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  1. Complete EPIC wipe!

    A complete wipe right after they allow skill transfers, did you do your homework?
  2. horse found

    Locke is an old friend of mine, he quit around 2 years ago. You're welcome to keep the horse. Thanks for looking for it's owner
  3. Passenger Carriages

    +1 PvP troop carriers and PvE paddy wagons! Let's do this. image may or may not represent the OP's creative ideas.
  4. Valrei International. 057

    Animal Cages. Open option on right click of saddle bag equipped mount.
  5. Read mod

    Would like to see bookcases have a real use, been asking for it since they were released. Adding books and a real use for writing to the game is also something I've asked for as well. It may very well take a WU modder to make this happen since WO devs haven't
  6. Store and Licensing

    Sign me up for a Wurm Online T-Shirt, please.
  7. Chaos armors poll

    Now I see, why didn't yall start with that? Would grab a wider audience if those who don't play on epic better knew what you were talking about. Not a bad idea here.
  8. Chaos armors poll

    I'd be up for some change. Even if it was for increasing dmg to plate armour itself during use, similar to shields, and reduce dmg lost during repair. This way, at least, steel plate has a heavy penalty to dmg received on each piece, so in combat you lose effective dmg mitigation at a faster pace then other armours. Face it, lose a couple links in chain or tear a small hole in leather, it's still pretty usable... but dent a piece of plate and it's damn near ruined in practice.
  9. -CLOSED-WTS Supreme Longbow

    CoD this sucker to Nomadikhan for 25s and you have yourself a sale
  10. Close please

    Seeing as how board mods only removed one of the 4 requested posts here, I'm declaring it officially derailed. Just close the topic :/
  11. Saddlebags - "open" button on a bar

    Open saddlebags period,we were promised an open feature 4 months ago... But hey, at least we got electric screwdriver noises!!! Get it together devs
  12. Why not split holiday and/or seasonal files from graphics.jar and sounds.jar into their own holidays.jar or seasonal.jar. And go a step further and allow us to enable or disable it just the same as experimental? This would let people decide if they want to listen to annoying electric screw drivers.. or not. It would also cut down on downloading graphics.jar every holiday, maybe. Is this even possible to do?
  13. CPU Temperatures / Preview Client Java and Linux

    Interesting.. I have an AMD 8-core and the red devil overclocked version of your rx580 8gb card, but I can run wurm on max setting and am doing fine on heat. I'd still be interested to see replies as well, as potentially this could affect me in the future.
  14. Sort of sick of April fools jokes today, it's not even April Fools in Murica and people at work thought they were pulling a prank on me by trying to scare me in the parking lot this morning... I didn't know and thought it was one of the usual homeless and pulled a gun on my own co-workers. April 1st is such a retarded day, why can't it just be another day like any other...