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Found 28 results

  1. My Pants Harbour is currently accepting new citizens! What is it? My Pants Harbour is currently a workplace for traders who produce and export goods. Once finished, it will also be a public market, with our own inn, trading square, temple and auction house, where events that we'll promote will take place. Who we are? Traders! Anyone who join can either make and sell his own goods or join the Morgan Hill Trading Company, where we concentrate our productions in one big stock in order to maintain a steady supply. Where we are? Our harbour is strategically located at Xan B17, pretty close to the map's edge, where people can easily travel to and from. What we offer? Tools, security, knowledge and an opportunity to make money. We will need people who extract raw material, produce goods, negotiate, deliver or can do it all like I do! The goal is to cooperate and trade under the same flag, creating a stable, reliable and well known market. Who are our partners? My Pants Harbour is part of a HUGE alliance consisting of 27 settlements. We're also part of the Morgan Hill Trading Company. What are our rules? - Respect everyone. - Respect everyone's property. - Be nice and friendly with our citizens, allies and customers. - Always welcome and offer help to newcomers and travelers. - Keep the place nice and clean. - Don't leave carts, containers, tools or whatever laying around. I'll throw it away or push it offdeed. - Moor your ships/boats in an orderly fashion. - Wherever you mine, reinforce it. - Whenever you cut trees, remove the stumps. - Don't dig for dirt or sand anywhere near any settlement, don't be a jerk.
  2. Greetings! Pearl town is a dedicated server hosted in France.The map is the original Ocrea with several changes. Its a free PVE server with bounty system and lowered deed cost/upkeep. The 200 skill and 80 action rate give dinamic gameplay without loosing all the challanges. The server have around 16 mods all to unlease the limits meditation priesthood farming etc. Phobia mod is installed so spiders have different modells. The two altar moved near to the spaw point (10 min walk). I created a cannal middle of the map to connect east and west seas. The starter town have publik mine, traders, market stallls and more may come. If you want to know more from this server visit the forum: Server IP: The server and forum still under dev.
  3. A friend who's relatively new to wurm expressed a feeling he had about the way towns in wurm don't function like towns in other games or RL. He observed that players just build things around them and basically play by themselves mostly. This is basically true. We'll come together to complete a joint project, but then we go back to our private domain and exist there. Today, I was in a chat talking about starter towns, and I was trying to explain why I thought Esert is a weird place. It's because it has open space and occasional buildings. It should have a built-up street. And then I wondered what buildings a street would have to make it feel like a town on at the frontier of great adventures, and I thought about other games. Other games of this ilk tend to have taverns and guild houses and temples with NPCs in them, and you'd visit those to learn, advance, and to find lucrative/rewarding work. Aspects of this would work beautifully in Wurm. Wurm already has missions. If those missions were connected to physical buildings and NPCs in them, it would get people out of their silos, promote greater travel and exploration (to see what new mission can be found at a different town), and would make towns in themselves more meaningful to new and old players alike. The current system of pulling missions out of a HUD window break immersion. Having to visit an 'official' temple to learn about god A's latest whim in a personal mission would be great, as would meeting a farmer npc in a tavern and agreeing to supply x number of y item of z quality. This mechanic would get more people out and about, interacting and making the streets of Wurm more alive and buzzing. Missions could be cross server, and even include risky ones to Chaos maybe (take a priority message to someone, maybe) I have no idea how the economy of Wurm works, so I'm not going to suggest how mission would be rewarded, but any non-religious (or non meditation path... - why can't there be Schools of Path X for meditation to rival the temples and guilds?) needs a more concrete reward than sleep bonus. Someone must have suggested this before, but a quick search didn't show me anything like it.
