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  1. Sorry to post out off topic... but I'm curious now. Why exactly and 88ql and 93+ql bow? Just seems so specific lol. Testing or optimum skill grind?
  2. And please for the love of god make it so it stops raining, snowing, and fogging in structures.
  3. It's not quite a fix, Xallo, but Solmark resolved his issue by moving from windows to linux :/ He gave up after not getting any real help on the issue. Hoping you garner more support.
  4. As long as I can murder the guards and loot the coffers, +1
  5. If all chain pieces are iron, CoD to Nomadikhan. I'll take em all.
  6. Caging and loading animals!!!!! Everything else was just meh after that
  7. I started on wild, spawn killed a few times by tonygreen... JK players gave me a chance even coming to rid the landing of him for me. Always take a chance on people... dont lose our humanity and compassion towards others. I'll never forget people like Duce who coached me and helped me out.
  8. We also have to think how games have evolved, Wurm fits in with games 20 years ago that were hard... most games today handhold you much more. My daughter finds the new Mario games MUCH easier then the old ones so she is easily frustrated playing my NES.
  9. So. Much. Yes.
  10. and even one more step, patent it so we may profit off all the miserable masses that envy enough to purchase said plans!
  11. I just recently took shortsword to 70. I did it with rare shortsword at 95ql with nimble, coc, LT, mindstealer, and AD. rare Large Wood shield. Rare chainmail, rare great helm. Here's how I faired... My stance - aggresive. Already have normal and defensive at 70+, aggresive it is.. I also want the faster swing timer to offset the lesser dmg per hit My shortsword - I went with nimble as shortswords already deal less dmg and with an already fast swing timer I can make up for less dmg by ensuring I hit as often as I can. I have just over 50 body str so that also makes up for lesser dmg. My Shield - went with large wood instead of metal or even another short sword. Why? I'm already a capable fighter, I wanted to truly test what I can do with the handicap a shortsword provides. Drake and my 70 skill in LMS just don't allow for it. So large wood shield and rare chainmail it was. I got my feedback and got to work on a new shield type for diversity in the field. My Armor - Rare chainmail, 80ql+, all aosp (just didn't have access to web). I wanted feedback, anyone with a 2h axe or 2h maul and drake can pawn a troll... the real test is fighting an aged troll on foot with chainmail, wood shield, and a shortsword. Not everyone can do it. I was satisfied with my outcome. Took me appr. 3 weeks in total, 1 week of just mucking about as i was offdeed, roughly 2 weeks of hunting on deli and cele to get 70+. Definately fun, learned I'm as decent as I hope I'd be. Once I get 70 in every weapon and shield type I'll be right where I want to be. I could have done it in less then 2 weeks with drake, large metal shield or even an offhand shortsword. It's not hard. I recommend Accuracy enchants and setups over faster timers. Shortswords glanced, got parried, and just plain missed more then other weapons I found. I personally found more hits per second didn't equate to more dmg. Seemed like making each hit count was better. I'd be curious to see what others found, I don't know anyone personally ingame that's skilled this weapon.
  12. So much lol in this thread. Can't we just move on?
  13. From 3 months of tinkering and PC building and setting changing and spending nearly 1800usd I can tell you 75% of your issue. CPU - That core duo isn't cutting it. I had a quad core from 2009 running at 3.0ghz, which is vastly better then a 2.93ghz core duo. It's like a Pentium Celeron of the early 2000's, bad. I upgraded to an 8-core processor at 3.2ghz and saw maybe 5-7fps increase. Wurm and java are horrible at utilizing multiple cores. Over clocking my 3.2ghz 8-core to 4.0ghz... I can suddenly run wurm using shadows and reflections at 60fps easily. Never mind the fact I have an RX480 8gb GDDR5 radeon card that can run Fallout 4 on max settings at 75fps. Wurm is java and java is dated. Bottom line, you need a better CPU, I'd personally reccomnd a 4.0ghz or better, quad core minimum. The other 25% of your issue, Java.
  14. O Or just finally fixing the actual bug.