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  1. I like voting things down that are terrible or should not be prioritized but it was not added. I hope they fix it.
  2. +1 As long as the option for us "older gen" folks that don't want eggplants, poop piles, and thumbs up in chat are allowed to disable the display, sure why not.
  3. +1 to Governorship As Lord over Stonehaven, I may need stand-in replacement during my occupations of the wildlands and thus an appointment of one trustyworthy Governor would seem rather immense in it's usefulness. I would propose, even, if more then 1 person is assigned this role then it acts as a Council and changes must be either voted or agreed upon by all members of such role. This way it's usefule for all types of play.
  4. Or like other skills and mechanics, alter it on pve only for a better overall experience between server types
  5. I don’t have a mask, but I’m ugly enough to pass as a monster, so maybe I can attend?
  6. Was searching for a bug the wife found in the kitchen, and misspelled worm. Advertising was non-existent back in 2011-2012 so really thankful for the accidental find.
  7. Yet they have been for thousands of years. lol I’ve seen African farmers use their AK to plow a row for seed
  8. T-shirt ordered. Ty Muse for the heads up on the discount. Got mine 25% off.
  9. Me

    I'm not sure I understand. A simp by definition is a silly or foolish person.
  10. Thanks for all the clarification, Keenan
  11. I believe this was the exact example I brought up a year or maybe more ago, thank you for addressing this. How will we know if we're in this list, will we get a message/email or just a bump in the prem time?
  12. I'm not sure I understand why milling is not a subskill of cooking. To my limited knowledge there is nothing milled in Wurm that is not related to a cooking ingredient. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. If I am correct, is it a fair point to have it re categorized under cooking?
  13. WurmNode

    taking a screenshot and then uploading that screenshot to a website is not against any TOS... That exact software is already incorporated onto Wurm Node's tools page, the list container tool. "image to text software exists, such as on the container tool on the tools page" - Nothing I proposed is against ToS