  4. Currently Recruiting: Players with high play times Players who want to help with the new deed and castle and be part of a great project - We are looking for a few more people currently. Veteran players, or newer players that show they are worth taking a chance on. We will provide a spot to make a house of your own. We have several other new players to learn with and a few Veteran players to give some help and advice. A big chunk of our members are australian but we have people who play at a lot of random times. We have teamspeak we use sometimes. I prefer new people who have an idea what they would like to focus on and have a plan to buy or earn premium. Contact Szai ingame or via forum pm City Information: Where is Arstotzka? Arstotska is located at J23 on Xanadu, almost centered between Whitefay and Summerholt, with ocean access via a river. We Also have recently taken over the formerly Huntmans Paradise and renamed it Port Purity at I26, this will be our commerce and main port. We are currently working on a respectable castle at this new deed. What is Arstotzka? Arstotzka is a recently re-form deed which was originally built by Kazui, now of Independence. We kept the name in honor and thanks of him, and its a decent and memorable name. We were given the writs and keys and it has been re-deeded and the sky is the limit for what it can become from here. We are still in what i would consider building mode, as we need to make some terraforming changes and general infrastructure changes to the area but in general the town is pretty close to ready to open up for general business and living. Why join Arstotzka? Newly reformed and lead by an ambitious, passionate mayor with very high play times. Only a few dedicated and core members so far so is plenty of room for new people to have notable houses and make a large impact. A fairly flat area with ocean access and surrounded by multiple forests and deserts. In a location fairly close to multiple places of geographic note but with very few immediate neighbors to get in the way. Most of the semi-close neighbors are really friendly and helpful.
  5. New Port Benden has: No Vacancies What is a Port Benden??? Years ago on Wild, before Chaos, Port Benden was founded on the east coast around the BL/JK border. Carving it's long port into a hillside of rock and erecting many homes and fields. Players came from many realms to live here and it prosperred in loot and trade. Later, when the server became Chaos and pvp was reinstated fully, the town's vulnerabilites were discussed and it was relocated to a large fortress deed that rivaled others in size. After a time we packed up and decided to try Celebration, and here we remain to this day. We've conquered a large natural island and made it our home. Okay, an Island, go on.. In the spirit of beginning anew, we bought a large island in the very Southeast corner of Celebration. After much hard work the old deeds were completely removed and a large central Town was erected in the middle of the island. New Port Benden was born. It's large and the perimeter is 51 tiles, it nearly covers the entire island. We aimed to be the only deed here and it's been so for over a year. It's peaceful, quiet, natural, and a good place to enjoy Wurm. Why should I join and what do you offer? We're mature, we have the largest alliance on Celebration (making up nearly half or so of the server, as population goes). We know how to run deeds and have done so for years without drama. We're experienced in many facets of Wurm and are able to pass our knowledge on. We offer the following: Mature environment, your kids won't have your hand in front of their eyes when your logged in.Large, finished, Town with supplies and just about everything you'd need to play Wurm5x7 housing plot to build on as you please, exceptions noted further downExperienced players that have been around for years and are willing to help youFreedom to learn and play the game... we don't require you to grind 1000 bricks to pay for your homeWebsite dedicated to the alliance and villages we collaborate with. Keep in touch with anyone at any time!Clay, tar, Public mine with gold, copper, iron, zinc, tin, and lead (somewhere).We aren't going anywhere, we love the game and plan to stay for a very long time.More, I'm sure of it, most likely just forgot it at this pointWhat do I have to do... It's not a big list, honestly lol Stay active and contribute if/when you can... that's all anyone could ever ask.We don't require you to grind anything you don't want to, however, we do ask that you work on fight skills to better protect yourself.We don't ask you to contribute to the upkeep on the Town. It's your option to donate your money to keep the town running, money isn't an issue.Be mature. We have a large alliance that works pretty well together but we don't care for drama.We don't hardly ask for help, but on major projects we appreciate a bit of aid when you can give it.We ask you keep your home 3 floors or less. Pics or it didn't happen! Well, alright, since you asked Viewing the Town from on the rock cliffs outside it. The Cathedral of Three. I'd like to remodel it sometime but it's still pleasant inside. Could probably use some benches though. The Grand Arena. Screenshot was taken from deedplanner when I first planned it. 5x9 combat area, 2 levels of seating for many spectators. View of the arena when first entering it's doors. At some point I'll remodel the doors into portcullises.
