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  1. Today I landed on Exodus for the second time in a row, but this time the person in local was far more attentive and noticed me right off. Rubychez faced down 3 challenges. First an oldie but a goodie... name the event that happens when The Home of the Gods passes in front of the Home of the Demons. Second challenge was to collect 8 sprouts in 5 minutes! Passed with only a minute to go. And for the final challenge, Rubychez had to save the world from the evolution of catfish into...well.. cats.... 10 Huge Sea Kittycats and 10 Striped Sea Kittycats climbed out of the ocean and onto the land inhabited by Rubychez and after a long battle, with well fed tower guards at her side, she ended their evolutionary hopes for the future! Rubychez won not only supplies for a beer drinkers fishing trip, but the items from the failed Enkounter from yesterday, and a rare horse statue for her island!
  2. Starting on the first of October we will be conducting a new event called Random Enkounters. Each day, at a random time, on a random map I will make a rather random appearance. Complete my very random challenge if you can. Receive a random prize set if you succeed! Enki is the name to watch for in local. This event shall run for at least one month. Many people in all time zones will have the opportunity to participate. I have no set plan on when or where I will appear each day. Since the location and map will be completely randomized I could even appear on a single map for random consecutive days. Should something happen to cause a day to be missed, the running of this event will be extended to compensate. In the event of multiple winners in a single event, a fight to the death will decide the victor for the prizes. Only jesting! No winner shall leave empty handed from each Random Enkounter. Holidays are approaching fast and it is time to start getting ready. Impalongs are being prepared by their generous hosts, which always bring a lot of enjoyment. Don’t miss out on the annual festivities! Definitely do not forget your holiday survival gear either! Extra entertainment to be provided by the popular country metal troll band Head Bashers and the latest zombietonk band Brain Suckers From Six Feet Below. Notify your next of kin as surviving a potential Enki appearance is problematic at best! With so many holidays approaching, keep your eyes open for more fun filled quests and activities. Inquire with impalong hosts in their respective threads for more details on dates, and planning. Try to find me during the Random Enkounters event, in the meantime, to get this holiday season underway. Holiday creatures are also likely to appear so be on the lookout! I will be looking forward to your participation in these upcoming holiday events. Now let’s have some fun! Enki (Head Game Master) 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
  3. No Winner for today! I appeared on Exodus and the only person in local never responded within the 10 minute window of opportunity. I would tell you about the fabulous prizes they could have won, but for now it gets added to tomorrows random pot of winnings!
  4. Today's Random Enkounter landed back on Xanadu. Eyelykekatz was the only one in the local vicinity and had to face 4 challenges! The first challenge was to tell me how many moons were currently in Wurm. He passed that challenge with flying colors... with a little help from the wiki... Second Challenge was ridiculously easy... get 20 planks within 15 minutes.... he had about 14 minutes to spare... Third challenge also way way too easy. Tame a dog! His fourth and final challenge would make up for the easy ones. A group of Vampires have escaped from Halloween and taken up residence in a nearby cave. They have sent their Igors out to remove Eyelykekatz' garlic patches so they might sneak in and feast on him while he sleeps. He had to defeat all 30 of the Igors to keep his blood in his veins where I assume is where he usually keeps it. The battle was long and lasted throughout the night as there were many...many... times I did not think he was going to survive the waves of Igors! Eventually as the sun crested over the distant mountain peaks and the first rays of light struck the landscape, all around were dead Igor's and Eyelykekatz survived the night! With their prospects for food diminished, the Halloween vampires skulked into the back of the cave until the next night where they fled to the northern regions of Xanadu. Eyelykekatz received an entire Italian feast for six people... as long as they like 3rds and 4ths.... Plus an absolutely indispensable item for a future vampire hunter, an archery target.
  5. Today I was sent to Serenity where I found a number of people busy at work making stabby things in a dark damp cave. Having made them look up from their forges, Gofs, Loetuw, and Viremental attempted todays three random challenges. Challenge #1 was tried by Gof alone as the others were still too busy at their forges to notice me yet. He failed to answer the question within the 2 minutes allotted and lost out on the Fantastic Oakenwood corbita with the first ever deck mounted ballista! It was a very good scientific and challenging question at that, so expect it to crop up randomly during another random challenge. During the second challenge, Loetuw and Viremental prepared to partake of the Enkounter, and then Viremental had to back out as quickly as he stepped in as a Drakespirit conspired with a troll and some uttachas to dispatch him. Too bad, he lost the fleeting chance to hold a 10 gold coin, not that he would have won it, but he could have held it. The second challenge was to kill 6 wild spiders within 15 minutes. It was a very difficult task as spiders were not easy to find in the area, and everything was out to prevent them from succeeding, but they did manage to find and kill six eight legged things within the time limit. Viremental stepped back in just in time to tackle challenge #3 The third random challenge for the three was to make 10 pelts! I provided the raw materials and they had no trouble at all building pelts from the parts. Seemed a bit anti climatic but hey, it is random!!!! Bonus challenge! They correctly answered the bonus question.... Apparently they were more observant than others have been! Wouldn't you like to know what the question was? They won a full Barbecue banquet complete with table, roasting spear, and an intricately made ornate fountain to look at and admire!
