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  1. I do agree, though I've seen maybe 1-2 people that have actually done it. There is the problem
  2. So I don't keep getting excited that there might be a new post on SFI for stuff being sold only to find out it's NFI. #clickbait
  3. Bump. Forever shall I search!
  4. I plan on trying to go, thank you for this!
  5. I'll be honest. It's not that I don't like your idea, I just dislike cooking in Wurm. It's incredibly boring and tedious. Adding more complexity won't fix that for me. I dislike it to the point I cook the same exact meal in bulk every time, and I only stock the ingredients for that meal. 17 to be exact in number. Aside from my single meal choice, I pay others if/when I want an affiniity food. I have played for nearly 11 years and I haven't even bothered trying to unlock recipes. It's just a big turn off for me and I really don't understand why tbh.
  6. Sure a chat would be fun, so we can become more competitive! Peer pressure those in chat to pump it out
  7. Trade Channel killed the market stall~ Video killed the radio star~ But no really it did, on both accounts. Anyway, I own Tap Dance Market on Celebration and want to start bashing some market stalls to install little workshop/merchant buildings. Something people can decorate, put some love into, and sell goodies. I have already done so in the NW corner of the market, couple merchants to sell my goodies and some horses. If anyone wants to build and run shops at TDM please, PM me and let's do it, there's quite a bit of space to lease. We need more life here! #deathtotradechat
  8. food lunch box/picnic basket in a saddle bag on a horse.. zero decay, at least for me. Got a horse on a deed on another server, went over there after 40 some days, food still zero dmg
  9. Why not just let us have cake like other MMO's... add filtering and the ability to create custom named tabs, so you can filter and sort your own chat. Make the current setups the default and we can further filter from there.
  10. Saw a topic about just this earlier, another +1 from me.
  11. Haha yeah I personally use something like this, and have it turned off globally and just on for specific sites. It'd just be nice to have the option is all.
  12. Some positive ideas here. Definitely a few worth considering I'd think,. Especially equipping auto uses ranged without activating.