  6. Attention new players and old alike, the town of Port in the Storm located at E. 14 (North of Esert) The town is now recruiting new villagers to join its ranks, apart from the basics that will allow each villager to have a plot of their own for housing there are already pre-built facilities catering to each trade and available, we support encourage all players trades. For any and all inquiries about the village and its setups as contact us here or in game send a tell Andrewwhitman or Troy We currently seeking people to fill a number of trades\professionals. However for villagers who like to have one set profession or trade primary roles are open to take: Blacksmith Weaponsmith Armorsmith Carpentry Shipbuilder Masonry Miner Animal-Breeder Forster Farmer Merchants Chef
  7. Does anyone know what happens if you use town portal and do not belong to a village? I am guessing it just gives a message saying you do not belong to a village but do not want to waste the karma to test, lol
  8. This is an idea I have been tossing around in my head ever since PMKs were being discussed. I had a very fine draft, but misplaced it. As a result this is a very loose framework with many missing pieces. I'm posting this as is, with the intention of adding more over time as an evolving process with input from other players. I'd like to request that pure 100% pvp players stay out of this unless you plan to constructively add input. Player made republics (PMRs) would be the non-pvp equivalent of PMKs for the rest of the freedom cluster and would serve roughly same function but tailored to the forms and needs of non-pvp game play. Essentially their purpose would be to facilitate larger, more robust social groups and to encourage the creation of a group that has more longevity than a single large deed or cadre of individual players could provide. Most non-pvp large social groups revolve around one of two models. The original was the 'big deed' which required one or a few big spenders to own everything. Non-owners had very limited rights and influence as owners protected their investment from thieves and griefers. Many newcomers are unwilling to join a deed because of the lack of freedom and for fear of oppression. Eventually, the best move off to their own deeds or the owners become inactive and the community collapses. The alliance system allowed a new model where people that left the main deed to form their own deeds could still stay linked with a central chat and had some limited extra permissions. It also allowed coalitions of independent deeds to join up for social interaction. Unfortunately, the permission controls were less than ideal and perimeters were a problem. The desire to maintain an area of open country kept many perimeters large and thus tightly held alliances were very spread out. Some groups formed their own alliance (of their many satellite deeds) to allow access for themselves but would not join others for security reasons. My idea for a PMR would be centered around combining the best and avoiding the worst of the above. It would try to be more than durable any single deed or player, try to maximize the liberty of as many as possible all while encouraging players to settle in close proximity to maximize interaction. It would also open up a potentially exciting new social gaming experience with internal politics, factions and intrigues as Republics grow and age. And just like PMKs, Republics would get their own artwork. Founding the Republic: Just like a PMK it starts with a declaration in front of a minimum crowd in local. Each person nearby gets a pop-up asking them if they wish to pledge to the Republic and how much. If the total pledged is over 1G, the monies are removed from the player's accounts, the "Object is placed (see below) and the Player that initiated the action is made "Doge" (see below). Anyone that contributed more than 5s can opt to automatically be a member of the republic. Any deed held by a member joins the Republic. Citizens of those deeds automatically become members of the Republic. The Republic "Object": needs a name: PMRs would be founded around a central non-deed structure. Can not be placed on a deed or be deeded over. It would serve as a respawn point for members of the Republic. It would create a "Republic" channel that all members or the republic (those granted or deeds that joined) would have access. It would also project a 'republic perimeter'. At the object any player that is not a member of another republic can add their name to a list of potential candidates for joining. The Republic Perimeter: This functions somewhat differently from normal deed perimeter. The idea here is to encourage players to cluster their deeds inside one shared perimeter and to allow larger groups of players blanket control over a block of land around them, rather than a patchwork of perimeters from deeds. It overlaps all Republic deeds and perimeters. It continues to prevent deed placement (see below) and block non-member perimeters. Its expansion is blocked by non-member deeds and their perimeters. It is configurable in size on each cardinal direction from the Object. Paid for out of the Republic Coffers. Ideally tiles paid for by member deeds would not be charged to the Republic. What you lose by joining: Under default settings, if part of your deed or perimeter overlaps with the republic perimeter you would not be able to expand your deed or perimeter beyond its current size without consent of the republic. Reducing its size is allowed, but you forfeit the right to expand back to the original size later without consent. The idea here is to avoid perimeter wars within the republic. The Republic Government: Similar to historical republics, PMRs would be ruled by a minority. The primary mechanism is 'by decree' where a member proposes a change in settings, there is a voting period, and the result is automatic. One of two systems to distribute votes could be adopted: Democracy : Each deed owner and (anyone granted the right to vote) each has one vote. Plutocracy (default) : Any member of the Republic can donate to the Republic Upkeep and has a vote proportionate to their contribution to their current coffers. Both minimums and maximums per account can be set by decree. Upkeep from the republic is taken from all contributors equally, so share decreases over time without additional input. Vote sizes would be available information in some way, perhaps as a list in the voting interface. Any member (even those that can't vote) can submit a motion for deliberation. Voters can cast their vote at any republic deed token or at the republic token. Votes last a week during which players can change their vote. Simple majority of cast votes wins. Possible Decrees: It is the intention that every setting and option for Republics can be set by decree. Each member can have as single submission for vote at a time but can withdraw or change it at will. Officers can have two. Those marked with R can be revoked by decree as well. Those marked F can be set for fast resolution by the Doge. Some would create blanket rules for the entire Republic. Grant Universal Suffrage R: All citizens of all deeds in the republic automatically get to vote. Change form to a Democracy/Plutocracy: This swaps the system of vote distribution between the two options. Set Village Tax to %: A default of zero, this increases all member deed's upkeeps by the %, with the extra going to the Republic's coffers. Deedholder's get credit for all monies taxed as contributions if the republic is a Plutocracy. Possible values between 0 and 5? Disallow Village Perimeters in the Republic R : An option for the more dominant republics, this suppresses all deed perimeters to their default 5 tiles within the Republic. Member deeds outside the Republic's borders are not affected. Set vote cap to %: For Plutocracies, this caps the influence any given player can have regardless of their contributions. Possible values 1% to 20%, with 20% being the default? Change the name of the Republic to ______: Generates a server wide event message. Set <non-member> to KOS across the Republic: R F ? Some would create or assign special officer roles and titles to allow specific players to perform special duties. Grant <member> Surveyor: R F This player would be allowed to start the deed placement dialog inside the Republic's Borders. and set all the necessary features, but hand off or designate the actual deed to another member of the republic. This officer position would allow the Republic greater control and flexibility in allowing its members to place deeds without voting. Grant <member> Doge: R This sets the 'leader' of the PMR. the leader's primary mechanical function is to allow bursts of activity in the government. Many proposals (marked (F) ) the Doge can set to take a single day instead of the normal week. Some important proposals can not be set for rapid voting. ? Some would allow members specific permissions, often a one-time event. Allow <member> to place a deed. F Normally the republic perimeter would prevent deed placement. This gives the named member the right to place a single deed. Expires after one week. Allow <deed> to resize. F One time. Expires after one week. Essentially it allows the deed tool to ignore the republic perimeter during a single resize session. Grant <member> a boon of a silver coin. Used as reward system for good citizens, by vote a small amount can be given from the coffers to a member. ?
  9. Selling my deed named Cyclone located at 13x 10y on Indy server. Comes with all food, tools, armor, animals, and anything else that is there already. Has some animals already (bull, pigs,horses). Has 3 alters on deed (Vynora is dominant domain). Mine access is 10-15 tiles from deed border with insanity tile right inside cave. Lake is a few tiles from deed as well. Asking 15s/obo for this nice patch of land. Any questions feel free to ask.
