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  1. Sold! You wanting silver or cash at this time? I'll do either.
  2. I'm good with a Templar's mantle... Deus Vult!
  3. 4k runs pretty well on either of my dell poweredge 2950s. Both have 32gb ram and dual 2.66ghz quad cores. Only difference between them is one is four 1tb hdds in raid10 and the other is two 500gb in a raid1. My poweredge 1950 with one 3.0ghz quad core and 4gb ram was able to run a 4k server but did suffer consistent lag, understandably. These machines are 10 years old or so now, the 1950 even more so. The ram in each of these three machines are all DDR2 server memory, not fast by today's standards. All my drives are 7.2k SATA III for lower replacement costs. If I was to host a game server I'd be looking for SAS 15k drives or lower cost SSD drives for speed. If you ever do raid, don't go minimal, always plan for failure, never use raid5, and always make regular backups offserver. All these are on a 100mb (10mb up) home internet connection with just me mucking about. You will see MUCH better results if on a dedicated machine (like my dell rack servers) when on a datacenter connection. Don't host your server at home unless you have high upload speeds and static IP from ISP. If you had business class hosting at home, possibly might do alright as you'll have better speeds, *hopefully* reliability, and ideally better customer service. No matter where you host it, latency will always be your enemy. Hosting in the US will give EU players more lag, hosting in the EU will give US players more lag. Just my 2 cents, may or may not be 100% correct
  4. Personally I'm on the fence. I'd never sell my account, never have in other games even when I quit. But I understand motivations to do so. I like the idea of it, bought a priest account myself for a battery. Have some friends that have bought and sold accounts purely for fun and/or financial opportunities. I'd push more towards some sort of official regulation to ensure protection of both buyers and sellers, but that in itself is a good amount of work, and unlikely to happen I'd think.
  5. And how would you prove or disprove I did or did not sell my account when I may or may not have changed my email address and/or password on my characters? Post a suggestion on how to actually stop it and you may or may not garner more support
  6. Keep seeing these posts and I laugh, ackwardly ofc, everytime... Obviously something is going right because the Official servers are still up, development is more in overdrive then it ever has been before, and WU suddenly just got a massive boost in number of units/(steam keys) sold which will only help spread word. So long as the entire endeavor stays profitable to sustain costs and interest is there, it's only natural to assume it'd grow. Sounds like Wurm still has a lot of life left to me. Oh but what do I know, I stare at my screen watching my green bars going down all day...
  7. Don't understand why they don't just do nightly reboots for a server that size...
  8. [08:11:56 EM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Loading mods\ [08:11:56 EM] ALLVARLIG org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: mods\surfaceminingfix Pretty sure it can't find that folder inside the mods directory. Check to see you placed it there.
  9. Part of the problem is people complain yet the fact that there are still 200+ online on Xanadu daily, the most populated server by far, it doesn't give much incentumive to do anything about it. We all hate school lunches but when the cafeteria sells out each day, is there really an apparent problem? Same token, even if 75% leave.. It will be deserted like epic. And look what's been done to fix that lol...
  10. Does it show the java or wurm logo when you run that file? If so maybe try reinstalling java, its known to be glitchy. If not try making sure .jnlp files are associated with java. If you're OS is 64bit make sure you have the 64bit of java as well. Hopefully some others with more experience in this particular issue will chime in soon.
  11. Necrobump cause yes!
  12. I bought the adjacent property, already have a trebuchet built and aimed.
  13. The Necronomicon, a my first book edition. - Nomadikhan Aka +1
  14. Even those of us that do run those specs lag around places such as glasshollow. I dropped from a steady 55-60 to 12 at that market. I do run reflections and shadows, though.
  15. While we're not trusting websites, stay away from FedEx shipping.... 2 day and next shipping never gets there on time, ever. Waiting four days now for my 2 day package. 100% assurance they will deliver on a day you are not home and they require signature, if not home they take it to their hub and the process starts over. I hear they throw TVs over fences too.