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Low QL BSBs on deed

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Since the update, we can no longer plant low QL (under 10ql) BSBs on deed.


In my opinion, this is inconvenient, as the empty BSBs can no longer be planted all together on the same tile (for example when creating multiple BSBs) until they have been imped above 10.


It is particularly annoying for players with low carp skill, as they cannot plant piles of new BSBs at the creation area, nor can they stack their empty BSBs in a tidy way.


I know there are workarounds, but this may involve a large area for storing BSB's while they wait to be imped, or building single BSBs then imping them one at a time.


I appreciate this doesn't affect everybody,  but I think that we should be able to plant low QL BSB's on deed again.

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