  10. No matter if you are a new or experienced player, Akhenaten is what YOU are looking for! Akhenaten is recruiting Mayor: Filnter Who we are: We are a large village located in Kinoss bay in the southwestern corner of Independence. With abundant forests, a mountain to our backs and ample local clay and tar we have an idyllic setting, even a desert has been brought up. Akhenaten has a rich history as one of the largest and most diverse villages, with roots going back to Jenn-Kellon Home and connections to the Chaos server. The town has a very diverse community of title hunters and casual players, of experienced and new players from all kinds of time zones. We value all players who love to be in our village and love to play this great game. New or experienced mature players will find a place for themselves in our community. Find more information about us on our wurmpedia page: What can we provide: After a trial period of just one week, which you will spend in one of our high equipped barracks you will get your own house. The barracks are equipped with beds, a forge, a Large Anvil (70QL) and a personal large chest for everyone in the barracks. Every of our houses is equipped with a forge (60QL), bed, large chest and a stone coffin, but you are welcome to add even more stuff to your house and of course we can help you there. We can provide high QL tools if you need them, but we will start with handing you some decent 50QL tools out. We also have got a village priest, so even enchanted tools aren't impossible for us. Our huge farm and animal pen will provide crops and animals for you. You may also help and skill up farming and animal husbandry in our farm. Free high QL meals will be available 24/7. For experienced players we have materials and help to do huge projects and adventures are every time included into our daily life in Akhenaten. How can you become one of us? Sign up on our forum: Read this post: and follow the steps described in the post and you will be a villager of Akhenaten within a few hours/days. You are also free to PM me if you have got any questions Where we are: Image: Video of Akhenaten: [media]
  11. From what i've seen, there are several roleplaying communities throughout the servers scattered about. This is by no means an attempt to unite them all, but rather just a group (approx. 4-8 people) interested in either joining an existing roleplaying community or starting fresh with like minded individuals seeking the same. Now this is starting to sound like a sketchy craigslist ad. There are a few forum posts about people starting roleplaying groups here and there, but the latest post seems to be over a month ago. We're on Freedom Isles, Celebration. Possibly interested in relocating. Disclamer we're looking for mature players and mature roleplay. I don't mean erotic roleplay. Open to ideas and reaching out a friendly hand to any interested parties. ~Sammond
  12. Together we rise, Together we shall fall City of Oaksted Lore The fires where fresh, the shouts and screams as villagers where slaughtered within there homes. Frostalphus stood infront of him home, as it burned and crumbled to the ground. His deed was in flames. He looked around, The unknown enemy had broken in through the town walls. It was unexpected. Frostalphus remembered all the people who had helped build this place. And felt a pang of regret as everything crumbled. Right before his eyes. He turned in time to see a nogump come crashing through the gates and charge towards him. He closed his eyes and felt a painful slam as the nogumps grafted morning stars slammed into him. He slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and the sound of the lake. The Morning air smelt fresh and warm, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around, nothing was left, only ruins. Only piles of rubble where houses used to be. A nogump lay slayed in the plaza. The kingdom banner tattered and ruined lay upon the nogump. Frostalphus slowly got up and walked towards the banner, he picked it up and rolled up the cloth, he put it in his backpack along with the rest of the tools he still had. He began walking forwards, Past the rubble of the old mine door. But all of a sudden a man came out, it was his second in command, klickguy, he joined frostalphus on his journeys. Day and night they traveled. Following wherever the roads would take them. Until one day they stumbled across the steppe, and they looked through the barren wasteland, just as they began to walk a familiar and warm voice shouted. The two travelers turned in surprise as an old friend rode up on his cart. Thatdamnkid told the two to hop on and come with him to his deed. The two travelers quickly got on and they began riding through the steppe. Thatdamnkid had heard about what happened to the town and told them if they ever need help, he would be there to assist. The two travelers thanked him. And as they entered the desert Frostalphus told thatdamnkid to stop the cart. He had spotted a spot of land. The two travelers walked forwards and told Thatdamnkid they had found there location. To start afresh. Start there lives over. They began working, Klickguy cut the trees down and Frostalphus turned them into planks. They worked together and soon they had built a shack. Within this shack frostalphus planned the city on paper, buildings, rules and whatever he could think of. His imagination ran wild. City walls thick and defended well, Catapults on every tower. Frostalphus had it all planned out. Days passed as the two worked hard. People came and helped. And soon the entire land was being raised. New friends where made and skills where learnt, Frostalphus vowed