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Campfire Ores not Smelting

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We're just noticing that ores don't seem to be heating up in the campfires, on our dedicated server.  We've had a constant fire burning for over an hour now with 17 iron ore (quality ranging from 1.0 to 32.99) and no smelting happening.  I believe there should be an heat indication somewhere on the "icon" for the ore, but there doesn't appear to be.  No signs that it's smelting at all.  According to the wiki a 1.0 ore should turn into a lump after 1 hour, with higher quality ores taking less time.  The campfire is monitored constantly (via stopwatch) and always kept at "will burn for a long time" , so we're not sure what's up.

Any suggestions?

Wiki Reference:

Screenshot (after 1.5 hours):


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