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  1. idle too long in water as it very slowly uses stamina!

    Depends on the armour anything below chainmail, not really. You could argue however due to all the crap in our inventory’s we’d sink like stones. but leather/hide/cloth and probably drake (maaaaybe scale? Not sure on this one tbh) you’d be fine.
  2. idle too long in water as it very slowly uses stamina!

    Well, with all the people taking salt out of the water now for cooking purposes, maybe in a few years there will be less salt. maybe bring the suggestion back up then
  3. idle too long in water as it very slowly uses stamina!

    Realistically, it really depends on the person (and obviously water conditions) some prople freak out who dont know how how to swim, and can’t float to save their lives. others who have had practice or know how to swim, spend zero effort. It’s very easy to stay afloat, even in ocean water / at the beach / ect. (From personal experience, I live at the beach :P) you don’t have to paddle or anything, once you get the hang of it. So realistically, it could swing either way. but it makes more sense not to drown, considering our characters know how to swim well enough before running out of stamina.
  4. Expanding End-Game

    Players like me will just prem all his alts for this, I live with a few villagers but having tried the big village life isn’t for a lot of people, that’s why that style died years ago (for the most part, some have persisted, I’m glad to see) most of the players playing now adays I feel would opt to just prem more alts for these bonuses. And most of us already have characters with high skills sitting un-prem to be able to get them it’s a fun idea, I think, but not one that is going to help the problem of scarcity as you see it. A big village has a lot of advantages already, the problem is, Wurm invites people to come play this huge sandbox. Living under the rule of a village limits this, thus most of the people Wurm attracts instantly run from the sight of it. what I guess I’m trying to say is, Wurm, while being a good game for having a huge flourishing village already, doesn’t attract these type of people often. Because it’s a game about no limits, and that’s what people come for, to be able to do whatever it is they wish. Adding more incenative to these big villages won’t help that problem.
  5. Documentation for new update?

    Anyone have Gary’s spells list? Before I change (since Paaw got screwed) looking to know every priest’s list to not get screwed again down the road.
  6. Keep failing to catch fish 99.5 fishing

    It’s been some time since people around these parts improved their actual body control stats.
  7. Ban character selling/sharing

    Solution, I’ll keep buying all the top end accounts and never let anyone else touch them, despite the offers. THEY ARE ALL MINE, MINE!!!! problem solved. Carry on
  8. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Oh man... I wish the best to their family and friends. I knew Tich back a few years ago, but haven't kept up recently. So, so sorry.
  9. All good! Hope you feel better, and that it’s nothing serious. just hit me up anytime you become available.
  10. Heya, I'm interested in buying a Ebo and a DD wagon. Feel free to PM me here, or on Aetherwalker/Redhawk in-game when you're available. (I actually live pretty close to your deed, so won't take long to hop over!)
  11. WTS Green Tome Charges

  12. WTS Green Tome Charges

    Bump, Priced lowered
  13. WTS Green Tome Charges

  14. WTS Green Tome Charges

    Bumpin like a druid on the druid channel!
  15. WTS Green Tome Charges