Mooncat Lake is not "recruiting" but you might still want to live here

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Mooncat Lake, Q10, Cadence.

Active: almost every day, mainly eastern US evening time.


This is a medium sized deed with a small village feel, built on hilly moorland overlooking the cat-shaped lake that gives the village its name.

We don't like large flat areas of ground. We prefer to build smaller houses, fields, and workshops that fit in with the natural landscape.


What we offer:

  • Help from other villagers and allies in getting started, whether that be tools, materials, crafting help or advice.
  • Access to the village guest house, storehouse, barn, kitchen, foundry, mine, fields, and tavern (if you like blowing off steam, roleplaying, or just getting drunk).
  • Use of the village sailing boat, once you're capable of sailing.
  • Draft and riding animals, once you're capable of using them.
  • Help shipping goods in or out by wagoner and longship.

What we ask:

  • Don't trash the place.
  • Don't cut the oak trees.
  • Don't destroy the tundra any more than is necessary.

What we don't ask:

  • We don't expect you to work for us — unlike certain other "recruiters", who are really only interested in what you can provide for them. There are no strings attached to being here.
  • We don't ask for money. The deed upkeep is provided by the mayor.


If you're interested, come and take a look. You can sleep in the barn or (if you join the village) the guest house. If you want to stay for longer, we can talk about building a house for you.


PM Sheffy (Mayor) for more information.

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