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Rope bridge sag anomalies

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Rope bridges generally have a smooth curve to them with no inflection points, as a sagging object would. That is to say, it should, and usually does, have a slope that starts off as steep as it gets in one direction, then gradually changes direction until it is as steep as it gets in the other direction, at the other end.


I have a rope bridge that doesn't do this.




Starting at the high end, each of the 5 tiles goes:

1: Moderately steep downward

2: Less steep downward (upward change)

3: More steep downward (downward change)

4: Less steep downward (upward change)

5: Less steep downward (upward change)


All these changes should be upward, not downward. It's not as easy to see in the screenshot as it is when you're walking on it, but there's a "bump" in the middle on account of the weirdness going on around tile 3. Instead of a smooth curve gradually smoothing out toward the other side, it can't seem to decide which direction it's sagging in.


I don't recall the sag parameter I used, but it was likely whatever sag is most flat at 50 Body Strength. I can't guarantee that, though.

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