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  1. You know what who we need back. Notch.
  2. If you don't play this game, then why the H.ll do you whine like a baby on the forums. If you don't play, you shouldn't have a word of how the game should be made or developed. If you don't enjoy it, leave us alone and take your negative comments to a game that you actually enjoy now, whatever that may be. If the game changed to something that you don't enjoy nor don't even want to play. If it was me, I wouldn't even give 2 craps about getting on the forum and trying to make the game how I want to. There are more players on this game that do like the way the game is headed and do like the way it is. Go play on WU where you can do what ever you want, and leave us alone if you don't play.
  3. There is minecraft or eve online. no one is keeping you here. Retro is making a valid point. resets or merges don't fix the game. Fixing the bugs, will fix the game.
  4. because when some other non named dev who has been a dev longer than him, gets their way, no matter if keenan is now the code manager. look at the facts before you bash the nice guy. That dev wants no pvp changes so... we get no pvp changes. also instead of whining, why don't you invite a couple of your RL friends into the game. if everyone brung 5 friends to chaos or epic, the game would probably fix itself. PVP would be non stop if elevation had 1000 players online. there wouldn't be a time that you wouldn't be alone in the wilderness or not next to an enemy. (can't take credit to the idea, but makes sense)
  5. keenan wasn't a developer when epic was reset.