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  1. [05:48:43] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called The Rodeo. You find a scrap of washed out parchment signed by the last mayor, Redhawk. [05:49:39] A high guard tower. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 78.50438, Dam: 0.0. The name of the founder, Redhawk, has been carved into the stone above the door. 'Redhawk 418' is engraved in a metal plaque on the door. This was seriously screwing with me. For those unaware, I own Redhawk now - for the past two years. I never knew him to be from Deli, at all. I was ontop of a mountain, searching around. friend told me "Red....look at this guard tower" I walked over, expecting it to be a big name, .......well, I wasn't wrong...I was instantly like ......"What?" For 10 seconds I just sat there trying to figure out how the heck, then it clicked that, obviously, it wasn't me. But I lived below that area for a very long time, and NEVER saw Redhawk, or ever even see him in chat/local/ect for deli. Was very confused. So I did some arch, found that he also owned the deed, and looked up the deed. apparently he was there for a good amount of time. Very interesting night to say the least.
  2. What if we already know what's gonna happen?
  3. This. my WU server has no restrictions and there I like it, but I never, ever, want to see that on WO a few less? Maybe. But none that I've seen I like really. though I do agree missions for priest need...fixed or something.
  4. +1 Would be sweet if the shadow mimic'd the players looks.
  5. the entire south of the map is flooded with them. North has so many people and killing all day long, is southerners literally can't keep up the killing. So we're getting more and more down here. (Which I'm not complaining, I love mobs ) but if you want NPC's, go away from where 95% of the server is I highly suggest everyone to come try the recent update. Saying it's awesome would be a understatement. And if you would like any help getting set up (or info about the server) pm me here or on the sklotopolis forums! Major or thanks to the devs (Sklo, Dominik, and Engineer) for the update and the server itself. You've provided me (and many others it seems!) a perfect place when I need a alternate place from WO (and I can't not thank Jaede for that freaking awesome map he's made us, that deserves special thanks)
  6. Look at my name. now at the topic. then back to me. why isn't this bloody in? +10000000000000000
  7. err......if your saying you can only get one item on a steppe/short grass, that's not the case. infact I believe I get more items more often on Steppe. (and woad a lot more) Maybe I'm misunderstanding though?
  8. I do, Because I was given one, not bought. bypass the rules!
  9. It is lowered. just not by a whole lot. The reason you see the higher action timer is because your foraging more then one item at a time, you can get 2-3-4 ect, from one forage/botanize. each item you will get, will increase your timer as if you were picking two tiles. Edit: also because I know this will likely be a question: you get skill tics each time you get a item, So lets say your foraging for two items,halfway through the action you'll get a tic.
  10. Are you running a server? if so, you may not be giving it a chance to save, and if you've recently done anything within 10-15 minutes (like planting trees) before shut down, they may not have been saved.
  11. Your right, from the looks of the updates, the better version of wurm that a majority has given up on will finally be here.
  12. Please take 4 months so I can kick every other offers butt? Hehe, just messin with ya
  13. If I hadn't just bought so much, I'd easily give you 1500, jeez. If if for any reason you delay selling this, I would seriously be interested when I have funds. (I just bought RedHawk and Redeemed) definitely a a nice account. If you'd even think about monthly payments, let me know. I would love to negotiate if you'd have any interest. (Especially since I'm known to pay ) edit: also to people private bidding, they will have a number they won't go over anyway. Trust me - I've bought five(?) big accounts now, and the few I've bought privately, I knew my max before going in. You'd be best off handling it yourself. And, your correct. I've paid a lot more then what accounts are worth in some cases, but they were worth what I paid TO ME. I wouldn't have ever got close to those numbers in a bidding war. Bidding is a waste of my time, I'd assume those private bidders are the same way. They are offering you more then you'd likely get close to bidding (this goes for all accounts, not this one specifically) As I've told others I don't care if people know what I'm buying, when I've bought privately I let the seller tell anyone else my name because don't personally mind it being known (I don't pvp so) anyway, if you've got any interest in monthly payments by any small chance, or would wait to sell, I would be interested... And would likely beat anyone else's offer. I just can't right at this time. either way, best of luck on the sale. And again, beautiful account.
  14. About time I don't need to kill a stupidly rare vein, or make a specific item, for the max skill gain. Major love for changing the skill tics. (and I say this having 90 is every useful skill) Now maybe I can actually do some more enjoyable events without worrying I'm not gaining max gain. (or in most cases, none at all) The invasion events *sound* very interesting, Though I will wait to see how they play out. They could be really, really, cool. on the other hand, they could be another problem... All the other updates look awesome as well, and thank you for finally looking at movement speed across the board. *Note* This won't allow people to get 100 skill in a month (or even few) like people are thinking. beside, we don't even yet know what the tic per action would be. (could be less optimal then the normal ways atm) but it will allow people to do DIFFERENT things in the skill, instead of always needing to do the exact specific one.
  15. Aye, As others are saying, if someone lost it (and is active) They'd know pretty soon. I'd say keep it until you see a thread pop up at the very least, / and make sure they can give details on about where it would be. Niki this better not be how your quitting on me, Hiding all your special things in mail boxes. so help me!