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  1. The Wurm Economy Problem

    My 24 rare short bows and 19 rare mauls speak otherwise.. and I'm not the only one with numbers like these.
  2. One eyed stinky giant farewell party

    Drama free, didn't realize all loot was just rolled to a few but was fun nonetheless. Thanks for hosting!
  3. Friya's Cinematics (client mod)

    Of all the things in the video, the woodland camo tent lol. Too cool. I'd like to see an ACU pattern for tents personally.
  4. New Animal Plus Use for Small Carts

    2 new animals - Mule, because that's what you get from breeding donkey's and horses. Either way, neat idea +1
  5. Better way to remove bridges

  6. Even that is a possibility, something togglable in your character profile window.
  7. Fair enough, it's a respectable response.
  8. So does the same apply to tents and banners, is it also not wanted that freedomers not in your kingdom use your tents or collect your banners? What I'm suggesting is more creative freedom and personal expression. Surely having freedomers wearing your emblems is good? Surely being able to wear your enemies emblems and confuse the crap out of people targeting you is wanted, tactics yo? Would you yourself not like to wear your kingdom tabard on freedom?
  9. Now: Weaing a tabard displays your current kingdom on chaos it's your PMK displayed on the tabard. On freedom it's freedom's image Changed: Tabards are not generic, instead you have new tabards such as Horde of the Summoned Tabard, or The Crusaders Tabard. So when I sail from chaos to freedom, I am ALWAYS wearing my PMK's tabard. It's completely silly that it's one item tied to hardcoded current kingdom, they should be treated exactly as kingdom tents and banners. I have edited the title, it's more informative now as to my point
  10. So that it's not completely silly and reliant upon which kingdom your in. This would allow freedomers to wear whatever kingdom tabard they'd like. It may also be interesting since an entire enemy force could be wearing your colors forcing you to mouseover constantly to see who's who, ya know, subterfuge! Plenty of players on Freedom dislike the generic freedom tabard and support PMK's or are even in a PMK but are vacationing on freedom. Give us some love!
  11. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    I'll be giving my source a very hard time, ty for the correction lol
  12. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    I find it funny people are just now noticing this. I saw it right away...and havent completed any more goals then i had before. I really dont intend to either. I dont need to sell tomes, i have money. I dont feel the need to complete the silly goals, other stuff to do. And i dont appreciate the need to use 2 at once just to avoid a debuff from using 1. The titles cant be turned off and im sorry, i dont find them interesting to be stuck with one. I'll pass on goals, got other interests.
  13. Wurm is too expensive for devalued currencies!

    Can you put your currency into more perspetive? For instance, for us to understand, what is the price of 1 litre or gallong of gasoline. How much is a candy bar in a store? The price of a soda in a store?
  14. green dragon slaying

    21hrs~ a bit short but good luck, wish I could be there.
  15. delete

    Guess you dont want it.