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  1. Yes, but when you factor in that playing alone results in death by wildlife for a new player, and that when you die you lose skill... Kinda makes you not wanna log in... That's the only reason I said "can not play", but thanks for the intel, man.
  2. I have to wait 12 days to get out of a kingdom? And if I get kicked, I have to wait 30 days? Right now my conversion timer is at 12, and I was told if I get kicked I gotta wait 30 or 60 days until I join another kingdom... Is this for real? So I can't even play for 12 days of my subscription?
  3. We've decided to try to go go to Mol Rehan, as we had 2 friends that split off from us to join them when we started playing. Hopefully we can start doing what it was we were trying to do, lol. Apparently we have to wait for 3 days before we're told if we're accepted, and if anything changes we'll contact all those who posted here, and also those who PM'ed me. Thank you for the warm reception. <3's
  4. It's obvious the little jab you took, Daolin. But I'm not even going to bother. Good luck to you and yours. Yeah we should've went with you guys in the first place, it was a waste of time to go anywhere else. Thanks.
  5. We were originally with Black Legion, and that didn't work out. We're now on the SW corner of the map, we've abandoned our settlement w/ BL and are on a rowboat trying to find somewhere new to settle. As it stands, we're kinda s.o.l as the entire server's dominated atm by empires. If anyone's got any kingdoms for us to join so that we can re-build and start experiencing the game the way it's meant to be played, please let me know. Thanks!