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  1. Okay! We need help with something! We need ideas for conflict. We've been racking our brains for ideas but we want to know what ideas you have. A few things to keep in mind: We're on a PvE server, we've got a small population (not enough to make a 2nd town and have a rival town sort of thing), and we need something long term. Not like a "slay a dragon" quest. Lemmie hear your ideas!
  2. Government: Chairman - AshkeJago Councilpersons - Dawnashby, Drewsing, Ashkaejago, Sammond Vote on all major matters. Requires 3/4th vote to pass anything. Smaller matters don’t require voting. Town “ranks†(ooc) Titles are tentative Rank I - “Visitor†- No access to anything. Basically making sure you’re a ‘fun guy’. Rank II - “Citizen†- Access to everything other than managing options. Permitted to live in the Inn permanently. *To go from Initiate to Citizen, you must have a 3/5ths acceptance vote, the 5th being any resident on the town, chosen at random.s Rank III - “Senior Citizen†- Permitted to build a home and reside outside the Inn. Rank IV - “Councilperson†- De beez neez Town Rules No building on town border w/o permission. (For your own safety too. If we expand town borders, we’ll destroy your hard earned crap-fort) Obvious stuff like “no murder†or “no stealingâ€. No metagame. No Powergame. RP in local chat, OOC in village chat. Understand: Village is owned. Please respect our design and decisions in the village if/when you’re allowed to build or design on the deed. i.e. no building castle forts in dawn’s farm. Town Roster Avoid repeat careers until village is more full. Some exceptionsHow to get on Roster: Step Five: Profit!/Denial and shame.Step Four: ???. Step Three: Request citizenship from any councilperson (then you’ll go under review). Step Two: “Win over†the councilpersons. Step One: Come to town and roleplay with people, make an impression (but don’t over do it). Ashkejago - Nobleman, ChairmanDawnashby - Innkeep, CouncilpersonSammond - Smithy, CouncilpersonDrewsing - Miner, CouncilpersonDanielAmichi -, Senior CitizenNathanjk -, Senior CitizenKalder -, Senior CitizenPann - Smithy Apprentice, CitizenNote: I'm the one handling all the RP and public relations at the moment, so contact me if you need anything. Few things to say about the occupations: We're here to roleplay, so skill isn't that big of an issue. That said, it doesn't matter if you're level 99 mining or level 1 mining, were going with the better roleplayer, no matter how much that kills us. It's the only way to be truly fair. We want to avoid people repeating roles (with a few exceptions). We don't need three inn keeps and one miner (if anything, we'd want it the other way around). Get creative! You don't even have to do a job that requires skill! Maybe you want to be a Lawyer (for some reason?) or a beggar, or a wildlife guide whos afraid of nature! Embrace the creativity of a roleplay environment. Any questions, comments, complaints, let me know! ~Sammond
  3. So many people are messaging me! This is great! I'm glad there are so many of you interested! Two things: 1. We're not really opening our doors YET. Not to discourage you, but we want people to have something to come too. We want to build a few of the essential buildings we feel are necessary for the village to run. We also want to set up some village rules and how a hand full of other things would work. RP isn't really in the rules for this game, so we're kinda on our own when it comes to management. That's fine and isn't something unfamiliar to some of us, but it does require a little more thought and work, so bear with us! Edit: Many of you have offered to help as well. If we need something I'll post it here and ya'll will be sure to know! B. We're getting a lot more people interested than we previously expected! This is a good thing! But it also means we need to figure out where to put you all. We have plans for a cozy little RP Inn/Tavern, but it only has 8-12 rooms. We also need to sort out positions within the community and what not. While were open and receptive to a wide variety of ideas, it's the repeats were concerned about. Things might be difficult/strange if we have 6 bakers, 3 blacksmiths, and no farmers to be heard of. What we're thinking is making another thread (I believe I mentioned it in a previous post) about the towns development and in it include a "town roster" for people who actually reside in the town. Still a lot of brainstorms and ideas, the four councilpersons we have for the village are in bits of different timezones so we usually have to wait for the weekends to decide on the really big picture stuff. Trying to keep everyone happy and interested!! If ya'll got any questions or concerns, you know how to reach me. PS. Corrax pointed out to me that I had cross-server pm's turned off. They're now on so if you try to PM me in game cross server, I should get it now. PPS: Best time to reach me is typically between 5pm-11pm EST (GMT-5) Monday-Friday. Weekends can be hit or miss, I'm usually on unless I decided to go to some crazy party, get tipsy, then gracefully sleep on the side of the road. Then i'm more difficult to get in touch with. Otherwise, I usually check my messages on here once or twice a day.
  4. Update: So far we've decided to stay put. We're getting the village ready for visitors/roleplayers/etc. So right now we're not doing a ton of roleplaying, more concerned with getting everything built, the essentials (Inn/Tavern, few key locations, etc) We've got a deed, and we've got a few ideas for roleplay in terms of town leadership and what not. In terms of backgrounds, so far we're keeping it fairly simple. Think kinda... wild-west-esque. As in The village was settled by miners who wanted to make money then the village kinda grew around the town. I don't mean you have to play as a cowboy (though I suppose nothing is really stopping you). In terms of plots, we're thinking newcomers will be asked to live in the Inn until they find a necessary means for permanent establishment (like a shop owner or a farmer) unlike a miner who doesn't really need a 2x3 house and can live in the Inn or with someone else who has a bed to spare. We're still rolling around with a few ideas like economy or events and whatnot. If you have any ideas let me know!! I intend on creating another topic about our progress and keeping all interested parties informed soon. Also: if this reads familiar to a few of you, it's because yes I basically copied what I sent to you and sent it to everyone here lol.
  5. Oh nice! Well isn't it possible to get from Epic Cluster to Freedom Cluster? I thought there were portals or something. Anywhoo most of us are EST (GMT -05). You can message me privately on here or in game (usernames the same). We're still unsure about staying or making camp elsewhere. PVP servers are another consideration in themselves.
  6. Right on Elen! We're in the process of building a bigger faster ship then our tiny little row boat so we can move about more and see whats available. Where on the north coast can we find you and say hello?
  7. Well currently our group is on Celebration. I'll be heading to bed shortly so I won't be able to meet with you tonight, but if you send me a PM, we can work something out later this week. FYI/Disclamer (and i'll edit my original post to emphasize this) we're looking for mature players and mature roleplay. I don't mean erotic roleplay either.
  8. Pleasure to meet you Pan! Which server are you on? Do you have any ideas for the sort of RP you'd be interested? Interested in getting ideas from you and anyone else interested! Do you have a preference of either PvE or PvP?
  9. From what i've seen, there are several roleplaying communities throughout the servers scattered about. This is by no means an attempt to unite them all, but rather just a group (approx. 4-8 people) interested in either joining an existing roleplaying community or starting fresh with like minded individuals seeking the same. Now this is starting to sound like a sketchy craigslist ad. There are a few forum posts about people starting roleplaying groups here and there, but the latest post seems to be over a month ago. We're on Freedom Isles, Celebration. Possibly interested in relocating. Disclamer we're looking for mature players and mature roleplay. I don't mean erotic roleplay. Open to ideas and reaching out a friendly hand to any interested parties. ~Sammond