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  1. I think there would need to be an emergency upkeep fund, or escrow account, or Phoenix Fund. Call it whatever you want. Because players would need to put money somewhere other than the regular upkeep fund, in order to take over and preserve the deed when its official upkeep fund runs out. The downside of this approach is that the deed would still go through 30 days of decay before changing ownership. The upside is that it would be 100% clear whether money was meant to preserve the original deed or pay for the new deed. Another upside is that it would be 100% clear when the absent mayor's funding had run out — meaning that they no longer had any moral claim to the land.
  2. I don't think anyone proposed that. My understanding was that all the proposals are variations on this basic idea: Allow players to pay for the deed, and take ownership, after the mayor's money has run out.
  3. I wasn't suggesting anything that would change ownership of buildings. Everything that was protected in a building before the deed became a democracy would still be protected, and each building would still belong to the same person.
  4. This seems to be a very difficult and expensive suggestion. As for the benefit... um. How many PS5 owners would really be into Wurm? It doesn't seem like much of a crossover
  5. The way my suggestion worked, the original mayor wouldn't have any upkeep left, at the point where the deed becomes a democracy. In other words, they would have lost their deed anyway, by that point. Assuming they owned any buildings, they'd actually be better off with my proposal, because their building would still be on deed, and would have decayed less
  6. Alright, google "bluey stumpfest" and you should be good to go If you're in Australia you might be blocked though, since it's an Aussie show
  7. All Horses should go faster on roads than off. Horses without shoes should go faster on roads, but not as much. In other words, horseshoes should provide a much bigger speed boost on roads than off. Roads that are underwater should slow down all horses. Horses with the trait should not slow down as much. There. No danger of crazy min/max highways.
  8. Clearing stumps should definitely be more fun.
  9. This is trifficult. The mayor paid for the land, and probably for all or most of the upkeep. It wouldn't be right to take control of that away, just because the mayor was absent for X months. However, if you modify the proposal to only kick in once the upkeep has entirely expired, then the mayor has, by their absence, already lost everything, including the money they paid when founding or expanding the deed. In other words, they no longer have any claim on the deed. Having said this, it's still tricky and difficult because the game doesn't let you re-found a deed once it disbands. Building ownership is a huge problem. Disbanding the deed has to be stopped. The solution might be a collective buyout. Once the upkeep has fallen below 30 days (or possibly a lower number), and the mayor has been absent for a significant time (argue here about details), then the players may collectively spend a sum of silver that will go into the deed upkeep fund (perhaps 3 silver, or 3 months' worth of upkeep), and if the mayor doesn't return and put an equal sum into upkeep before the upkeep would have run out, then the deed would become a democracy under joint ownership of those players who had paid.
  10. This picture is about as foggy as it ever gets, for me, using the new rendering engine and with most details cranked up to maximum. Proposal Add two sliders to the Graphical Settings menu to let the user adjust How much fog to draw when the weather is bad I propose that the above image be used as a reference for the default / minimum fog (maximum visibility) when it's snowing, raining or officially foggy. This is the default, and the current behaviour. Minimum visibility would be up to the user, but could be quite extreme if that's what people want. How much fog to draw when the weather is good Obviously at the minimum (default) value no haze would be visible. I propose that the above image be used as a reference for how the game could look, at the other end of the slider, if that's what a player wants. Discussion Fog is atmospheric and adds to the richness and depth of the world. In the image above, you can easily see the treeless valley in the distance on the right; that would be far less obvious without fog. Fog helps sailors to navigate by providing depth cues - inlets may be revealed by different shadings that would otherwise look like an unbroken horizon. Fog is a client-only feature that should be up to the players to control. Since the introduction of the new rendering engine, fog has been severely lacking in Wurm. However, some players may be fine with how things are. Perhaps with other graphics hardware or operating systems, things look quite different. For those players, this proposal would change nothing — unless they wanted to change it. Ideally, fog levels would vary with time of day, increasing around sunrise and at sunset somewhat. But the above proposal would at least give players more control.
  11. Where do you think the Mind Logic comes from?
  12. If you think there's a difference between improving something and patching it, all you're really saying is that, for you, subjective judgment and spin are more important than substance. As for established players complaining about it... read the room
  13. Might be technically difficult (especially freezing the season) but I think it would be a very nice touch.
  14. Spoken like somebody who's never built a house, or a fence. If you don't like the material that it puts in the crafting window... don't use it to make the item. I support the original idea. It's little bit of UI work, but it's low risk and makes established players happy.