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  1. Would also love a server-side MOTD mod that does a global broadcast to all players at a specific time interval. For some server owners this is the only way to let new players know how they can find help and contact staff members.
  2. Just randomly looking at the list of server when starting Wurm, there's one conclusion that comes to mind. Most servers have very small populations, my own included. The biggest complaint I've been hearing is in regards to guard towers. They're a necessity to expand your kingdom and yet they cost a ridiculous amount (for a small crew of 1-5 players) to build. Perhaps someone could whip up a quick mod that would take the requirements down to something more manageable for small population servers. Perhaps along the lines of; 100 Stone Blocks 50 Wooden Planks 50 Clay Or even just a mod to make the resource requirements for a guard tower configurable via a properties file, so server hosts could set (and adjust) the material quantity depending on their own server's population.
  3. Confirmed... Installed v1.4 tonight and ores do not heat up. Went back to v1.2 and ore heating works fine. .
  4. Discovered this is due to a "No Decay" mod I installed... Please disregard.
  5. We're just noticing that ores don't seem to be heating up in the campfires, on our dedicated server. We've had a constant fire burning for over an hour now with 17 iron ore (quality ranging from 1.0 to 32.99) and no smelting happening. I believe there should be an heat indication somewhere on the "icon" for the ore, but there doesn't appear to be. No signs that it's smelting at all. According to the wiki a 1.0 ore should turn into a lump after 1 hour, with higher quality ores taking less time. The campfire is monitored constantly (via stopwatch) and always kept at "will burn for a long time" , so we're not sure what's up. Any suggestions? Wiki Reference: Screenshot (after 1.5 hours): .
  6. Oh, ok. I watched videos and just saw people placing claims and then building a guard tower inside it... Guess it's the other way around.
  7. This has probably been asked before, but I've been searching on Google for hours and if I have to do one more search I'll faceplant the keyboard. I'm just hoping someone can help me out. I'm not new to running servers but I am new to Wurm servers and have been having several issues, specifically with the settings. The first map we generated was with default settings and allowed us to go out into the world freely, claim our territory, but we didn't have "permission" to build anything in our claims. Adjusted some settings (Kingdom to 5, specifically) and now it says we have to build within 50 blocks of a kingdom, which is pretty limited, and we're still not sure if we'll have "permission" to build in our claims. We want to stay with an adventure setting, as we want the RPG aspects of Wurm as well as the sandbox, but it will only be a couple players playing on the server so kingdom wars really don't make sense. What, if any, would be the optimal settings for this Wurm Unlimited server? Or do we have it right, but are just missing some facts about Wurm?