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  1. Just post a notice on your deed boundary No attacking between the hours of __ and __ The idea that people will only attack you when it's convenient for you seems kind of silly. Anyway, since raid windows are already in place, on Defiance, then either go there and enjoy them, or work out why more people aren't enjoying them and address the issues.
  2. This is a Rod of Transmutation with the following differences cost is 4 silver when used on a vein, transmutes it to rock cannot be used on-deed except by mayor
  3. This got me thinking. Why doesn't Darnok get all of these brilliant easy to implement ideas into WU as mods? Then, he can ride back here on a wave of public acclaim, basking in the runaway success of WU with Darnok inspired mods, and rescue WO by inspiring the devs to do the same thing?
  4. No because people chose to live in deserts, and this would not make them happy.
  5. Not used, did not know about, was ignorant of. It's okay to use plain language. Proposal amended in the light of new information.
  6. Auto walk just does the same thing as holding down `W`. Unless you've got another option tweaked that you haven't mentioned, that will not affect the direction that the vehicle travels. My experience is that a cart or wagon or horse or person on a road will consistently drift to one side or the other, needing a correction every so often. If you turned more slowly at first, it would be easier to point yourself in exactly the right direction, and then no more adjustments would be needed. Do you not have that experience?
  7. At present, when you're driving a cart or riding a horse, the turning rate slows noticeably after you've turned 90º This is backwards pointless. I propose that the system be revised as follows: Turn slower than usual until you've turned through 10º Then turn at the normal rate. Do not slow down after 90º This should make it easier for cart and wagon drivers to align their vehicle with a road, and should also get rid of the annoying feature where, if you want to turn quickly, you need to stop and start again.
  8. Werewolves. In a world where there are four moons that are always full? We already have wolves
  9. Current system: We tend to see clusters of ore veins, perhaps 5-10 of them over a small area, each containing from 100-10000 ore. Problem: This is both unrealistic and a huge pain for people trying to make canal or highway tunnels. It also increases the cost of repairing collapsed tiles, especially in partially reinforced tunnels that are off deed. Solution: Have a larger number of ore veins each containing less ore. For example, ten times as many veins, either in a blob or strung out in a line 1-2 tiles wide, each containing no more than 1000 ore, so that the total amount of mineral would be the same. In the most extreme incarnation of this idea, you would discover hundreds of veins, each of which would mined out just as easily as a rock tile. Discussion: Obviously this could not be applied retroactively to existing servers. However, any tiles that collapse could certainly use the new algorithm to determine their type and quantity. This should provide a more realistic, consistent and satisfying mining experience. Having found an area that's rich in iron, for example, miners will end up following the deposit wherever it leads them, rather than having a "one and done" mentality. Anyone driving a tunnel through a mountain will not be greatly inconvenienced by hitting a vein or two. If a tile collapses in your mine or off-deed tunnel, you won't have to go to a lot of trouble or expense to clear the rockfall. The greater number of tiles, each with a randomly determined quality level, would mean that the overall quality of the mineral would not vary so wildly. A Rod of Transmutation could behave exactly as before, since it is magical in nature. Alternatively, it could affect a number of tiles in the immediate vicinity of the user, while still producing 10000 of the desired mineral.
  10. If I can have a cart pulled by unicorns. It’s only fair
  11. We need two sliders. One for the brightness of areas that have dynamic lights. One for areas that have no lights. This allows people with weird graphics hardware to adjust to it, and ensures that everyone gets the game experience they want.
  12. I would suggest: has a nose for gold it will haggle tenaciously