Make Affinitys PvP only again.

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I would like affinities to places/environments.  Certain characters have certain preferred environments.   The game kind of has this with deities and domains etc, but this would be more about the underlying environment and location.  Skill gains & rare rolls both get a bit of a buff when you are in your element.



  • Underground affinity - your character is essentially a hobbit or dwarf  😉.  Whatever you do in caves, mines and tunnels get the buff.
  • Mountain affinity - whenever you are above a certain elevation from sea level and with some nominal amount of rock within a particular distance from, you get the buff.
  • Woodland affinity - you tree hugger, you.
  • Plainsmen - wide open spaces for you.
  • Water affinity - you do best when within close proximity to open water.
  • Loner/Hermit - you thrive when you are by yourself.  You get a buff when you are alone in local chat.
  • Townee - you thrive in crowds/groups.  You get a buff when on a deed with others (although, alts.....)
  • Party animal - you both get and give a bit of a buff at slayings and rifts - and PVP battles in company.
  • Warrior - your buff is waiting for you on PVP.
    • footman - your best fighting is done on your own two...
    • cavalier - you look down on your fellow man 
  • Nomad - you get a buff when you move to a new area, but it fades over time.
  • Sailor affinity - you get a buff from sailing x-distance, which quickly fades over time.


A very quick and rough listing, but does include at least one PVP only affinity 😇.








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