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Bisbee Seeks New Villagers

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     Hello we at Bisbee are looking or some new or old folks to join us as villagers. We have flat private areas on our vast deed where we would be able to welcome new folks. Will be able to have a homestead under the protection of a deed. We are located at K and J 19 on the in game map and we are located on the community map as well. Use us to learn the game or move in for the long term. Bisbee is a 95x55 deed. For those that do not know what this means is we are vast enough to take up 2 whole squares on the in game map. We may be the largest single deed on pristine or at least in the top. Even experienced players are welcome to settle in an area of the deed where they can do what they wish. We have been around 2 years and the upkeep is always paid a year in advance. We are a secure place to stay. We have projects everyone is welcome to join in but nothing is expected of a citizen as far as participation.


Contact Aaddil or Sioned to speak about joining us. To find us if we are not around speak to Ladygodiva for information on our whereabouts.


Amenities -



Large Amount of Animal Pens

Large Mines



Major Ongoing Projects -

Lake extension with ocean access

Mine extensions

Large amounts of dirt work and mining

Highway beautification

Surrounding land restoration and beautification

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Walled in area for those who want such to settle in. Flat with plenty of maples to do with as one pleases. Access to own mine.



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