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  1. We have learned this day that Duce, our friend and colleague, passed away July 18th. Duce who became one of our Game Masters as Baphomet was always a straight shooter and was always blunt and clear about his opinions. He did not shy from a fight, (that delivery driver had it coming) and as a team member always looked out for our best interest as players of Wurm. I looked forward to our chats as he was someone I was able to talk shop with whether it was computers, hardware, engines, and more. He always surprised me with his knowledge in many fields and even helped me diagnose many problems with projects I have been working on. We had been expecting his return all this time, but after many of his friends and myself grew more than concerned about his lengthy absence beyond the few days he informed us that he would be away, we did some sleuthing and came across his obituary. Even after I last spoke with him on July 13th, I had been working on several projects that I had been eager to show and discuss with him, and I had been eager to see what he decided to do to get his hearse going again among other things he had planned. He will be missed by a lot of us, including myself, as he has been a big influence on us for many years. He has lived more in his life than most of us and he definitely has much to be proud of. Donations may be made in his memory to the Whisker Rescue Society of Alberta, PO Box 27138, Red Deer, AB, T4N 6X8
  2. What is a Heritage site? A Heritage site in relation to Wurm Online is any construct deemed of community value by the Game Masters. What makes a 'construct' or location a Heritage site? Most current heritage sites are tunnels or canals built for the express transit across a terrain that saves people travel time by making it possible to bypass some form of terrain restriction. Heritage Sites are not always about travel time reduction. Some are memorials or can be a terraforming construct of unique significance. All Heritage sites are built by members of the community for the benefit of the community. What are the criteria for applying for Heritage site status? a. Must be of value to the community. (ie. a canal that residents of the server use routinely for convenience.) b. It must look nice! (We do not mean structures that must be maintained, but the terrain must be made to be distinct and noticeable.) c. There must not already be an existing Heritage performing the same function as the one you wish to submit. d. It must always be public access! e. If it is a tunnel or canal all interior walls must be reinforced. How long does the application process take? It is not uncommon for heritage applications to require extended review, but the average for heritage application reviews is about one week. What does having a location accepted as a Heritage site actually mean? We will always post Fantastic GM signs around a protected Heritage location, and should something happen to the Heritage location we will work with the original builders if possible to restore the Heritage as it was intended. Heritage sites should not be modified or harmed. Any needed modifications must be approved by the Game Masters. What if a Heritage Site is damaged? A support ticket should be raised and a Game Master will work to restore the Heritage site and or contact the original builders for assistance in correcting the situation. What if I want to modify a Heritage site? Acceptable modifications would include updating to any new mechanics. Unacceptable modifications would be structural changes to the Heritage unless it was a Game Master approved request from the original builders. All intended changes must meet with the approval of the Game Masters. Can I deed a Heritage Site? Heritage approval does not prevent a heritage from getting a deed placed on it somewhere. It is not against the rules to place or extend a deed over a Heritage. Any deed that intersects with a Heritage must apply highway rules in that no attempt to block access to the heritage must be made and K.o.S. via Deed Reputation mechanics may not be used. If you have a deed over a heritage area, you still retain the deed permitted right to work the land as you see fit as deed owner except for the actual surface areas marked by GM sign that are significant to the Heritage. (ie. canal entrances) Deeds may not be used to mine into or disrupt a heritage cave or canal.
  3. From the clutter desk of the developers
  4. We are getting a number of complaints regarding unsigned certificates when launching Wurm Online as of the latest Java update. The problem is the cache of the old Java and here are 2 ways to clear it. First solution thanks to Revnik: A second Windows version to correct it: 1. Uninstall all java installations in Add/Remove Programs 2. Go to www.java.com in your favored web browser and install the latest java update it recommends. 3. Open up the Java Control Panel in windows Control Panel ( in the Programs section of Win 7) 4. Look at the [Temporary Internet Files] section and click [View]. 5. Right click on and [Delete] each Wurm client then click [Close] 6. Look again at [Temporary Internet Files] section and click [settings] 7. Click [Delete Files] and the default settings should be already set so click [Ok] 8. Click [Ok] and close out of the java control panel and any other windows. 9. Go to wurmonline.com and click Play This may be a step or too more involved than needed, but it works.
