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  1. Shadows sometimes work and sometimes I have no shadows. Just randomly works or doesn't when logging in. Also, tree tops and ship masts/sails flash, like super awesome seisure inducing flash, but not always! That too, is random on login. Also, sun rays are shining through everything... I mean EVERYTHING. Also, the checker patttern is ONLY around my character, it moves when I move. And the treetop and ship mast/sail flashing goes away if i travel away from them, seems to affect only closer specimens. I've updated my OP with log files and more screenshots. Wurm is having problems!
  2. Double wide gates of any kind please, more options please! I remember either I or someone else years ago posted about drawbridges during the bridge dev period. It'd be fantastic to have them added to wurm and have real pve and pvp value
  3. Please halp, how do I remove the checkerboard pattern around me? Fear me I am holier then thou art! Crossfire is enabled, for Wurm Online it's set to Default Mode (unsure if that or the other's even do anything in ole Wurmy) console/Nomadikhan.log gamesettings.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. I'd like to see these added back in, and the distance limited as well as a max on animal's making noise, to keep farms from killing our ears. It's just too quiet. Give us an option to turn the ambient sound off if desired too.
  5. +1, more options and ability for expression! (Welcome to Wurm, it's great to have you with us here!)
  6. Since Wurm is going the route of most cookie cutter easymode mmo's now, I guess +1
  7. I'm for it as well, more freedom to clean up old areas is what I'm after.
  8. I will admit the lag has bothered me to the point I don't play much.... I can't wait to jump back in this weekend. The feedback seems great, so nice you have resolved this!
  9. Sucks to be the test rat, but I guess that's how it goes Hopefully this helps.
  11. Next time you won't build my tower so close to a mine, now will ya?
  12. While we're at it, can we have Books act similar to shop signs upon rename.... where as there are a selection of 10-15 covers, different colors and patterns, that we can choose from? I'd love to have an elder scrolls thing going for books so as to make series of books have similar look and feel. History of Celebration, Vol 1-9 having a red diamond pattern Chronicles of Epic Failures, Complete works having black stripe pattern Stuff like that
  13. Huge +1 for common sense changes!
  14. Decorations

    amazing, could you add checker and chess pieces as well? Maybe that would get the devs moving for once to implement games in WO too!
  15. -1 if I wanted AH systems I'd just go back to <insert nearly all other MMO's here> Besides, lmao, Xanadu would lag from trying to keep up with the requirements to run an AH... waka waka