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  1. With the upcoming changes to traders and deed upkeep, we are going to be offering everyone with old traders a chance to move them. This is a simple one time process from now until April 1st. If you own a deed and have a trader that you would like relocated to a different location on your deed, or you have a trader currently sitting on a satellite deed that you would like moved to your main deed, please put in a support ticket requesting the move once you have the location ready. The only conditions are that you are the mayor of the deed since before January 25th and the trader is on deed. This is a one time move for each person for one trader to be relocated to their main deed if desired. We cannot move traders across servers, so this is per server in case you have a main deed on more than one server. It may take us a bit of time to get to each request, but do not worry, as long as we receive the requests before April 1st of this year we will get to you. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  2. Yes, it will be measured, I cannot give any specifics at this time.
  3. Here is the current draft of the new Account Rules. These rules are not finalized and will likely be further refined before going into effect. As I said at the top, this is just the current draft and these intended rules and they will probably see a number of refinements before becoming official active.
  4. I am actively working on laying the ground work on the new rules regarding this. I hope to have something to show soon. edit... or I WILL have something to show soon actually. It is surprisingly not that easy to write it!
  5. Today I arrived on Deliverance, and randomly enough it was at Green Dog. There I found a wayward Haslador trying to venture his way back from a previous troll encounter. He had to Enkounter 4 challenges. Challenge #1 Finish this sentence within 1 minute. "This is a standard oar, about the length of a ____ ___" Haslador survived the dreaded challenge with plenty of life and blood to spare. Challenge #2 Where will you find the home of the gods? - 2 minute challenge time! Nope.... I'll throw something shiny in the void for not realizing the answer to that! Challenge #3 What metal is often used to make a compass? And with a wild guess he missed it by a mile! Wow, so much for the supreme flying knarr. Will have to chop it up into kindling... Challenge #4 Defend Deliverance from the invading Lemming Hordes! It took more than a life but Haslador did defeat the small army and faced the Lemming Queen wearing nothing but a steel staff!... too bad he didn't win any clothing.... For his winnings... A large supreme barrel with some food. The steel staff he used against the Lemming Horde, a leather knife, and all the lemming meat he could carry!
  6. great job devs

    I guess this means I need to stop telling people to place a camera behind them over their shoulders and watch that video feed if they want 3rd person.
  7. Lost my faith

    I'm awake! I'm awake!
  8. great job devs

    OH NO!!! What have we done!!!! " I noticed this because I fell off a cliff while taking an epic selfie. " The accident rates and cliff falls are going to skyrocket! ... hmm wait... that might be a fun thing... in Wurm anyway... But the worst part.... if it is a selfie in Wurm does that make it a 'Welfie' or a 'Wolfie' ....hmmm... anyone? ... no?
  9. January 17th - 17:30 - Xanadu - (Winner = Quelon) February 13th - 17:00 - Deliverance - (Winner = Haslador)
  10. Today I held the first Random Enkounter of the new decade. The Randomizer dropped me off in the presence of Quelon on Xanadu. Today he faces three challenges! Challenge #1 Where will you find the biggest crab legs in Wurm? Well now... He guessed on a champion crab.... Nope! There were 2 correct answers to this one, and he only got it 1/3rd right, but not right enough to win the Hammer of Awesomeness. This supreme hammer had multiple functions. First and foremost it could build a wall of any type using only one piece of material and one hit. Second, no Ogre in its right , or left, mind would dare come near you because of the sheer pain this hammer would cause on its toes which would drop an Ogre's health to half in one hit. And thirdly, and most awesomely, it would improve any item to 100 quality in one hit! Oh well, into the void with the Hammer of Awesomeness.... Challenge #2 ......... And Quelon had business to attend to .... Well that was a short Enkounter, but he did end up with some pizza and a round table, and a short sword for playing. He will never know what else he could have won for missing out on the second and third Challenges. Keep your eyes open people! You never know when I might pop in and drop a 1000 ghouls or 388 Iguanas on you. Well, alright so you do know that it won't be within the next 14 days!
