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  1. Patch Notes 06/JUN/19

    Never had an issue with drinking from containers. Sucks for those that did.
  2. members

    Still watching this space....
  3. wta

    @brattygirl I'm going big, feeling lucky! 6,000.001 iron
  4. wta

    5501.4537 iron
  5. MS-DOS is FUN

    I would name it Ark. The case was made by Ark Research. I've never seen another Case by that brand and I canonly find one snippet about the company online about when they were bought out by another company. I would consider the case pretty rare.
  6. @MadnathCould you elaborate a bit if you're able, is that prayers for each level or sermons?
  7. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    CoD rare book to Nomadikhan please.
  8. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please add Emmaline for Rite of Death 100 faith, 80 channeling
  9. Supreme Tabard

    Would be so cool if they were actually kingdom specific as we have asked for years now. Free bump for cool item
  10. WTT rare forge for rare oven

  11. Show only valid Spell options

    Only makes good sense, something the world is lacking. Let's at least see some here! +1
  12. WTT rare forge for rare oven

    Still looking
  13. Add basic mirror to traders again

    Put on merchant for 1i. Alt buys. That is the only current method. +1 to having on a trader.
  14. WTT rare forge for rare oven

    Still looking.
  15. Add epic curve to freedom

    There's a reason I never played Epic, make that 4 reasons. This is number 2.