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Found 1 result

  1. So, since I'm unable to post in chaos forums, I'm hoping this is the best place to put this, if not can someone please move it to the correct section? Have you ever wanted chaos to be a bit more "clean?" Less drama? More players? More...Alive? Well, we may share something. I'm thinking about creating a new PMK on chaos, though not your standard PMK. One that's focused On being neutral/allied with all (yes, all) kingdoms. And isn't exactly "at war" with them. I want it to be focused on bringing and training new players, and pve players, how to survive on chaos. There are many things on it that don't exist on Pve servers that are quiet fun. (Valrei mobs for example) The PMK will be aimed more towards helping each other out, surviving, and (maybe if possible) once respected & trusted by each kingdom a "trade" hub (if possible, it would be nice to be at-peace with each kingdom. Not sure if that will ever be possible) overall, were here to let people come to chaos, have a safe place to live, and see what chaos has to offer, before they decide what kingdom/PMK they want to join for the war efforts. (If they ever do, if they wish to stay in the PMK and help out, or just to have fun on chaos, that's great!) It will be our goal to make people want to play on chaos, and to hopefully make the server in general more interesting to everyone. Pvp can be had, and fun, without griefing, blaming, arguments, and drama. What are my personal goal of this? Overall, I want to live on chaos, have that adrenaline you get walking into the wild knowing you could be attacked. But that's not enough, I want to actually be apart of something. I want to be able to craft weapons, armour , tools, and see people using them to defend our kingdom. If you know me from Deli, you know I've made many items, and have only sold once in my entire time crafting. I like crafting for others and making friends with it, not silver. And I'd rather see what my crafting does (defending/assisting the kingdom, watching players raise there skills ect) in short, I want to see what I make actually being used to do something. I also want to be apart of a kingdom that is respected for being helpful to the pvp community as a whole, instead of what everyone "thinks" about the current ones. I know it's a lot to ask for a pvp game, but It's been done before. A long term goal would be to have every kingdom consider us a "ally" though I'm not to sure that would be possible. If we could manage to train players to live on chaos, and then they go to a kingdom of there choosing (or wish to stay in ours and help with what direction we choose) that would be great, and my "overall" goal. I guess would be to create the perfect "safe" environment for players wishing to play on chaos. We of course will most likely need pure pvpers too for this, I doubt every kingdom would leave us alone even if we're not wanting to fight them in any way. So we'll need defenders and if peace is ever broken, attackers to fight back. (Though the PMK initially would try to "ally" everyone in every kingdom/PMK, it most likely won't be plausible to fully do this. I'm sure someone would wish to attempt destroying us) For that reason, we will most likely need a few pvpers that know what there doing, and someone/multiple people that know how to control a few groups of pvpers. (Though we could also use these people for other reasons: teaching people how to pvp, how everything in chaos works, ect) If, we get forced to start raiding someone, there would be a rule. No griefing, take what you thinks valuable if you wish, but screwing things up "just for fun" wouldn't be allowed. (There MAY be exceptions in the future if someone really try's to mess with our own PMK, it could be discussed on trying to fight back and this may be needed, otherwise I don't want to see people purposely making others gameplay miserable) And a overall rule (even if we're at war with them) No arguing with other kingdoms. By this, I mean the forum pvp we always see, and I'm sure it also happens on the game. I'd love for this to be a respected PMK from all other kingdoms/pmks. There won't be any "X just wants it so they can be more powerful" or "X just wants it to screw us over" you get the idea. If someone outside our PMK makes a suggestion, think of how it would benefit ALL of chaos, not just us or another kingdom. The goal of are PMK is to make life better for everyone in the pvp community, not ruin it for others. Anyone and everyone would be welcome to join, as long as they understand we're working for a friendlier community on chaos. And respects that and works for it. As for the PMK itself, there are still many things I need to learn before going through with this. Mostly what it takes to run, and the mechanics. And obviously where we'd put it. But for now I'm just seeing if people think this is a good idea in general, if they think it would work. And if anyone's interested In helping out with it. Edit: Also, I will be paying for the PMK to start it, so no trust issues will go on. (Though, I'm pretty sure by now every knows me for character buying ) but just so everyone knows. And would be nice for every kingdoms POV on this also... Do you think you could work with a "neutral" PMK that is trying to help everyone, while at the same time enjoying chaos? Or would you see us more of a "helping my enemy" type deal? I'd try making it as neutral as possible (can a kingdom even be friendly to both WL and BL though?) and try to make it as fair to everyone as possible. It would be pretty cool to see it become a trusted trade place between all kingdoms instead of having to travel to a freedom server Imo! and if possible to sell services to all kingdoms (if that's even possible) So, what does everyone think? Can it be done?!?! Once I get to a computer I'll try fixing up spelling errors/formatting. Can't tell on a phone ;P Thanks for any help! And I hope this can go somewhere!