that whatever happened. He would not let this city fall. Recruiting Oaksted, a city of safety, comfort and warmth, no fear of the outside world. But that is still a thought, we require assistance in the creation of this idea. We are recruiting, we need dedicated players, new or old, no matter from which background, to assist. There will be a rank system. Ranks: The Oaksted High council Lord: Frostalphus [Me] Military Strategist: Klickguy High Priest: Military General: Watkins Head of agriculture: Head of trade: Drewkatski Public relations: Military: Sgt - Bowman - Swordsman - Mauler - Scout - Pike men - Axe-men - Civilian Classes: Farmer: Smith: Craftsman: Militia: Trader: Shop owner: Healer: Priest: Hunter: Elite class: From within the military ranks of oaksted, a group of elite soldiers are formed, the knights, the knights are oaksted's task force, These specifically picked group of soldiers are trained and toughened to there best. They assist anyone looking for help. If it's its carrying out missions behind enemy lines or defending the city or its allies. Grand Knight: The brains of the knights operation, they send out the knights on there tasks. These are the highest of the order, only 5 at a time, they each have there own company of men. Grand knights must progress through the ranks of the military and exceed all tasks given. However, the are specifically picked by the Military general and the high council. Require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Knight: Knights are elite soldiers and shadows of the city, they move swiftly executing there moves, Knights require 75+ FS and can be a priest. Squire: Squires are knights in training, these young knights are trialed and judged over a period of time, until deemed worthy of knighthood. Elite buildings: With the knights comes the chapel, this is only allowed to be entered by the knights and members of the high council. This is were they do there meditation and prayers. ================================== At the moment that is the ranking system. ================================== We plan to create a wide variety of buildings and areas. We want to name different areas of the city and streets. We plan to create: Blacksmith Forge Public Workshop Barracks Armour Castle Public Stables Cart stables Warehouses Farms [barns etc.] Public inn General housing, for the civilians. Church And so on. Laws Oaksted does have laws, these are customary for citizens. No stealing, No littering inactivity for two weeks with no good reason before hand or afterwards will be kicked out of the city. Militia will be called upon to fight if times become dire. Soldiers need to have 70+ Fs Militia need to have 50+ Fs Houses and or rooms are available via real estate. We require active players We do not want people who have a record of stealing, looting, and killing for fun. This is a community Jobs can be selected. You can do whatever you want, as long as your know how to do it. or want to learn it. We want to help each other out. We have alot planned and we need a lot of help, if anyone is interested drop me a PM on wurm, Frostalphus, and ill give you the location. We welcome all! [16:17:43] It is 10:30:50 on Luck day in week 2 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1037. [16:17:43] The settlement of City Of Oaksted has just been founded by Frostalphus. We now have teamspeak Something useful for planning out deeds. deed-planner. Download it from here. Together we rise, Together we shall fall
  13. Hello everyone I am Sheriff Wolf or (Xxunholywolfxx) and I run the Wurm online branch of House Valdyr and I’m here to offer haven in our new community in Freedom (PVE) we welcome both new and old members and groups as well , We have our own teamspeak. if you want to be a part of our growing community and have a need for fun adventure then please feel free to join us. Valdyr was once a large community and will be once again with your help so come check out our website we also house other games too but wurm is far too fun. We are fun and friendly so why not come on down and join the party All players are welcome. No matter what your playing style is. The only requirements to join: 1)Must be a team player. 2)Must sign up to If you wish to join just PM KittyKat Or xXUnholyWolfXx
  14. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)
  15. Hello, Hello my in game name is bluestonedragon, IRL name andrew. Im new to wurm and looking for a group that would be willing to help me with the logistics of the game. Ran through the tutorial and was pretty much lost after that. seems like a fun game to get into and what not so if any towns ( I think thats what they call them on here) or factionand hat not that is recruiting I would gladly! cheers! ,Andrew age: 17 location, westcoast USA
  16. Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in our little deed. Located : y20 x6 Release map Right now we have 3 villagers (2 East Coast and 1 West Coast) (COUPLES ARE ENCOURAGED) the deed is 31x31 so having people in pairs is nice. You will be given an decent area to build on Rough deed layout The left top/bottom areas are open to build on( lava tile is a guard tower). You are free to build within the slabbed area or make it into a yard. (6x6areas) One area we need help finishing making it level . But it's mostly done. A lot of the areas already have most of the beds done and forges! just needs to be moved around a bit We have about 5 guards and a spirit templar. The mines are located outside the deed where we have just iron ore for now. Required: English Active! 18+ years old If there's anything else you would like to know feel free to message me ingame as well.
