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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So, this update that makes the animals move to eat is really depleting my horse stock. Is there anyway to make it where they do not move to eat? I have been out hunting and I knew the horses were going to take off when I unhitched the wagon, but still was not able to lead them in time. I even freaking tried feeding them before unhitching! They ran off fast into the water!!!!! I swam after them but ofc they hit land and where gone in a flash. I don't want to call a GM to get them back because they have more important things to do, but this is really upsetting. LOL with the AH update its hard to get a good horse anyways and now I have lost all my good horses. I guess I will start from scratch and breed some wilds. Please! Please! Please! Do something about this! Thanks for you time.
  2. Fixed !! Thanks guys o7 Ok. I am on Indy server, on my deed (Circlesville). I have my cart and 2 hitched horses (both horses wearing saddles). This cart (The Grape Adventure) is sitting like inside a building here (Teeebomb's Tall House). I unhitched those horses (right click cart, animals > unhitch) and they both took off in a south west direction. Both were stopped by a fence. They wont do it again for me in the same spot, so I can not immediately repeat this. I do not know why they took off in that direction. I am standing right here, next to both horses, and there is no messages in my event tab about either of them eating anything. Thank god they did not eat stuff out of my locked cart. WILL YOU PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME SO SADDLED HORSES DO NOT MOVE AROUND. I do not want animals to eat out of random containers I have sitting around. I can not honestly think why anyone would want random animals wandering around eating out of undesignated containers. I honestly want Wurm to work, and I do appreciate all your effort to make this game workable. But, making animals take off and eat out of nearby random containers - dumb. Specially if they are wearing frick'n saddles, right? I can see how it may be desirable to have nearby animals eat out of a crate. But no. Not randomly. I may be able to get used to this. Change placement of stuffs, start paying more attention to placing containers around animals, sure. But not saddled horses, right. Saddled horses should not move, right? I hope saddled horses moving is a glitch and you will fix this soon. Very very scary. Thanks your time, Teeebomb