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  1. Yeah, I am aware of the dual video processor issue, happens a lot for games not on the Geforce Experience list even if GE is not installed, and just to make sure I switched everything, dedicated, none dedicated and game client, to use the NVIDIA High Performance Processor and I still get the same result. I want to make clear though, on the laptop the none dedicated server is the only place I can edit the pull downs and only after I delete the Adventure folder and click "Update Game" on the Creative; I cannot use the pull downs in the game client GUI or the dedicated server GUI and the LaunchConfig.ini's are identical as shown above, however, I am not sure if the same result happens when I delete the Adventure folder on Dedicated as I do not want to lose the world I have been playing on and I don't think testing that would be relevant as if I can get the game client fixed I believe it will fix the server issue as well. I can run the server on the desktop machine and play on the laptop as long as I do not try and change the settings in the game client when on the laptop; long ago, in 2011, I had the pull down issue on a desktop machine when playing Wurm Online and I cannot remember how I fix it and it very well could be the same fix. I can edit the server thru the GUI on the desktop machine then copy the folder over to the laptop and run the dedicated server there, while playing on the desktop, after I change the IP and change the port forwarding, of course. I have the server running fine now but would I like to solve the pull down issue just for sanity sake and in case anyone else is having the same issue. .
  2. I did more testing by completely deleting Wurm Unlimited and WUDS again, same problem on none dedicated and dedicated with the pull downs freezing the server launcher, can't change settings in the client either without the client crashing. Steps without dedicated server checked as it appears the problem is identical for either on the Laptop: 1. I cut and pasted the Adventure folder from the WurmServerLauncher folder to the desktop , relaunched Manage Local Server, the Adventure is gone and only Creative shows up, but all the pull downs work in the server launcher now, the client settings pull downs still crash the client. 2. I pasted the Adventure folder back into the WurmServerLauncher folder, the Adventure appears back in Select game folder to use pull down but all the pull downs are broken again; the client is still broken in regards to setting pull downs. 3. Moved the Adventure folder again, this time launching the server and playing on Creative, tried to change settings and game crashed when trying to change via pull downs, note you have to close down the server too as steam thinks Wurm is still running and you cannot relaunch the client until then. I tried the JvmParam2=-Dglass.accessible.force=false fix, but no change; I tried with JvMParam1 also because there was not a JvMParam1 in the ini file. On the desktop I have none of these problems and the game, servers, etc work fine, the only two immediate differences I can think of are: 1. I have not installed the Java SDK on the desktop and when you run java -version you get program not found; on the laptop it points to the latest version I have installed which is 1.8.0_151 2. Desktop is Windows 10 pro, laptop is Windows 10 Home. I have also tried to point to the Java version installed with WU by changing the LaunchConfig.ini too: [Runtime] OverrideJavaRegEntry=true JavaPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\runtime\bin\server [Memory] InitialHeap=512m MaxHeapSize=2048m [VMParams] JvmParam0=-XX:+AggressiveOpts JvmParam1=-Dglass.accessible.force=false I am going to assume the Adventure pull down crash is related to the client setting pull down crash but at this point I am at a loss on how to fix it, the server runs and I can configure it with the DB browser but I prefer the GUI as it is a bit easier to navigate. BTW just for s and giggles I copied the Adventure folder from the C:\wurmserver\ that I had been running for a bit to the desktop and it runs just fine, pull downs and everything work, so it is definitely something going on with the laptop but no clue as to what.
  3. I did some playing around and one thing I did on the none dedicated when I first installed was I deleted the Adventure then had to run update on Creative, I did the same thing for dedicated and the problem went away but the Adventure is now not available as it is deleted. Also, I have another install of dedicated that I did with steamcmd and have been running a server on for a while now under C:\wurmserver\, it has the same problem but I can run it if I do not try to access the drop down menus and change everything using DB browser for SQLite. It appears there is something wrong with the default Adventure, possibly the database maybe, or the installed files? On a fresh install of Wurm and Wurm dedicated, the update button is grayed out for Adventure, but if I delete the default Adventure the Creative automatically is selected and then the update button is available; I tested if I could use the drop downs before I clicked update and the lockup happens until I click update the issue goes away, then the update button is also grayed out after. Any ideas on how I can fix the Adventure server that I have been running for a bit now? Edit... To make sure everything is the same, I completely removed Wurm from laptop and desktop, including deleting the folders and started over again. The desktop works fine without having to delete the Adventure Game, the laptop still has same problem. On the laptop I cannot use any of the pull downs in the client or server setting what so ever like changing the Graphics resolution for example.
  4. Which log files are you referring? I wipe the install and no logs are being updated under wurm dedicated server, the only files being edited are in the Adventure\sqlite folder but none appear to be log files; I even did a search by modified date of the whole steam folder and the files under the sqlite folder are the only ones changed during launch. Here is the Console output... For comparison here is the none dedicated console output...
  5. I have steam and Wurm unlimited installed on 2 computers. Computer 1 is an older desktop i5 8GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX550Ti 1GB Windows 10 Pro 64bit, used to be an old work machine but I have wiped it and just used primarily for gaming and do not have any Java SDKs installed nor is Java in the path environment variable. I have absolutely no problems in either dedicated or none, server modes. On computer 2 is a newer Laptop I7 12GB Geforce GTX960M 2GB, Windows 10 Home 64Bit, I have jdk1.8.0_65, jre1.8.0_144 and jre1.8.0_151 installed and C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\JavaPath is in the PATH environment variable If I run server through GUI by selecting Manage Local server without "Use dedicated server" checked I have no issues but when I check "Use dedicated server" I cannot change any of the setting via any pull down menus without the GUI crashing. The laptop I use for work and development and just use it as the Wurm server when not working, so I have to keep the JDK's installed and can't change the environment too much. Any suggestions on how to resolve this is appreciated.
