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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted to give a heads up and again stress that you have to make preparations asap for increased PvP on Chaos. I've just started coding with the aim of adding the player made kingdoms and the conquerable towers code. This means a lot of changes in lots of files. I've created a code branch but there will be a lot of changes and if I work in both branches and try to merge later I'm really scared to end up with lots of conflicts and mess things up for other things. This means I'll probably avoid merging and instead hold off this Chaos code for as long as possible instead. In any case there will be no update until after the weekend, but eventually we will have to update and the code goes live which means you really need to prepare defenses now. There will be free disbands for those settlements on Chaos that no longer wants to stay there once it's live. The way I'm coding now means it won't be a home server with the Freedom kingdom everywhere any longer. Alliances will not be at war if they are in the same kingdom and people from the same kingdom will not be at war so until someone has joined another kingdom you'll all be at peace. We will still have to wait for an update to the player model where different kingdom symbols are visible.
  2. Hi, it's apparent to most old players that the Chaos server isn't really functioning in its current state. It's in a limbo where you can declare war and drain the other settlements but you can't destroy fences or walls so preventing draining is ridiculously easy. There is also a widespread spy situation. This situation is very annoying for the players who joined the server years ago for the PvP. A historical note: Since the server was isolated and in decline after the release of Epic we decided to join it to the freedom cluster. Everyone was set to the same kingdom and PvP removed. We reinstated PvP in the form we have today. Which has proven to be a too weak compromise. Unless we are going to let this state of frustration go on, I think we have to choose a way. More PvP or remove it totally. More PvP will mean alliance PvP and many restrictions will be removed. I think the best outcome will be that unallied deeds will be possible to raid and everyone outside your alliance will be considered an enemy. I like many others do consider Chaos to be primarily a PvP server - it is flagged as such in the database. I have added a poll. We'll see what the result is. Please comment.
  3. Hello, We just ran a poll here in City Hall with regards to the Chaos server. A poll in a forum with unlimited registration of course has limited credibility, but the current bad situation combined with the comments and the comparatively low percentage of people voting down PvP changes gives an image that is much more difficult to question than to acknowledge. That image is that people want more PvP which means that you should make preparations for a much more dramatic Chaos server, where your deed may become target for raiding. I am going to look at adding custom kingdoms to the Chaos server like on the Epic servers. These will not be allowed to reach or affect the rest of the Freedom cluster. There are questions with how to treat accounts that leave the server or return in various ways but it may be possible to solve in a decent way. Most probably, accounts will have to be set to the normal Freedom kingdom in case they leave for another server in the Freedom cluster. The other variant is to expand on the alliances, so that all alliances are at war and may raid eachother, and unallied villages are considered their own alliance. If custom kingdoms are added they will not be considered at war.
  4. These are the planned updates for tomorrow, trying to enable more PvP features. In general most changes should be what we strive for and desired, but some feature changes are the result of code limitations or clarity requirements, while some are effects of other feature changes: A note: There are three different states a player can be in now: Allied, Non-Allied or Non-Citizen. Alliances are there to let people group up and create a safe area against enemies. Alliances will be at war automatically on Chaos. The main reason for this is to prevent spaghetti coding and make it obvious to everyone. Basically - if you want to be friends with someone let the alliance grow. Use the feature to exempt villages from your roles in the role settings. Non-allied villages will be considered enemies of all alliances but they will not be enemies between themselves. Non-Citizens will be killable as usual but not considered enemies (and have a red outline) to anyone unless their reputation goes down. Outlaws should be enemies to all villages. Alliance war declarations have been removed since they should only war on Chaos. Village war declarations remain in case two villages want to war on a home server. (New) player corpses will always be lootable on the Chaos server by everyone. A bugged setting could make you lose reputation when attacking other players on the Chaos server. This was fixed. Off deed structures can now be bashed with strength 21 on Chaos. You may now take items from structures owned by players who are in a village which is your enemy on Chaos. Embarking as a captain on a vehicle on Chaos now makes it your property if it's owned by a village which is your enemy. You should also be able to pick the lock of items and vehicles belonging to enemy villages and alliances. You may now go unlawful on Chaos (except mayors and kings). What did I forget? I have no solution for watch towers at this point. There should be occassions where tower guards consider you enemies such as when they are on enemy deeds. Area Spell Effects such as tentacles should work for enemies of your village (/alliance) and most other spells as well in case the target is considered hostile towards you. The idea is to enable as many PvP features as possible but keep raiding of deeds disabled in order to let new players join a bit safer. In case you can lockpick your way onto deeds so be it - there should be a use for guards anyways.