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  1. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    as if sotg wasn't cookie cutter enough, further balancing and moving towards an equalized norm would be. I just don't see anything better happening...
  2. [Close] 60c - 2x rare grindstones, rare rope tool

    [22:18:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! 1x rare grindstone remaining!
  3. configurable compartments

    Bulk container units have 4 compartments, larder has several, etc. What I propose is simply instead of fixed compartments we add a new crafting item, compartment, and are able to add them to completed furniture or containers. Each piece has a maximum number of allowed compartments. For example, the Larder could have a max of 5. You now have the option to add 2, 4, or even full 5. Divide the storage space equally among compartments. Having 4 would give 25% volume divided between all 4. Having 5 would divide it 20% per. Retain the ability to 'rename' compartments as well. I think this would allow for further customization without the need for fixed per item compartments. The bedside table could be allowed to have items placed on it as well as a max of 1 compartment, etc.
  4. resize coin model/object

    When placing coins on a table for that traditional medieval rich king look, coins are the size of salad plates. No, no, I fully get why, too small and we'll never find them, you're absolutely correct. I'm simply asking maybe a 20% size reduction, nothing too major. They would still be easily visible, but take just a bit less room is all
  5. Just that, would love to see a new bookshelf made for the corners of a room. Low and high, empty and regular variations.
  6. WTS Rares, Gems, Tools, etc CHEAP! **UPDATED**

    Going out on a guess here, 4s for the 100 diamonds? CoD Nomadikhan if acceptable.
  7. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    Was glad to be there, you of most were really friendly and fair. Was only one person that had issues, I left just to avoid any drama and I hadn't seen them there but that day.
  8. Yep, having owned multiple in the past, the above are correct.
  9. Return from the dead

    welcome back
  10. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    I've left, had a great time while it lasted, but people are now complaining about roatation times and it's not worth the childish drama. When your gaining .40 a sermon and waiting 5 hours to do it... your getting more then 3x the basic gain in 5 hours, not 9... I don't understand the problem. People just want to whine if there's more then 6 priests I guess @WargasmNot your fault, your sermons are just too popular lol. Thanks for the gains and GL!