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  1. Ship balance

    I think that ships would benefit from a bit of game balance adjustment. For example, I think that the knarr is "OP" in that it has no drawbacks other than difficulty of construction - or, looking at it another way, purchase price. I also think that the small sailing boat should be able to carry, say, three small crates. And I don't see any reason for building a cog at all. It seems to sit unhappily in the middle ground between the "cheap and cheerful" corbita and the impressive but expensive caravel. I would like to be able to adjust the following parameters, if possible:- Speed (ideally, when sailing downwind and also when sailing across the wind) Cargo capacity The effect of crew size on speed Difficulty of construction Draft (minimum water depth) I have a good deal of experience in game design, but as far as Wurm is concerned... I don't even know if this is something that is easy to mod or not. Perhaps it's just a question of editing some config file when setting up a server. Can anyone provide any info as to where I should start?
  2. Mystic Highlands Roleplay 1x 1x 4090x4096

    Fairly experienced player here. (I've played as Sheffie and Quokka on other servers, and as Draknor on this one). The world is still very unexplored, wild and dangerous. Players are starting to venture forth from the starter town, and homesteads are beginning to appear further afield. The atmosphere is challenging and as a result the players are friendly and helpful. I'd recommend the server to anyone who isn't after an easy ride, but prefers to put in the time and effort to craft a really satisfying game.
  3. [Closed] Rare Chain Coif

    4s Mail it to Sheffie please I'd also like you to make me some sleeves and pants. I'll pay a fair price for them.
  4. Issues with the premium awards

    For clarification: If I subscribe for 12 months, starting next month, will I receive a spyglass? Yes, possibly, unlikely, or no?
  5. Return customer here! Hammer 90QL BotD 93 4.99s (less discount) = 4.50s please COD to Sheffie
  6. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Small anvil 92 BOTD 2s 58c please COD to Sheffie
  7. The Hidden Island: Closed.

    Hatchet iron, QL 80 WoA 76 0.64s Please COD to Sheffie
  8. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    I would like the sickle, 78 BotD, for 1s20c Please COD it to Sheffie
  9. The Hidden Island: Closed.

    Shovel, iron 90ql 81 coc 95 woa 2.63s please COD to Sheffie
  10. Pointing the mouse cursor at a world object causes a highlight to be drawn around that object, and a tooltip to be displayed, unless the object is too far away. This is often distracting and in practice it's usually un-necessary. I see that we can switch on/off the highlight for blue things (objects and terrain, not enemies nor other players), although I would like switching the highlight to be a command that I can bind to a key.
  11. The Hidden Island: Closed.

    Grooming brush 3.96ql 78 CoC 0.58s please COD to Sheffie
  12. The Hidden Island: Closed.

    Pickaxe Iron 81.62ql 71 WoA 0.56s please COD to Sheffie
  13. Alkhadias kept me very well informed - of when the work would start, when it was finished, when delivery would be made. Despite the fact that I didn't make a big order, delivery was free and made in good time. It was a nice touch to discover that the lamps were full on delivery. I would recommend this to anyone.
  14. Combining efficiently

    In order to make stone bricks out of rock shards, I really need to combine the rock shards together, so that the left-over bits can be used. But combining a stack of items into a single item seems very involved. As far as I know, the quickest way looks like this:... - Click '+' to expand the collapsed list of rock shards. - Double-click the first one - Shift-click the last one - Right click on the last one, and select "Combine" This produces a long string of messages, indicating a lot of client-server traffic and weight recalculation. Here's how I think it ought to work:... - Right click on the collapsed list of rock shards, and select "Combine" This would be a lot quicker for the users, and you could also reduce your bandwidth requirements by making the process more efficient.
  15. I found out the hard way that you can only use /vteleport once... ever. I was told that if I joined a village I'd be able to teleport there instantly after joining, so I did so. I got a little dialog box asking me if I wanted to join the village, and when I said yes, I got another dialog asking me if I wanted to teleport. So far so good. But now, after waiting the 24 hours necessary to become a citizen of my own village, my character wants to come home, and I don't like any of the options facing me. I can walk for ever (and risk death on the road) or I can die now, and lose possessions and skills. Please, to avoid other people getting caught in this same trap, do one of the following. - Allow characters to use the village teleport once per week, or once per month, or whenever they join a new village (which is already limited). - Post a clear warning in the dialog box (Do you want to teleport to [Village] now? Yes/No) informing users that they will never be able to teleport again.