  6. Today, the randomizer chose Chaos and I landed in the local of Krelos. He had to face 3 brutal challenges. His first challenge did not go well as he had 2 minutes to name the event that had brought me to him.... He lost out on the supreme Seryl plated wagon with a full compliment of 8 speed horses with adamantine horseshoes for that failure! His second challenge was to show me 43 rock shards. Not 42, not 44, but 43. He had 6 minutes to succeed and he just barely cleared it with 3 minutes to go. For his third challenge he had to avoid getting the plague by killing 30 large rats. Unfortunately I must report that he caught the plague and died. So much for that fantastic seryl plate armor set... He still managed to win one of the three random challenges, and he did make it two thirds of the way through the rat level, so he did manage to secure a spelunking kit and a freedom banner!
  7. Today, I found myself among the Deliverance crowd. After taking an apple cider vinegar pill and donning a disguise to avoid the guards, I appeared in the local of a person along a shoreline. I gave my usual festive and upbeat greeting, but all I got was the silent treatment. With the Random Enkounter summarily failed after 10 minutes, I put the Seryll Extra Large Magical Chest full of silver and gold coins and fabulous gemstones back in the void and returned to my primary duty of harassing the patrons of the Summerholt Fall Festival.
  8. Today's Random Enkounter found a guy down on his luck at Flamma on Elevation. Icylizard faced 3 daunting challenges. First he had to identify a house filled with apparently wealthy residents that was 76ql within 5 minutes. He failed to find it in time. Second, he had to forage 15 items! Completely barren of weapons and armor the local trolls union did not make this challenge very easy for him, but he succeeded with the assistance of the local Flamma guards. For his third challenge, he had to clear the road of scorpions. Well it was one scorpion and he had to devise a way to dispatch it with no weapons and armor. With some strategy he was able to bring it to the guards of the deed and make the road safe again. For his winnings, he received a supreme spear, a cheese drill, some haggis pudding and rat on a stick, as well as some pottery bricks and iron lamps. He is well on his way to making a cheese factory.
  9. Today I found myself among Alikin and Xagru on Release. They had 2 challenges. The first was to stop a clutch of young kraken from turning into destructive teenage kraken. Alikin single handedly dispatched them to the deep from whence they came. The second challenge was to identify what you need to make nori. Bonus round.... kill all Kelp Eating thieves! Both Alikin and Xagru got some of the action here and they protected their valuable kelp fields from the fiends. Their efforts at facing and defeating these challenges netted them a couple of marble slabs, some reed plants, a meditation rug, a fork, and a few other items that were left over from a merchant clearance sale. They also received some salad and of course, the most valuable prize of all... pizza!
  10. Today I was whisked away to the glorious lands of Xanadu. There I enkountered Stinky and Bloodyhell. They had to face 4 challenges. First challenge was to make 20 bricks within 5 minutes. Close but succeeded! Second challenge was to name the place we keep the blood of the damned... They failed this one miserably.... The seryll barrel set and the 5 gold coin were no longer available to them! The third challenge was to out dance 16 Caramello Dancers. They pulled this one off, though I am unsure if they should ever use those moves on stage. Their fourth and final challenge was to defeat the Rapping NoGump Kids in a rapping contest. I honestly could not tell you who won this one as the NoGump Kids just seemed to die in horrible agony each time it was Stinky and Bloodyhell's turn on stage. Then again I had my earplugs in for this one. Stinky and Bloodyhell recieved a large barrel full of mixed grass and moss along with a couple of basic tools and some pesto sauce that might go good with dead rapping nogumps? And of course some good muffins for their health.
  11. Today, the randomizer chose a location on Independence where Rembarnt was busy working on his Botany skills. He failed the first challenge which was to name what lives on Sol. One of the easiest of the random things I could have asked. So for that the fantastic Diamond bladed shovel was no longer on the table. The second challenge he succeeded in quick form by answering which bush attacks all non Fo followers. Okay, so that's not entirely accurate, but if you think about it the question is still true. His final challenge was to overcome and defeat the Catnip Overlords after he stumbled onto a rare hoard of catnip. The oversized kitty cats were absolutely befuzzled by the smell of catnip on Rembarnt, but with the help of his trusty cow, Rembarnt slew the protectors of the catnip with barely a scratch on him or his cow. Rembarnt received a hunting kit of a bow and arrow with other items, along with some good food for any hunting journey consisting of bread, cheese, and curry.