  5. Yes, by the cart not being kicked, giggled, pushed, or something, the items do appear to think that they are still located at the location the cart and horses were last moved to by normal embarkation.
  6. Today I had to remove one of our Game Masters for violating our internal code of conduct concerning actions they had taken in the past. I had only recently been made aware of the action committed, and while the action itself was outside of the game and ultimately resulted in nothing as far as I know, the fact that it happened was not something I could support one of our team members doing. I have long held internal guidelines of conduct to which I hold our team members to a higher standard than I do our players. The action that took place I would not have even concerned myself with if it had been a player that committed it. It is public knowledge what happened now, so I can say that the action that was committed was that one of our members who was a brand new Game Master at that time in 2015 was given access to a third party kingdom forum by one of their disgruntled members. Their regular member forums were accessed by him. He did not hack, he did not break any rules, he simply did something that had the potential to gain an advantage over an adversarial party in game. As I said, had this just been normal people I would not have cared one bit. His work with us has been solid in his Game Master responsibilities and I have nothing but good admiration for the energy and effort he has provided us. For now though, he understands his mistake and accepts the consequences. To stop the rumors... NO, he is not banned from Wurm Online. NO, he has not been "fired" He violated no rules, he only committed an out of game act that I could not support and as a consequence I have removed him from his responsibilities. Perhaps down the road he might be willing to return with a better understanding of what I expect of our team members. For the time being other team members are stepping up to help cover all the internal management and duties that he performed for us. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  7. Unfortunately, I have had to cancel this project as it goes beyond the boundaries of maintenance of an exiting heritage site. The original Heritage design will be restored to the original design shortly. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  8. I could take the time to write out a long detailed reply to this detailing what was wrong, and why I did what I did, but after reading a bunch of messages in email and forum and this OP and the above comments it feels to me like the majority of people who care about this situation understand what the problem is and what I was getting at. At least I do hope that is the case.
  9. milk

    Oh, I am not lactose intolerant or anything, it's just how I am after milking who knows how many cows and goats and whatever those other things are. Though scientifically most humans are designed to intake milk only a few weeks to a few months of their life, then the body changes and milk is actually very hard on the body. There is a small like 2% to 6% population of the world able to truly digest milk their entire lives and that has its own convoluted story related to prehistory. But give me Ice Cream or give me Pizza!!!! That is how I like my milk served!
  10. milk

    I appreciate the generous offer and as someone who has lived a rough farm life with cows, goats, etc. I can tell you with absolute conviction that I take my milk in Ice Cream form! Medicinally of course!!!! Granted I am not giving up cheese for anything either! /Enki
  11. "if its in the game and it is not patched you should not get into trouble for doing it. that simple" "how is doing what is in the game a bannable offence its the game at fault not me" So you think that just because you can do something you should be allowed to.... Well, let's give this some perspective and see just how sound an argument that really is shall we! I could go drinking and driving! I could go jump off a cliff! I could check the blades of my mowers while they are running! I could look directly at the sun! I could go drink milk! I could go lick a frozen metal pole! I could go rob a bank! I could go build bombs! I could go play with a wild skunk! Any of this getting through? No!! Well, let me elaborate.... Life is a sandbox too! All of these things above I can do because the mechanics of life allow it! This does not in any way mean that I should do these things. Every single one of these sandbox actions have consequences socially and or legally! After all, the police do tend to get uppity if you rob a bank! I can just see trying those above quotes on a police officer. Wurm Online is also a sandbox with a massive amount of mechanical freedom, but just as in life there are expectations to how you should behave. We have discussed social behavior many times in a lot of threads in GM Hall, and Rolf himself once said that just because you can do something in Wurm, does not mean you necessarily should. It is impossible to have a true sandbox without some guidelines to allow our society to function. For the most part these guidelines are called the rules, and the sad truth is that the Game Masters of Wurm Online are the police in Wurm Online. One of our functions is to hold you to certain expectations and not allow anarchy as it only sews fear and anger. It has not been that long ago that we banned a number of people for rather malicious activities involving our PVP community. Their actions have prompted us to label them