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  1. Loding and Unloding Zones Do not use Epic portals from jackal to return to Epic home servers or Elevation! (You never know where you will end up. Or what!) Do not try to travel to Elevation from the Epic home servers with anything in your inventory! (Kiss those shiny items bye bye if you do!) Do not travel to Elevation from any home server using any means other than the Epic portals! (Lodestones are not for travel to Elevation!)
  2. A group of people decided to try a very despicable form of cyberbullying in a pathetic attempt to force a developer to leave the team. I have seen my fair share of disturbing things and this is one of the lowest and most disgusting events I have witnessed in our storied history. This has gone way beyond anything that can be tolerated and it will not be tolerated! These individuals have attempted to humiliate and harass a developer to get the developer to leave by threatening to release information that they mistakenly believed would be humiliating to them. First off, this is completely unacceptable behavior anywhere! Cyberbullying is a crime, and it will not be tolerated here either! Secondly, they have nothing of interest on the developer to begin with and have attempted to twist innocent information to fit their demented criminal narrative. This case was researched behind the scenes via various avenues of inquiry and logs tying everyone and their efforts together have been confirmed. The following people are confirmed to be involved with this cyberbullying ring and they will forever be labeled as Toxic Players and unwelcome in Wurm Online! Alexgopen Chromie Niki Propheteer Zehive Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  3. Today I was sent to Release and in the vicinity of Elymas who would have to face 3 random challenges... Unfortunately.... well... I will let this chat explain it.... If only he knew what I had to dump back into the void.... It was so warm and shiny.... I think it even washed windows!
  4. TEMPORARY RULE Unique Creature Captures If a person/group places a deed over a unique, then discovery and or capture of a unique has been declared. From that point, unless the unique leaves by its own means with no outside interference from others, then it is in the possession of the deeding person/group. Persons/groups outside of the capturing person or group causing a unique to agro and leave the confines of the containment is not considered 'by its own means' and will be considered griefing on PVE servers. This does not mean that there are not other ways to declare discovery or capture of a unique, this is only in regards to placing a deed over it. Note: This rule may be temporary as stated above until such time as we flesh this out more thoroughly and add it to the main rule set or rescind it altogether via other options. Reason for this is an active situation that requires resolution with public notice of a previous ruling in a similar situation and not enough time for full study.
  5. Eir

    I wanted to add the Fundraiser link here in this thread that Kraegar was kind enough to provide, but unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished... Due to the large amount of problems allowing personal fund links of any kind causes us, I have decided not to allow the link. So for now, If you can donate, please contact Kraegar by PM to receive the correct link to Eir's funeral fundraiser. Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  6. Eir

    May you finally not have any more pain and ailments that troubled you for so long Eir! Eir was one of the two main GM's that taught me how to GM here in Wurm. Eir is a big and historical name here. I kept up with her situation regularly and kept in contact with her. When we learned what was happening, Shrimpiie was able to go visit her and give her well wishes from us just a couple days ago. This is very sad news. Thank you for informing us here Dizbot.
  7. Well.... I asked him to prove it and .... one thing lead to another and sure enough..... To paraphrase a vaguely wise robed figure "these are not the moonmetals you are looking for" According to multiple looks into account histories and chats and some recent discussions with a couple of the people in the know, these moonmetals are not related to the ones stolen via the infamous exploit. These moon metals come from a mix of kingdom hordes. So buy em if you want em! though they may be slightly radioactive now that I look at them up close in my hands.... As I kinda messed this person's activity up I have asked that this thread be kept clean and on topic so that the other issue does not interfere! /Enki (Head Game Master)
  8. PvP/Raid Ban Directives

    Updated 28/07/2019 Updated to reflect HoTA and battlecamp changes.