  12. Today on Celebration I randomly enkountered Redi! He had to face 2 challenges. First challenge was to slaughter 9 Aquadogs. Second Challenge was to tell me the color of a Piebald Pinto while fighting off a horde of Bloodthirsty Iguanas. After having completed both very random challenges, Redi received a raft with some materials and some good food in it along with a silver mine door!
  13. Today's Enkounter was on Release and Clericgunem faced 4 way way too easy challenges. He had to get 10 meats within 5 minutes, unfortunately he had several animal corpses on hand and completed the task with some 4 minutes to spare. Second, he had to tell me what color pain the gods used on their home, and he answered correctly within the 3 minute time frame. Third he had to get 10 mixed grass within 3 minutes..... silly random number generator should have added a 0 to the number! Anyway challenge succeeded. Fourth challenge, he had to protect his toes from the dreaded Toe Biters! He did very well against them considering he was having to protect another avatar at the same time, but for the folly of having such a vulnerable assistant on the field I pitted him against the Amputator! It was over in mere seconds!!! That poor poor beast.... Next time I will to give them Adamantium armor and seryl mandible enhancements. Still, He succeeded the challenges! He won a Seafood banquet that even I would not mind having! Tuna, Rice, lemon, parsley... some cookware, and the chefs best friend, a compass made of brass! So if Clericgunem invites you over for lunch, brunch, or second breakfast, Get there fast as the food is gonna be good! @Ajala umm no, victims of those Enkounters get to tell the tales of those fateful events to their grand children, or at least warn others of the impending chaos I bring.
  14. Today's Random Enkounter occurred on the isle of Chaos. Dor was happily working on his wall when I entered his local and challenged him to three very random challenges. His first challenge was to pack 20 tiles in 5 minutes. His second challenge was a little I Spy where he had to identify the item that represents the home of the demons within 5 minutes. This one took some time but he came through with a minute to spare! His final challenge was to extinguish 25 of the 50 spawning Solar Babies before they could burn his wagon and crates. It was not the easiest task facing the little fluffy little yellow sol demons as they were all over the tall wall he was working on, but with his shovel he put their little flames out one by one. He won a large supply of fudge and sweets that should give him a sugar rush for a month.
  15. Anirionin on Exodus was today's lucky contestant on Random Enkounters. He had to face 3 grueling challenges. First, he had to identify the length of a full day in Wurm. After deliberations with a passing troll he correctly stated the answer! Second, he had to make 15 wood scraps within 3 minutes. Unfortunately, he came up a little short, so he lost the chance at the solid gold saddle that gives horses the ability to fly. Third he had to protect his bones from the dreaded Bone Knappers! With a little strategy he has come away with most of his bones still somewhere close to where they belong. Anirionin won a fine dining set to host a brandy and fine cheese tasting party!
  16. A lot of people are trying Epic with this new update and a common issue faced by people returning to Epic is that some of their higher Freedom based skill levels did not cross over to the Epic cluster. In most cases this is a result of having died or lost skills and have the 3x modifier in effect on Epic on those skills. You must work to remove that modifier form the skills you want to transfer, then go to Freedom, and cross back to Epic. That should result in your higher Freedom skill level being added to your Epic level. Contact support if this fails to resolve it, but in most all cases this is the solution.
  17. Today's Random Enkounter occurred on Elevation. There were three participants named Francismclean, Kithener, and Theawesomeone. They had to overcome 4 challenges, and they succeeded them all! First challenge was to produce 19 shafts. Second was to name the event that occurs when the home of the gods intersects with the home of the demons. Third challenge was to prevent 15 Disgruntled Milkshakes from entering the food chain. The forth and final challenge was to defeat a horde of Dog Groomers. They came through it with flying colors and shorter hair cuts. They won a fabulous rare oar, a barrel of gently aged beer, some building supplies to start a market stall, or perhaps a large crate, and some cheese and bread, among other random items. Also as this was the final day of the Halloween event item, They received the last pumpkin shoulder pads to be given out during Random Enkounters.
  18. Today's Random Enkounter was on Affliction. Murayya and Simonlaurin had to kick the Outcast Pumpkin Patch Kids out of their fields before they could steal all of the cotton. There will be no warm blankets for the Pumpkin Patch Kids... Murayya, Simonlaurin and the guards run them out of the fields and off their lands with due haste. Murayya and Simonlaurin won some tasty foods, a couple of tools, some Halloween treats, and lots of kindling!
