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  1. hurray for Samool, I am in.... lets get some wurming done....
  2. Now this happens to me too, with stone shards becoming invisible in my inventory. It didnt happen before, just today for the first time. Relogging helps. Server Exodus. Now this is funny, after relogging I have two stacks of stone shards in my inventory, and I am about 100 kg over my max weight. I can access one stack, cannot access the other stack.
  3. Trader update, Finally. I have waited 8 years for this to happen..... Great Work!!
  4. I lost my corpse the first years one or two times, it was annoying, I agree, but most of all I was mad at myself for putting myself into situations where I got killed.. I am no fan of WOW, but I remember they have something of a ''spirit phase'' after you are killed. You run towards your corpse when you are killed and cannot interact with the environment, you also dont have Climbing or swimming restrictions. Perhaps this is something that can be added as (cheaper) karma option as ONE corpse of you exists on the server. The expensive karma option remaining retrieve corpse or so. The location of your corpse is marked like a rift zone is marked, with a colored pillar. When you reach your corpse, you examine the situation, is it safe to enter it again, or are the mobs still around….. hmm how to decide now…..
  5. If this means that some advertising is done for Wurm, then it may be for the good. After 8 years playing Wurm this still is a marvellous game for me with very few restrictions, so only I can hope they will keep the standards high!
  6. The deed Quintrex is still there. Some new data: guardtowers: 1420/1132 - 1564/1220 - 1530/1301 - 1467/1319 - 1384/1385 -1826/653 1570/1253 deed Petaouchnok 1812/709 deed Saken Done travelling and exploring for now. Keep on the good works, Solmark
  7. Now the forum is running again, some new data for you: 452/1562 Blackaccre disbanded 476/1588 Pandemonium disbanded 451/1522 guard tower 387/1635 deed Nilfheim''s Mist 402/1635 guard tower 406/1685 guard tower 402/1739 deed Journey's End 426/1656 Widowmakers Mine disbanded. 508/1711 deed Entwood 587/1953 deed Troy 598/1933 guard tower 698/1915 deed Feelsbadman 728/1892 deed Quintrex (harbor side), Athame disbanded. Better remove Quintrex annotation 720/1863, the gate there is closed for travellers. 735/1897 guard tower
  8. And the results from my tour across the Badlands area: guard towers: 1336/1849 - 1366/1904 - 1456/1909 - 1540/1925 - 1550/1881 - 1650/1790 - 1544/1548 - 1482/1584 guardtower ''Q21'' - 1480/1640 - 1480/1691 - 1546/1640 - 1391/1728 guard tower ''Badlands Guards'' - 1396/1782 1460/1913 deed ''Salamander Lagoon'' 1530/1915 deed ''Fantasy Island'' 1579/1841 deed ''A Steppe Away'' 1633/1798 disbanded deed Riley Harbour 1649/1809 deed ''Hell Horse Harbour'' 1655/1765 deed ''Babylon'' 1688/1745 disbanded deed Hunters Lodge Goblin Peninsula: 663/1615 guard tower 615/1623 guard tower ''Orthanc'' 662/1668 guard tower 707/1611 deed ''On the Way'' 635/1510 guard tower 571/1467 guard tower 471/1380 guard tower 471/1380 - 471/1457 3x1tile wide stone bricks bridge 452/1561 deed Heim is now ''Manada Orka''
  9. New data for you: 415/1840 guard tower 436/1867 deed ''Skeleton Coast'' 460/1864 deed ''Cursed Fields'' 475/1864 guard tower 628/1923 guard tower ''Antioch'' 572/1863 deed ''Skeleton Forest'' 721/1864 deed ''Quintrex'' 781/1891 disbanded deed Tapatai Temepara
  10. Continued Exploring: 683/1791 guard tower 624/1773 guard tower ''Hemlock Abbey S13'' 537/1796 guard tower ''Goblin's Guard'' 516/1803 deed Middlemarsh 469/1809 guard tower 481/1802 deed Coffeetopia 362/1845 guard tower ''Wolves Howl Canal'' 384/1851 deed Wolves Howl
  11. More towers in South Exodus: 903/1854 1026/1897 1025/1806 ''BP Agrikultura'' 1086/1904 838/1774 834/1854 818/1910 ''U14'' 889/1916
  12. I did some exploring exploring around Skeleton Desert and South Exodus Forest. 907/1728 tower ''White Pearl'' 895/1657 tower ''Skeleton Coast Tower'' 872/1584 tower ''Purple Pearl'' 949/1669 MRtower ''Black Pearl Guardian'' 1039/1688 JKtower ''Vough 370'' 1034/1641 tower ''Santa Akeja Cops'' 1024/1592 epic building ''Water Remembrance'' 1011/1589 Tower ''Kins 34'' 1107/1653 deed Janet Little Forest Retreat of Horrors 1166/1537 tower ''Daikari 562'' 1225/1604 tower ''Cartier 570'' 1182/1772 tower ''S18-Pumpernickel 314'' 1111/1772 tower ''BruceMcGee 562'' 1020/1749 tower ''Skeleton Desert Twr'' 957/1772 tower ''LBNB 514'' 908/1798 tower ''Black Pearl Tower''
  13. Thanks for updating this map. I mentioned some Trader deeds (Stillwater, Tanto Mystics, Lasagna, Winds of Vynora) in South Exodus, but these are NOT public deeds, just deeds with a locked trader to generate additional income for the owner (like the player Garfius owns some of them). Black Pearl does have a Public Trader (quite near village token).
  14. So sad news today. I didnt know her personally, though we were hunting together on some mass Rift-events,, but from my starting days Tich was one of the familiar names around. Condolances to her family and the Wurm team.
  15. Hallo Broc, once again we are to be Neighbors.  :)  Good to see you again.