Toxic Players and we removed them from the game for their Extreme Disruptive Behavior. I am surprised to see someone following in the footsteps of those we have removed already. I refer to the incident reported here in these forums. Keep in mind that we recently removed a couple of people from the game for this very activity. Chaos is a chaotic ecosystem. It has been a very enjoyable experience in the past, but it has a major problem with its situation on the Freedom Cluster. That problem is thievery. Nothing is safe in a PVP environment, so it is a bit surprising to say that theft is a problem, so let me explain. Are you okay with someone entering your town, acting like your villager, and then robbing you blind only to leave to another country where you have no chance of getting revenge or possibly your stolen items back? If you said yes, then your brain is not firing on all cylinders and you should take it in to the shop for a tune up. We expect there to be raiding and looting and killing and slaughtering and pillaging and banter and all that goes with PVP, but infiltrating a PVP village for the purpose of looting it is not acceptable. This is NOT PVP! PVP is raiding a village like a... raider.. or a pirate... or an enemy. Becoming a villager under any pretense to gain the trust of a village and then abusing the permissions they have given you to steal from them or cause harm to them is not in any sense a PVP action! It is an utterly reprehensible action that we do not accept as an expected behavior! Thank you for reading these words of wisdom, poetic they may not be. In best regards, Enki (Head Game Master) your ego-maniacal chief of rule enforcement for the worlds of Wurm Online.
  12. Effective until further notice there is a Full PVP Ban in effect. As of the recent update all in cave structure and fence locks have vanished. The developers are researching the cause of this anomaly and until they have it resolved a Full PVP Ban is in effect for all servers until further notice. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ *Recommendation - Replace your lost locks even while this situation is under investigation. **Anyone caught taking items they would not have been able to before without needing to bash or lock pick their way in will be punished severely while this directive is active. We thank you for your understanding and patience. Enki (Head Game Master)
  13. The Full PVP Ban of 06/16/2017 is now concluded. The Developers have diagnosed the situation and corrected the lost locks issue that occurred on underground structures and fences. Note that any new constructions with locks placed within the time period of this issue will require permissions checked and or reset. Please do this at once to secure your underground locations.
  14. @Jakerivers ... No. @ madnezz ... Do not twist my words... though to be fair in trying not to divulge anything to sensitive I may have been a little 'too' cryptic about matters you clearly do not have direct knowledge of.
  15. I would like to clarify an item of interest in this rather heated exchange. A couple of people in this thread are intentionally misinterpreting an issue recently handed down in this area. To clarify for the public, one player was planting oak trees in rows over an extended distance which ended up infringing on areas near other players in the area. Some tried to work on their area the way they wanted it only to have their work continually removed and re-oaked. In order to alleviate the problem I stepped in and asked the player about their oak tree project and then asked them to limit it to 20 tiles from their deed area. It was a large scale project affecting residents of the deed. It was a cause of grief and while we dislike it, we hoped it would help him get along better with his neighbors. It was a ruling we would impose on any large scale project in similar circumstances or grief, but it does not mean you cannot modify terrain that is free and clear away from deeds. Now then, it seems fairly clear that the matter on Deliverance is only degenerating and since I have an 'understanding' about how to handle these impasses, perhaps it is time for more "permanent" measures to be taken against the 'problem'. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  16. Disruptive Player Behavior A situation had recently arisen that required the enforcement of the Disruptive Player rule regarding the home servers of Serenity and Desertion on the Epic cluster. As moderators we strive to do our best to balance the rules in cooperation with the mechanics that are provided. As stated by Rolf in the Disruptive Player regulations the mechanics are not always able to cover all possible scenarios that can arise, and that is where the rules come in.Whether you believe in fair play, or you enjoy playing a more rebellious role, the rules apply to everyone equally. We must take action for or against you based on the facts of the case regardless of your position or situation. Unfortunately, people who decide to abuse the system sometimes prefer to be less than truthful in the matter and twist the facts or out right lie to us and the community in a vain attempt to avoid penalties.In the recent Disruptive Player situation the facts are that the avatars used to attack the same kingdom were shared so much that identifying the involved led to requiring a sweep of bans. Of course, we as moderators recognize the sad truth that an innocent can get caught by such a sweep, but it is our official stance that you are responsible for any avatar sharing and you can easily