  19. Update - November 2nd 2017 Updated Highway rules.
  20. Of all the places the randomizer could have chosen.... I popped up on Pristine and there she was.... Maladee the Goodhearted.... Don't let the name fool you! Maladee had to face 2 challenges. First the invasion of the Jack o Lanterns. With the help of her guards Maladee eventually cleared her gardens of them, but thinking she was triumphant, she missed one very clever one that was waiting in ambush.... unfortunately its trick was no match for the cold hard steel of her blade. Next Maladee had to take on the Halloween Horde... when the Trick or Treaters showed up at her door she wasted no time doling out the cutlery as she chopped them all up. About this time Gofs showed up on scene and entered the fray and both of them were fighting the horde of witches, and goblins, and plague carriers. It was a long battle as Maladee paid the guards off to fight on her side. Gofs had to go it alone... The rest of the story is recorded for posterity. Gofs survived the onslaught of the second challenge and received a great big heap of spaghetti and meatballs, along with a few mementos, and Maladee received a large barrel full of stuff including scraps of gold for surviving both challenges. note: some typos corrected for fun
  21. We have learned this day that Duce, our friend and colleague, passed away July 18th. Duce who became one of our Game Masters as Baphomet was always a straight shooter and was always blunt and clear about his opinions. He did not shy from a fight, (that delivery driver had it coming) and as a team member always looked out for our best interest as players of Wurm. I looked forward to our chats as he was someone I was able to talk shop with whether it was computers, hardware, engines, and more. He always surprised me with his knowledge in many fields and even helped me diagnose many problems with projects I have been working on. We had been expecting his return all this time, but after many of his friends and myself grew more than concerned about his lengthy absence beyond the few days he informed us that he would be away, we did some sleuthing and came across his obituary. Even after I last spoke with him on July 13th, I had been working on several projects that I had been eager to show and discuss with him, and I had been eager to see what he decided to do to get his hearse going again among other things he had planned. He will be missed by a lot of us, including myself, as he has been a big influence on us for many years. He has lived more in his life than most of us and he definitely has much to be proud of. Donations may be made in his memory to the Whisker Rescue Society of Alberta, PO Box 27138, Red Deer, AB, T4N 6X8
  22. It be the midnight hour and Galadhel on Xanadu had the unfortunate luck to have Randomly Enkountered me on Halloween. He attempted the three challenges, and managed to keep his brain away from the Ravenous Brain Suckers, then for his transgressions against the Great Pumpkin, Galadhel had to face the army of 12 Great ArachnoPumkins. Now there are 12 giant jack o'lanterns littering the fields. During the third challenge Alkhadias had the misfortune to stroll through as a horde of Trick or Treat'rs were released. They wanted candied brains and sugared blood, but the massive horde had to fight for their treats and both Galadhel and Alkhadias selfishly wanted to keep what brains they had to themselves. It turned into quite the challenge and Alkhadias chose a very Halloween appropriate solution "<Alkhadias> if you can't beat an army, summon your own" and so he did! It took a lot of effort, but both of them managed to keep their brains out of the Halloween horde's greedy little hands and Alkhadias won a Halloween costume of an undertaker and some Halloween candy. Galadhel on the other hand, after surviving all three special Halloween edition Random Enkounter challenges received an entire Monster Hunter kit. He is now equipped to handle everything from zombies and werewolves, to vampires. He also received a cauldron of yummy Halloween style goulash and rat on a stick, as well as some candy.
  23. Today for a special Halloween edition Random Enkounter I found Daash. He had up to 3 challenges to face. Sadly he failed the first challenge and his brain was eaten by the 6 Brain Slugs.... He did not win the giant solid gold Halloween pumpkin, but he did receive a troll mask ripped from a fresh troll for participating.
  24. Today's Random Enkounter found Vern on Pristine turning a mountain into a hill. Interrupting his activities I challenged him to 3 tasks. Bring me 10 bricks within 5 minutes, Tell me what event occurs when the home of the gods intersects with the home of the demons, and a great creature challenge of eradicating the Ravenous Burrito Bugs from Pristine. Vern had no trouble with any of it except for a couple of bugs that tried to escape up a mountain, but they were not out of the reach of Vern's sword. Thanks to his efforts the Burrito Bugs are now extinct! At least until we need to bring them back for a large barbecue cook out. For his winnings, an entire supply of catering for a birthday party. At least Vern gets lots of cake and cookies and lemonade... Whether he shares or not is another story. This marks our 30th Random Enkounter in 30 consecutive days! Keep an eye out, you never know where, what, or when I might appear.
  25. Today's random encounter brought to you by Pumpkins. - 'Carve up our faces will you. We will have our revenge!' Blaca was the only person to be in local today when the randomizer randomly selected the random location I randomly appeared at, and for that Blaca was subjected to 2 challenges. First challenge was as such. 'We have one reddish, one bluish, and one ##### of these. What color is the thrd one of these. Blaca correctly stated that Seris was 'whitish' Second, Blaca had to kill 11 Baconated Grapefruits. An all too simple task I fear, but one that will make a lot of very nutritious breakfasts! For succeeding at both tasks Blaca received half a set of contractor grade bridge making tools and plenty of beer needed to stand by and oversee the work not being done.