cool. I can get behind something like that. +1