  9. Elevation Raid Ban - 07/28/2019 - (ENDED) Until further notice a Raid Ban is in effect for Elevation. In light of a permissions and reputations system situation that has developed between same kingdom deeds a temporary raid ban is in effect until a patch is released to improve the situation. Effective 28/07/2019 - 01/08/2019 (ENDED) PVP/Raid Ban Directives in case you have forgotten! - https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  10. That looks like a Tetris board down there!
  11. Today the randomizer sent me to Celebration and landed me in Killergreen's local. After a quick explanation that I was there to play Random Enkounters and not hunt him down and kill him... well at least not directly..... Killergreen was ready to play and had to face 3 very random challenges of very random difficulty. Challenge #1 Build for me a stone statue of a troll within 10 minutes! ..........................40 seconds later a stone statue of a troll was at my feet....... curses! Challenge #2 What is the newest moon to inhabit the skies of the lands of Wurm? Well, Killergreen got that one right too. Haven is the newest moon in the skies. Challenge #3 Fend off the Field Mouse King and his Rodentia army! Wave #1 kill the 7 Ratkin Knights Killergreen could not keep enough of his own blood inside to win in one shot. With self sacrifice as his strategy he did eventually defeat them! Wave #2 the horde of Ratkin Beasts These colorful and obnoxious creatures tried their best to claw crow Killergreen to death, but in the end, their screams of 5:30 in the mornings did not deter Killergreen's ambition to see them all lightly seasoned in garlic butter and baked! Wave #3 The Field Mouse King! With his armies defeated the King of the Field Mice entered the battlefield and ....promptly died.... Well, he was only the king of hunting and exterminating field mice... Bonus Round! What anniversary are we celebrating this month? Killergreen only go it half right... Yes it is a 10 year anniversary, but he did not know of what! Bonus Round v.2 What prize can you get for participating in the Independence 10th year anniversary? This one he got right. A statuette of Dragon Fang mountain. Not only that but it comes in Rare, Supreme, and Fantastic! All you have to do is complete the mission to get a fantastic! Killergreen has won 12 copper ore! a supreme cheesecake! a scythe! and some puddings. He also receives a supreme rope, a hog roast, and a large crate, for making a Field Mouse trap. and, he gets a rare spirit cottage and 2 marble planters to decorate his knew church with! For failing the first bonus round, I am throwing back in to the void the Sceptre of the Floating Isles which according to legends lets the user teleport to a hidden realm of lands in the clouds full of riches including fancy golden egg laying geese.,
  12. Wagoners Strike of 1084 The wagoners are staging a strike at this time over the 'unsafe exit conditions in tunnels'. They feel their horses should be issued wide brim hats to protect their eyes when exiting dark tunnels to stop the horses from being spooked by the bright light. and having 'unpleasant gaseous expenditures'. Until the situation with the wagoners union is resolved, wagoners who try to travel through tunnels end up abandoning their duties and leaving their cargo at the end of the tunnels due to the overwhelming smells being emitted by their spooked horses. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/170672-wagoner-bug-after-27-june-update/ "neither the wind, nor hail, nor, sleet, nor snow, shall deter a wagoner's duty, but a set of farting horses is a serious natural disaster!" - Wagoner General - Yakovik Torman
  13. Correct! You were given a GM directive because of the foolishness that was going on. There has been too much drama and griefing in the last few unique hunts and it is messing it up for everyone. So until the new changes are in play, you have been given a clear directive for this unique hunt.
  14. Today, I Enkountered Karashishi on Xanadu! He did quite well, and I shall let the events transcribed above speak for themselves!
