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  1. In trying to plan an arched pottery bridge I used the skill matrix in the bridges wiki article. Since pottery isn't specifically listed I assumed (stupid of me to do so) the row for marble / slate and sandstone would suffice. It does not. I tried to plan a 17 tile bridge with an 81.19 masonry skill and the resulting bridge types would not allow it. Though I could plan an arched marble or slate bridge, but no sandstone. So that matrix is obviously not accurate. Since the planning tool basically says "no soup for you" and not what skill you need to plan the intended structure (developers take note... idea here!!), I'm left to guessing. Help was no help so I'm here asking too. Anyone have any thoughts on how to determine the required skill?
  2. My favorite horse!! Pearlabia!
  3. After completing the new stone L/R arch combination I tried to build a pair of stone and iron parapets under it. With my bar and bricks in inventory I activated my trowel and right clicked on the tile border, just like I do with the legacy arch. But I get no fence option with the new arch. However I can still build parapets under the legacy single tile arches.
  4. I found it extremely difficult to destroy a partial rope fence. The fence had these stats: [22:56:16] QL=9.901449, dam=0.0 I used a large maul with a QL = 18 and it was destroyed, useless and tossed away. Then I used a maul of QL = 27 and it was destroyed, useless and tossed away. Lastly I pulled out my large axe of QL = 69 and it destroyed the partial rope fence, but took 29 damage in doing so. Since I made the ropes I know they are not made of titanium! So is this a bug? If so, please fix it.