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  1. Fisherman's Point is disbanded
  2. Fast service and a fast return mailbox. I am likely to use this service again.
  3. Right then. Mail it to Sheffy, please (Sheffie lives on Xanadu)
  4. I would like to buy two of your creature carriers. Please /tell Sheffy ingame to arrange pickup withdrawn
  5. And pilings can be used to mark safe/dredged channels in shallow water, whether or not you attach lanterns that are painted red and green
  6. This is something that's long overdue, and should not be too difficult considering that bridges already exist. Piling This is a heavy, rounded, wooden pole that may be sunk into the water. A player can craft a Piling from a felled tree using a hatchet. The pilling will weigh ~90% of the weight of the tree, the remainder being turned into wood scraps. A piling may be painted using Tar. Up to four Tar will be needed, depending on the weight of the piling. Pilings can be stored in bulk storage containers. Unpainted pilings and painted pilings will be stored separately. A Piling can be Planted on a tile corner that is below sea level. The weight of the piling limits the depth at which it may be planted. At the upper limit, a 160kg piling may be planted in water 40 dirt deep. If a piling is bigger than needed, any excess wood will be left in the player's inventory in the form of a smaller piling. After planting, the piling will protrude above sea level to a height of about 15 dirt. After planting, a lantern may be attached to the piling. A planted piling will decay in one Wurm month to one year (depending on quality) if not tarred. A tarred piling will last ten times longer. Planted pilings may be repaired or improved using Tar. A tile corner with a piling planted cannot be terraformed. Pier This is a flat wooden deck, held up by pilings. Piers will sit 5 dirt above sea level. Containers and decorative items may be planted on piers. Floorboards may be made into a pier on any tile that has a piling planted on each corner. Floorboards may also be made into a pier ramp, on any tile that has pilings planted on two adjacent corners and two corners that are 5 dirt above sea level. A player in a boat may Disembark onto a pier. A player who is Climbing may climb onto a pier from the water. Piers decay at twice the rate of pilings.
  7. Steel hatchet head with BOTD 85 Please construct and improve this, as described above, and mail to me. If I understand correctly, the price will be 6.5s. If not, please let me know Thanks!