  11. Today on this special Xmas edition of Random Enkounters I was kicked over to Chaos and dropped in the vicinity of Evadaly. Evadaly will be tasked with completing 4 random challenges today. Challenge #1 What insect replaced the old tried and true four legged equine on Jackal? Evadaly quickly replied with the correct answer. "Weta" Challenge #2 Why? Evadaly's answer "because retro lives there now and they are creepy looking" (Working to confirm, will get back to it later) Challenge #3 ELF BOWLING! Evadaly had to knock down every elf! They did not go down without a lengthy battle, but in the end, Evadaly turned out to be a proficient Elf bowler. Challenge #4 The Reindeer Games! All of 9 reindeer namesakes descended upon Evadaly at once and tried their best to take vengeance on the fallen elves! The fight was long, and Evadaly was barely hanging on. Eventually Cupid fell, but Evadaly was losing blood fast..... Evadaly pleaded with the mob for mercy but Dasher, Dancer, Dunder, and Vixen wanted blood! Dancer lay bleeding on the side of the road as Dasher, Dunder, and Vixen continued their vendetta. Unfortunately for Dasher, his neck was right in the way of Evadaly's axe. Vixen battled long and hard, but in the end his heart was extracted at the end of Evadaly's axe. Dunder fared little better as his head was crushed. Evadaly, bruised and bled, summoned more strength and took the fight to the rest of the holiday cheer mob. First went Comet, then down with Rudolph, and soon followed Blixem, I did not even see her take out Prancer A crate of 300 wood scraps 50 pottery jars! 5 large crates a Rare armchair A supreme Blue Forest Wool Hat A lead anchor! 3 large supreme pizzas 30 snowballs one rare grooming brush and finally a supreme Tapestry of Evening! After a review of Challenge #2 it was finally determined to be incorrect! So back into the void with the Supreme Fishing Rod of Water Fountain Fishing! Too bad too, this unique item would guarantee that you catch at least a silver coin up to a whole gold! from any water fountain or well you used it at once per day. This concludes This years Random Enkounters. I will never hold another Random Enkounter here again and will not hold one until after I move into that two aught twenty zone people have been talking about lately. Bring wallpaper! I understand its completely unfurnished! I shall see you there!
  12. With this Impalong's antics I have come up with some new long term games and adventures to deploy this coming year.
  13. Oh for pete's sake! I forgot to mention that the above does not apply to PVP servers like Chaos or those on the Epic cluster... I'll add that in as soon as I have time.. so yeah... the above relates to the PVE servers.
  14. The Hunters Guide of Proper Unique Creature Hunting Etiquette To maintain proper etiquette when encountering a creature of unique stature, one must always heed to sportsmanlike conduct as written below. When you discover a unique creature, you have two courses of action available to you. The first course of action is to attempt to contain the creature so that it will go un-bothered until such time as you have fattened it up for slaughter. This is by no means the best option as any unique creature can escape any confinement you build at any time of its own choosing. Under no circumstances should a contained unique on or under a deed be 'lured' out by any means outside of the intentions of the hunting party with claim. This will be classed as griefing and will net the offender/s a ban. The second course of action, and most sportsmanlike to boot, is to gather your friends, family, coworkers, and any spare un-dead you may have lying around collecting dust, and have a splendifirous slaying party as soon as possible. Children always have lots of fun playing games like 'fingers and horns', 'tooth tail toe', 'foot toss', 'tug of entrails', ' and of course playing the old classic scene from the famous 'Swamp Wars' play and pretend to be Duke Skyrunner battling Barth Tater with bloody severed arm sabers. The adults meanwhile can butcher the rare and unique creature and create wonderful stews and other fine meals from the leftovers of the creature to eat as they haggle over the dispensation of the more valued body parts of each slain creature. There is of course a third action available to you, though I am loath to mention it, but you could, in theory, turn, run away, and pretend you never saw it. With multiple hunting parties hunting down these poor misunderstood unique creatures, recently, it has become such a war for the blood and other various body parts of each unique creature that many of the people hunting them are no longer having fun at this time honored blood sport. This is where proper etiquette must be applied for all to enjoy their kill and wear it too. So, with that in mind, let's lay down some etiquette for this wonderful tradition. First come first serve! What does it mean to be the first? I am so glad you asked. Normally, first person on scene is the one to claim the unique, but arguments do arise and we need something more solid to go