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  1. We did get something new and fun, we got new fishing mechanics. Everyone loves that! (right?)
  2. Bikini parties! I'm heading over to OR's right now!
  3. Blood Bay, for example, has been ingame for years. A few others in that picture have been as well. What am I missing here?
  4. 5hr self-entitlement for everyone!
  5. On a whim, do you have the FPS counter showing? during these freezes see if the FPS hits 0 and then jumps back up. May be graphics card related if so (either old/dying/or drivers).
  6. I'm used to it, this is normal for Wurm Online.
  7. Xanadu while quite large, is just not a good example of wurm's servers.. it's lagged since day one, lagged after every fix to fix the lag, and lags after migrating multiple times to new hosts, and stil lags on the newest host. Celebration has a lot of free land and some very nice places, has a quaint community of good people that enjoy helping newer folk!
  8. I haven't tried it, but based soley on this video I think I'll pass I still like the classic gray basic the best.
  9. Still waiting on the mentioned Box Art too, curious what the physical copies of the game will look like when sold in stores!
  10. How so? The current servers are just as good. Better imo, because first days of steam will be mass land grabs.
  11. Box art was specifically mentioned. When can we excpect to see Wurm Online sold in retail stores? I'd like a few copies for my collection! It's amazing to hear Wurm is big enough now to be a household name and have the money to release on physical media! Nothing like a nice Box, Manual, and Disc! What stores will sell it? Best Buy, Gamestop, Wal-Mart? Also, can we get a triple monitor version of the background wall paper? My resolution is 5040x1050 and none of these work right
  12. Shadows sometimes work and sometimes I have no shadows. Just randomly works or doesn't when logging in. Also, tree tops and ship masts/sails flash, like super awesome seisure inducing flash, but not always! That too, is random on login. Also, sun rays are shining through everything... I mean EVERYTHING. Also, the checker patttern is ONLY around my character, it moves when I move. And the treetop and ship mast/sail flashing goes away if i travel away from them, seems to affect only closer specimens. I've updated my OP with log files and more screenshots. Wurm is having problems!
  13. Double wide gates of any kind please, more options please! I remember either I or someone else years ago posted about drawbridges during the bridge dev period. It'd be fantastic to have them added to wurm and have real pve and pvp value
  14. Please halp, how do I remove the checkerboard pattern around me? Fear me I am holier then thou art! Crossfire is enabled, for Wurm Online it's set to Default Mode (unsure if that or the other's even do anything in ole Wurmy) console/Nomadikhan.log gamesettings.txt DxDiag.txt
  15. I'd like to see these added back in, and the distance limited as well as a max on animal's making noise, to keep farms from killing our ears. It's just too quiet. Give us an option to turn the ambient sound off if desired too.