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  1. I'm looking for a high quality longbow with Nim and CoC. Please PM me here or contact Sheffy on Cadence. Thanks
  2. The idea here is to provide a mechanism by which existing servers that are old and largely abandoned can be converted into new servers that players will want to explore and colonize. Phase 1: The long winter Seasons stop passing. Snow falls continuously and visibility is reduced to the level of the thickest fog.. Wild and domestic animals start dying. Crops stop growing, then die in the fields. Trees and bushes die off. Players start taking frost damage whenever they're away from a fire. This is increased when wearing metal armour, when out of doors, when hungry, when nutrition is low, etc. Phase 2: Leave-taking The king orders the land to be evacuated. Players are unable to plot a course or otherwise travel to this island. Each deed owner is offered a sum of silver, as compensation for the land that they must abandon. Each player is given a choice of island to be relocated to. They may bring only what they are carrying*. Phase 3: The Ice Sheet All buildings, structures, roads, mines, support beams, and other signs of human habitation are ground away by the action of kilometre-deep ice sheets. Terrain is eroded away. Flattened ground becomes rutted. Sharp edges become rounded. Steep slopes become flattened. Phase 4: The Spring Sun, rain, life and green growth return to the land. Grasses, young trees and bushes appear, sparsely at first, but quickly taking root in the rich soil left behind by the glaciers. Finally sure that the Ice Age has passed, the king decrees that settlers can return to the land. *obvious variation: each player can carry whatever they can fit on a ship
  3. I'll let Retrograde answer this one Provide constructive comments, +1's and -1's aren't useful, we overlook and ignore them anyways, post why you like or dislike something.
  4. There is, doubt, though. I've seen official wording that makes it clear that they are not committing to connecting the servers at any point. So it comes down to this. What are the arguments for connecting the servers? - player retention. (Players are upset by the thought that there are islands which are basically the same, but inaccessible for arbitrary reasons. Something that upsets players will, statistically speaking, cause players to leave the game. This may apply to established SFI players who must choose between "missing out" on the new servers, spending significantly more money in order to play on both, or moving to NFI and being unable to recover sunk costs on SFI; it may also apply to new players who choose a server before understanding the distinction between SFI and NFI.) What are the arguments against connecting the servers? - technical reasons. (Changes have been made to NFI versus SFI servers that are incompatible or that would cause balance problems to bring into concordance.) - game/market balance reasons. (Veteran SFI players can flood the NFI market with cheap enchanted goods, fast horses, and so on.) What else?
  5. Rather than only having the option of +100% skillgain, perhaps the player could choose to focus the mental freshness that we call "sleep bonus" in different ways: increasing the skill gained by performing an action (just so we're clear that this options remains, and will indeed be the default) increasing the speed of item creation (since burning sleep bonus is broadly similar to Circle Of Cunning, allow an option that has the same effect as Wind Of Ages) increasing the quality of created items (instead of an item being created at 20% of your smithing skill, perhaps allow it to be created at 25%, or 30%, or 40%.) increasing the chance of improving items (perhaps halve the chance of failing an improve action) increasing the chance of creating items (perhaps halve the chance of failing a creation action. This should not, I think, allow creation of items that would otherwise be beyond a player's skill) None of these are going to severely impact the game balance, I don't think (with the possible exception of the last). Obviously there are decisions to be made about how effective each boost should be. But it should be easy enough to find a percentage that has roughly the same value to the player as x2 skillgain.
  6. Some of the hedges are very nice, but it's a shame that so many of them grow to full height. Please implement a means of permanently training a hedge so that it does not grow past low or medium height.
  7. Thanks for your help. I really appreciated the work, and I would recommend this smith.
  8. Summary: Missing context menu on the checkerboard. Steps to reproduce: Pick up the checkerboard and place it on a small wooden square table, or place it on the ground, or drop it on the ground. Expected behavior: A right click context menu with title, icons, and options: Play, Take, Place, Repair, Rename Observed behavior: Just the title "walnut luxurious checker board" and the icons for Examine, Wurmpedia and Emotes. No context menu. Reproducibility was 100% using this checkerboard and these pieces of furniture... until I placed the board on the floor inside a building I owned. At that point, the context menu appeared. After this, the issue is no longer reproducible, until I log out and in again. Then the issue returns.
  9. Fisherman's Point is disbanded
  10. Fast service and a fast return mailbox. I am likely to use this service again.
  11. Right then. Mail it to Sheffy, please (Sheffie lives on Xanadu)