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  1. Shame it’s such an early time midweek for US workers, but really awesome find and even nicer you opened it for all. Have fun everyone!
  2. There used to be regular safe houses at intervals on most servers but over the years the players that built them have either move on or just don’t maintain them. I think the player base mentality has changed over the years as I don’t see as many public works projects like this anymore.
  3. Can we even hotkey shots, last I played with archery like 8 years ago you could not, were forced to right click every shot.... friggin hard to do on pvp where peoples like moving 30kph zig zagging to avoid just you doing that.
  4. Captain Hook approves, as he can now call everyone a Codfish, especially if you're a Pan.
  5. Stealing under $1000 when I'm in Califailnia, because it's not being prosecuted...
  6. I mean, why can we not? If this has changed, then wiki needs updated.
  7. THat's not what's being suggested, can already get PMK stuff and transport to PvE, only not tabards. This accomplishes that and also lets Wurm monoloplize it via marks store or whatever way they choose to distribute the skin tokens. SIde note, however, I'd even settle for dyable tabards with a blank pattern.
  8. Thanks for the directions and a fun event!
  9. Website at down, hopefully it comes back before the timer is up
  10. I'll leave it to the masses and staff to figure out the finer details on how they are distributed and costs.... but what about PMK skins for tabards to allow players to wear their favorite kingdom tabard on PvE? Untapped market here if you ask me, which you didn't, but I advised you anyway, you're welcome.
  11. I’m out of date on coding by like 20 years. How would this compare to WurmNode which is gaining traction now? It’s hard for me to imagine, I am a hands on and visual learner, so without something to see and play with it has me curious.
  12. If I use the mousewheel to scroll the launcher news, everything is grand. If I use the arrow keys to scroll, well not so grand. DxDiag.txt
  13. Can't believe I forgot, I have a Handicap placard, do you have close parking for me?