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  1. I feel like angel is right. Maybe a touch low to the right buyer, though. ive bought many big named accounts (Redhawk, Redeemed, Debit, Darkmalice, Vandle, Zarame..) but all for majorly different prices based on their skills, med Path, and valrei items used. carp skills are the easiest difficulty skills to raise (comparable to blacksmithing, armoursmithing sub skills, and leatherworking) Which is the main thing this account brings to the table. Is it good to have? Hell yeah. But it doesn’t take anywhere near the time as a good weaponsmithing/overal smithing character. And sadly, none of the sub-carp skills are extremely required. (Very useful and good to have, but at the end of the day, you’ll need smithing even more) its a great account imo. Just due to how medium-high everything is. But if it’s 90’s were in smithing instead, it would be a lot more. with that said, If you believe it is worth more to someone (if it’s worth more to you - it may be to someone else too!) try to get what you want for it.
  2. Very good and realible person. +1
  3. Really not needed. i play four characters, two mains, two priest. I actively play both mains while priest spam enchants/pray/sac/ect. even with pure supreme tools / fantastically, having 60+ ml on every character allows you to have full uptime. 70 makes it even better though. automation would just make things extremely easy with no cost vs reward. I’ve seen people suggest things come out at a lower quality, or lower skill gain, or something else. But imo, automation for most things just flat out is a terrible idea, and for others it would likely hurt the market for new players. So I have to -1.
  4. 45
  5. third sets the charm.....RIght? 40s
  6. Ah why not. It fits my theme very well. 25s
  7. [05:48:43] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called The Rodeo. You find a scrap of washed out parchment signed by the last mayor, Redhawk. [05:49:39] A high guard tower. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 78.50438, Dam: 0.0. The name of the founder, Redhawk, has been carved into the stone above the door. 'Redhawk 418' is engraved in a metal plaque on the door. This was seriously screwing with me. For those unaware, I own Redhawk now - for the past two years. I never knew him to be from Deli, at all. I was ontop of a mountain, searching around. friend told me "Red....look at this guard tower" I walked over, expecting it to be a big name, .......well, I wasn't wrong...I was instantly like ......"What?" For 10 seconds I just sat there trying to figure out how the heck, then it clicked that, obviously, it wasn't me. But I lived below that area for a very long time, and NEVER saw Redhawk, or ever even see him in chat/local/ect for deli. Was very confused. So I did some arch, found that he also owned the deed, and looked up the deed. apparently he was there for a good amount of time. Very interesting night to say the least.
  8. What if we already know what's gonna happen?
  9. This. my WU server has no restrictions and there I like it, but I never, ever, want to see that on WO a few less? Maybe. But none that I've seen I like really. though I do agree missions for priest need...fixed or something.
  10. +1 Would be sweet if the shadow mimic'd the players looks.
  11. the entire south of the map is flooded with them. North has so many people and killing all day long, is southerners literally can't keep up the killing. So we're getting more and more down here. (Which I'm not complaining, I love mobs ) but if you want NPC's, go away from where 95% of the server is I highly suggest everyone to come try the recent update. Saying it's awesome would be a understatement. And if you would like any help getting set up (or info about the server) pm me here or on the sklotopolis forums! Major or thanks to the devs (Sklo, Dominik, and Engineer) for the update and the server itself. You've provided me (and many others it seems!) a perfect place when I need a alternate place from WO (and I can't not thank Jaede for that freaking awesome map he's made us, that deserves special thanks)
  12. Look at my name. now at the topic. then back to me. why isn't this bloody in? +10000000000000000
  13. err......if your saying you can only get one item on a steppe/short grass, that's not the case. infact I believe I get more items more often on Steppe. (and woad a lot more) Maybe I'm misunderstanding though?
  14. I do, Because I was given one, not bought. bypass the rules!
  15. It is lowered. just not by a whole lot. The reason you see the higher action timer is because your foraging more then one item at a time, you can get 2-3-4 ect, from one forage/botanize. each item you will get, will increase your timer as if you were picking two tiles. Edit: also because I know this will likely be a question: you get skill tics each time you get a item, So lets say your foraging for two items,halfway through the action you'll get a tic.