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  1. I'll take the rare oven. Where is your deed, will pick up.
  2. So, I was daydreaming while driving a forklift as I often do through the day at my work, cause you know, it's boring. Anyway, I had an epiphamy, how can I stay premium after the RMT changes? Buying from the Wurm Shop is RMT. Seems a bit hypocritical, and I try to be as genuine a person as I can. I lead by example, except when I say screw it, and I feel banning RMT is a sad hypocracy when buying wurmshop currency or premium is RMT. Some people think best when on the toilet, I found my best moments in life are accomplished when absent minded driving a vehicle that weighs as much as 3-4 automobiles. To each their own I suppose, I won't judge. Have a fantastic and wonderful hypocritical day! Mine's not over yet, I'll keep daydreaming, let's hope Bob watches where he's walking, cause I'm surely not.
  3. And the precise amount of IP addresses allowed to access the account in how much time in how many days or years. Some people travel, would be a shame to get banned because your work sent you to 4 countries within a month and some new staff member thinks your sharing accounts. Also, would love transparency as to how sraff are going to prove all this...
  4. When were these done? Cele looks maybe 4-6 months outdated, doesn't show roadways on my island that i placed months ago. In the last month or two someone has also placed a wand island waaaay too close on our north shore and it doesn't show either.
  5. Having seen the same carts in the same places for 9 years, yes I agree with these ideas. Let us take the old salvage rules into our own hands, if effective ql is under 10 and player is offline X amount of time, lock is removed.
  6. When your in 3rd person.. and your horse is pointing at the monster... and your head is pointing at the monster... and you get no shield related ticks at all... but you change back to 1st person and you are facing the butt of your horse... and you turn your self around to face the mob... and all a sudden you start getting shield related ticks... I don'tknow how else to explain it... something is wrong... I now have 25+ in small metal shield, and can even now, reproduce this every time I try. It's a thing. I'm not just whining because of low skill. I can do this with large metal shield that I have 70+ skill in. I can do this with every other shield. It's not tracking properly. I've played in 1st person for 9 years, will just stay with that.
  7. The issue I have is I can fight multiple mobs in 3rd person without ever getting a single shield skill tick. When I press 'P' and go back to 1st person, I am now looking behind me, not in front of me where the mob is, and so I turn myself around and BAM I start getting skill ticks again. Something isn't right...
  8. I can reproduce this, sort of.. randomly looking around and changing from 1st to 3rd, over and over sometimes I am not always facing the same direction as I was before when changing. I can be in 1st and look to the right, zoom out to 3rd and be looking right, zoom in to first and i'm reset to looking forward.
  9. Bear with me, going to butcher my way through explaining this.... if I even can. I have been out hunting for a good while in 3rd person, took quite a bit longer then I thought to finish med wood shield from 68.5 to 70 but didn't think about it (4 hours roughly). I changed to Small metal shield, starting out the grind at 2.76. I was 3x in that from a death many years ago. I have quite a good cast of CoC, 92 and always train combat with Sleep bonus ON. I am 11 in knowledge and gain +25% in skillgain. After nearly 2 hours of fighting, I attained an epic small metal skill rating of just over 14.25.... not even a full 12 points. It's at this point I looked back and noticed I'm not even hardly gaining overall Shields skill, not for a good while, it doesn't even seem I have been blocking as my shield has been at 0.000 dmg for some time. I assumed it's the weird oddity where I need to take off my shield and regear it.. nope, still same, I continued for another 15-20min and might block and/or gain small metal or shields skill once in 3-4 mobs. It's at this point I entered a cave and the camera starts playing wonky, because of the ceiling close to ground layer. I am facing forward looking into the cave entrance in front of me, and change back to first person and BAM I'm looking directly behind me outside the cave. I turned my camera and faced forwards, didn't think anything more of it. I then cleared the small mine of 2 scorpions and 1 troll and in doing so gained just over 2 points of small metal shield skill and regularly got ticks in overall shields again. I've continued fighting for the last 20-25min and am still getting ticks, i'm now 16.5 small small metal shields. I guess what I'm saying is at some point in 3rd person even though my camera is facing forward the game/server has me facing backwards, hence i've not been blocking and/or gaining any skill. I haven't been able to reproduce it, it's my second time doing much of anything in 3rd person really. Anyone had this happen?
  10. And even harder for lib on freedom to get 100 faith. Very good point you made.
  11. [10:47:40] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. (5 min) Thank you!
  12. Just some extras I have sitting around, asking 14c per tool. Mailed to your choice of toon. All have been sold, thank you!
  13. I play over VPN, so my IP shown to you changes quite often. How will this be taken into account?