catch warnings or complete bans for actions taken by others that you have shared your avatars with.It is not our place to tell you who and who not you may be friends with, but if you run with nefarious individuals, chances are they will not have your best interests in mind.A deliberate effort to lie to our team by at least some involved including the mass harassment of our team has caused us to throw out any appeal of the decision for the recent 60 day bans. Once you or one of your group begin attempting to deceive us then any appeal becomes forfeit and we may increase any penalties given and any further communication on the matter will be ignored or completely removed. Until such time as we can scoop out your brain and mail it off for testing, our judgments will remain based on the facts that we have. Item security.Recently we have encountered a case of a person having their horses killed because they had their wagon permissions set incorrectly. Please be diligent in your security measures. Wurm Online is an open world and as such there will probably always be some people who do not have your best interests at heart when they are passing through your deeds. Being neighborly! From time to time we end up looking into area disputes on the Freedom cluster. The disputes range from highway changes, new roads, canals, tree cutting, etc. This is partially why we have the “Play Nice or we will rip your heart out” rule, as it allows us to mediate any serious issues, but at the base of all of them is usually a lack of communication. While we respect your privilege to do work within a certain range of your deeded areas, we expect for you to cooperate and communicate with your nearby neighbors as best as possible so that you can adjust or adapt to their plans and needs, and they vice versa. Even if it takes you awhile to get into contact with your neighbors, you should always be neighborly and give them a heads up to any projects you are working on that may affect their time and enjoyment. Projects such as road changes, terrain changes, fences, etc. Anything that will affect land near them or access near them should be discussed. Not only does such communication make the social environment much better, it will improve interaction and teamwork on large projects, but most importantly it will avoid creating a situation that needs a moderator to get involved in. Please keep these tips in mind when you are working near others on the Freedom Cluster. We hate having to ban people just because they are being jerks…. Oh wait… well… at least you would likely not enjoy being considered a disruptive jerk and getting banned, because trust me, we do enjoy banning disruptive jerks! Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
  17. Most items with a "Load" option cannot be properly secured off deed at this time even if you properly set the options. Do not abuse this situation while the developers correct the issue. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  18. With the introduction of new housing, fences and gates, we need to remind you that you cannot reuse an old lock from a door or gate. If you are rebuilding a door or gate, please prepare ahead of time to have a fresh lock ready to replace the old lock. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  19. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! We have gone to extra lengths in the tutorial, rules, and other places to make it well known that we do not approve of Macro use. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! You are allowed to use keybinds to fill your queue. We explained this in the rules! Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! If you use macros you will be detected and you will have your avatar/s banned. Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! With that unpleasantness out of the way I would just like to remind you Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online! Thank you, Wurm Online Team
  20. Updated Forum rules penalty section
  21. There is a known bug involving artifacts that can be equipped on the body. This bug causes the artifacts to improperly remain connected to avatars that log out yet show visible on the ground with no way to interact with them. As the artifacts are intended to drop when the avatar leaves the world this creates an exploitable situation. Until this bug is rectified do not attempt to abuse it or you will be banned. Thank you, Team Wurm Online
  22. This auction is probably closed as Khellus has made arrangements concerning an issue he commented on in the OP. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  23. This auction is probably closed. Khellus can update as he has made arrangements with some or all of the items listed here. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  24. I am impressed with many of your comments and your handling of this person who has not had a pleasant time with us. I am one of the first to admit that Wurm Online is not for everyone, and fortunately for the rest of us, Wurm Online is one of the best in-depth challenges we could ever have hoped for. /Enki (Head Game Master)
  25. I will apologize fort he willows... that was not my intention. I receive nothing but complaints about the Chaos HoTA. I have come close to pulling it from Chaos as not working as intended. But for now I have dropped a new HoTA and have removed 90% of the trees that were added. We have discussed a number of options for varying it and livening the HoTA up a bit, so if you see a thousand trolls descending on you, that was probably my suggestion.