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  1. I installed RamDisk and made a small ram disk, then pointed my wurm.ini to put the "web" stuff on that drive like so: WEB_PATH=h:\\ I'm no longer getting any hangs (at all!) and everything is as smooth as butter. My profile looks like this: Notice how printStats() is no longer dominant. It would be much better to simply tell wurm not to generate the WEB_PATH files, because I don't need them, but this works.
  2. Okay I decided to go ahead and profile the server while it's running. I'm using NetBeans IDE 8.2 to do the profiling. The thing that's taking up the most CPU, as well as being correlated in time with my lags (in game and in the wurm.log.0 file) is com.wurmonline.server.Players.printStats() which is taking up something like 60% of all CPU used by the server. This is actually way more than all the Polling stuff that actually updates the game. This method would also jump up many cpu seconds right after a pause, so I believe this is it. Is there any way to disable writing these stats to the disk to see if this fixes the problem? What do the stats do? Why would they be slow? Devs, please? I've gone ahead and uploaded a screenshot of the profile of the main loop here:
  3. It seems that, other than Trello stuff, the only significant change in your .ini vs the default .ini is you have USE_SCHEDULED_EXECUTOR_TO_UPDATE_CREATURE_POSITION_IN_DATABASE set to false. This is kind of weird, because another thread recommends setting it to true, and in that thread you said setting it to true helped "quite much". Yet now you have it set to false, and otherwise have default settings. Has anyone else run into this problem? I continue to get regular 5s-60s pauses. Has anyone developed a way to actually profile the server to figure out where it's spending its time (or do the developers read this board and care to advise?)
  4. https://gist.github.com/ellisonch/f690f97638e6b66649f844a91a523645 No mods. And like I said, all default settings.
  5. Sure, what are you looking for exactly? It's mostly thousands of lines of With the occasional I'm running windows 7.
  6. I recently started playing Wurm Unlimited using a local dedicated server. I play alone, with default settings, and from the beginning I've been getting intermittent "lags". Basically I can keep moving, but the game will stop registering actions for up to a minute. Right-clicking something will just say "refreshing". Sometimes it will go away after just a few seconds, sometimes it takes a whole minute, but eventually whatever is happening finishes and it starts registering commands again. I'm seeing messages in the wurm.log.0 log like I'm getting about 400 of those messages per hour, though most for just 1 or 2 seconds. I just have to sit and wait until it comes back. Since I play alone and I just started, there aren't huge piles of stuff sitting around. I'm connecting to my own computer, so it isn't real latency. Something is happening on the server that is making it pause. My computer is decent---I run a dedicated Ark server that I play locally with no problem. Are there any settings I can set to help give the server more resources or something? I am really enjoying the game, but these hitches are driving me crazy.