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Found 4 results

  1. Rope bridges generally have a smooth curve to them with no inflection points, as a sagging object would. That is to say, it should, and usually does, have a slope that starts off as steep as it gets in one direction, then gradually changes direction until it is as steep as it gets in the other direction, at the other end. I have a rope bridge that doesn't do this. Starting at the high end, each of the 5 tiles goes: 1: Moderately steep downward 2: Less steep downward (upward change) 3: More steep downward (downward change) 4: Less steep downward (upward change) 5: Less steep downward (upward change) All these changes should be upward, not downward. It's not as easy to see in the screenshot as it is when you're walking on it, but there's a "bump" in the middle on account of the weirdness going on around tile 3. Instead of a smooth curve gradually smoothing out toward the other side, it can't seem to decide which direction it's sagging in. I don't recall the sag parameter I used, but it was likely whatever sag is most flat at 50 Body Strength. I can't guarantee that, though.
  2. We have a pretty decent priestess with the following relevant skills: - Channeling 86 - Soul Depth 52,5 - Faith Bonus 60 - Faith 99,45 - Alignment 100 - Nutrition 99% Gold statuette 70 QL Now one would think we should have no problem getting at least CoC or WoA 70 regularly on our tools if we cast a few times. But hell no... We played our priestess from Day 1 and after years of praying, channeling and wasting thousands of QL worth in gems it still is a big lottery to get a good cast. The last ~50 casts were all below 70 except one. And the last 20 of those casts were on a Whetstone QL99 (which still has no good CoC on it). We may have been a bit unlucky in those last 50 tries but honestly... It can't be that a priest with Channeling 60 and Soul Depth 30 can cast the same hiqh enchants if he just spams enough door locks and is enchanting without a break. Because that's what it comes down to at the moment. It's a big lottery. And chances aren't very bad for the mediocre priests compared to the "high end" priests. So please my dear Devs, tell me: Is this working as it should?
  3. Please correct me if anything looks off, but this is what I believe to be correct, after a fair amount of measuring: 1 tile is 4mx4m 1m is 10 dirt (If a cave "cube" of rock is the same height as width and depth, then it should be correct) A Xan map grid is 400 tiles, which = 1600m The map is actually 20x20 map grids. When you sail past 20, you cross, even though the map drawing looks slightly bigger. So, 20 x 1600 = 32km across the map. If all of that makes sense, then I believe there are 64 million map tiles on Xanadu. If every tile could be deeded, it would cost 6400 Gold (1c per tile to deed) and 1280 Gold in upkeep/month. Also, I believe flat top mountains to be somewhere around 10k-12k dirt high. *ALL feedback is welcome. If I am wrong or just did dumb math, I'd love to get it corrected. Thank you!
  4. This one is for the devs, via MIT Technology Review. Article on autocatalytic sets: http://www.technolog...origin-of-life/