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  1. Way to take things too far. Some children just never grow up... This was completely inappropriate.
  2. I'm quite sure we used it on Cele once to mute Kamal during my terrible evil witch hunt times. He got obnoxious in Freedom trying to ruin fun for an ally. Edit: nvm, I believe enough did /ignore to mute him
  3. No Rift for us! SB compensation will do, thanks in advance We need our RNG fix!
  4. I like it, even if it's just a few symbols chosen from a drop-down like shop signs for pve and pvp kingdoms get their banners.
  5. Boo, that's unfortunate, as I don't use large chests anymore... Unsure why you all discriminate against magic chests, can yall at least make them look newer then 2007? wts chest skins
  6. What about on my birchwood, large magical chest, will it look the same as a normal birchwood large chest?
  7. Big +1 cause yes. How to store them? Empty bookshelves and maybe some new display cases I've asked for a few times the last 6 years or so lol.
  8. Chest skin on my large magical chests, yes please!
  9. Or worse yet, redo drops to distribute it server wide upon death, everyone online gets a blood, keep the hide to a radius as usual. Private slayings go on, public slayings for the benevolent go on, everyone gets blood,, meta gets cheaper.
  10. Add the slay as a by product gained when cleaning Forges. I like this idea +1
  11. One thing that comes to mind is, if your on Windows 10 it's permissions are wonky, try right-clicking your Wurm Online folder and click Ownership>Take Ownership. Maybe it's something as simple as not having perms so it never saves the configuration file each time you logout. @Brash_Endeavors is usually quite good with this sort of thing, I'd expect him/her to post here at some point
  12. If anything needs changed on the small cart, it's to allow us to load 1x small crate (I suggested the same for the row boat). Leave it alone other wise, I still use mine from 8 years ago lol
  13. Um... it's doing it to my skills tab too now. I have an alt running same time and it's not affected. What are yall doing to break so much stuff lol.
  14. The Trade chat tab is being sneaky. Just happened today, relog didn't help, not sure what's causing it so cannot give anymore info on this.