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Found 12 results

  1. Tannery located on Xanadu, near Vrock Landing, on Crocodile Isle Toolbelts: 5-slot 20c 6-slot 30c 7-slot 40c 8-slot 60c 9-slot 1 silver 10-slot 5 silver (rare ql90 belt - none in stock) Blank (unenchanted) Saddles: Creation ql 8c ql50 15c ql60 20c ql70 40c ql80 60c ql90 1s40c ql93 1s90c ql95 3s80c Saddles with WoA in stock, send PM for custom orders and imping: ql80, WoA81 1s41c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA82 1s42c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA83 1s43c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA87 1s54c (1 in stock) ql80, WoA92 1s88c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA97 3s05c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA100 3s50c (1 in stock) ql93, WoA100 4s (1 in stock) ql93, WoA102 4s35c (1 in stock) ql93, WoA104 4s74c (1 in stock) All enchanted saddles come with free bridle and saddle bags. For enchanted horseshoes check Gandalf's horseshoe shop: Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets (9 pieces): ql60 72c ql70 1s08c ql80 1s44c ql90 2s70c ql93 6s30c ql95 19s80c ql60-ql90 sets usually ready in stock, ql93 and ql95 sets made on order. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, with AoSP casts, full sets (9 pieces): ql90, all casts power 90+ 7s20c (1 studded set in stock) ql90, all casts power 100+ 9s90c (1 studded set in stock) ql93, all casts power 100+ 13s50c (out of stock) Plain leather sets with casts are made on order. Same price as for studded. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets, Balanced QL editions (9 pieces): Different armour pieces see different amounts of hits in fights, with most hits going to the main parts jacket and pants that usually get damaged much faster than other pieces. Therefore these pieces are ideally of a better QL than the minor armour pieces boots, sleeves and gloves. To counter that the Balanced QL Editions offer sets that have higher QL for the main pieces jacket and pants. Bronze edition - jacket and pants ql93, other parts ql90: 4s20c (Set usually ready in stock) Silver edition - jacket and pants ql95, other parts ql90: 7s40c (Set usually ready in stock) Gold edition - jacket and pants ql95, other parts ql93: 10s40c (Made on order) Platinum edition - jacket and pants ql97, other parts ql95: 27s (Made on order) All armour sets available in Tim's Tannery house colours blue/black bi-colour design (QL80+ sets dyed free of charge). Scroll down for pictures. Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, per piece: ql60 10c ql70 15c ql80 20c ql90 40c ql93 90c ql94 1s50c ql95 2s50c ql96 4s ql97 6s The above list is also used to calculate imping fees, imping fee is the difference of what ql it is now to what ql is wanted. Example: ql80 (20c) to ql90 (40c), difference is 20c, thus that's the imping fee. Rare armour pieces: Rare studded leather glove, blank, ql90 - 2s40c Tim's Tannery house colours: Studded leather: Plain leather: Leather Barding: ql50 30c ql60 40c ql70 50c ql80 70c ql90 1s80c Ql80+ bardings with AoSP available on customer request. Archaeology Journals (emtpy, fill with your own paper/papyrus): ql50 20c ql60 30c ql70 40c ql80 60c ql90 1 silver Ql60 - Ql90 gear usually delivered out of stock, Ql90+ made on order. Imping service up to Ql97 for all leather armours including drake hide. ----- All casts made by Gandalfthegreat, courtesy of Killerspike. Merchant at Vrock Landing's Inn & Market with entry to medium-level adventurer gear. Accepting sleep powders (value: 80 coppers) or metallic liquids (value: 4 silver) as payment for direct trades at Vrock Landing. Send /tell to Timothymarker for in-game info.
  2. Leatherworking Shop and imping service on Deliverance at Stillwater Rest, near to Southport Toolbelts: 5-slot 20c 6-slot 30c 7-slot 40c 8-slot 60c 9-slot 1 silver 10-slot 5 silver (rare ql90 belt - 1 in stock) Saddles: Creation ql 8c QL50 15c QL60 20c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1s40c Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets (9 pieces): QL60 72c QL70 1s08c QL80 1s44c QL90 2s70c QL92 6s Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, per piece: QL60 10c QL70 15c QL80 20c QL90 40c QL92 75c Leather Barding: QL50 30c QL60 40c QL70 50c QL80 70c Archaeology Journals QL50 20c QL60 30c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1 silver Empty Atlas QL60 50c Backpack QL70 30c For imping you only pay for the difference. Send /tell to Zsolt for in-game info.
