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  1. I agree with OP, and love the idea of having shelves or compartments similar to the storage unit, etc.
  2. Not a bad idea, the hours it takes off is offset by a cost. Has practical use. I like the idea.
  3. rare chain boot for 1.5s? Cod this name if acceptable and thank you if so
  4. 1.5s practice doll, CoD Nomadikhan if it's able to be mailed (I'll pick up if not)
  5. I for one remember the dark nights. It was incredibly awesome and scary when I was new. I miss this badly and wish it was like that again.
  6. I'd like this, but not a seperate line... I'd prefer "FPS: 60 (PIng#)". More concise and less on the screen.
  7. It's a sad chapter in my 9 months posting here, but it's time I face the facts. This post is dead, no where left to go.... BECAUSE I GOT JUST BOUGHT IT!!! Thanks to everyone that's looked out for me and made it happen
  8. It sadly has not, I don’t play epic. I appreciate the bumps tho! Hehe. this is the last piece I need to complete a supreme set on freedom cluster.
  9. I'm still looking for this, bump!
  10. well since we don't have double insulated glass paned windows, you'd have to remove all windows in favour of walls. We've asked, devs ignored us, no glassworking I'd like them to bring back the microphone in local, while we're at it, would work well with noise blocking and limited range of hearing like this.
  11. NO, I hardly get on these days.. I'm so busy with RL. I miss peoples terribly but life comes first
  12. I am still looking for this last piece!
  13. Aldur, will WA4 be able to minimize and hide on windows this go around, to keep the taskbar clutter down?
  14. I like it, I’d love to find some big cats with combat traits to try breeding a champ combat kitty. Something like this would be awesome!