on at this stage. So let us start a more tangible system by which if an argument were to arise, an arbitrator can be sent out to scout the situation, and determine decisively who is first. Step 1. Commit one of these actions within range of the unique. Mine a tunnel Build a colossus Dig a dirt, heap of sand, clay, tar, lava Plant a sign Cut a tree down Build a bridge Surface mine a shard Step 2. Remember where you committed the action! If the arbitrator cannot find proof of work, then your claim will be denied. Keep in mind, the above is only necessary if there is a dispute, which will likely only happen during the first few hours of discovery, but for your own sake, commit one of the above actions should you encounter a unique creature and wish to claim it for your own group to eviscerate. Containment Protocols! If you have chosen to lay claim to a unique, what do you do with it? Kill it of course, you silly dunderhead! Since most of you will not be able to take on a unique creature by your lonesome, you should gather up a slaughter party and throw a big bash for the unique creature as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it can take time to gather a large enough group of blood ravers to attend so you may decide to confine the unique creature in a 'pen'. This of course is not really intended, and unique creatures can escape on their own volition, so if you try to confine one of these poor Wurmland denizens, do not come calling to us when it escapes to get to the greener grass on the other side. Should the unique decide to escape your attempts at confining it, it is again wild and can potentially be claimed by another, as long as they follow the above steps, if your party is not actively present to maintain your original claim. Under no circumstances should a contained unique on or under a deed be 'lured' out by any means outside of the intentions of the hunting party with claim. This will be classed as griefing and will net the offender/s a ban. Attempting to merely 'pen' a unique creature without a deed such as, using a sealed mine or a fence may work as a temporary option, but once you leave the area, any claim to it becomes invalid! The slaying! This is by far the most fun part of the event. Unfortunately, some have tried to sully the experience and so we provide you with some basic common courtesies that all should respect. Courtesy #1 – If you are not with the slayer party that has claim to the unique creature, then leave the area! Courtesy #2 – Do not bring alts into the loot drop range. Courtesy #3 – Do not steal the corpse, body parts, or loot drops from the claimant party. Courtesy #4 – Under no circumstances should a contained unique on or under a deed be 'lured' out by any means outside of the intentions of the hunting party with claim. This will be classed as griefing and will net the offender/s a ban. Going against these courtesies of etiquette will be considered an act of griefing and will net the offender/s a ban. Community slayings! There are times in which hunting parties will organize a public slaying of a unique creature to share the spoils. These are come one, come all events. No one will be turned away from these, but a certain decorum of etiquette must be observed. Courtesy #1 – Do not steal the corpse, body parts, or loot drops from the organizers of the community slaying party. Courtesy #2 – Under no circumstances should a contained unique on or under a deed be 'lured' out by any means outside of the intentions of the organizing party with claim. This will be classed as griefing and will net the offender/s a ban. This guide will be updated and adjusted to counter loopholes as more scenarios are considered in order to keep these activities in line with the spirit of the game.
  15. There's no Place like Stronghold! The Stronghold will open soon! This is a reminder to all Jackal participants! Be on Jackal when the Stronghold closes or you will receive no points. You can be offline, just be sure that your avatar is on the server or you will not get credit for your participation in the Stronghold event! Again, you MUST be on Jackal when the Stronghold is closed or you will miss out on the points. As I said before.... oh... just be sure that you are on the Jackal server for the closing.
  16. Ol'buddy'o'Paypal'o'mine At the moment there is a slight change with the Paypal system causing some shop purchases to not go through instantly. The issue is minor but causes the Paypal system to sometimes fail to instantly confirm purchase. This issue will be remedied pretty quickly with a planned hotfix. This issue does not affect our other payment processors. Until then, if you are one of the few who have made a Paypal purchase via the Wurm Online Shop and it does not appear on your avatar within a few hours, please send an email to payment@wurmonline.com with a quick description including the avatar name the shop purchase was for, the Paypal transaction ID, and the item purchased from the shop. We will get these few instances manually confirmed and taken care of very quickly, usually within a work day.
