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  1. More 5.56, more 9, more things for my IFAK, new pair of boots, blood type patch, fuel line for my Daytona or car dollys to move it off to the side of the garage for the winter, new carb for the riding mower, 50 gallon gas to refill the fuel drum in the garage for the winter, backup carb for the generator (gets cold here, have gone without power for 2 weeks before), furnace filters, potatoes and rice, more oatmeal, Car cover for the parts car, primer and paint fopr the trailer project next year, concrete if hardware store has it on sale this friday for paving project next year... After that maybe wurm junk.
  2. Annalise

    This is terrible and deeply saddens me. Annalise helped me at The Landing almost 10 years ago when I started Wurm, dying a few times protecting me from Tonygreen, zarmazarmax, and goldfishmoo. She was so kind and patient. To this day she is on my friends list even though we’re in different places in wurm. Prayers need to go out she was truly a one of a kind person! Please if any sort of memorial is being worked on I want to help.
  3. I'm not on the island on Pristine atm, but this is what I built there.
  4. Splort!

    I love me some splort!
  5. Let's get some new decoration pieces that we can make from metal.. because, who doesn't like the finer things in life?
  6. Pretty please sell me stuff!
  7. Had a very similar thing happen a couple years ago, I documented somewhere on forums here around 50 casts where I could NOT get a 70+ power cast doing BotD. Quite truly every reply was just it's RNG or Your channeling must suck, not one person took me seriously. Good luck, I too understand your issue and sympathize.