  6. Not sure who deemed themselves the right to de-sand it in the first place without asking the community of exodus, as you said many hunters and even ones not here came to that desert for many years to hunt, I will help to re-sand it and my deed is not to far for supplies; hopefully the spawn did not get mess up in the process.
  7. The settlement of new pineview shallows canal was disbanded weeks ago. Obviously, if you had read ALL of my post, as I it would be DEEDED by Splize it if it kept getting disturbed; point is mute now as it has been deeded again, and for my understanding the new owner will preserve the land bridge.
  8. Again, I am in favor of dredging existing waterways to make them deeper leaving the current 1 tile wide land bridges intact; the waterways can be dredged without making them look like obvious canals to protect the appearance; torches, unless on deeds, are impractical unless someone want to go and fill them daily. I am against making new waterways and looking at the map I think this would be a fair compromise to just dredge existing waterways. When bridges are implemented I will be the first one out installing the New Pineview Shallows land bridge.
  9. The only area that your map indicates that I know that needs improvement is the New Pineview Canal which was poorly dredged and is also on deeded land and cannot be fixed, except by the deed owner. The only other spot is west of that and the only shallow part is the land bridge New Pineview Shallows Canal and that is at it's deepest point and still passable by carts; I know this because I fixed it yesterday after someone tore up all the slabs and deepened it to get a boat through. Splize has already threatened to deed it and fill it if it gets ruined again, and I'll be delivering dirt to help do it. Take note, the draft of a Knarr is only 8 dirt and should pretty much pass through the whole area with exception to a drag across the fore mentioned land bridge.
  10. More details please possibly a map plan, from what I gather so far, you plan on cutting off the south half from the north half with the canal; is that your intent? I am all for a canal of that type but when and only when bridges are implemented so cart traffic can still get through; a lot of us use the land bridge south of Zenithia, we have already had some tampering done to it.
  11. Please move Ports O'Call from 23x 33y to 22x 33y. Thank you
  12. Griefers

    I agree, if telling your neighbors so and so was on my friends list then stole from me in the game is allowed then posting it here should be as well. Locking the thread on the other hand limits the accused of voicing their side, whether it be garbage or not; as long at it hasn't become some flame war.
  13. not necessarily in order... Devils Advocate - A person who takes a stance he/she does not necessarily agree with. Again, I like your map but I play the voice of someone who does not. Biased - Influence unfairly to invoke favoritism; It's my map I'll do what I want no matter what you think or say attitude, no I did not quote you, it is a perception. Especially since I did say where it came from, a link should not be necessary since it is your obligation to know the rules of the game. Typically, when one they actually pay attention to the opinion. {edit}meant to be a question Are you implying it is impossible to affect someone game play from outside of the game? 1. They are using the map to play the game, no? 2. Does the map not affect their game play? hint hint "makes it easier to find locations in the game" Yes, 2.4% complained about you posting their deed but I said negatively, not limiting the only 2 who specifically complained about their deed. You said , of course I am assuming removing would be negative for you, most would be more then 2.4%. Actually I don't know the true percentage as I have not even voted so the scores are not displayed; I took the number from another post on this thread.. You did not argue the 75% on the post so I used it, I take responsibility for inaccurate data. Again, you took things out of context or is it a guilty conscience? I did not say "you griefer" nor did I say "you are a griefer", I merely gave the option of griefing, so there is nothing to recant. I was not telling you how to do your job, I was telling you how to make things simple on yourself. This is a job for you? The right thing would be to try and make everyone happy; an almost impossible task but I hope, you can do better. Safe Travels
  14. Lobber I appreciate your hard work, the map does make things easy but my favorite role is the devil's advocate... People have given you reasonable reasons for not wanting their location given; just because you are biased doesn't mean their concerns are not justified. People play this game in what ever fashion they want, role play or what have you, there is not a mapping system in the game and they are not taking your ability to map; they just don't want there places on it and presented in a public forum. You say no on has given you a valid argument, breaking the FCC (Freedom Code of Conduct) is as valid as you can get and your poll proves it... You are affecting peoples (75% of your poll) game play negatively with your map. If they don't want their place easily found, a role-play action in the game and a part of the game play, by using your map then indeed you are affecting their game play. Now again as I warned you in chat; be reasonable before all your hard work is for not those who do not want to be listed, remove them; you have no valid excuse not too other then to grief (another violation). You have to put the names on the map it is not like it is a side effect of some automatic process; you could try to use as an excuse. Taking the names out of the public version does not affect your game play since you have the private version to do as you wish. In case you haven't thought of it, keep a blank copy of your map then if someone requests the removal all you have to do is copy from the clear map over the spot you need to remove. I am going to go out on a limb and say a large number of the 75% are people swayed to vote negatively against you just because of your attitude on all this. It appears the only reason you put up the poll was you thought people would vote the other way so you could use it; but since it didn't you're throwing the results out. Safe Travels