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  1. I still have the wurm bitcoin miner app archived on my server lol. bit disappointed it doesn’t work anymore, would be terrific to mine 0.00000000001btc a year.
  2. I have experienced this too for a very long time. To build further, I have autorun bound to r and randomly it stops recognizing that, I have to rebind the key. Happens every single play session for a couple years now. Other keybinds also have this issue, but is seemingly random for me.
  3. I don’t always have time to play wurm, but when I do, I still sail my corbita.
  4. and the more people that toast within a given time of the starter's toast the message will change to be more and more grand! Add in alignment change and this could be cool.
  5. Neat, I can sit on my butt playing chess in the explora...tion... what? OKay, neat, I like it.... but that has nothing to do with exploration. Treasure maps, okay Minecraft has it, but maybe make Chess a holiday gift like checkers was. Maybe I missed something in the post, but I just don't understand that one.
  6. Interesting. By chance, is your alt on your main's friend list? Might be part of it, I know with the naggy bsb theft mechanic this plays a role.
  7. This is not a bug. This is because the perimeter acts solely to block other deeds from being built immediately beside you. You do not actually own those tiles as part of the deed so no permissions you set will stop anyone from building inside your perimeter. The catch here is that once built, anything in your perimeter cannot be repaired. The old saying deed it or lose it is just that, if you want someone to not have ability to build in a certain place, deed it. Hope that helps.
  8. This is a fair point as are the others that have given input. A much better project would be to remove old roads and highways in favor of updating to a newer central highway system which currently used roadways could be linked.