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  1. Choose generosity instead of Greed.  Be kind and understanding instead of being hateful and spiteful. I love this game and hope that it continues to grow and evolve. Let the Good people in Wurm prosper and the corrupt move on! 



  2. Removed comment lol read his statement wrong I think. I need to not read the forums late at night, because it gets me into trouble hehehehe
  3. @Ekcin I'm a nice person until someone takes my Turret hehehhehehee
  4. Yeah, or after you set there and kill a turret and they walk up and block you and take it! I take them as fast as I can and share with others. The main people that rift with me do the same, we all make sure everyone gets something good ql. But sucks when people come just to get the mats takes them all for themselves. I literally get so pissed off that I scream at them that they are freaking rude hehe
  5. We usually do vote to close or not, but sometimes there are new people there that don't ask. It happens... You hate the 100 rifts part of the journal? There are many parts of the journal that take a bit of time to complete, but I think it is worth it. You will get your cape when you finish. I completed the 100 rifts a while ago. I still attend rifts now, because there is a group of us that actually like to go and we usually have a blast. I took two new people today that only had like 20 fight skill. hehehehe I was so worried about them, but they had a blast and was asking to go again before we even left the server. The 4th wave is a bit long and could be shortened, but just because you don't like the rifts does not mean others feel the same.
  6. Hi, So, I was going through Blossom in Pristine taking some new players to the Gob Leader place for tomorrow and Blossom is just not very nice! [22:04:05] A horn sounds and the gates are locked. Blossom is put on alert! [22:03:55] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Shenjiwurm! [22:04:15] You are now outside the hostile perimeters. So, they did not hurt me but was concerning lmfao. I put in Support ticket and a GM fixed my reputation in Blossom and then I was told to submit this here for a bug.
  7. ty perji for letting me win haha, and ty oospeedstyler I LOVE IT!
  8. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 8] Cod Shenjiwurm pretty plz