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  1. Holy Libila, some of these numbers make think twice before I call someone a "NOOB".
  2. Well, I do website design and graphics design so sitting in from off a monitor for 5000+ hours is like... cha ching.
  3. That is obviously no the point of this post. No one can quantify how many days you actually played. But it gives a good idea of who's been wurming even off and on.
  4. You entered through the portal to wurm on day of Tears, week 1of the snakes starfall, 998. That's 2151 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes ago.
  5. A lot has changed so I'm starting over, new identity (secret), its Wurm time.
  6. Maximustehgreat that is awesome! I can't believe you're still around! Enemies never die... lol.
  7. Hey Shakys that name sounds familiar. Nice to see at least one name so far.
  8. Its been years since I played this game, just wondering if anyone remembers me. Anyone from the Ourlord era still playing?
  9. By the way if you join my village make sure you wait at least 24 hours before you have your MR friends show up for a raid. Player Name: Calymore MR Friends: somethinghawk generalsomethingoranother R.I.P.
  10. I noticed that the toolbelt now has more than 5 notches but the hotkeys only go from 1 to 5. So do you have to do something extra to get the 6th and 7th notches to work?
  11. They'll be out of the village until they come back and reapply. Sometimes people say its just one week, then a week turns to two, then three and so on... so if you're on vacation log in every Monday or something lol.
  12. Recruiting for Underworld Location: Horde Of The Summoned Contact in game: Ourlord Requirements: At least 20 in the following skills "must show stats through an image host" Mining Woodcutting Masonry Carpentry Benefits free enchants free equipment free spawn spot free tools free avatar free boat free use of everything on deed You won't be a brick making slave You won't be a plank making slave You won't be a mining slave Enjoy a deed like no other Rules I get the writs to all structures More than 1 week of inactivity will result in expelling There are two islands on my deed, you can do whatever you want with the small island about 45x45 tiles but you'll have to get permission to make changes to the main island "the one with the token" Libila Forever
  13. Please close and lock.