  15. Spirited Away You should not be able to cast Phantasm on guards on any server and make them kill bred, cared for, or friendly creatures on deeds. The guards should not have been targeting these creatures on deed. A fix is prepared, but until then, DO NOT CAST Phantasms on guards! You have been warned! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  16. Today the Randomizer dropped me off in the mountainous regions of Celebration where I found Kraegar and Mobius! They had to Enkounter 6 random challenges. #1 - While battling 4 green bears... Can you tell me the name of the parent company that produces Wurm Online? They had until the 4 greenish bears were dead to answer correctly. Mobius guessed first and was close, but it was Kraegar that got it right. Kraegar got a cheese! #2 - While fending off 8 very brash land rodents, Can you tell me how many moons inhabit the skies of Wurm? They both guessed correctly, and after letting them wash the rat blood off of their hands I rewarded them with cake. #3 - If Angie's mother had 4 kids and the oldest kid was named June, The next was named May, and the next was named April, What was the fourth kid named? <Mobius> march / <Kraegar> July TOTAL FAILURE!!!! #4 - How many crab legs are there in a family of 6 crabs Kraegar guessed correctly with 48. Kraegar received a Crude Axe #5 - While battling 2 Worgs, What is the current Wurm Year? Mobius got it correct in one guess with 1083! Mobius received a mountain lion statue #6 - Survive the 4 waves of the Hawgwartz Freshmen Wizards familiars! They had to fight off the waves and survive. Death means Failure! Wave 1 - 12 Magic Belts of Constriction! The self tightening belts were giving them a good challenge and I was not all too certain they would come out alive! Kraegar seemed to be holding out quite well while Mobius seemed to be using his own entrails as bait....., not the plan I would have used, but it did work! Wave 2 - 10 Grasping Grindylow! The wave of Grindylow used Mobius' fields as cover and seemed to be pretending to be large brownish squash, but their camouflage was pointless as was their attack strength. (note to self - ask devs for smarter octopi!) Wave 3 - 3 Land Kelpie! (note to self - Uttacha are nothing more than balloons to pop!) They were no match against their pointy sticks! Wave 4 - 8 Angry Forest Trolls! These ladies were not happy at all. Something about having to constantly clean up the bloody messes after humans hunting in their backyards? The group of lady Trolls split up their attacks between Kraegar and Mobius, forcing Mobius to retreat to the waters of the lake for some self healing. Kraegar tried to reason with the ladies, but I don;t think they appreciated his tone of voice, or maybe it was the way he kept ending his sentences with an axe chop. Mobius meanwhile, continued ot use strategy to get his point across to them... well through them really. With some time, both Kraegar and Mobius defeated the ladies for a final victory against the Hawgwartz familiars. For their Random winnings, aside from some cake, cheese, and pastries, Heavy fishing line and Horse shoes, for some horseshoe tossing games, a supreme maul, a rare rudder, a dioptra, and some marble shards! I can't even bring myself to name the nameless wonder they lost to the void for failing Challenge #3. It was truly a sight to behold though!
  17. That's actually a pretty healthy list to consider. Much of it pretty simple to answer, but I am out of time right now. I will see about expanding your knowledge on this tomorrow.
