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  1. So, when's this new game streaming/selling/humblebundle wanna be company going public? I've got a couple grand but don't need a new rifle, I wanna buy stock too. #MinorityShareholdermeplease I'd like in before the next jump in value
  2. Nah, it'll be right next to the Mine option, like how other items have similar opposing actions next to each other lol.
  3. [14:06:10] <Enki> GREETINGS! [14:11:11] <Enki> You have 5 minutes left to nitice me! [14:16:11] <Enki> Times up! You have failed this month's Random Enkounter! [14:19:10] <Emmaline> huh [14:19:28] <Emmaline> Er probably for the best, cause I have no fighting skills [14:19:47] <Emmaline> and I'd rather not die or lose time trying to get 70 prayer [14:19:58] Prayer increased by 0.0013 to 65.3167 Sorry Enki, I feel bad, but happy luck to the next person you find
  4. Silly retro, when the boss sells his shares to another party that party becomes your boss. You do what he boss says, lets just hope its not angel wings and cash shops...
  5. Yeah but this is still much better a grind as is now, then will ever be on freedom
  6. Its ok, epic is a nice quiet server free from drama these days. Its perfect for cheat grinding 70 prayer. At least it serves *some* purpose now.
  7. It's a feature (via mod) in practically every WU server, it would be apparent that this is a popular feature. Do I really have to type *hint hint*... crap, I guess I did. +1
  8. I really think when a rift beacon spawns it should be a small area, like maybe 5x5 around the beacon. The rapidly spread out naturally, such as grass and trees (cept fully grown) until the rift opens.
  9. Give me a PM sometime here or ingame. Nomadikhan both places. I'll set you up with a 75ql weapon and/or 75ql shield no charge. Welcome to Wurm, we've been waiting!
  10. haha, yeah lack thereof is right. Pretty anti-climatic dragging items up and down a window XD
  11. It is true, not 100% socialist, some things are similar but not as faithful as pure socialism. Politics aside, I don't feel traders really need changed. Years ago, when I was making 20-30s a month, I would have to agree, that is obsessive.. but for most peoples 1-2s and even my marginally better 4.5s a month, it's not game breaking. With my profit, if I actually kept it, I could maybe get 1 decent rare pickaxe each month.,... and how many do I reallly need lol. I think there are other balances to be looked into before ever considering this, such as pvp (which I'll leave to those that actively partake these days, I'm horribly out of it)
  12. hehe, I like discussion! Nah I'm not entitled, anyone is welcome to buy and plant a trader, while it further spreads the kingdom funds around, I'm good with that. It is fair that anyone can buy a trader, which as it happens a good bit of the 50s spent is put into the kingdom pool and the rest is available on the trader you bought it from, so the purchaser gets a bit of a refund
  13. Define fair? In what sense? Should someone out of high school with no real work experience and no college degree earn as much as someone that has years of job experience and a Bachelor's degree? Nope. Need more background on what you think is fair. Pertaining to traders, socialism isn't just the masses controlling the production, you left out distribution and exchange. That's where I'm drawing from. I don't need other players controlling the distribution of coin to traders, it works just fine as it does now. The whole community does not own my trader, I bought it and planted it, it's in a house I built, it's MINE. If I get 5c a month or 5s a month, you're not entitled to it, and who are you to demand my trader is changed? I do get where this thinking comes from, take a look here
  14. Socialism - a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. That is exactly what he/she is proposing... that traders be regulated so that everyone gets an equal share. There is an alternative, but it's very closely tied to socialism; and that is maybe it's generational thinking. Today's generations are of mind that by college age they have worked so hard and sacrificed so much they are entitled to things like free healthcare, fair and equitable wages, and erasing of student debts. American's are dealing with this type of thinking right now. It's not just American, it's global. The sense of self-entitlement is mind-numbingly annoying. Let's break this down. I don't think the traders are healthy in any way in their current form. I don't have one or haven't drained one before so I see this as unfair. I'm not a capitalist and want things equal for everyone. (maybe they gave out participation awards in school?) What they need to do is just give out a set amount of coins each month to deeds with traders on them, and not allow draining anymore. Divide coins equally amongst every trader and govern that no one can drain them, they will be made fairly available. (Socialist economics is something "millenials" side with in most major surveys on college campuses). This would remove the tedium of having to drain them defining what something is to everyone and why we need it changed , be fair to everyone and prevent these nasty conversations from springing up all the time socialism If you can't see this for what it is, I'm sorry. My father had to take a magazine and hand type lines of code for hours into an Atari to play a game. I had to get off the couch to plug a cartridge into my Nintendo. My daughter has to click a download button on her phone to play a game. If the internet goes out I get up and work on my car in the garage, my daughter starts yelling for Mom or Dad to fix it and screams if it's not up in 5min. Every generation has things easier and thus is required to work less then that of their prior generation. Each generations sense of accomplishment and what they feel is hard work is different. Where I see owning a trader when someone else can't is what it is, another player may see it as totally unacceptable. I own a 2 story 4 bedroom house and 3 cars. is that unfair? Should you be given equal housing and vehicular accommodation? Entitled socialist thinking already got fountain packs removed, what else do the masses think they need to control for me? Leave it alone or just remove it entirely, but by Vynora don't change it because you feel it's unfair.