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  1. I think a lot of people would get behind this. +1
  2. Hitching posts yay. Possibly no more RMT because steam sucks, maybe it's time to consider moving to WU.
  3. I'll take a couple picnic baskets for 1s a piece. If acceptable please CoD Nomadikhan. Thank you!
  4. With WU you can also load up the launcher and sort the server list by player count. Reason I say this are some server listings here are no longer online. I tend to look at the player count in the launcher list and then try to find that server's listing here for more details.
  5. This is so awesome, I feel like I could be friends with this guy if I were ever to meet him. He seems laid back, calm, and real.
  6. Wooden Benches have done this since implemented. Please fix as OP has posted.
  7. The problem I find with balance is that, it's just a fact of life that combat isn't at all balanced. I'm sure England would have loved a benevolent God to balance the war on Germany, but it just wasn't to be. Combat is brutal and visceral, in life or in a game, it's how it is. To balance or make it easy for one player is to undermine another. I'm not advocating for screwing over newcomers by not implementing things to help them catch up, not at all, I'm just being real in that I don't see how it'll help. I guess my point is that the other side of the arguement is by making it easier for new players your making it less interesting for veterans, which we've seen quite a lot of them leave since pvp balancing has been a thing the last few years. Wurm was, in the past, all about character advancement and punishing us for the sake of being a hard life. If it wasn't for being murdered a few times and having a combat seasoned veteran slaughtering me (which let's face it a seasoned veteran should be able to do) I'd have never pushed myself to keep playing. I guess I find balance in pvp to be an unobtainable thing, because to balance it will always leave something behind, whether that's new players or old, I don't feel it'll truly help in the longrun. If anything, remove the extras like sorcery and stupid stuff that's forced people to cookie cutter and let us get back to good old fashioned medieval combat where a strong arm, high quality sword, and quick thinking of tactics was what set you apart. When WO goes to crap I'd love to find a stripped down WU pvp server where it's plain old medieval combat (no sorcery, no priest or go home, no artifacts, etc). /myopinion
  8. I've long had the same issue on a dog and nymph medallion. I didn't think much of it to post, thanks Kgorski for bringing this up.
  9. I'm more for the shatter on death idea. Non-rares could have a base chance, and rares+ have an increasing % chance to shatter based on rarity. This could also allow for a money sink item like a res stone, but it has 50% chance to negate any shattering on death.
  10. Gotchya, the way it read was "you can seal", I read 'can' as an option. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  11. If I read this correct, it would give us the 'choice' to seal it? If so, it won't create a market for rares etc because why would anyone ever seal it? I'd rather imp my rare chain set or supreme longsword then seal and have to replace it later. Am I misunderstanding this?
  12. Definitely +1 A simple email to the address of the mayor's account seems very reasonable. Maybe an option in our character's profile to enable/disable for those on the fence.
  13. If you use that skill and receive a tick/gain, it should yield the title. It's probably not setup to award titles upon transfer and needs the skill to tick to check for passing the requirements? (just a guess)
  14. As great as AH systems and ease of use trading is, now more then ever I have little reason to leave a deed. I like leaving my deed. I truly don't want more reason to stay on deed. I feel wurm is 10x easier then it was when I started 8 years ago, that's telling me it's really lost it's special spark. I miss you, Wurm Online, I'll be waiting.