  18. Time for another Random Enkounter! This time the Randomizer landed me near Thiagoxbo on Deliverance. He noticed me right away and would have to endure 4 random challenges. #1 What is the name of the new Start/Tutorial deed for new Wurm Online players? With a two minute time limit, he failed to get it correct! #2 Bring to me a small barrel within 2 minutes! Maybe a bit too easy.... #3 Name any one of the deities of Wurm Online! Thiagox got it correct nearly instantly with Vynora. #4 The Gnomelord Geppetolemew seeks revenge for your trespasses across their grand fields of Gnome Berry trees. He has sent his fourth great grand nephew on his mother's dog groomer's sister's side of the family. He has been conniving and scheming for months as he raised up a gnomish army to vanquish you! Who will win? The innocent but thieving Gnomes whom you have trespassed against? Or Thiagoxbo, the brute who keeps stepping on their grand orchards, depriving them of much needed alcoholic bliss! Thiagoxbo must face 3 waves of the army that the great grand nephew of the Grand Gnomelord Geppeolemew has raised to fight him! Wave 1 - The Gnomoos attack! The 10 Gnomoos were valiant if ill equipped with their brown and white war paint and short sharp horns of goring. Thiagoxbo quickly ended their milk making days as their pasturized war cries carried through the fields. Wave 2 - The Gnophers of gnawing! 15 Gnophers began their assault on Thiagoxbo's legs in a commanding attempt to gnaw him down to size. Thiagoxbo's clothing was not much help against the razor sharp teeth of the Gnophers, but his supply of bandages held out! Wave 3 - Archgnomortys! 3 Arachgnomified Morty's have arrived on the field of battle. Can Thiagoxbo send them back to whence they came? probably not... but killing them should be much more entertaining! Each eight legged Morty dealt plenty of good strikes on Thiagoxbo, but he had a good head on his shoulders and knew when to retreat to heal, and when to draw the Mortys out to the end of his sword. With Arachnomorty blood spilled all over the place Thiagoxbo held out and won the day. With the army defeated, Elmer the great grand nephew of the Gnomelord Geppetolemew's dog groomer's sister, came out to battle to the death. Unfortunately, a loin cloth is not sufficient armor against a long sword. A short , simple death awaited Elmer. Now the Gnomes of the Deliverance isle will have to do without their much needed nose warming brandies. Thiagoxbo received for his efforts, Cake and Pizza! A rare cheese drill that the Gnomoos brought with them A supreme fishing net! 3 jars of honey, maple syrup, and vodka. Very useful for cooking Arachgnomorty legs. A pair of steel boots, because he really needed some ankle support! A mountain lion rug to cover up those blood stains on the floor. And most importantly 16 mallet heads! Yes, you heard me 16 mallet heads! Always know where your precious mallet heads are! Now for the bad news.... There was a strange dimensional portal gun laying on the field of battle after the three Mortys were dismembered, but since Thiagoxbo failed the first challenge, I chucked it into the void. At least he will never have to get hooked on inter-dimensional cable TV.
  19. Alright, Yes, the Update button just updates the screen you are on at the time. The Link buttons of course link things together if you need to add more triggers or effects to one or the other. (this only applies to existing effects or triggers that you have already made) The Delete button deletes only the trigger or effect you are looking at, not all effects under a trigger or any other combination. Do not bother with the delete button on the triggers or effect list screens, it does nothing at this time. While that would be very handy in many cases you could easily wipe out a large mission structure if it was that easy, so I am not sure which way is best. For now delete only works within the trigger, effect, or mission screen you are looking at.
  20. Sadly I was not aware this discussion was here all this time. I use the mission system a lot and a lot of these features are something I have been needing for years, so some of you may be paying the price for the needs we had in WO. The new system allows us to duplicate things nearly instantly without having to build form scratch every single time and the linking allows us to use multiple effects with multiple triggers. This is to save having to keep scripting many identical triggers. or identical effects. The new system is a major time saver to me.
  21. The link button allows you to link triggers, and effects together that you have already created. Can be used at any time in the process with existing triggers and effects that fit your mission parameters. The update button I think is one that updates your changes to the active window. I will look it over while I am working today.
  22. The Developers have been able to reproduce this. They are deciding on a corrective action so expect it to be patched very soon.
  23. Today I pulled out the randomizer and it sent me to Deliverance. It landed me near none other than the randomizer's creator Yaga! The following transpired... (slightly edited for sanity)
  24. This was an old situation from 2016 when GM approval to remove a highway was still needed after making a new route. Unfortunately this was also around the time of the new Waystone and Wagoner system and it got lost in the shuffle after a year of trying to contact anyone. The people who currently live in the area of the old highway case have successfully connected a road around their deeds along the shore line. The old case is now fully completed.
  25. This is quite depressing news. I myself did not have the opportunity to know Seleas, but you have my sincere condolences. As for some kind of memorial garden for the passing of our members, please contact Retrograde and discuss it with him and we will work on a way to memorialize our fallen brothers and sisters.