  17. Today the randomizer dropped me on Release. Mikehunt responded immediately upon my appearance and had to face 4 Random challenges. #1 How many solar bodies can be viewed from the Jackal sky? Mikehunt guessed 3! WRONG! So much for that hot air balloon sewn from No-Gump skins... into the void with it! #2 How many planks are needed to build a guard tower? Wow... he even got that one wrong... alright then... He can kiss the supreme hammer of ship building goodbye. According to its inscription, it could build a cog in the time it takes to build a raft. With the same materials as a raft! #3 How many walls must you build if you are building a 2x3 tile structure 2 stories tall? Wrong yet again! While this is actually a bit of a trick question with multiple answers.... you must always build at least 1 door. And into the void with the Arrows of Grand Hunting.... yeah, they were just hunting arrows, but they were really good hunting arrows! I mean like top quality one hit kill arrows! #4 Gojira's Cousins! Round 1 - Kamacuras! x8 (not even a scratch) 1/0 Round 2 - Dorats! x12 (well... at least it was a scratch) 2/0 Round 3 - Kumonga! x8 (now we're talking... spill that blood!) 3/0 Round 4 - Hedora! x3 (well... that was just... disappointing.... lazy, useless, good for nothing sludge eating slugs.. EAT SALT AND DIE!) 4/0 Round 5 - Gabara! x1 (Muahahaha! The nightmare monster!) (Oh yeah! Now that's what I am talking about!) Mikehunt was evenly matched against this beast and was losing body parts left and right, but after his alt entered the fray and provided Mikehunt with several transfusions of sheep blood, he bested the bully and came out victorious.) "<Mikehunt> aw i never equipt my shiled lol" For his winnings.... well whats left of them.. 40 marble bricks, a supreme pizza, a rare crate rack, some felled cedar trees, some peanut butter cookies, and a toothpick.
  18. You shall not pass! effective - Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 02,2019 (ENDED) Today's rollback due to certain undesirable things happening, has caused mine doors placed during the time between the update and the rollback to play a trick on their owners. Now they just sit there and laugh as the very people who very kindly and gently placed them onto their holes in the ground, try to pass through them and end up smashing face first into them. I get it, I get it... It's Halloween... why should the pumpkins get to have all the fun! Unfortunately, the mine doors forgot one thing... who their owners were..., and Since they do not trust a smiling face as proof of passage they let no one pass beyond. So... All PVP servers are now under a RAID BAN for about the next 24 hours to let the owners report their holiday prankster doors to the GM's for replacement. For everyone not on the PVP servers, if you placed your mine doors during this update and rollback window, you are affected to. Just send us a support ticket and we will help you out as soon as possible. Thank you, Wurm Online Team. update: This ban is now over as any who cared to report their deed lockouts have been given ample time to do so. We will still assist with messed up mine doors, but PVP deeds have had enough time to report theirs if it was urgent.
  19. This months Random Enkounter is brought to you by the Nefarious Witch of the North, who happens to be far less wicked than that other witch of the west. But still mean! Oh I tell you she is a mean one! Today the randomizer chose to drop me at Havens Landing on Independence.... oh this should be good... Among the people there, Marcas was the first to respond to my famous "Greetings!" speech. Participants = Lluther, Marcas, Mushak, Superfint, Yuyukosaigyouji, Zaka They had to endure 7 random challenges! Challenge #1 - Where is Jackal? [15:43:15] <Enki> Okay... Challenge #1 [15:43:48] <Enki> Where is Jackal? [15:44:20] <Marcas> Thats another server [15:44:26] <Zaka> In space [15:44:28] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Jackal is a planet in the wurm sky. Unless you mean Rift Jackals, which are at rift sites [15:44:48] <Superfint> In the portal [15:44:57] <Enki> All are correct answers.... well except for thatp lanet part.... [15:46:09] <Yuyukosaigyouji> Oh yeah, it's glassed as a moon really isn't it? They all came up with good answers.... but Jackal is not a planet! They each received 4 scones! Except for Yuyukosaigyouji who received only 3 for that planet bit... Challenge #2 - Name a famous arachnid? Isolde wins and is the only one who came up with a famous Arachnid with the answer of Thekla! Challenge #3 - The Nefarious witch of the North sends her greetings! Defend yourselves from the wrath of the Nefarious Chipmunks! Okay okay, so the spirit templars protected them quite effectively... still was fun.. Challenge #4 - Retrieve a rock