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  1. Super Bump, I'll never stop looking!
  2. Map Maintainer last visited Forums on March 23, but their last post in this thread was in June 2020, and map updates seem to stop around then. Nearly 1 year ago. May be time for a new map maintainer?
  3. Still looking! I'm ridin' with Biden and as my bro would be sayin, "Oh, come on maaaan!"
  4. while we're at it, let's add more characters to the allowed the question mark.
  5. As a Templar, I'm not afraid of Death as it's only a means to the Holy afterlife. Bring it!
  6. As a hunter, can I kill said bunny? I don't care for sugar and chocolate eggs, I'd rather a nice rabbit stew.
  7. +1 because it’s the era of rare or go home! We need even more rares! Rare isn’t really rare anymore so let’s get more!
  8. Bump! Still looking!
  9. It already does, I immerse myself into the void of Wurm. I am Wurm!
  10. Pretty much all are disallowed except period and comma. I can't recall if semi-colon is allowed. I think it needs fixed, there's no reason we can't use special or normal characters, it's silly we're not able.
  11. +1... branded horses etc would still follow their deed permissions so een when unhitched thy won't be looted. I can see it as a win win.
  12. Change these monthly skins to monthly recipes? Each month offer a recipe for these skins... once bought, with correct skill level, player can then craft these?
  13. years ago there was a post from a dev or staff that suggested diagonal house walls and fences would be looked into but wasn’t a current focus at that time. It would be awesome to have. come to think of it, this post was from around the time shortly after they released paving on corners of tiles.
  14. Let us rotate fences the same as we can house walls. Some fences, such as the crude fence, are meant to have the posts facing inward on a pen or yard. Sometimes we'd like a gate to swing out or rather in but cannot dictate that.