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Found 8 results

  1. My suggestion is simple. The mechanic "Every time a deed is drained, the drained amount will increase by 50%." doesn't stop increasing after 10 drains. That's all. edit: Excludes epics homeservers. aka the "newbie/casual pvp servers"
  2. So I've spent some more time on Chaos, and I feel that the following are bugs, and/or are detremental to PvP/Raiding as a whole. A lot of people will probably shoot this down for their own agenda, but I think we all know that the following are huge issues, so please keep flaming down to a minimum: Lamps, Signs, etc take ridiculous amounts of effort to be bashed. Please allow them to be stolen, or bashed 100x faster, as with any plantable item. It's silly doing .2dmg per hit to a Lamp, when you can plant 50 per tile. Draining deeds should not be capped at 5x. I feel that people on a PvP server completely understand the risks associated with deed building, and that the only deeds that will ever get close to a 5x are those deeds planted simply to block influence. The only way to remove a deed from existence is to continuously drain it, but that's impossible when someone doesn't care about the silver cost, so gladly dumps in 3s/day to keep a deed alive. 3E isn't a lot of money. Perhaps at 5x, it could auto-disband? Unfinished fences and house walls should not block a Structure from being removed. Upon destruction of a fence, replace it with an "Incomplete" wall, thus needing to be bashed first instead of being rebuilt. Incomplete walls should not block terraforming, though. Incomplete walls on houses should not block a structure's removal. Instead, when all walls are down on a house, minus a handful of 'Unfinished' walls, allow the structure to be removed. Also, house plans, etc, should not block terraforming or fence building either. Fences and floors apart of a house plan should not hold the structure together either. Insane pits can still be created in excess of 200+ slope via tunneling. Either allow us to surface mine 200+ again, or cap tunnel entrances at max skill as well. Walls, etc, can be finished through a Mine Door. I think this is a bug. Fences can still be built in excess of 40+ slope on the edges of tunnel entrances. I think this is left over code from when Wurm was 2D, and should be addressed. Twitter is a touchy subject, but I feel it's not neccesary on PvP servers. Every Kingdom has a form of "alert" system associated with it, and I feel it completely removes any edges a raiding party would have on a normally empty local. I would even go to the lengths of suggesting that any form of "log reader" should not be allowed, but that's not really easy to police. There should be a time limit to teleport to your deed via Recall Home and Karma. The original idea behind them was to allow people to "Recall Home," or in other words, return home, not teleport to a deed being raided. I feel that if you want to get to a deed without any risks associated, you should spend the 5s for a Twig or Stone. I would personally set this limit to 24hrs upon joining a new village. BTW, this is coming from a person with over 80 Meditation and 20k Karma, so I know the effort required for both. Constructive criticism appreciated, as well as any ideas, comments, or suggestions. I'll be adding more to this over time. Maybe raiding will be fun again when we can actually raid properly.
  3. Prenote: This is for epic only, just like epic has its "no midcombat corpselooting code". Well my suggestion is pretty simple. When a deed alarm is triggered and on lockdown, then teleports (karma and meditation) is blocked to that deed. This prevents people teleporting in with supplies and raidforce-sized groups across the map to wardeeds/remote gatehops that are at extreme distances from their actual kingdom.
  4. Hi I read a post by black_legion and how their deed got totally wrecked over and over again. I wont say its ok but its within the rules of the game. And afterall Chaos is a PVP server. But, attacking undefended deeds? Does that go in line with "PVP" ? and where's the fun in that? The simple problem is actually that you can destroy any deed you want when no one is online to defend it. Its not good for any kingdom, be it you have 99% of the players or 1% or your a new kingdom that want to play on CHAOS. The latter meaning its very hard for new kingdoms to arise on the CHAOS server. Hence this topic with suggestions to fix what I Think is a MAJOR FLAW with this game, attack deeds when no one is online to defend it. Here are some suggestions to stop this flaw as I call it. This is just ideas and they could be tweaked in one way or Another to make it work on Chaos server. But the main thing remains, make it very very hard to raid deeds when there are no players online at said deed to defend it. How should it work? Well we must come up with some formula to calculate when the extra defense is needed. It could be a percentage of the total amount of defending kingdoms players that are logged in Or % of players logged in at the village that are getting attacked. There should also be some kind of "abuse prevention" so the defending village cant log in, log out to get the extra defense. Lets say that when the village has reached the goal of logged in players the timer will reset to 1-2 hours Before it can be Active again. The suggestions are * 60% faster respawning times for deed guards and Tower guards belonging to the deed. * 50-60% extra damage output made by guards or Tower guards belonging to the deed. * 60% less damage made to every object on the deed, houses, walls etc. * 50% longer digging timer within the deed and its perimeters. Please post constructive posts in this topic! Lock away your kingdom vs kingdom hatred and Think Before you post, cause afterall the tides may turn, remember that! In the ends its my belief that this Changes would make it more fun for everyone. And it would actually make it easier for new kingdoms to establish on the server.
  5. Cause, come on, its technically what just happened. Sure you need a Mag priest around to do it, but we all know that there are numerous of them everywhere, even I am a Mag priest and I hate this change. First you get rid of mine doors off deed, now on deed they're even useless. Rolf ples, you're literally killing us here. Help the plebeians out.
  6. At first I wanted to join Chaos, but after reading some post in their forums, people have been saying PvP is really screwy there and raiding is disabled. The post is old though, like from 2012. Has this been fixed yet? Raiding is probably the 1st reason I want to join Chaos instead of a PvE server. And how is lockpicking and stealing? If I can't do any of these things there's not really a reason to join Chaos for me. If I join Epic, can I raid other's villages?
  7. Hello, We just ran a poll here in City Hall with regards to the Chaos server. A poll in a forum with unlimited registration of course has limited credibility, but the current bad situation combined with the comments and the comparatively low percentage of people voting down PvP changes gives an image that is much more difficult to question than to acknowledge. That image is that people want more PvP which means that you should make preparations for a much more dramatic Chaos server, where your deed may become target for raiding. I am going to look at adding custom kingdoms to the Chaos server like on the Epic servers. These will not be allowed to reach or affect the rest of the Freedom cluster. There are questions with how to treat accounts that leave the server or return in various ways but it may be possible to solve in a decent way. Most probably, accounts will have to be set to the normal Freedom kingdom in case they leave for another server in the Freedom cluster. The other variant is to expand on the alliances, so that all alliances are at war and may raid eachother, and unallied villages are considered their own alliance. If custom kingdoms are added they will not be considered at war.
  8. So I remember the feeling of getting raided much from Epic. First on Cauldron deed then on others. What do you think about having walls etc repop after a set amount of time, or having them be repairable with no enemies are around after a set amount of time. For example repairing a palisade gate that was bashed into an unfinished state by simply adding 1 or 2 logs to it, instead of the regular amount? /Zcul