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  1. Ruka won .38 Black Dragon Scale, [16:29:36] Stoickjester takes bone, [16:34:11] Alphawolfen 90ql seryll lump, [16:35:06] Mrcoolman Rare Long Bow, [16:35:22] Ksss Skull, [16:36:42] Thalorane Corpse, [16:36:55] ammar maul, [16:37:52] smada potion, [16:38:27] reflektionz meat, [16:38:59] Adog meat, [16:39:50] Dellen Tooth, [16:40:50] Kraegar meat, [16:41:10] Richtje Meat, [16:42:00] Nestangol Gland, [16:42:13] chilamix you get some extra Eyes !!, WE HAD SOME GREAT PEOPLE MAKE THE SLAYING WAY MUCH COOLER! THEY ALL DONATED SOMETHING TO THE LOOT! BIG THANK YOU TO: donated donated by .38 Black Scale Shenjiwurm - Donated - Dragon Finder rare long bow with 83nim86coc Cartier - Donated 90QL Seryl Lump Reflektionz -Doanted rare small maul, gold 90ql Jaz - Donated Potion of Leatherworking Kazzpi - Donated THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE THAT CAME WAS A BLAST, OL DREAMMASTER EVEN MADE APPEARANCE
  2. I'm so sorry Enjoy your family time though
  3. awww I'm sorry, Its Saturday at least, Stay up Or set you a very early alarm.
  4. Hey Flik, Dude you could have converted right here. It made me smile thinking of ol Reap trying to protect you. He is a good guy, sometimes? Hehe It also made me feel good knowing that I made such a good impression on you that you mentioned me in this post. I always like to help people out anyway I can. I sure hope you do not quit or at least come back if you take a break. You would be missed!!!!
  5. When you get to serenity Harbor, follow the road East, You should see a bunch of colored statues in the middle of the road if you are on the correct one. That road will lead you straight into the Sandstone Hwy, There should be a sign there pointing to the left(i.e. Turn Left). The next picture shows you the Turn off to get to the Midnight Ball Deed. This the path you will turn off the sandstone Hwy ( I believe it is called western expressway). follow the gravel road and keep to your right when it Y's off up the road. There also should be a pointing sign showing you the correct path. Just stay to you right and you will be there soon Hope to see ya there!
  6. Come on down to have a dance with The Black Dragon! Slaying will be on: June 19th at 4pm CST , Please look at Denully's comment below for the timer! All loot will be rolled on, so come have some fun and maybe win some good LOOT! picture by: Fraskesa
  7. You had said three that day, so was going off what you said. I only have knowledge of goblin leader tomes. and Thank you p.s. will probably not drop anyway
  8. Everything will be rolled on and go to the public unless there is red tome. If there is red tome, I will take one charge and the other two will be rolled on. Was intended for everyone to enjoy and maybe get a prize, that is all I wanted.
  9. Due to circumstances surrounding my finding this dragon, I have decided to have it hosted by another party. I hope you guys will all still come and enjoy the fun. I will try to keep the same timeframe for the slaying. Thanks stanlee for your help and I have mailed you a Shaker orb to replace yours.
  10. I'm still praying one drops dang it