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New Village Recruiting

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New Village Recruiting

Looking to build a very large village on Celebration with a huge new market. Plan to set up a small Kingdom on celebration. Start with one village at a time. I am looking for loyal subjects that are committed and have positive attitudes. Team players who can play on a reg full time bases and get along. I have high standards for the kinds of people id like to see join my realm. I like to have fun but i also like to take this as serious as is possible for Wurm play.


What you need to be is the following, A loyal subject to the crown. Hard worker and skill driven. I don't need 5 of everything. I have a list of what i am looking for if you fit that list reply we can talk and interview see if you will work within the new kingdom. You must be 18 years old. I am not wanting to baby sit so ill say that right up front. If you have not completed the Wurm tutorial and don't know the games basics then do not bother responding to this forum add. I will recruit certain number of nub's and train but i want experienced loyal players mostly. Couples are encouraged to apply. Vet players of none PVP servers are encouraged to apply. The following the list what i need.


x 2 Cooks 50 + Skill

x 4 Farmers All Skill Level Welcomed

x 3 Miners 50 + Skill

x 5 Priests 2-Vyn 2 Fo 1 Mag 60 + Skill

x 2 Carpenter- 1 Furniture Specialist

x 2 Masons

x 4 Hunters

x 2 Blacksmiths 1 20 + Skill 1 60 + Skill

x 2 Weapons Smiths 1 20 + Skill 1 60 + Skill

x 1 Bow Maker

x 2 Ship Builders

x 2 Armor Makers includes shield smiths

x 2 Forrest Specialist/ Lumberjacks

x 1 Healer, Potion maker

x 3 Ship Captains

x 8 Men at Arms


Accepting 45 Villagers Max


Recruiting for office holders


Captain of the Guards

King Advisory/ Treasury Specialist

Chief Architect/ Kingdom planner

Religious Adviser/ Leader of the Priests

Master Thief

Specialist of Covert Action/ Spy



Yes i know celebration not PVP so please don't remind me im not setting this up on PVP. This is what im looking for. If you wish to hold an office in a new freedom isle Kingdom starting then you must pass a interview process and prove yourself before acceptance. This is ground breaking so it's new. I'm currently looking for the people before i invest in this project. Once numbers are secured we will start with one village and branch out and form a real freedom isle Kingdom. You may respond to this post or reply by personal PM to me. I will be watching. Thank you.

King Sadon the 1st of Celebration










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