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  1. Just saw this, I have an 88 dodge daytona shelby z. 2.2L 4cyl Turbo I w/ fuel injection. Even has T-Tops! Runs stock about 15 pounds boost and puts out about 157hp. To put it in perspective for today's cars, my wife's 2007 toyota yaris is a tiny 4cyl non-turbo that puts out 154~ hp but my daytona will leave it behind in the quarter mile. Finished example Only image I have of mine atm Mine is the same blue but I have different wheels and it's solid blue atm, no silver on the ground effects. It needs a lot of work but I trust it for a commute to work and back once in a while. Chrysler/Dodge discovered vacuum lines were fun to put on EVERYTHING so these cars are a bit finicky if you have a vacuum leak. Every diagram I've seen the vacuum lines run differently, so it's been a lot of trial and error to get it right. Still an on going project, but I love the car and it handles like a dream (although good luck pulling a U-turn, these have a wide turn radius lol) I miss cars with T-tops, a feature I wish had not vanished
  2. I'll take all 4k stone bricks please.
  3. I'd be inclined to agree with this explanation, it's entirely plausible a corpse and all belongings rotted away leaving only the coins. Given desertion's population woes, easily the most likely explanation.
  4. The original suggestion by myself was to allow for us to load a rowboat into larger ships. This wouldn't have the issue you mention. The original suggestion is something already doable, probably just needs a field checked yes somewhere.
  5. Haha I don’t, and I don’t do the whole off-roading stuff. I paid 22k for my 07 ranger new and loved it til hit by a drunk. The setup I ordered is 250hp which is plenty for what I need. Compare that to the little sedan I drive atm which is 157hp and can’t carry or haul a thing. My 88 Daytona Shelby Z is the same hp and 19 years it’s senior, why my wife went with a Yaris was beyond me but I’m tired of driving it so cannot wait. If I was to go with something 8cyl I might do a late 80s or Early 90s Dodge Ram. My grandfather had one and I like the style. They had rust issues so haven’t seen one worth looking at. I just got my build date email so it will be in production early December, sooner then I expected.
  6. Congrats on this, good lord I like the dedication here! What about ‘Aegis’? "The aegis, as stated in the Iliad, is a device carried by Athena and Zeus, variously interpreted as an animal skin or a shield and sometimes featuring the head of a Gorgon."
  7. People have been saying Wurm will die since I first started in 2011… and here I am 10 years age advanced reading identical end is nye posts. TL;DR: The only cause of Wurm’s death will be at the hands of those claiming it’s dead. An ideal only dies if you say it so. More TL;DR: Cease trying to change this game and embrace its unique way of doing things or move on.
  8. As the owner of a few real gold coins and over 200 ounces of silver, does this mean I am now rich in wurm? I also put back 500usd in cash to my safe every few months too so can I scan that as well? If you can’t tell I don’t have a lot of faith in banks and I hate spending money on RL so if I could scan the serial numbers of all this to wurm that would be great news for me!
  9. You really need to play PvP to understand why this is probably the worst idea you have suggested thus far. -1
  10. If I didn't play, then who else would renaturalize areas devastated by everyone else? This aside, I play because this is an amazing community and I've never found another like it.
  11. I'll stay on my current server cluster, this doesn't appeal to me at all.
  12. -1 especially since rares are not rare anymore... how fantastic would it be when fantastics are not so fantastic anymore. It's fine as is.
  13. I love the action on this one. It took years to get Celebration added and minutes for Norther Freedom isles. We've come so far
  14. Wurm needs a good Highlander Grogg coffee. Let’s do this devies. +1