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  1. Small hide shield: 1 hide 1 rivets 1 leather strip 1 metal ribbon Medium hide shield: 2 hide 1 rivets 1 leather strip 1 metal ribbon Large hide shield: 3 hide 1 rivets 1 leather strip 1 metal ribbon These are the sort of shields that mounted barbarians or nomad warriors would use - lighter than wooden shields, and maintained using leatherworking skills and tools. I think it'd be great for the game to have some more barbaric shield designs, especially if you could paint the surface and the rim differently. It would be nice if they could have a "material type" so that you could have a bison hide shield, a bull hide shield, and so on. These could be implemented as different RGB values on the surface of the shield.
  2. The issue did not reappear after restarting the client. However, I've seen similar issues in this building several months ago, so I think it's possible that it might return.
  3. Not sure how much I can help debug this other than to say, it happens. It looks like one polygon has lost an edge and one line of its texture is projecting out into space from a distant point. If I move the camera about, it looks fairly consistent - the lines are definitley projected from a specific point in 3D space. It looks very much as though the problematic polygon is the lower edge of the planks that make up the side of the staircase. Hopefully the highlight outline makes this clear. (Apologies for the custom colour).
  4. Given out to some lucky wurmians by the ghost of Christmas past, these beautiful carriers are an alternative to saddle bags offering a much more individual appearance to your personal riding animal, and 21% more carrying capacity. Leather QL 99 3.50 kg Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: no Private Bids: no
  5. The comma confused me. I thought I was going to read a suggestion for a feature that's like archaeology, but done in a boat. Presumably with a dredge. I'm behind the idea of a portable boat, as long as it just gets one player across the water.
  6. This would certainly put an end to the people asking "why is that person's chat a different colour?"
  7. What I understand from TeeeBOMB is the idea that no player ought to be able to take over a name that has previously been used by another character. And I basically agree. I wouldn't like players to be able to do that either. There are (at least) two complications. Players could buy and sell accounts before Real Money Trading was prohibited, so in a very real sense the old name is being used by a new player. A character that hasn't been premium will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity, and as has been discussed already, a new character with that name can be confused with the old one — not only by players but by the game code itself. Bearing these caveats in mind, I think there's no reason why the game couldn't allow character renaming with the condition that previously used names cannot be re-used. Again, it's important for this to have costs and limits, so that the ability to change names is only used when it needs to be. And it's important for a player to be able to query a name and see if that same character was "formerly known as" something else.
  8. If a player has to dig within +/-5 tiles of a particular spot, then I think the X on the map should have to be within +/-5 tiles also. I mean, sometimes the player has to cover a larger search area, because the maps are a bit vague sometimes. But sometimes they're not. If the X is at a distinctive highway intersection on the north side of the road, then the spot can be determined precisely and the player ought to hit the treasure if they dig there. Introducing a "mapmaker error" that makes them dig on the other side of the road doesn't add anything to the game, and takes away a good deal of player satisfaction from correctly solving the map.
  9. Player A could have played character NastyMcNasterson, and then created character NiceyMcNiceGuy. You have no way of knowing that they are the same person. There's no "name security" in this case. Player A could have played a character QueenOfAwesome, and sold it to player B, before the RMT ban. You have no way of knowing that they are no longer the same person. There's no "name security" in this case. Player A could play character MrPopular, and share the login info with player B. You have no way of knowing who is playing MrPopular. There's no "name security" in this case. Renaming a character is a lot like getting a faith swap or a meditation path change: instead of doing it the slow way (by making a new character, or dropping your faith / med path), you're paying a premium in order to get a head start. I want to restate and emphasize this. Even when renaming a character is not possible. a player can achieve the same result by creating a new character. So, by all means let players change names — assuming the technical questions can all be resolved — but make it a premium service.
  10. Passwords... do the same thing... as player names? That hasn't been my experience. I also don't think increased complexity and load, i.e. decreased performance, is at all similar to collapsing like a house of cards. Of course, it's quite possible that there's an elegant and powerful solution to the problem of renaming characters that allows efficient and simple access from the new name to the old and vice versa, and I confess that my experience of game development really has not focussed on server database access for more than a couple of months, so it wouldn't be at all surprising if I was ignorant of it. Feel free to enlighten.
  11. There are concerns about players abusing this feature, yes, but those can be addressed. I think the major obstacle standing in the way of allowing name changes is at a low level, i.e. the player name is the database key. Allowing the renaming of characters would force every database access to jump through extra hoops, increasing code complexity and server load.
  12. This is good news. Roll on Wednesday!
  13. You can't have good without goo