shard iron ore within 2 minutes! (that's what happens when you have an Enkounter at a start deed) 4 of them brought back some iron anyway.... they received an axe! Challenge #5 - The Nefarious Witch of the North sends a new message.. delivered by 15 Nefarious munchkins! They all ran for their lives! which proved to be a good strategy as they survived long enough for the templars to wipe out all the green monsters. Well, they mostly survived... might could use a few pints of blood... Survivors received a trowel Challenge #6 - What day is this? Some answered with Wednesday, and some answered even more correctly with Luck Day, and one answered extremely correctly with the Eve of All Hallows' Eve Challenge #7 - They must face the Nefarious Witch of the North herself! Mathilda has arisen! That was one big pumpkin! But they survived and minced her up into pies. For their winnings, they received a random tool or weapon or statue. They were fortunate to be on Haven's Landing... Chances are not so good for next Halloween!!!!! Muahahahaha
  20. Jackal Rollover Points Not too long back there was a short window of opportunity during an update where people would cross over from Jackal to freedom and back and have their Jackal points and skills increased with each transfer. Fortunately, there was very little in the way of abuse during this matter and we collected the server records in order to correct this. As of today we now have the means to correct the unintended jackal point gains and skill gains incurred by those that transferred during this window and are in the process of finally doing so. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  21. Updated Highways section of the Game Rules. new: Highways Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more waystones together via catseyes. Highway Rules: A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. B ) You may not intentionally block an active highway with locked structures. (This is known to cause problems for the Wagoner system.) Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation. old: Highways Highway is defined as a paved terrain connecting two or more waystones together via catseyes. Highway Rules: A ) You may not intentionally disable an active highway connection by removing the catseyes without rerouting or replacing them promptly . 1> Deeds retain the right to disconnect from the highway system by removal of their waystone and any deactivated catseyes on their deed and perimeter. Punishment: You may be given a directive, warned, or even banned based on the situation.
  22. Positive Alignment

    MinorArchitect pointed out the damage to equipped gear.. My brand new steel great helm has almost 30 dmg, the rest of my armor around ~13 dmg.... my staff weapon... GONE!
  23. Woohoo! I did it! I did it! After 15 years I finally succeeded! I can't believe it! I finally did it! [19:45:49] YOU ARE HIT BY LIGHTNING! OUCH! [19:45:49] A strange dizziness runs through your head, eventually sharpening your senses. I have new super powers now! or at least a mot more Mind Speed! There I was minding my own business moving boats and swimming out to my boat in my shiny new steel plate armor when I got distracted, overshot my boat and started drowning. While awaiting the village to decide who or if a rescue party would be dispatched, by a sheer twist of fate... BAM... I am struck down by mana from above. Still clinging to life in the Jackal sea a rescue party from HQ Bravo was dispatched (Tria) and I was once again snatched from the icy grip of death! Take that IRL! All I got for my troubles when I got hit IRL was an insane need to drink mass amounts of water and memory loss! Take my word for it, getting hit in game is much more rewarding!
  24. Today the randomizer threw me across the oceans to Serenity on the Epic side of the world where I landed in the local of a priestly sort of person, doing priestly sorts of things, in a priestly sort of manner.... Sadly, they never took notice of me in local.... Their loss was a rare bag of spirit eagle omelets. A rare bag of lemons, potatoes, and wires. A large bag of feathers and cotton sheets. A supreme steel spear imbued with 'Two Hit Wonder' sigh.. I was really looking forward to seeing them tackle an ogre one on one with this. And of course, whatevery person needs, a Supreme Fireplace! Oh well... till next month...
  25. Loding and Unloding Zones Do not use Epic portals from jackal to return to Epic home servers or Elevation! (You never know where you will end up. Or what!) Do not try to travel to Elevation from the Epic home servers with anything in your inventory! (Kiss those shiny items bye bye if you do!) Do not travel to Elevation from any home server using any means other than the Epic portals! (Lodestones are not for travel to Elevation!)