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  1. oh goodness, i guess i did misspell. thank you for notifying me 🙂
  2. Here ye, Here ye! If thou wish to live in the glorious light of our God's together, and strive to lead other Wurmians of Cadence into salvation. Lend me your ear and accept you calling from the Gods of Altar of Three to join together, and commence a pilgrimage towards The Whitelighter Monastery at Q10 in Cadence.Together, let us prosper as we deliver peace, love, and salvation to the world of Cadence and it's inhabitants. Let our light shine bright so that others may see the glory of the true Gods so that they too may know the way to salvation.This is a formal invitation for all who wish to, or currently serve any God of the Altar of Three: Fo, Magranon, or Vynora. May the God's protect you during your pilgrimage. Join us, and serve your God with greater purpose. Location of the Monastery:,3195 Deed Size: 40 x 25 Overall goal is to offer blessings and peace to the world. No kind of rules or guidelines to settle here, this deed is simply a safe haven for those who wish to offer beauty and kindness to Cadence. One day I hope to see The Whitelighter Monastery as a starting town, or permanent town for those who wish settle here. Make it your very own, build and mold this land however you like. The Monastery is simply the center point of this deed while everything else is built up around it. I look forward to speaking to you soon regarding The Whitelighter Monastery whether that be to visit and see the beautiful architecture it has to offer, or to become a resident. Until then my friends 🙂 Fo be with you during your travels ❤️