  3. Morkesh Leatherworking If you're interested in one of these items, PM me here on the forum, in-game under the name Timoka or leave a comment. My skill in leatherworking is 99+ and custom orders with higher or lower quality's can be arranged. Armour: Complete leather armour set QL71 - 95C (3 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL81 - 1s20C (2 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL91 - 2s50C (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL71 - 1s (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL81 - 1s30c (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL91 - 2s70c (1 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL81 - 20c (3 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL91 - 30c (3 in stock) Toolbelts: Toolbelt QL60 (6slots) - 30c (2 in stock) Toolbelt QL70 (7slots) - 40c (3 in stock) Toolbelt QL80 (8slots) - 50c (1 in stock) Toolbelt QL90 (9slots) - 1s (1 in stock) Rare Toolbelt QL90 (10slots) - 5s (0 in stock) Saddles: Saddle QL71 - 40c (4 in stock) Saddle QL81 - 60c (6 in stock) Saddle QL91 - 1s40c (4 in stock) Saddles With WoA (Increases speed while mounted) Saddle QL81 WOA81 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA83 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA85 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA88 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA92 - 1s80c (0 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA100 - 2s10c (0 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA80 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA81 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA86 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA96 - 2s60c (0 in stock) Bardings: Leather barding QL81 - 70c (1 in stock) Other horse equipment: Bridle QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Saddle Bags QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Archaeology journals: Archaeology journal (empty) QL70 - 40c (2 in stock) Archaeology journal (empty) QL90 - 1s (1 in stock) Atlas: Atlas (empty) QL70 - 40c (3 in stock) Atlas (empty) QL90 - 1s (3 in stock) Quivers, Almanacs and Animal Rugs: Leather adventurer hat (Cosmetic only) QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Quiver QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Almanac (empty) QL+50 - 20c (unlimited stock) Black bear rug QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Brown bear rug QL+50 - 15c (15 in stock) Black wolf rug QL+50 - 15c (17 in stock) Mountain lion rug QL+50 - 15c (6 in stock) Rares: Rare leather boot QL93 - 3s Rare leather pants QL93 - 3s50c Rare leather cap QL93 - 3s50c Supreme leather sleeve QL93 - 7S Imping rates:
  4. i want to sell some rares no reserves send me pm with buyout offers 1 - Rare gauntlet,steel 82.14 ql asop:86: Starting bid : 2 s Min increment : 25 c 2 - Rare gauntlet,steel 82.21 ql asop:79 : Starting bid : 2 s Min increment : 25 c 3 - Rare toolbelt 81.39 ql : Starting bid : 6s Min increment : 50c 4 - Rare spindle,maplewood 90.56 ql woa:91 coc:81 : Starting bid : 3s Min increment : 50c 5 - rare toolbelt 80.96 ql : Starting bid : 6s Min increment : 50c potions 1 hour sniper protection winner pays cod current bids 1: 2.8s vortexxx 2: 2.8s vortexxx 3: 6s stonecutter 1995 4: 3s ondar 5: 6: 2s vortexxx 7: 1.80s vortexxx 8: 1.80s vortexxx 9: 1.80s vortexxx 10: 2s vortexxx 11:buyout 12: 13: 14: 1s vortexxx 15: 1s vortexxx
  5. Clearing out some of my leather goods. 71+ ql saddles = 50c (3 left in stock) 71+ ql toolbelts = 50c (10 left in stock) Thanks! Message me here or ingame = Pandylynn
  6. WTS Rare toolbelts. 8s for unimped, assorted QL 10s for 90QL PM or post, I'll mail COD at buyer's expense.
  7. I sold piper my leather working toon. So I am not imping anything up. I am taking a long break from wurm
  8. Message Of The Day: What Should I write Here? Order Status: None Where??? The Preatorian Guard, Independence (x64 y62) When??? *Best time to catch me is weekends, as I'm only on occasionally during the week* *I am on the forums everyday however* Delivery??? <COD is to the buyer> * Mailbox Enchant: 88 Improvements??? Leather Working: 91 Cloth Tailoring: 71 - Imping up to 30ql for all Leather items is FREE! - Imping up to 20ql for all Cloth items is FREE!
