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Found 9 results

  1. Smelt Purify Mod lets you use a smelting-pot to purify lump qualities a the cost of the lump's weight. You can configure all the exact proportions like quality gained per action and weight lost per action. Metallurgy skill and smelting pot quality limit how high quality can be improved. (I used the default WU Skill.getKnowledge(smeltPot, 0) code to get this value.) : Required : Ago's WurmServerModLauncher. : Install : * Get one of the archive releases, put the zip file into your WU server folder, and unpack the zip folder. The zip archive has a mods folder and it will put things where they go. * Releases are on Github: * Open the properties file and choose what options you want.
  2. We're just noticing that ores don't seem to be heating up in the campfires, on our dedicated server. We've had a constant fire burning for over an hour now with 17 iron ore (quality ranging from 1.0 to 32.99) and no smelting happening. I believe there should be an heat indication somewhere on the "icon" for the ore, but there doesn't appear to be. No signs that it's smelting at all. According to the wiki a 1.0 ore should turn into a lump after 1 hour, with higher quality ores taking less time. The campfire is monitored constantly (via stopwatch) and always kept at "will burn for a long time" , so we're not sure what's up. Any suggestions? Wiki Reference: Screenshot (after 1.5 hours): .
  3. Unlike anything else that requires the item to be 'glowing from heat' (smithing lumps, improving tools or weapons etc etc) smelting actually requires the item to have been not just glowing from heat but some unknown stage beyond that. While it might not necessarily be a bug, it most definately feels like one. It is also very confusing, causing a player to question if they are 'attempting the process correctly'. It seems like the smelter is checking the heat of the item against a wrong value.. one set too high. I honestly can't think of any idea why it *needs* to be like this or even why it *should* be like this, so it feels like a bug. Just another bit of wogic that is there to confuse and frustrate new players?
  4. Good day, I follow this page to smelt some iron items but the way how it describes smelting pot should be used doesn't work for me. I put a smelting pot and a hammer head into my inventory. Both glowing from heat. Then I select smelting pot by doubleclicking it, right click the hammer head and according the wiki there should be Smelting menu item somewhere in the menu. But no such menu item appears. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  5. On 14th Jan 2016 at 4:46pm (GMT) i encountered a problematic bug I smelted down 10 steel pickaxes and instead of lumps i received nothing, smelted down another 5 about 10 minutes later and there's was still no lumps given after the smelting. The only steel lump in the forge was the leftover .36kg from making the pick heads I've been making tools and smelting them back down to grind smithing for the past month and a bit and this is the first time it's ever happened.
  6. - holds ore and only ore - has the capacity for 2000kgs of ore or 100 items - cannot be used for anything other than smelting ore. Just a convenience item. I think it'd be better to have 1 of these than 4 forges to smelt ore.
  7. Let start : When it comes to farming your skill have impact on two things ql of crops, and number. (recently i noticed that foraging and botanising similar - at some point it gives you more than one thing) about the tweaking woodworking (as its bit different) When you turn logs into planks / shafts you have respectivly same amount of stuff and woodscraps. 2kg of plank and 2kg of woodscrap. My idea is to make carpentry have impact on amount of woodscraps. I mean a noob with saw, should make a plank and 2kg of woodscrap but a character with 20carp (non prem) should have plank and 1,6 kg of woodscrap. at 50 plank and 1kg of woodscrap. and 0,5kg woodscrap on 95-100. (to reflect situation that even masters makes little mistakes Mining / smelting / blacksmithing. - well it would require a new skill (smelting - working same as hfc). A smelting noob would get 1kg of iron (and all other ores respectivly - i mean 0,1 gold) at base level. But at 20 skill it should be 1,2kg of lump at 100 skill it should be 2kg (or 0,2 gold) of course its just rough idea. To prove the idea itself : There are mounds of furnance leftovers, dating from roman times, today there are companies, who recycle those leftovers to gain more iron and other metals.
  8. Attempting to smelt a large anvil, in inventory, forge, and a cart the option to smelt is there but when you try to use it you're told that you can only use it on the ground. Once it's on the ground the option to smelt it disappears.
  9. Server: Chaos Starting bid: 4s buyout: 10s minimum increase: 50c Reserves:Nope mailing fees paid by buyer. -------------------------------- Bought by: Still available