  17. Getting Bored of Your Settlement? Looking for new project's & ideas? Enjoy a challenge? Look no further! After Playing Wurm for a few years, owning and living on numerous deed's and residing on few different server's, I have experienced a lot of things in this wide and wonderful world. For the past few months, I have been playing mostly solo on a small deed, one that's development has finished long ago and this has left me searching for a new challenge. The Idea! An Idea I have been kicking around for sometime is to assemble a group of like minded players, And break off into the vast unknown to start a new project. One that is a challenge, requiring planning, commitment, dedication, and an Overall sense of community! A place to hone skills our skills, both in the creation aspect as well as a crafting haven providing most everything we shall need as we develop. Of Course, this is merely in the planning stages, So any opinion's and idea's from players interested will be compiled, until we can strike on something that everyone is thrilled to work towards. Idea's may include anything from a magnificent deed to a central market, our personal island or mountain retreat, and anything else one's mind can come up with! As for location, I would prefer to keep it located on the old freedom cluster, any server as long as we agree upon it, but If we can stay away from Exodus I would be thrilled. Nothing against that server except the fact in my experiences, there is no dirt layer which makes it more challenging to work with than it need's to be. Also Chao's if it is something we are comfortable with but that requires the trust of a tight knit group, and fair amount of planning and communication between an existing faction. The People! Anyone is welcome, New players or more seasoned veteran's! Premium is not an issue, bit I do request a little bit of in game time to be sure that this idea Is right for you. The ability to work with others is a must, and some sort of voice communication program would be ideal. So please, reply on this thread, send me a PM, or hunt me down in game if this idea appeals to you! What One Person Considers Impossible, a Group Can Accomplish Within a Shortened Time Frame. When One Mind is Stalled, The Power Of Collective Thought Can Prevail. As a Group, You Can Move Mountains, And Who Knows, We may Just Do That
  18. Hey, I'm a casual gamer that would like to eventually join combat (when I get stronger) with the fellow villagers but for now I'm most likely gonna be put to work mining or something I would love to help out with the village or whatever I don't usually do forum posts so uhh yeah. I dunno. What I mainly enjoy doing, chain armour smithing, smithing, blacksmithing, mining, taming, rarely hot food cooking, and working on getting my fighting skill up.. Please do invite meee My alt name is Nightstaker
  19. We've recently encountered a lovely little dillemma with our town on Epic. The village was changed to a democracy due to the founding mayor going MIA for the past 6-7 months. Everything was fine until we ran into a bit of a snag. We had a villager who nobody liked, to be blunt, so we wanted to remove him. Thing is, we couldn't do that ourselves. Not me, the current mayor, or anyone else with villager management rights. When we confronted him and asked him to /revoke, it took about an hour to finally get him to go, which if we didn't keep track of him (or if he logged off and logged back in during nighttime) could have potentionally been disastrous. Because of Epic's low GM-intervention policy, getting the fellow kicked for greifing wasn't a possibility. At best given the worst situation we could kill him, but he could still respawn on deed, or simply travel from spawn, and cause havok once again, since revoking is something he has to do himself. I would like to propose three possible soultions for this problem. 1) Institute a /votekick that functions like /vote but to remove the player from town instead of promoting to mayor. This follows the meaning of democracy and is possibly ideal. 2) Allow the current mayor to revert back to dictatorship. In our situation with the founding mayor being gone we had no options, though this solution might pose some problems down the line. 3) Remove the democracy aspect. I'm aware dictatorships can be outvoted still, (and probably would have been the better option for us if we weren't cycling through villagers left and right), but this political type seems redundant, especially since there's no way to turn back without the founding mayor.