  9. Note: I'm not on Deliverance any more. Sorry about that. I'll edit this thread and bump it when I decide to get back in business. Happy shopping! Greetings, Prospective Customer I am naught but a humble leather goods merchant located on Deliverance, looking to distribute my wares close, far, and yet further abroad. This merchant ad is (not yet) endorsed by Docterchese, PR Extraordinaire. The Goods Armour (1x cap, 1x jacket, 1x pants, 2x sleeves, 2x gloves, 2x boots -- even if you don't want the cap you can buy it anyway and give it to a friend, or whatever) QL ~ Normal ~ Studded 50 ~ 75c ~ 1s 60 ~ 90c ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s ~ 2s Toolbelts QL ~ Price 40 ~ 50c 50 ~ 60c 60 ~ 80c 70 ~ 1s Saddles QL ~ Price (these use a LOT of leather when imping) 40 ~ 80c 50 ~ 1s 60 ~ 1.2s 70 ~ 1.5s Barding (coming soon) Containers (all containers will be between 30 and 50 ql) Type ~ Price Backpack ~ 10c (quite a bit more leather needed to make these) Waterskin ~ 5c Quiver ~ 5c I am also taken to bouts of good/insane mood where I make things for free, and I will often make things up to 30/40ql for free. So be aware of my mental stability - you might benefit from it. I'll also imp any leatherworking item at a rate of 1c per 1ql. Prices are not fixed and may be subject to change. I may also accept barters and if you think that I owe you any favours you may attempt to cash them in here. The Location I am located at Miya on the Deliverance server. Here's a useful map. As you can see, Miya is clearly marked in the centre of the picture. I can freely deliver to any location that you can see there, or I can mail items to you (at your expense). Contact me on Deliverance as 'Infinitai'; contact me on #Captains by that name also; send me a message on this here forum; or indeed reply to this thread to make an order or enquiry.
  10. Hello. I'm a Master Tanner from a village Dziki Gon (New village, I'm building it). I make the cheapest leatherworks on request. I play on the map Independence but I'm ready to deliver armors for free if the order price is at least 2s! By delivering for free I do NOT mean COD (you pay for the sending costs). So, here's my offer. My village is Dziki Gon (Independence) (46x 47y). My merchant in FM is placed on the South-East called: Leatherworks... I have a new merchant on the East of FM called Leatherworks. NEW 6s for 90QL Studded Leather full set. 5s for 85QL Studded Leather full set. 4s for 80QL Studded Leather full set. 2,5s for 70QL Studded Leather full set. 2s for 60QL Studded Leather full set. __________________________________________________ NEW 1,2s for 90QL Toolbelt 0,8s for 80QL Toolbelt 0.6s for 70QL Toolbelt __________________________________________________ 0,9s for 90ql Bridle 0,7s for 80ql Bridle 0,6s for 70ql Bridle 0,5s for 60ql Bridle __________________________________________________ NEW 1,4s for 90ql Saddle 1s for 80ql Saddle 0,8s for 70ql Saddle 0,7s for 60ql Saddle __________________________________________________ Prices for improving armours and bridles: 1c for every 1QL up to 80QL. 2.2c for every 1QL between 80 & 90QL. __________________________________________________ Prices for improving saddles & toolbelts: 1c for every 1QL up to 70QL. 2c for every 1QL up to 80QL. 4c for every 1QL between 80 & 90QL. Why prices for improving toolbelts and saddles are different? Because saddle takes 0,25 leather for every improve. So improving to 90 takes about 25kg of leather! Toolbelts are the hardest to improve... it takes very long to improve one, no matter what quality! So improving to 90 takes me 2-3 times longer than any armour part. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ If you don't want to wait, you can always see my store at Freedom Market. Some of armour parts are even enchanted with AoSP. You can find there Toolbelts, Armours 70-80QL and a saddle. If you need anything or there's something missing that you wish to buy, just let me know. My nick in game is Ading. Best way to order a set is to PM me here (on forum).
  11. I have 51 QL toolbelts for sale, at a negotiable price (about 40 copper I would expect) at 30 copper.. Please PM me either here on the forum or in-game if you are interested . Location: see the signature below. (I can deliver them at if you are close or I can send them via post.)
  12. For all your 50,60,70, 80ql items leather needs come vist us at AP on celebration, special orders by request on any leather item cod's extra stock prices are: tool belts 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 70c bridles 50ql - 25c 70ql - 50c bardings 70ql - 1s studded armor(jackets, pants, sleeves, gloves, boots, caps) 50ql - 15c per piece 60ql - 20c per piece 70ql - 30c per piece saddles 50ql - 75c 60ql - 1s 70ql - 1.50s