  20. I'm not listing my town name because I'm currently planning on changing it within the next day or so and don't want to throw anyone off. I am currently recruiting new(ish) players to my town. I'm located in South-eastern Pristine and am willing to pick you up from Blossom. As of right now, I'm looking for a specific set of criteria - later on recruitment will be a little more loose. To be eligible, you must: - Live in either an Eastern, Mountain, Central, or Pacific timezone. - Be a premium player - Expect to be on semi-regularly between 6p-12a central time The deed is large, but the village is still undeveloped and does not have many members. There is plenty of food, lumber, rock, and ore to be found. We also have a fair number of cattle (horses, cows, & bison). If you're interested please pm me here on the forums, or in game. My player name is xTheosx. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in game!
  21. Hi there. While learning a small amount about the lore and playing the game for a while, I thought that the appalling subject of Libila worship was underplayed. According to early Christian teachings, the Devil often tempted his converts with riches and powers. These converts were said to practice or commence in ceremonies such as the Black Mass in secret under the nose of the European populous and even at times, secretly in Christian places of worship. This is part of Libila's inscription on the Bone Altar: "Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities. Exact my revenge anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make it painful and frightening. Together, let us enter the Forbidden Lands. We are all in our right to do so!" This is not totally different from early Catholic dogma during the Dark Ages used to scare a chaotic European populous into becoming a tighter and more orderly society. With this being said, why are Libila worshipers only confined to being openly part of the HotS? Why can't they worship in secret in return for great powers promised by the dark goddess if certain rituals are met? I can see this implemented in TWO methods, though I'm sure that there are more that I'm not thinking of... 1) On certain days, moon cycles, or whatever else, the cultist should desecrate one of the three light god's domains by commiting actions such as sacrificing a tamed mountain gorilla in the domain of Magranon or desecrating an altar with the taint of Libila. 2) Seeing that players lack religious zealotry of a fictional world enough to convict a religious upstart to a crime, an obvious problem is presented. A way to bypass this problem is to make Libila worship allowed through settlement laws, which brings me to my next point... Throughout medieval history there has not only been wars between kingdoms but also in-fighting between vassals. One of the reasons for the multitudes of these mini-wars was religion. Some went as far as to call them crusades, such as those against the Albigensians or Cathars. Religious in-fighting may be possible through the tolerance of Libila worship or even the securing of holy grounds from other villages. This may even be a jumping off point for the creation of Boroughs, Republics, Duchies, or maybe even kingdoms having sort of leadership. Making a priest or champion gain faith or other bonuses through ousting these cultists (or 'witches') may be another counter-benefit to the witch/witch hunt implementation. Libila cultists, witches, secret priests, fallen priests, etc., could have powers such as a curse of lycanthropy or something while those who devote themselves to hunting these antagonists can have powers or abilities themselves. Please note that when writing this, I intend not to advocate for display a representation of Christianity, witchcraft, or Satanism in the game and do not wish to advocate for any side nor condemn any religion. I also do not intend to advocate for a furthering of historical accuracy in a fantasy game setting. I hope I didn't offend any of you If you have any issues or further suggestions, let them fly!
  22. I'm sure many of you have had this issue. The mayor of your village goes offline for months and it hampers village growth, or perhaps somebody who owns a lot of writs to a perticular area hasn't been on in ages and it's stopping an expansion. My Idea is to add a small textbox at the bottom of writs and Settlement Forms that allow for the addition of a sort of safety owner. You would type the name of a character into this box, and set a time period (scaling monthly from 1 month to 6 months) If you were to be offline for this length of time, the ownership of the writ/deed would default to the person whom you named in said writ. That way, if a mayor takes an extended leave from Wurm, he can safely set a 2nd in command to recieve ownership after a specific time period, letting the village get back on it's feet again. Should the original owner then log back on, the writ/deed would be re-transferred to their character immediately. it should be noted that this field can be left blank and the writ/deed would function normally. Any comments, suggestions, questions?
  23. Hi it would be great to manage who can go into a fenced area instead of shuffling with keys. It would help with personal areas and villaages both. Anyone agree?